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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope tells Liam that he makes it sound so simple that she could just move in and spread her products all over his bathroom. Seriously she muses that she would like to, but she has her own commitment to herself and her own principles and she just can’t go with him. She realizes they could do it behind closed doors, but she would still know and it wouldn’t be fair to say one thing and do another. He says he loves that about her. Meanwhile at The Bikini, both couples continue to squabble while trying to make polite conversation. The subject – Steffy not signing the annulment papers giving Hope and Liam a chance to marry much sooner. Ridge says it has been a very scintillating evening but one he does not want to repeat. He quips Katie and Bill do look better across the table after he’s had a shot of scotch. He orders another bottle of wine. Hope explains to Brooke that Liam is not going to pressure her. He is willing to wait the six months for her. He respects her and her decision. That might not be Brooke’s way, but it is her way. Liam finds Bill waiting for him in his home. Bill spouts that even more important than money or power or respect in a man’s life is a woman. That’s the great leveler, that puts them in touch with their primal instincts. He reminds Liam that he is still married to Steffy so he needs to call her and tell her to stop dragging her feet about this marriage. If she is not going to sign the annulment papers, then get her ass over here and do her wifely duty. With a puppy dog look on his face and stars in his eyes, Liam considers this option.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Nicole said yes to EJís proposal. Rafe knocked on the front door of the DiMera mansion. EJ ignored the knocks and continued to kiss Nicole. Sami arrived at the DiMera mansion to try and stop Rafe from confronting EJ. Sami said that Rafe couldnít do this. Rafe ignored her and went around the back. Sami went after him. Will continued to kiss Neil. Will pushed Neil away and spotted Sonny and ran off. EJ thought that whoever was knocking on the door must have left and he and Nicole continued kissing. Rafe barged in the mansion and punched EJ. Sami and Nicole tried to stop Rafe from hitting him, but he continued to punch EJ. EJ told Rafe to try hitting him when his back isnít turned. Nicole demanded to know what was wrong with Rafe. Rafe said he had a good reason to attack EJ. Nicole threatened to call the police on EJ. EJ stopped her because he wanted to take care of it himself. Carrie went to see Marlena and Bo. Carrie told them that John and Hope are having trouble getting to Alamania and she couldnít understand why. Marlena informed her that Stefano was the one behind it and that he wants to destroy their lives. Marlena thinks that Stefano wants John and Hope trapped in that country so he could turn John back into his pawn and Hope back into Princess Gina. Sonny caught up with Will. Will tried to explain kissing Neil on drinking too much. Sonny didnít believe that. Sonny thought Will kissed Neil because he wanted to do it. Nicole demanded that someone tell her what was going on. Rafe dropped the bomb and told her that EJ had sex with his wife. Sonny tried to get Will to talk about his feelings, but Will wouldnít do it. Will ran away from Sonny. Bo tried to convince Marlena that they will deal with whatever Stefano has going on together. Nicole didnít want to believe Rafeís accusation so she asked EJ. EJ didnít confirm it, but she could tell by looking at him that he did have sex with Sami. Nicole couldnít believe that he cheated on her again and slapped him. Will arrived at Marlenaís place to talk to her. Marlena thought that he had problems with Sami. He let her know that his problem wasnít about Sami.

