Tuesday 2/21/12 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 2/21/12 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

FYI....... Steffy tells Rick. Those dimples will only get him so far. He retorts again that she is wasting valuable time. She finally relents and says okay, he can take her out to dinner and wine and dine her and see if he can make any inroads. Liam brings Hope some herbal tea to calm her. She still can’t believe Steffy tricked them and they still can’t get married. Steffy made a joke out of signing the papers and now messing with their lives. Liam just wishes everyone would stay out of this. They know what’s best for their lives; not his dad, her mom, Katie, no one. Steffy opts for a burger at the Bikini Bar instead of an expensive dinner. Liam is disturbed when he starts to seat Hope also at Bikini’s and sees Steffy and Rick.

Stephanie badmouths Rick to Brooke, saying he has his own agenda in helping Hope. She doesn’t believe Steffy will fall for that. Brooke doesn’t believe what Stephanie says that he is more compatible with her granddaughter than with Hope. Liam is surprised to learn that Steffy and Rick were very involved, even engaged at one time. When Rick leaves to go get them a couple of more beers, Liam approaches Steffy's table. He apologizes for what Rick did and says he had no idea that he was going to get her to sign the papers. She muses that he has jealousy written all over his face, with just her being with Rick now. She admits to having been infatuated before, but never in love like with Liam. She wants to leave. Rick says he’s sorry. He hasn’t seen her this upset since she lost her sister. He hopes she has forgiven him for that. He pulls her close and hugs her as Liam looks on in despair. Stephanie tells Brooke that if she doesn’t call Rick off of Steffy, then she will. Hope finds Steffy alone and asks why she is doing this…..stringing things out. They yammer back and forth how everything including Aspen went down. The divorce has been filed but things are far from over, and Steffy doesn’t think it ever will be.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Abby continued to press Austin about telling Carrie the truth about their ďrelationshipĒ.  Austin insisted that their affair stay between them.  Carrie was outside of the door and heard him tell Abby that they have to keep it between them.  Carrie wanted to know what he wanted to keep between him and Abby.  Sami wanted Marlena to tell her what she knows.  Marlena didnít think it was important.  Sami demanded that she tell her what she knows.  Will walked in the loft and heard part of their conversation.  Will wanted to know what they were talking about, but Marlena and Sami wanted privacy.  Will wanted to stay for Marlenaís sake.  Sami started back in on Marlena when Will dropped the bomb that he told Marlena that Sami had sex with EJ.  Sami couldnít believe that he told Marlena about the worst mistake of her life.  Sami wondered if Marlena showed up at her place to rub it in that she made the same mistake that she made.  Austin managed to cover up what he said by telling Carrie that he asked Abby for advice on where he should take Carrie for their romantic getaway.  Carrie believed the excuse.  Abby tried to make things uncomfortable for Austin by telling Carrie that she was just talking to the guy who broke her heart.  Marlena tried to convince Sami that she didnít want to see her in pain, but it didnít work.  Sami started yelling at her until Will put her in her place.  Sami didnít know why Will listens to Marlena and not to her.  Marlena informed her that it was because she listens to him and Sami doesnít do it.  Sami thought that Marlena was calling her a bad mother and told her that she is a bad mother.  Marlena told Sami that she wasnít trying to call her a bad mother.  Marlena and Sami continued to talk about what she did with EJ.  Marlena informed Sami that she understood why she was with EJ.  They ended up hugging each other.  Carrie and Abby continued to talk about the mystery guy.  Abby let Carrie know that her guy was afraid of commitment. 

