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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

While designing, Amber is caught by Marcus of flashing back to her better days with Rick. She muses to Marcus that he probably will see her coming as she believes in the direct approach. Meanwhile Rick shows up at Steffy’s. He tells her that she does not have to cover up for him. He guesses that she must be expecting Liam. His come on words sound a little too familiar; they’ve been down this road before and crashed and burned. Liam comes back in his house after his walk and finds Stephanie. She tells him that was not a very safe thing; she could be a serial killer. She wants him to think before he makes such a big decision. Hope comes with her own problems and Steffy is his wife so he needs to give her more consideration. She may be very impetuous, but he knew that before he married her.

Brooke is shocked and very upset to learn from Hope that Rick has some real feelings for Steffy. He’s not just helping Hope get back with Liam, but definitely trying to keep Steffy out of the picture. Brooke doesn’t think that is a good idea in helping her get back Liam that way. Amber wants to bond with Steffy in hopes it will help with the new line, so she volunteers to take some papers to drop off at Steffy’s. Liam doesn’t deny anything that Stephanie is saying about Steffy, and Stephanie adds there are gonna be plenty of other guys sniffing around so he better not let her get away. Amber’s timing is such that she approaches the loft just as Rick has made his bid to be one of those guys in line and Steffy says she’s made up her mind. She is waiting for Liam. He hugs her goodbye and says he will always be there when she comes to her senses. Amber knocks on the door and marches in, slams the papers down and says they are from Marcus, now this is from her – stay away from her man. Steffy finds this amusing but assures her that she is not interested in Rick. She only has one thing on her mind and that is to save her marriage to Liam. She is determined to stay his wife. Rick returns to Brooke’s and she reminds him that Steffy has been a wrecking ball in their family. Dejectedly he tells her that Steffy still loves Liam and she is not interested in anyone or anything else. Stephanie points out to Liam that he’s jealous when Steffy goes out with Rick and it will always be that way with other men. His love for Steffy is not going to go away. They can still have an exciting life together; hold onto that.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Abe is at the pub with Jennifer and he is drinking.  Jennifer warned him to stop drinking so much, but he felt he had no reason to stop.  He didnít think that Jennifer had to worry about his image anymore since he lost the election.  Jennifer wasnít worried about that.  She was worried about him.  Kayla and Bo noticed him and she wanted him to try and get through to Abe.  Daniel told Nicole that sheís pregnant.  Nicole reminded him that the doctor told her that she couldnít get pregnant.  He told her that the doctor was wrong.  Nicole thought the results must have been wrong.  Bo tried to talk to Abe, but Abe didnít want to hear it.  EJ arrived in the pub looking for Kayla.  Kayla warned him to leave the pub, but he noticed Bo and Abe.  Abe was upset when he saw EJ because he thought he was there to gloat.  EJ informed Abe that he was there to see Bo since Bo works for him now.  Abe wanted to attack EJ as Kayla and Bo tried to stop him.  Bo tried to convince Abe that EJ wanted him to go after him.  Abe did eventually calm down, but he wanted to go after EJ again.  Jennifer thought that everything that happened with the election was her fault. Kayla let her know that it was EJís fault and not her fault that things went wrong.  Bo reminded Abe that he was there for him all of the times that he screwed up and that he should do damage control.  Abe thought that Bo was saying that he screwed with the votes.  Bo wanted to know if he did do it.   Daniel wanted to know if Nicole wanted to talk again.  Nicole said that they talked already.  Nicole didnít want to think about EJ for once.  She wanted Daniel to rerun the test so she would know how long she will be able to carry the baby (if she is pregnant) to term.  EJ finally found Nicole at the hospital, but she didnít want to see him.  He agreed to leave, but he wanted to know what was going on with her and if sheís okay.  Nicole let him know that he was the reason why she was there.  Abe asked Bo again if he thought that he tampered with the votes.  Bo said that he didnít think Abe did it.  They continued talking about what Abe did during the election.  Abe didnít think that Lexie would ever forgive him after what he did. 

