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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick reveals to Hope that he will be working on the Intimates line with Steffy. He also gloats to Katie that Steffy is gonna fall head over heels in love with him so the annulment will not take six months. Rick makes sure that Steffy overhears him tell Marcus that Steffy is sexy and he’s looking forward to working with her. She wastes no time in asking Rick if he meant all of that and if he still has the hots for her. Secretly he’s pleased with himself and his scheme seems to be working. Liam checks in with Steffy. He surmises that divorce is never easy, even though it is Plan B. Bill reminds him that what he did was all in Liam’s best interest. Liam says he still wants to marry Hope so Bill should just stop with the campaign of pitching Steffy as his wife at him. He does concede that Hope is still holding to her belief and announcement that she will be honoring abstinence until the wedding. Bill points out that here they go again……six long months. He urges him to take his time. Hope is a wonderful girl, but she has her own loyalty to her principles and not just to Liam and that is what he needs for his success. Katie advises Hope not to give up. Miracles have been known to happen so maybe Steffy will back off and not make them wait the six months. Steffy and Rick try to get down to business at hand, but there is a sexual tension in the air. She wants to seal it with a handshake which he offers, then he says they can do better than that and hugs her….then that changes to a kiss on the cheek close to her mouth.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor announced to Brady, Madison (who Victor invited over), and Maggie that heís made a decision as to who will be the next CEO of Titan.  The person is Ian.  Marlena and John were getting ready to go to Alamania just as Bo, Hope, and Roman arrived at their townhouse.  John wanted to know if Roman was going with them.  Roman told him that he wasnít going. He also told them that another DiMera (besides Stefano) will be going down.  Roman started to tell them about the election.  The crowd continued to shout for Lexie to join Abe at the podium, but she ran off.  Abe was embarrassed that Lexie wouldnít join him.  Brady wanted to know if Victor knew who Ian was.  Victor was familiar with Ian and wanted him to be CEO of the company.  Ian informed everyone that he is going to enjoy his new job.  Stefano was upset that EJ lost the election and said that it was time for EJ to concede.  Nicole wanted Stefano to have more faith in her.  Kate was concerned about whatís going on with Abe at the press conference.  Abe tried to downplay what was going on between him and Lexie.  After his speech, Abe told Jennifer that Lexie found out the truth and that he had to go after her.  Stefano wondered why Lexie didnít stand by Abeís side while he was making his speech.  EJ couldnít believe that he lost.  He was prepared to make his concession speech, but Nicole informed him that she wasnít finished yet.  EJ informed her that he lost and there isnít much that he could do about it.  Nicole was sure that she could still do something to help him win.  Stefano wondered if Nicole really could do something to help EJ.  She assured him that she had something planned for Abe.  Brady couldnít understand why Victor would want to hire Ian as the CEO.  Ian didnít like what Brady was saying and implied that he was jealous because he was taking his old job as well as his wife back.  Brady tried to hit Ian only to be knocked down when Ian blocked his punch with his walking stick.  Kate was trying to make Stefano feel better about EJ losing the election. She thinks that Nicole could still find a way to fix everything.  Stefano hoped that Nicole could fix it before EJ makes his speech.  Kate shifted gears and asked Stefano if he opened the letter yet.  Stefano didnít want to do it.  He thought that it was best to leave things alone.  When Abe found Lexie, she ripped him to shreds for his lies.  He tried to explain himself, but she wouldnít hear it.  She thought he was no different from her father and her brother.  John, Hope, Marlena, and Bo are at the airport.  John asked Hope if sheís sorry that she opened the envelope.  Sheís sure that Alice was trying to protect her and was ready for her to know the truth.  They found out that there was a problem with their visas. 

Stefano noticed that Kate was distracted and asked her about it.  She was thinking about Ian, but she didnít say anything about it to Stefano.  Brady informed Victor and Maggie that Ian is Madisonís husband.  Victor and Maggie were shocked by the news.  Victor wanted to know why Ian didnít say anything to him about it.  Ian felt betrayed that Madison didnít tell people that they are married.  Victor didnít like that Ian was keeping secrets from him and didnít think he would be the right person for the job anymore.  Ian didnít care and intended to stay in the position.  EJ and Nicole were at the town square and he was preparing to make his speech.  Nicole told him that she would fix things for him.  Jennifer saw them and rubbed in the fact that Abe won the election.  EJ wanted to congratulate Abe and Lexie and wondered where they were.  Abe continued to explain things to Lexie, but it didnít do any good.  She reminded him that she was almost like her family, but he was the reason why she didnít continue to act like them.  She thought Abe was an honest man, but she was wrong.  After she said that, she walked away from Abe.  Later on, EJ ran into Lexie and noticed that she was crying.  He wanted to know what was wrong, but she didnít tell him.  They were talking when Abe walked up on them.  EJ congratulated Abe for having a fair and square campaign.  Nicole also joined them and informed them that the election is not over yet.  The ballots were tampered with and the results are being challenged.  Victor told Ian that he didnít want him to work for him. Ian told him that he signed a contract and he was not leaving the company.  He did leave the mansion though.  Victor wanted to get in touch with his lawyer to see if he can get out of having Ian at the company.  When Kate leaves the mansion, Stefano decides to take out the envelope.  Abe wanted to know what Nicole was talking about.  Nicole said that the ballots have to be recounted.  Jennifer pulled Abe aside and informed him that the votes were tampered with and that they might have been set up.  Nicole told EJ that she promised that would fix things for him.  The visas were cleared and John, Hope, Marlena, and Bo were able to board the plane.  Stefano opened the envelope and read the letter.  He was shocked by what he read.  Roman showed up at the town square with other cops.  They had the guy Jennifer was talking to in cuffs.  EJ wanted to know what was happening.  Roman explained that he is being arrested for voter tampering.  Thereís going to be a recount of the votes.  Lexie saw what was going on and thought that Abe had something to do with the votes being stuffed.  Abe couldnít believe that Lexie would accuse him of that.  Lexie reminded him how he had the questions in advance and gave EJ fakes ones.  Roman was shocked to find out Abe did those things during the debate.  Kate ran into Ian at the town square. They started talking and one thing led to another and they kissed each other.  A man at the airport told John and Hope that their visas were the only ones that cleared to go to Alamania.  Despite Abeís denials to ballot stuffing, Roman had to take him down to the station for questioning.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sam wants to find out who the baby in the DVD Franco left is. The hospital bracelet says baby boy Moore. Jason tells Sam that is him as a baby and wonders where Franco got it. They ask Spinelli to look into it. Spinelli wonders if Franco is still alive. Jason reveals that he shot Franco but did not set the studio on fire. He says Francoís last words were "you'll never know." Sam and Jason tell Spinelli about the pregnancy. Jason has another episode. Carly bothers Robin while she is trying to find a drug regimen for Jason. Matt interrupts her too. He comes into the lab and talks, makes noise, and knocks things over. When his patient cancels, Robin encourages him to go to the benefit. No sooner than Matt is gone, Maxie barges in asking Robin to fix her life for her. Robin asks her what she did.

Dolores asks Johnny to help her find the person that killed her sister. TJ takes a 6-pack from Kelly's and goes to Molly's, followed by a ton of other people that Molly doesn't know for a party. Dante overhears Sonny talking to Max about shutting down Johnny's shipment. Dante surmises that this evening isnít about the benefit at all, but about providing Sonny with an alibi. Carly tells Sonny that Jason is in the hospital. Sonny already knows. She wants to know why sonny didnít tell her. He Jason would have told her if he had wanted her to know. Johnny crashes the benefit, drunk.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Victor and Nikki wake up together after a night of romance. Billy and Victoria go downstairs after a night of lovemaking, and she teases him that she thought she would have breakfast in bed served to her. The camera is on the floor under the coffee table in the living room of the Newman ranch. At the coffeehouse, Anita asks about her earring then calls Chelsea to see where she is. Chelsea interrupts Billy and Victoria with another false labor pain, but Billy doesnít fall for it this time. An orderly helps Jack to a chair right before Ashley brings him his personal effects from Genevieve and some papers from Jabot. In the envelope Jack finds the engagement ring that he gave Genevieve. At a bar, somewhere, Genevieve sits on a stool and tells the bartender how she lost her son and the man she loves. Sharon and Nick spend time together on Hope’s farm in Kansas. Adam becomes annoyed when he drops the tools to fix the electrical panel. Victor shows Nikki some travel brochures to Paris, Milan, etc. Nikki tells Victor that she is going to tell Victoria that he had nothing to do with Anita and Chelsea coming to town. Chelsea lets Victoria feel the baby kick. Adam tells Sharon that he has changed his mind and wants her to leave. Anita joins Billy and Victoria and finds out that the baby moved. Anita tells Chelsea that that baby is a winning lottery ticket which they will cash it in. Billy takes Chelsea to get her prenatal vitamins. Katherine tells Victor that Cane and Lily got remarried in France and Genevieve showed up uninvited.

Jack vows to get up out of that chair and to walk again. Jack gets a call from Genevieve who thinks he deserves better. Sharon absolutely refuses to leave Adam. Jack decides to sue Genevieve for outbidding him. