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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thomas is glad Steffy is back at work, and wants to be sure that she is okay. She tells Thomas not to give up on Hope because Liam is going to come back to her. He advises her not to give up on life and be miserable without Liam. She reveals that Rick is interested in her again so she could pursue that. Brooke overhears Rick tell Marcus again how hot Steffy is and he really looks forward to working with her, and then who knows. Brooke can’t listen to anymore. She rushes in and says she will not allow him to be with Steffy again. He confides in his mom that Hope has been hurt too many times. It stops now and he’s going to work on Steffy to sign those annulment papers. He can get her to fall for him again. He begs Brooke not to tip Steffy off. She puts in a performance that Steffy overhears when Brooke orders Rick not to get involved with Steffy again. Hope meets with some young essay winner girls who are really into her Hope For The Future line and also her message for abstinence. Liam comes in and vows he loves this side of her and makes him love her all the more. Brooke can’t wait to tell Liam and Hope that his marriage might be over today as Rick is appealing to Steffy as they speak. Rick pours champagne for Steffy and they sit on the bed as he directs her for a fashion shoot in her lingerie. He brings up the subject of Liam and tells Steffy that she is all woman and he sees Liam as just an immature boy. Maybe she should just leave Liam for Hope. Steffy needs a real man. He tries to convince her that Liam is making her look like a fool with her chasing around after him. She is in love with a guy who does not appreciate her. She needs a man who will challenge her. Ever so slightly, he brings out the annulment papers and convinces her to sign it. She does and tells him to get it to Liam right away. She will be there waiting for him. Rick finds Brooke, Liam and Hope and tells them the wait is over. They all jump for joy.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

After Kate and Ian finished kissing, she slapped him.  She reminded him that she is married.  Ian was convinced that she wanted him and kissed her again.  Lexie was packing when Abe arrived home.  He begged her not to go.  EJ and Nicole were at the DiMera mansion talking about him possibly being mayor as well as Abe rigging the votes.  Lexie wanted to know where Abe was.  He told her how he was questioned at the police station.  Lexie told Abe how much his lies hurt her.  Abe thought that Lexie was trying to sneak out on him.  She said that she wasnít but it would be easier if she did.  Lexie was convinced that Abe was going to try and convince her to stay, but he has no idea how much he hurt her.  Nicole received a phone call and believed that it was the call that she and EJ were waiting for all along.  Lexie reminded Abe that she has made mistakes, but she thought they were past the point of lies.  He continued to defend his actions because he didnít want EJ to roll over him.  Nicole informed EJ that it was official and that he won the election.  EJ wanted to make sure that Lexie was okay, but Nicole advised him not to do that.  Nicole told him that Lexie is going to need him now that Abe is being accused of vote tampering.  Nicole was convinced that Lexie will come back to the family the way he and Stefano wanted all along.  Lexie continued to rip into Abe for what he did.  Sheís convinced that the town as well as Theo will not be able to believe in him anymore.  Lexie said that she canít believe in him anymore either. 

Brady finally let Madison explain about her relationship with Ian.  She told him that she was a trophy wife and that he ran around with a lot of women.  Madison told him that Kate was the only woman who stuck around.  Kate didnít know about her, but she knew about Kate.  Kate told Ian that she will not be like the other women in his life.  Ian let her know that there was no one in his life like her.  Letting her go was the biggest mistake of his life.  Abe gets a call from Jennifer informing him that EJ won the election.  Abe told Lexie that he lost the election.  He also told her that he is in a lot of trouble because of the election, but he plans to fix everything.  Lexie didnít think he could fix things.  Abe reminded her that they were married for better or for worse and he needed her to say that she will stay with him.  Lexie told him that it was too late for that.  She continued to tell him that she was disgusted by what heís done and that heís no different from her family.  EJ and Nicole celebrated his victory by having a romantic evening together.  Madison explained to Brady that she doesnít love Ian and apologized again for hurting him.  Brady wanted to know why Madison didnít get a divorce from Ian since he treated her so badly.  Ian walked in the room just as Brady asked her about getting a divorce.  Ian told Brady that Madison has tried and failed many times to get a divorce from him.  Ian warned Brady and Madison that she will never get away from him because divorce is not an option.  Lexie couldnít understand how this happened to her and Abe.  She informed Abe that she was leaving and taking Theo with her.  Abe said he didnít want her to leave and uproot Theoís life.  Abe was willing to leave unless Lexie wanted him to stay.  Lexie didnít say anything so Abe walked out of the room.  Lexie started crying as soon as Abe left. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Jason asks Monica if she has any home movies of him as a baby. She says him biological mother /Susan has the newborn ones, but she has thousands of others. Sam has cramps. Patrick wonít let Jason go home in case he has another seizure.  Maxie tries to drag Robin away from her work to go to the pulmonary research benefit with her.  Robin tells her that she canít go because she has to find a drug regimen for Jason.  Maxie says Robin is selfish. She unknowingly turns on the gas with her purse when she leaves. Patrick discovers the leak when he goes into the lab while Robin is on a break, but is too overwhelmed by the fumed to turn it off. He falls to the floor, gasping for air.  

