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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bridget and Owen drop by Forrester’s to speak with Eric and they hope he will understand. They say they have gone through a lot of soul searching and Owen's going back to Jackie. They have an adorable friendship and are great parents, but it Jackie that he wants to spend his life with. Eric isn’t sure that she will even take him back so they need to talk to her first. Hope has a hard time concentrating or working on her Hope For The Future blog. She calls Katie for an Aunt emergency. This is supposed to be the happiest time of her life and it’s not. She just wants to be married. But because of Steffy they can’t, so how does she beat the hypocrisy of wanting to fully be Liam's and keeping her commitment to wait until she is married. Nick finds Jackie missing Owen more than she thought she would. She even wants to hang on to one of his old smelly t-shirts as it reminds her of him. But he and Bridget and Logan are a family and she is not going to do anything to ruin that.

Katie tells Hope that this has to be her decision. Hope asks if it is cool making Liam wait. Katie says he should not be putting this pressure on herself. Liam loves her and while he is not a saint, he will wait for her. Hope says she has to start living her life for herself and not let Steffy control everything. Katie reminds her it’s always about choice, it’s the other girls decision, not hers. Circumstances change so Hope should not be locked into a decision she made in the past. Katie says she does not have to announce it to the world. It’s only between her and Liam and no one else. Hope says she thinks she is ready; yes, she is so ready. Bridget drops in at Nick’s to see Jackie. Jackie is surprised to learn that Owen is still in love with her and wants to come home.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Sami met Will at the town square.  She apologized to him for not focusing on him more.  She has been distracted because of whatís happening with Rafe.  Sami wanted to see his new apartment.  Sami wanted to know how he was doing at school and at work.  She also wondered if he was still dealing with what happened with Gabi.  Will wanted to know if Marlena talked to her.  Sami wanted him to share with her whatís happening with him.  Hope was in the hotel room and was getting dressed when John walked in the hotel room.  She tried to cover up so he wouldnít see her getting dressed.  He made a note to himself to knock first before entering.  She couldnít believe that there is only one room in the entire hotel.  Hope and John were getting ready to go to the courthouse so they could file their divorce papers.  Sami continued to get Will to reach out to her.  She talked to him about the problems that he had to deal with since she had him so young.  She also mentioned her problems with Kate.  Will wanted to know why she went to work for Kate since she tried to take Will away from her.  Sami told him that she lost Rafe and didnít think she could get him back, but didnít want to lose Will too.  Ian showed up at the DiMera mansion to see Kate.  Kate wanted to know what he wanted from her.  Ian told her that he had vital information about her company.  John and Hope were at a cafť.  They dropped off their divorce papers, but they had to wait.  Someone was lurking around the cafť watching them.  After some hesitation, Will started to open up to Sami.  He let her know that his life sucks right now.  Ian warned Kate that Sami canít be trusted.  Kate told him that there isnít anything about Sami that she doesnít know.  Ian told her that Sami got the job under false pretenses.  Kate told him that she saw how Sami and Madison had a falling out and then she hired Sami.  Ian informed her that it was all a setup and that Madison and Sami were working together all along. 

John told Hope that they have to wait 14 days before the papers can be finalized.  John wondered what they could do for fun for two weeks.  Hope said she was Princess Gina the last time they were there so she didnít remember anything.  Sami and Willís moment was short lived because she started going on about how everyone will blame her if Will is having a problem.  Will realized that Sami didnít want to talk to him for him. It was all about her.  Kate refused to believe that Sami was working with Madison.  Ian told her that she witnessed fake fights between Sami and Madison.  Ian hoped that Kate wouldnít let Madison and Sami get away with what they did.  Hope told John that she was starting to remember being in the cafť after all.  Hope left the call Bo and a man approached John.  The man thought Hope would never leave.  The man told John that he was supposed to meet him earlier.  Will was about to walk away from Sami.  She wanted to continue talking to him, but he didnít want to do it.  He wonít trust her again.  It turns out that John still works for the ISA.  The guy (Walsh) was sorry for everything that happened to John in the United States.  John told him that he was able to take care of everything without blowing his cover.  Walsh told John that Stefano wasnít the one who set him up.  John wanted to know what was going on and what happened to the money.  Walsh told him that the agents are investigating everything and he would meet John later.  Ian wanted to leave Kate to plot her revenge.  He expected her to be nicer to him after what he told her.  Sami arrived at the DiMera mansion to see Kate.  Kate wanted to know if Sami noticed anything weird at the office.  Kate told Sami that she was given some disturbing news.  Kate dropped the bomb that there was a mole at Countess W.  Kate toyed with Sami and didnít let her know that she knew that she was the mole.  Later on, Sami was at the town square worried about what sheís going to do now.  She called Lucas to get some advice.  John and Hope left the cafť while Walsh was watching them.  Another agent came up to Walsh and surprised him.  The guy stuck Walsh in the chest with a syringe and walked away.  His face wasnít shown off screen.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Spinelli is preparing to tell Maxie of Robins demise when Maxie blurts out that she needs him to move out because she wants to be with Matt. When Maxie stops rambling, Spinelli breaks the news to her about Robinís death. She thinks he is lying as revenge for her asking him to move out. Spinelli shows her the news report on the computer. Maxie insists that she just saw Robin in the lab. When it finally sinks in, she laments that the last time she saw her cousin she was mad at her for not doing what she wanted her to do.  