Nicole wanted to know when EJ and Sami had sex. EJ and Sami both admitted that it was a mistake. Nicole didnít want to hear that. Rafe told Nicole that it happened the night that Johnny disappeared. Sami told Nicole that she and EJ thought that Johnny was dead and she was overcome with grief. Rafe sarcastically said that the next best thing for Sami to do was to jump in bed with EJ. EJ expressed his love for Nicole, but she didnít want to hear that from him. She told him that it was a mistake thinking that they could get back together. Sami urged Rafe to leave, but Nicole didnít want her to go. Sami realized Nicole had a right to be upset, but Sami stressed that it was a mistake. EJ also admitted that it was a mistake. He loves Nicole and not Sami. Nicole didnít believe that since he keeps sleeping with her. Bo and Carrie talked about how she kissed Rafe. Bo didnít understand what she was thinking. Carrie thought that Bo was judging her and didnít like him. Carrie threw up in his face that he left Hope for Carly. Will started crying and told Marlena that he didnít know what to do. Marlena hugged him and allowed him to take his time telling her his problem. EJ and Sami continued to convince Rafe and Nicole that they donít love each other, but it didnít work. Rafe and Nicole continued to go ballistic on EJ and Sami. EJ made one more plea when Nicole was about to leave. He told her that they were getting married again and she took the ring off and threw it at him. She said she hated him and left. Carrie apologized to Bo for throwing up Carly in his face. He warned her that he didnít want her to make the same mistake he did. Will nervously told Marlena that he kissed a guy at a party. Rafe continued to yell at EJ and Sami after Nicole left. Rafe was convinced that EJ and Sami always managed to destroy each otherís lives. Sami apologized and wanted to fix things.  She reminded Rafe that he wrote the letter to her about not giving up. He threw up in her face that she kicked him out. EJ wanted to give them time alone and wanted to look for Nicole. Rafe grabbed EJ by the throat and was about to kill him, but he let him go. Bo and Carrie continued to talk about Rafe. Bo thought that Carrie kissed Rafe because she wanted to do it. Will wanted to know how Marlena felt about him kissing a guy. She said that her heart went out to him. Will wondered why she didnít even flinch when he told her that he kissed a guy. Rafe went after EJ again, but Sami warned him that EJ wasnít worth it. Rafe agreed, but told her that she wasnít worth it either and left. After Rafe left, Sami and EJ fought over how the secret came out. Marlena told Will that she suspected that Will was troubled by his feelings, but he needed to sort them out on his own. Marlena told Will that she would never judge him and wanted him to be happy. Will wants to be happy too. He asked her if she thinks heís gay. While Marlena and Will were talking about whether he believes heís gay, Sami barged in and accused Marlena of telling Rafe the truth.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Ewen walks in on Cassandra and Ethan cuddling on the couch. He suggests that Cassandra has not been truthful with either of them. She fires him.   Someone surprises Cassandra and Ethan by coming in through the catacombs. Shawn tells Carly that he wants to be with her. Patrick doesnít want to give Jason the drug that Robin died making.  Sam plays the pregnancy card in an effort to convince him. Anna tells Mac that robin died. Mac takes out his grief on Sonny.  Kate tells Sonny that she will leave him if he goes after Anthony. He asks her not to make him choose between her and his son. Dante doesnít think Johnny shot Sonny. He suspects Anthony. Anthony tells Edward about Sonnyís shooting. Tracy says Anthony did it. Anthony predicts that Sonny will retaliate. Tracy tells Anthony to get out of the house before Sonny comes gunning for him, but sonny is already there.  Ewen sees Kate standing outside in her wedding gown.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Adam proposes to Sharon and offers her his mother’s ring, but she refuses. Avery lets Daisy know that she got the court date moved up to today. Anita and Chelsea come in, loaded down with bags, from shopping for Chelsea. Billy orders Anita out of his home, but Chelsea is welcome to stay. Michael and Lauren walk into Gloworm but are quite surprised when they see Jeffrey as a busboy and they also notice Kevin there. Phyllis prepares to go to see her father but doesn’t want anyone to know. Michael gets a call that Daisy’s court date is today. Michael, Lauren and Kevin all rush to the courthouse. Chelsea sides with Billy when Anita tries to get her to leave too. Jill visits Gloworm and is surprised to see Jeffrey as a busboy. Phyllis leaves the children with Nick. In court, Michael accuses Avery of pulling a fast one by getting the court date moved up. The court hearing begins with the opening statements. A Winter Storm Warning is issued in Kansas and Sharon tells Adam that she needs to go to the grocery.

Billy sets guidelines for Chelsea concerning the adoption of the baby. Anita comes into Gloworm and Gloria immediately shows her to a table despite Jill’s rude remarks. Michael asks Kevin what happened with Jana when Sarah and Daisy had them kidnapped. Lauren is also questioned. Avery accuses Lauren of trying to punish Daisy for her motherís sins. The video is released in court which Ryder took of Sarah threatening Daisy. Michael finds out that Phyllis went to see her father. A snowstorm hits Kansas with Sharon caught on the road right in the middle of it. The judge releases Daisy with time served. Gloria gives Chelsea a job. Chelsea signs the papers that Billy had drawn up. Phyllis goes to visit her father.

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