Kate found out that Madison managed to steal Quinn away from Countess W. Quinn will be going to Europe in a few days to promote Mad World.  Kate didnít understand why Madison has this hatred for her.  Madison told Kate that itís all business.  Kate didnít believe that.  While they were talking, Ian walked in on them.  Ian introduced Madison as his wife.  Marlena advised Sami to go to Rafe and tell him the truth about what she did with EJ.  Sami didnít think that was a good idea.  Sami immediately jumped on the defensive and assumed that Marlena thought what she did was worse than what Rafe did.  Will informed Sami that what she did was worse.  Marlena warned Sami that if she waits too long to tell Rafe the truth, it will be much worse for her.  Kate was surprised that Madison was Ianís wife.  Kate and Madison started fighting because of their companies competing against each other.  Kate told Madison that she canít beat her at anything including love.  Kate reminded Madison that she couldnít keep Brady or Ian.  Sami still wasnít convinced that she should tell Rafe the truth.  Marlena and Will continued to tell her that she should do the right thing.  Sami will talk to Rafe and believes that they can work it out without her having to tell him about being with EJ.  Sami wanted Marlena and Will to promise not to tell Rafe anything.  Marlena continued to warn Sami that her secret will come out, but Sami wouldnít listen.  Sami was convinced that she has to look out for herself.  Austin saw Abby saying goodbye to Quinn at the town square and he didnít like it.  Austin warned Abby that Quinn is a bad guy.  Abby wanted to know why he cared since heís back with Carrie.  She told Austin that she could date who she wants and walked off. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Spinelli informs Jason that the videotape of him as an infant is authentic. Jason wonders how Franco got it. The General Hospital research lab explodes with Robin inside. Sam hears the fire chief telling Patrick that Robin didn't survive.

Tracy wonders where Anthony has been and tells him that Sonny was shot. Anthony suspects Kate. Tracy suspects Johnny. Sonny has already left when Steve, Dante, Mac, and Kate arrive at the location where he was shot. Dante asks Mac to let him handle it. Sonny turns up at Johnny's apartment intending to kill him. Carly emerges from the shower to see Sonny bleeding in Johnny's living room. She tells him she won't cover for hi if he shoots Johnny because Johnny didnít shoot him. Dante arrives and asks Sonny to put down the gun. Johnny swears he didnít do it but doesnít discount the possibility that it could have been Anthony. Dante gets Sonny out of there and thanks him for saving his life in the parking garage. Kate has a hysterical tantrum.

Michael finds Molly unconscious. When she awakens, he informs her that her punch was spiked. She tells them she didnít know any of the people that showed up at her house. Michael threatens TJ if there is a next time. When Michael calls Alexis, Alexis hears Molly screaming in the background for Michael not to make the call. Mac takes Alexis home. She tells Mac to file charges against TJ but Molly says it was all her idea.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

While Avery meets with Daisy to prepare for the case in court, Michael interrupts them. At Crimson Lights, Phyllis is on the phone when Daniel walks in and questions her about Avery. Lauren finds out from Nick that Sharon went to take care of Adam in Kansas. Sharon walks up behind Adam and watches him as he repairs the fence. Michael asks Avery how she got Daisy’s court date moved up. Phyllis refuses to tell Daniel about the trouble between her and Avery. Phyllis and Chloe try to get Daniel to see Lucy, but he refuses. Phyllis assures Daniel that this is not over. Ricky asks Eden if she is still hung up on Daniel. Nick visits Phyllis and realizes how strong her love is for Lucy. Phyllis tells Nick that she called hospice about her father. At Gloworm, Michael meets with Lauren to let her know about Daisy. Avery tells Daisy her plan for getting her released from prison by showing the court that Daisy was a victim as much as Lauren. Daisy lets Avery know that Ryder could help them with her case in court. Sharon commends Adam on his job of repairing the fence. Adam reminds them of their time in New Orleans. They kiss.

Avery manages to get the court date for the end of the week for Daisy. Daisy tells Avery that there is a video that Ryder took of her holding Lauren hostage. Nick and Phyllis spend quality time together. Nick urges Phyllis to go to see her father. Phyllis tells Nick about her father’s life as a banker. When he swindled people out of their money, she turned him in to the Feds and testified against him. Adam and Sharon kiss and make love. At Jimmy’s, Chloe and Daniel interrupt Eden and Ricky’s conversation. Avery and Daisy watch the video that Ryder took of Daisy and her aunt and their conversation about Lauren. Michael tells Lauren that it is Averyís fault that Daisy may get out of prison. Lauren vows revenge on Daisy to stop her from getting out. Daniel, Chloe, Ricky and Eden spend the evening together. Chloe lets Daniel know that Eden has eyes for him. Nick talks Phyllis into seeing her father. Phyllis calls the hospital to see if it is too late to see him. Adam and Sharon vow to take on the world together.

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