Sam explains to Sonny that Patrick is performing surgery to inject medicine into Jasonís brain. She is afraid that Patrick might change his mind. Patrick sees Robin watching over Jason as he is about to begin the surgery. She asks him why he is purposely botching the surgery. He asks her why Jason should get to go home to his wife and child when Robin is dead. Jason completes the surgery but Jason crashes when Patrick removes the needle. Sonny remembers Robin to Sam. Sonny tells Sam about Robin and Stone when they were young and in love and about how Robin peacefully dealt with Stoneís death. He tells her how the light came back to Robinís eyes when she met Jason and how the three of them were like a family. Sam wonders how Sonny let Jason into the business knowing that he meant so much to Robin and knowing that Robin had already lost Stone. Sonny said he tried to dissuade Jason but he was an adult and made his own decision. Sam tells Sonny that she is pregnant.

Michael tries to save Cole Thornhart and his daughter Hope Manning from their car after having been in an accident with Anthony Zacchara, who was being chased by Sonny. Coleís girlfriend Starr Manning is unconscious on the ground outside the car. Dante calls 9-1-1. Michael tries to get Cole and baby out of the car. The car falls over the embankment and explodes. Mac wonders what kind of person would swerve into the wrong side of the road, force another car off an embankment and leave. Dante finds the vehicle registration and discovers the car belongs to Anthony Zacchara. Mac checks the car and discovers that Anthony swerved because someone shot out his tires. He asks Dante which one of them should arrest Sonny. Michael takes Starr to General Hospital and tells Epiphany what happened to her. He promises tee unconscious Starr that he wishes he could spare her the pain she is about to feel and that he will find the person that took her boyfriend and child from her. Sonny tells Epiphany that he needs to have his wound re-stitched. Dante asks him what he did to loosen his stitches.  

Helena is about to shoot Ethan when Ethanís mother Holly bursts into the room and tells her to stop. Holly says Helena is wasting her time because Ethan is not Lukeís son; Robert Scorpio is.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Phyllis comes home, all flustered, that Daisy is out of jail and saw Lucy. Phyllis vows that Daisy will not take Lucy from her. Nick lends a sympathetic ear. Phyllis blames Avery for getting Daisy out of jail. Daisy, on the phone, talks to someone about an apartment. Avery arrives and says that she cannot represent her anymore. Michael is alone when Lauren comes home and informs him that she took the necessary precautions to keep Fen safe from Daisy. Victoria and Billy are thrilled that Chelsea signed the papers to give them custody of the baby. Chelsea comes in and Billy asks her if she is all right with her decision to give them custody. Phyllis lets Nick know that Daisy is only using Lucy to get closer to Daniel. Nick lets Phyllis know that he told Daniel that she went to see her father. Daisy accuses Avery of feeling guilty over Phyllis and the way that they were estranged all these years. Victoria suggests that she set Chelsea up an appointment with a nutritionist. Michael comes home with vacation brochures to take Lauren away from all this trouble with Daisy. Lauren refuses to be run out of town in fright. Daisy looks at the apartment.

Avery talks to her mother on the phone and lets her know that she will not be home for George’s funeral. Nick lets her know how he and Avery hurt Phyllis when they had an affair. Daniel comes to visit Phyllis. They discuss her visit with her father and how it made her feel. Daniel also lets her know about his visit with Daisy and the things that he told her about Phyllis raising Lucy. Nick lets Avery know that Phyllis told him everything about their father and how he cheated those people out of their life savings. Michael feels guilty about Daisy getting released. Lauren assures him that it wasn’t his fault. Nick vows to be on Phyllis’ side from now on no matter what. Nick visits Billy and Victoria to let them know that Daisy may get full custody of Lucy. Avery and Daniel talk. She urges him to step up and take responsibility for Lucy. Daisy visits Phyllis and takes custody of Lucy.

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