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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill spends the night waxing on and on that Hope will never live up to Liam’s expectations in bed. Bill admits he has fantasies, even had one about Brooke, and Liam must have them too. So there’s nothing to be ashamed of; it’s expected of men, that’s what they do. While Liam’s in bed alone, it won’t hurt him to think about Steffy just across town in her bed laying there naked. Rick takes Steffy home and she thanks him for the dinner and when he moves closer to her, she says goodnight and asks him to leave her wanting more. Brooke fails to convince Hope to change her mind about being a virgin and to wait the six months for Liam. She warns her to not let Steffy have all the power. Rick comes in and tells them Steffy could always change her mind, although Brooke thinks that is highly unlikely and she says emphatically that she does not want Rick to get more involved with Steffy. Brooke calls Bill to ask about Katie. He takes one more opportunity to tell her that daughter, Hope, is acting all prim and proper and he thinks Steffy is the better wife for Liam. Steffy calls Liam and says she is lonely back at the loft and misses him. She’d like for him to join her. Liam reflects back on what Bill just said. He thinks of Steffy, grabs his jacket and heads out. Steffy has on her teddy, dabs on perfume, puts on more lipstick, lights the candles and is delighted when she hears a knock at the door.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Nicole is at the town square and noticed that EJ tried to call her.  She didnít take the call.  Suddenly someone approached her and touched her shoulder.  It ended up being Daniel.  Nicole was surprised to see him.  He wondered what type of greeting that was for him.  She told him that she had one of the worst nights of her life.  Carrie asked Rafe what was wrong with him and he dropped the bomb that Sami cheated on him with EJ.  Sami accused Marlena of telling Rafe that she cheated on him with EJ.  Marlena didnít know what Sami was talking about.  Sami told her that Rafe confronted her about being with EJ.  Marlena apologized to her and Sami thought that she told him and ruined her marriage.  Rafe continued to explain to Carrie about confronting Sami and the new mayor about what he found out.  Carrie tried to make excuses for Sami by saying that she must have been out of her mind with grief to do that.  Rafe wasnít listening to that.  He believed that his marriage is a lie.  Marlena promised Sami that she wasnít the one who told Rafe the truth.  Sami looked at Will and he said that he didnít tell Rafe the truth either.  Marlena thought that it was a good thing that Rafe found out so they could heal.  Sami didnít believe that.  Sami reminded Marlena that she knew it was a bad idea for Rafe to find out because he is never going to forgive her.  Sami wanted Marlena to stop trying to help her because all she does is hurt everybody.  Daniel urged Nicole to talk about what was going on with her, but she didnít want to do it.  She was about to leave, but she fainted in Danielís arms.  Rafe started to blame himself for why Sami betrayed him.  He thought that wasnít there for her enough.  Carrie didnít want him to blame himself because it wasnít his fault.  Will defended Marlena to Sami.  Will didnít like how Sami continued to blame Marlena for the truth coming out when she said she didnít tell Rafe.  Sami refused to listen.  Sami kept telling Will and Marlena that Marlena destroyed their family.  Will put her in her place by reminding her that she was the one that had sex with EJ.  Will wanted to leave, but Marlena wanted him to stay so they could finish their private conversation.  Will didnít want to talk to Marlena in front of Sami because she would make everything about her.  Sami warned Will not to confide in Marlena because she destroyed their family.  Marlena warned her that if she canít take responsibility for her actions, then she should just stop talking.  Nicole was in the hospital and Daniel told her that he ran some tests on her because she fainted.  Nicole didnít want EJ to know that she was in the hospital.  Carrie continued to be a friend and listen to Rafe talk about his problems with Sami.  Rafe was amazed that Carrie could give Sami the benefit of the doubt after everything sheís done to her.  Carrie wanted to take Rafe out somewhere so they left the office. 

Marlena tried to talk to Sami about Willís problems.  Sami took that opportunity to remind her how she felt when she walked in on her with John on the conference room table.  Marlena let her know that she was talking about that and that Will has some serious problems.  Sami wanted to know what the problem was.  Marlena didnít want to tell her.  Sami threw up in her face that she told Rafe what she did.  Marlena told her that she should stop being so self-centered for once and be there for Will.  Will met Sonny at the town square and they began talking about Will kissing a guy.  Will explained to Sonny that he tried to talk to his grandmother about it, but his mother interrupted and became a lunatic because her secret came out.  Sonny was shocked that Rafe learned the truth.  Will believes that he doesnít have a family anymore.  Daniel continued to get Nicole to open up about her problems.  She thought he was only doing that because sheís Chloeís friend.  Daniel never had a problem with her.  His problem was with EJ.  She opened up to him and to him that EJ broke her heart again.  Sonny wanted to know how Rafe found out the truth, but Will didnít know.  Sonny told him that it was a good thing because he didnít have to carry around that secret anymore.  Sonny wondered how he felt about coming out to his grandmother.  Will told him that he didnít come out to his grandmother.  He didnít think that he had to be gay just because he kissed a guy.  Sami told Marlena that she tried to get Will to open up to her, but he wonít do it.  Sami tried to blame Marlena for it, but she wouldnít let her do it.  Marlena told Sami that Will has always been the parent in their relationship and that it was time for her to start being the parent.  Nicole told Daniel that EJ cheated on her again with Sami.  Daniel listened to her explain everything and he hugged her.  Will said that he isnít sure he is ready to accept that he could be gay.  Sonny continued to talk to him about what Will is going through.  Will didnít think his family would accept him.  Sonny tried to convince him that they will support him.  Sami told Marlena that she might lose the man she loves.  Marlena told her that she was sorry, but if she did it is her own fault.  Sami told Marlena she is going to put her family back together, but Marlena wonít be a part of it and she stormed out of the townhouse.  Daniel came back to Nicoleís room and gave her the test results.  It turns out that Nicole is pregnant.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Patrick blames Jason for robin's death and doesnít want to treat him. Sam doesn't want Jason to know that Robin is dead. Anna tries to convince Patrick to perform Jason's surgery. Patrick returns to Jasonís floor and tells Sam that he will do the surgery because Robin would have wanted him to.

