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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie sees Steffy pouring herself some champagne and asks what is she celebrating……or drowning her sorrows. Steffy says she did the right thing and signed the annulment papers. Hope and Liam are so excited that Rick got her to sign them. Brooke wonders how fast they can get to the courthouse. Liam is happy too, but he doesn’t want to jump the gun and run to Vegas. They need to be sure this is all legit. Sure enough when they look at the papers more closely, Steffy signed it “loser”. She gloats to Stephanie that is exactly what Liam will be if he goes ahead and leaves her and goes to Hope. Rick barges in and they both chastise him for trying to help his sister by pulling this act. Stephanie says they are on to him so he can cut the charades. He pretends to be hurt that Steffy would think he had an agenda. She explains that she saw him coming a mile away and wasn’t going to fall for his kiss or his act. He reminds her that she seemed to enjoy the kiss so he’ll take that as a good sign. Hope complains to her mom that this is just a game to Steffy and so far she is winning. She feels that Liam is even defending Steffy and he needs to do something. They can not wait six months. She can not stand this; they have to get an annulment.

Stephanie implores Brooke to drag her son away from Steffy. His newest moves are not going to work. Steffy declares to Rick that she is not going to be coerced about signing the papers and she certainly is not going to be seduced. He wonders how she can hang around for six months waiting only for Liam when she could be spending that time with Rick. Liam tells Hope that she is shaking and she needs to calm down. She is too angry; Steffy is holding them hostage. It’s not about the law; it’s all about Steffy. He says it’s the law and they have to respect that. She says she wants to be his wife and she wants to make love to him, but she wants to be married first. It’s not fair that they have to wait just because of Steffy. Rick tells Steffy that she can wait the six months and then she is gonna kick herself for wasting so much time. He tries one more time to tell her how great they can be together. They had exciting chemistry; he wasn’t just trying to get back at her dad. She says she’s had real love and that is not going to happen between the two of them. Hope calls Rick on his cell phone and begs him to do something quickly. She doesn’t care what he does, but he needs to sweep Steffy off her feet and the sooner the better. She can not stand this any longer.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Jennifer was on the phone with a reporter talking about Abeís innocence when Jack arrived.  She let him know that she was trying to do damage control for Abe, but Jack wanted to talk about something more important.  Jennifer let Jack know that Abeís reputation is on the line. Abby walked in the room and Jack said that they all needed to talk.  Marlena showed up at Samiís loft to see the kids, but they were in school.  Marlena apologized for not calling first.  Sami agreed that she should have called first.  Marlena wanted to talk to Sami just as Rafe walked in the loft.  He apologized for not knocking. He keeps forgetting that he doesnít live there anymore.  Abby let Jennifer know that sheís tired of fighting with her.  Jennifer is tired of it too.  Abby also let Jennifer know that she is going to continue to model whether Jennifer likes it or not.  Jennifer didnít like it, but Abby told her that Melanie will be there with her and look out for her.  Jack thought that they should continue to talk.  Austin was concerned that Carrie didnít come to bed.  He wondered if she was avoiding him.  She informed him that she was working on John and Hopeís case.  Austin reminded her that they are supposed to be working on fixing their marriage and that he canít do it alone.  She intends to work on their marriage.  Austin wanted to go back to Zurich, but Carrie wanted to stay in Salem.  Rafe showed up at the loft so he could take the kids to school, but he missed his chance to do it.  Sami informed him that if he comes over sooner, he can take them to school.  He offered to help Marlena with her situation with Bo and Hope.  He was about to leave when Marlena told him not to go and that he and Sami should talk.  Jack played referee for Jennifer and Abby about Abby modeling.  They continued to talk about the situation and Jennifer finally gave Abby her blessing to be a model.  Sami didnít appreciate Marlena butting into her situation with Rafe and told her that it was none of her business.  Marlena wanted to help them out anyway.  Sami wanted Marlena to leave, but she wasnít going to walk out when they needed her.  Carrie told Austin that she remembered Marlenaís advice and realized that leaving Salem wonít help their problems.  Itís never good to run away from their problems.  Austin seemed okay with it, but he wants to take Carrie away on a romantic getaway. 

