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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam tells Rick not to go through with this. Steffy has been through enough; she doesn’t need this game of his to get her to sign the papers. He knows they have a history before when he used her and she doesn’t need a repeat. Steffy is his friend and always will be and he doesn’t want to see her get hurt again. Likewise Hope tells Steffy that this six month’s waiting game is ridiculous. Liam is not going to change his mind in that time. He respects her choices and is willing to wait. Steffy gloats that she has had Liam and Hope hasn’t; that must really get to her. Steffy says she fought for her man, just as Hope is now. She did not have to seduce him; he came willingly. Ridge is not happy at all that Brooke booked them for an evening with Bill and Katie. He’s in the mood for upstairs. Bill too is not a happy camper; he’d rather stay home and have pins stuck in his eye than look across the table at Ridge. Katie manages to sweet talk him into it.

Liam explains to Hope that he’s only protective of Steffy, not jealous. She repeats the old mantra that they should be married right now but aren’t because of Steffy. He wants to concentrate on other things and not talk about Steffy. Brooke and Katie yammer away about Hope, Rick, Liam and Steffy while the men are staring holes at each other and bored to death. They end up in different corners of where they stand on what Liam and Steffy should do; get a quick annulment or wait for a long divorce. In the middle of a passionate kiss, Liam suddenly breaks away and tries to convince Hope to just grab a bag and come to his place and start their lives right now.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Rafe was at Johnís place with John, Bo, and Hope.  Rafe couldnít get the visas for Bo and Marlena so John and Hope have to go to Alamania alone.  John was convinced that Stefano had something to do with that.  Marlena and Will were still trying to get Sami to tell Rafe the truth. Marlena apologized again for the toll her relationship with John had on Sami.  Will immediately let Marlena and Sami know that Sami canít keep blaming her for everything.  Marlena tried to stop Will from going off on Sami.  Marlena warned Sami that if she doesnít tell Rafe the truth it will destroy her.  EJ and Nicole were at the DiMera mansion celebrating their anniversary by spending a romantic evening together.  Before Will left the apartment, he warned Marlena to be careful with Sami.  After Will left, Sami went ballistic on Marlena.  Sami was convinced that Marlena went out of her way to get closer to Will so she could be a mother to him and take her place.  Hope and Bo talked about whether Stefano opened up the envelope that Alice had on him.  Bo hoped that Stefanoís secret will haunt him forever.  Will met Sonny at the pub. Will started telling Sonny that his grades were slipping.  Sonny joked that itís because of all of his work with EJ.  Will let him know that he is having family problems.  Sonny wanted Will to tell him whatís going on with his family.  Marlena continued to defend herself to Sami.  She told Sami that she is not trying to steal Will from her.  Sami continued to give Marlena grief.  Marlena tried to tell her that she has to tell Rafe the truth, but Sami didnít want to hear it.  Sami told her to get out and stay out of her life.  Sonny tried to convince Will to talk to him about his problems.  Sonny used his situation (coming out to his family) as an example that things could work out for his family.  Will assumed that Sonny thought he was coming out, but the secret is about his mother. 

At the townhouse, Bo, Hope, John, and now Marlena talked about what Stefano has in store in Alamania.  John was convinced that Stefano set up a trap for him and Hope.  Sami was about to call Rafe, but thought about what Marlena told her and decided not to call him.  She threw the phone down.  Will went off about Sami and Sonny thought he was being harsh.  Will didnít think he was being harsh.  Rafe walked in the pub and sat at the bar.  Will told Sonny that he saw Sami having sex with EJ the night Johnny was missing.  Rafe overheard Will tell Sonny the truth.  Sonny wanted to take Willís mind off of everything and wanted to take him to the party.  While Sami was on the phone with Caroline so she could watch the kids longer, Rafe arrived at the apartment.  Rafe confronted Sami about having sex with EJ.  Sami wanted to know who told him.  He wouldnít tell her that. He just wanted to know how she could be with him.  Sami began to explain that she was grieving over Johnny.  Rafe wanted to know if she was still in love with EJ.  She told him that EJ disgusts her.  Rafe wanted to know why she didnít come to him. He also thought she was trying to pay him back.  Sami claimed that wasnít true.  She told Rafe that she and EJ were fighting and then she ended up doing the worst thing ever.  Rafe told her that she destroyed their family.  Sonny and Will were at the town square.  Will was drinking.  A guy named Neil wanted Will to be his partner and play beer pong with him.  Sonny didnít think Will should do that, but Will wanted to do it anyway.  Rafe told Sami that he wasnít surprised that she wanted to renew their vows.  He was convinced that she didnít mean her vows.  Sami said that wasnít true.  She didnít say anything because she didnít want him to look at her the way heís looking at her now.  Rafe said that he canít stand the sight of her right now.  Bo and Hope said goodbye to each other.  Bo warned Hope to be careful in Alamania without him.  He knows the country better than Hope and John.  Hope promised to be careful.  Bo thought these two weeks were going to be hard.  Rafe continued to yell at Sami for what she did.  Sami reminded Rafe that she wasnít the only one who messed up.  EJ proposed to Nicole again.  Will got drunk and ended up kissing Neil in the tunnel at the town square.  Sami reminded Rafe that he kissed Carrie.  Rafe went ballistic.  He told her that she destroyed the family.  Sami told him that she loved him, but he walked out of the apartment.  Sonny walked in on Will and Neil kissing.  Sami tried to call EJ and warn him that Rafe was going after him.  EJ didnít answer the phone.  EJ didnít hear his phone because he was with Nicole.  Nicole agreed to remarry EJ when there was a knock on the door.  Rafe is outside of the DiMera mansion, but EJ and Nicole ignore him and go back to kissing.

GH Recap Written by Rebecca

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Gloria goes into Gloworm and sees Jeffrey, who asks her for a job. Gloria is surprised. Cane brings his luggage and comes home to Lily. Daniel takes Chloe along with marshmallows and a blow gun out into the woods. Chloe wonders what Daniel is up to. Daniel lets her know that he wants her to work out on her anger with this blowgun, marshmallows and targets to shoot at. Kevin informs Eden that he is moving out. Kevin and Angelina try to get settled into their new home. Kevin is less than happy about his new surroundings, but Angelina is thrilled and rehires Devon. Ashley and Jill visit Cane and Lily and offer Cane a job. Ricky asks Eden to move in with her. Eden has to think about it. Gloria lets Angelo know that she wants to rehire Jeffrey so she can find out what he did with all the money he stole from her. Kevin and Angelina play air hockey. Angelo and Gloria go to Gloworm. Angelo breaks a glass and orders Jeffrey to clean it up. Tucker meets with Devon and tells him that he wants to accompany him to his surgery; Devon agrees. Ricky and Eden decide to move in together. Chloe and Daniel have fun at target practice. Cane accepts the job offer at Jabot.

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