Dante tells Lulu that Sonny saved his life and that it has made him see Sonny differently. Lulu says she knows it matters to him that his father loves him as much as he does his other kids. Dante tells Lulu about Robin. Sonny goes to the Quartermaine estate to exact revenge upon Anthony as he is certain Anthony is the shooter that was aiming for Dante. Anthony dares Sonny to shoot him in front of Tracy. Sonny asks Tracy to leave the room. Tracy won't leave so sonny does, vowing that he will be watching Anthony. Anthony wonders why Tracy didnít let sonny shoot him. He takes off to head for the airport. Sonny follows him. A car chase ensues. Suddenly Anthony slams on his brakes.

Ewen finds Kate standing outside in the cold wearing her bloodstained wedding gown. He introduces himself to her. She seems to come out of a trance and wonders why she is wearing that. She tries to piece together the events of the evening to try to make sense of how she got where she is. She tells Ewen that she sometimes loses track of time. Ewen offers to take her to hospital, but she runs away. Helena makes her presence at Wyndemere known. She tells Cassandra to reveal to Ethan the real reason she is there. Cassandra admits that she is Helenaís daughter, Irena. She really did lose a lot of her memory when she tried to escape the Cassadine compound in Greece and hired Ewen to help her get her memories back. She only knows what Helena has told her about her past. Helena informs Ethan that Irena was on a mission to make him fall in love with her. Cassandra / Irena admits that it started that way but insists that she fell in love with him and was afraid to tell him the truth. Ethan suspects that there is more to it. Two of Helenaís goons drag Luke in from the catacombs, tie him to a chair and subdue Ethan. Helena announces that it is time for one of them to die. She says Luke will have to watch Ethan die in front of him. Starr Manning, Cole Thornhart and their daughter, Hope, from Llanview PA drive through Port Charles on their way home from Los Angeles. Cole is posing as Starr's bodyguard and hoping he won't be recognized. He tells her he is only risking going back to PA because of everything that is going on with her father, Todd Manning. He asks her if she has ever heard of the Cassadines and tells her everything he knows about them. He suggests that they get married. While they are discussing it, they suddenly see a bright light ahead of them. Starr screams. Cole slams on his brakes and swerves.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Victor comes home to Nikki at the Newman ranch. At Gloworm, Billy informs Victoria that Chelsea agreed to let them raise the baby. When Anita walks up and wants to take their order, Billy and Victoria are surprised to see her. In Kansas, Sharon is caught in the winter storm while going to the grocery store. Adam is home alone on the farm with the lights all out. At the courthouse, Michael calls Phyllis but, once again, gets her voice mail. Michael then calls Daniel to let him know about Daisy being released. Phyllis visits her father and urges him to talk to her, but he is less than cooperative. Lauren vows to Daisy that she will never get Lucy away from Phyllis. Anita refuses to leave town and vows to be there if her daughter needs her. Nikki confronts Victor about Chelsea and Anita coming to town and his involvement in this whole mess. Daniel arrives at Phyllis’ and to his surprise sees Daisy with Lucy. Avery and Lauren exchange slurs in the courtroom. Michael blurts it out to Avery that Phyllis went to see her father. Phyllis and George argue over whether or not he ran her away from home. Adam goes outside and sees something on fire.

Adam calls 911 because the barn is on fire. He immediately tries to get the water hose to put out the fire. Nikki accuses Victor of making her his accomplice when she went to see Victoria. They argue as usual. Victoria suggests calling Michael for help to get the papers drawn up so that Chelsea can sign them before Anita can talk her out of it. Michael assures Lauren that she will be safe from Daisy. When Michael gets a call, Lauren rushes out before he can stop her. Adam calls on Hope to help him to get the water started. Daniel explains to the babysitter who Daisy is and then orders Daisy out. Daniel and Daisy have a talk about whether or not she would be a good mother to Lucy. Billy shows Chelsea the papers that he had Michael draw up for her to sign. Chelsea agreed to sign the papers, but on the condition that she would not be left out of the child’s life. Phyllis orders George to tell her that he stole the money from his clients. Reluctantly, George finally confesses that he stole the money. Avery listens outside the door. Sharon comes home and finds Adam outside. He had put out the fire by himself. Lauren uses a picture of Daisy at target practice and shoots her right between the eyes. Nikki leaves Victor.

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