Rafe didnít want Marlena and Sami to fight because of him.  He told Marlena that it was his fault for kissing Carrie, but he intends to make things right.  Before he left the loft, he told Sami that he will call her before he picks up the kids.  Once he left, Sami went off on Marlena.  Sami was convinced that Marlena was going to blame her for what happened to her marriage.  Marlena didnít want to get into that with her.  Sami wanted to do it since Marlena was there.  Abby showed up at Austinís office.  She let him know that she got his message.  He thought they were both adults so he was going to level with her.  Abby said she knew what he was going to tell her.  Marlena went toe to toe with Sami while Sami was giving her grief.  Marlena told Sami she will no longer be the excuse she uses to justify her behavior.  Austin told Abby that he loves Carrie and not her.  He tried to let her down easy.  He will make things easy for her while sheís still his assistant.  He also plans on helping her get another job on campus when the semester is over.  Abby wanted to know if heís going to say that she was a good assistant or an easy lay.  Austin told Abby that he didnít want to hurt her.  Abby thought that Austin led her to believe that his marriage was over to get into her pants.  She told him that everything that he told her was a lie.  Sami and Marlena continued to argue about Samiís actions.  Sami refused to listen to the things that Marlena was telling her.  Marlena warned Sami that she is making the same mistakes that she made in her life.  Abby told Austin that if he wants to make things work with Carrie he has to tell her about their affair.  Austin said it was just one night.  Abby thought they should tell Carrie today.  Marlena warned Sami that she is hurting Will the same way that she was hurt, but sheís too selfish to see it.  Sami demanded to know if she knew something and wanted her to tell her what it was that she knew.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Jason reveals to Spinelli that he might be dying and asks him to take care of Sam if he does. Spinelli is certain that Robin will find a way to save Jason.  Anna and Emma bond. Anna, Emma, and Robin wait for Patrick at the triage area, but he is gasping for breath on the floor in the research lab with a gas line open. Robin finds him, drags him out into the corridor and performs CPR.  She foolishly goes back in to get the vile of the drug she is testing for Jason, and the emergency locks engage, locking her in and Patrick out. Patrick goes to get help. There is an explosion in the lab.

Alexis tries to call Molly with no answer. Molly calls Michael to help her because her house has been overridden with kids she doesnít know.  A girl gives her a drink that she says doesnít have alcohol in it, but it gets Molly drunk. TJ runs interference to keep everything from getting out of control. He keeps one boy from getting Molly alone in her room and the boy tells Molly that TJ told everyone that there would be a party at Mollyís house. TJ shuts down the party just before Michael arrives and reinforces the demand for everyone to leave. He finds Molly passed out on the floor in a corner. 

Diane is going to print the news about Johnny and Claudia in her column. Cary finds Johnnyís car and looks for him. When he returns he tells her that he was standing on a ledge.  She tells him that the upside to Sonny telling his secret in public is that no one can ever use it to blackmail him.   Olivia blasts Anthony to Tracy, blaming him for lying to his kids their whole lives. Tracy points out that Olivia did the same thing. Olivia demands to know why Steve and Maggie keep huddling in corners having secret conversations. Maggie says she and Steve are having an affair. Dante and Sonny argue in the Metro Court parking garage. Dante says he is through with Sonny.  As he walks away, someone fires a gun at him. Sonny tackles him to the ground and gets shot in the arm himself. The assailant gets away.  Sonny assumes it was Johnny.  Dante goes back into the party to get Steve to come help Sonny. When they get to where Dante left Sonny, they find him gone.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Avery tells Phyllis their father is in hospice and pleads with her to go see her father and make amends before it’s too late. Phyllis feels sorry for the pain Avery is going through but she doesn’t want to go see her father. Victor has a lovely evening with Genevieve to try and charm her into putting Beauty of Nature back under the Newman Enterprises umbrella, but she doesn’t let him know what she plans to do with the company. Anita admits to Victoria and Billy that Victor brought her and Chelsea to town to break up Billy and Victoria’s marriage. Chelsea is angry with her mother for blowing their cover but Anita explains that Nikki would have told Victoria and Billy everything.

Billy tells Anita he wants her to be gone when he returns to the house but she says that if she goes, so do Chelsea and the baby. Paul also warns Anita and Chelsea that if they are able to get past Billy and Victoria’s defenses and hurt, they will feel his wrath. Jack meets Sarge, a tough physical therapist, and argues with him because he made his female patient cry. Later he notices that the patient returns to the therapy room and is able to lift the spoon to her mouth just like Sarge asked her to do. When Jack asks him to be his physical therapist, Sarge tells him to return tomorrow for one therapy session with him but only because he wants to prove to Jack that he isn’t tough enough to handle a therapy session with him.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Victor and Genevieve meet in his hotel room about Beauty of Nature. Victor tries to “con” Genevieve into letting him have control of Beauty of Nature again, and she could work with him. Billy and Victoria find out from Anita that Victor was behind them coming to town. Frustrated, Victoria leaves the table. Victoria finds out that Victor told Chelsea to go for it with Billy. Jack becomes angry with his therapist when she will not allow him to try a few steps on the bars. Across the room, Jack thinks he sees another therapist mistreating a patient. Nick watches the goings on. Anita tells Billy that he may not be perfect for Victoria, but he is perfect for Chelsea. When Billy orders Anita out of his home, she says that if she leaves, so will Chelsea.

Victor cannot bring Genevieve around to his way of thinking about Beauty of Nature. Nikki tries to get Victoria to move out of the house until this whole situation is settled with Anita, Chelsea, and Billy. Victoria refuses to move out. Nikki advises Victoria to be careful of Anita. Anita tells Chelsea that if she moves out, then she is going with her. Paul comes in and gives Anita and Chelsea a warning about their treatment of Victoria and Billy or they will live to regret it. Jack talks the new therapist into taking his case in order to let him try walking on the bars.

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