Alexis goes to the benefit alone and finds Diane and Mac together as a date. Ewen stands up Elizabeth. Matt tells Elizabeth that Maxie told Monica the information that got her suspended. Maxie says they can thank her for freeing matt up to be with Elizabeth. Elizabeth shocks Matt by saying she was never after him. Elizabeth tells Maxie that while she isnít working, her full time job will be making Maxieís life hell.  Carly steals the spotlight when Kate tries to make an announcement. Johnny crashes the benefit. Tracy and Anthony attend. Tracy asks Anthony to get Johnny out of there.  Johnny gets into a bidding war with Sonny for the largest opening bid. Sonny tells him his money is no good there and they get into it. Sonny announces that Claudia was Johnnyís mother, not his sister. Anthony tells Sonny he is going to burn down his life and make him glad to die.  Carly and Kate, and Olivia are all angry with Sonny for ruining the benefit. Carly goes looking for Johnny.  Dante says Sonny once again proved that Dante is right about him. Someone watches from the shadows as Dante reads Sonny the Riot Act in the parking lot. Dante tells Sonny that he doesnít want his protection, he wants him behind bars and until that time Sonny is dead to him. The person hiding in the shadows takes aim.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Victoria comes home and asks Billy how it went with Anita. He insists that they are not buying a baby, that this is his son. At Crimson Lights, Anita and Chelsea discuss how easy it is going to be to get a hefty sum from Billy for this baby. Nikki ponders what to do about the earring. She remembers seeing Anitaís missing earring and her conversation in which Victor denied bringing Chelsea and Anita to town. Nikki tries to call Victor. Genevieve meets with a man in Paris about Beauty of Nature when Victor interrupts. Victor tells Genevieve that the solution may be closer than she thinks. Phyllis visits Jack and congratulates him for being up in a chair, offering encouragement that he will soon be out of it. Sharon visits Nick and Faith. Adam visits his mom’s grave. Sharon informs Nick about how Adam is doing dealing with his blindness. Genevieve tells Victor that she did not crash her son’s wedding, but just watched it and left. Victor wants to get down to business. When Victor doesn’t call her back, Nikki decides to take matters into her own hands. Jack tells Phyllis that he had a talk with the legal team at Jabot to bring charges against Genevieve. Victor tries to strike up a deal with Genevieve concerning Beauty of Nature.

Nikki visits Victoria and Billy and invites Anita out to lunch with her. Victoria wants to know what Nikki is doing. Nikki tells them that she wants to know what Anita is hiding. Sharon informs Nick that she is going back to Genoa City with them. Adam gets a visit from his mother, Hope. Nick encourages Sharon to go back and help Adam and he will bring Faith to see her any time she wants to see her. Jack encourages Phyllis to go to see her father before it is too late. Nikki finds the mate to the earring in Anita’s bag and confronts her about being on the ranch. Anita denies all accusations. Hope offers Adam words of encouragement. When Victor calls Nikki back, she accuses him of having Anita in her home. Victor denies all accusations since he is with Genevieve. Victor and Genevieve decide to pursue their business meeting further in his hotel room. Sharon goes back to Adam, who insists that he needs her. They hug. Anita tells Chelsea that Nikki knows about her and Victor, but it's his problem.

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