EJ continued to try and talk to Nicole about everything that happened, but he didnít get the reaction he wanted.  Nicole was very upset with EJ and didnít want to see him again.  She told EJ that she will never forgive him for being with Sami.  Madison and Ian were at the hotel.  She was talking to him about their relationship.  She told him that she was in love with Brady.  Jennifer was at the hospital and ran into Daniel.  Jennifer was surprised to see him back in Salem.  She thought that he was avoiding her, but he said that he just arrived back in town.  He didnít want her to think that he is going to be in the way of her getting back together with Jack.  She let Daniel know that it wonít be a problem.  EJ tried to plead with Nicole one more time, but she insisted that they are through.  He wanted to know if there was anything he could do to make up for what he did with Sami, but she didnít want him to do anything.  Jennifer told Daniel that Jack doesnít want to be back with her.  He ended their conversation because he had test results to give to Nicole.  EJ told Nicole that he didnít accept that they are over and he refused to give up on her.  Kayla and Bo talked about how the DiMeras have destroyed their lives.  Bo couldnít believe that EJ became mayor of Salem.  Bo, Kayla, and Abe wanted to come up with a strategy to stop EJ from being mayor before heís sworn into office.  EJ was massaging Nicole and she seemed to be caving, but then she stopped.  Daniel walked in with her test results and EJ wanted to know what the results were.  Madison wanted Ian to give her a divorce so she could be free to be with Brady.  Ian let her know that he was not going to let her go no matter what.  Nicole lied to EJ and told him that she hyperventilated and fainted after finding out that he was with Sami.  She yelled at him to get out of her room and he finally left.  Daniel confirmed that Nicole was pregnant. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Michael tells Dante that Sonny left the hospital. Dante and Michael go looking for Sonny.  Starr Manning regains consciousness and discovers that their car is perched halfway off a ledge with her boyfriend, Cole still unconscious in the driverís seat with a broken leg and her daughter, Hope trapped in the back seat. She carefully gets out of the car, but she canít get his door open. Starr goes over to Anthonyís car to ask him for help, but he refuses. He tells her to blame sonny Corinthos. Michael and Dante arrive at the scene of the accident. Dante goes after Anthony. Starr asks Michael to get Cole and Hope out of the car. The car tips as Michael attempts to open it.

Helena threatens to kill Ethan. Irina (Cassandra) doesnít want anything to do with her plan. Helena informs Irena that this plan is the only reason she exists.  Helena says she wonít kill Ethan; she will make Irena do it. Irena fires the gun at Helena, only to find that it was loaded with blanks. Helena orders one of her henchmen to kill Irena.  He complies. Helena then turns her attention back to Ethan. Lulu calls to tell him about Robin, but Helena has the phone.

Patrick agrees to perform Jasonís surgery. Sam asks him not to tell Jason about Robinís death. Jason dreams that he is having a conversation with Robin in his room. Patrick tells Jason to thank Robin by making his life worth saving. Monica suggests that another doctor do the surgery but Sam insists on Patrick. Jason goes to surgery. Patrick asks Robin to forgive him. Mac looks for Maxie to tell her about Robin. Maxie doesnít answer her phone. Mac tells Spinelli that Maxie will need him when she hears the news. Spinelli promises Mac that he will stay with Maxie as long as she needs him. Maxie wakes up Matt in a room at the Metro Court. He asks her if she thinks he wants to be with her after what she did to Elizabeth. Matt makes her follow up her apology with a call to Monica recanting her accusation against Elizabeth. Then he tells her if he wants to make a go of it with him, she will have to tell Spinelli to move out of her apartment. Maxie goes home to talk to Spinelli, but he says he has something he must tell her first.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Lauren tells Jill about the gun in her purse and explains that she started taking lessons on how to use it because she is scared of Daisy. Jill advises Lauren to explain to Michael about the gun, but Lauren thinks it would just make Michael feel worse because there is nothing he can legally do to stop Daisy. Jill promises not to tell Michael about the gun. Michael tells Kevin that Daisy is out of jail and now all they can do is protect the people she might hurt. Michael also wonders how he can get Kevin out of his marriage to Angelina. Kevin tells him that he is right where he wants to be and he shouldn’t worry about him. Angelina tells Kevin that she is sorry for taking him away from everyone he loves and agrees to help him with his plan to get out of the marriage because she can’t stand to see Kevin so sad.

Phyllis has a heated confrontation with her father George and he finally admits to both Phyllis and Avery that he stole the money because all he wanted to do was make sure his family moved up in the world. Avery encourages Phyllis to tell their father how much his lies hurt her. After she does, she goes out into the hallway. Avery begins to question her decision to become a defense attorney and wonders how many guilty people she has set free because she believed that her father was unjustly accused of a crime. Avery tells Phyllis that she had Daisy set free today. Phyllis tells her if Daisy gets her hands on Lucy, it will be war between them and she will never forgive her. After Nick tells him that his grandfather is dying, Daniel leaves Lucy with Nick and heads to Connecticut to be with Phyllis. Nick stops Daisy from seeing Lucy. Daisy returns later with a court order and a policeman to make sure that she can see Lucy. Nick obeys the court order and watches Daisy hold Lucy and tell her that her mommy is back. Avery and Phyllis are in the hospice hallway talking when a nurse tells them their father has died. Avery and Phyllis both leave and Daniel arrives a few minutes later and is told his grandfather has passed away.

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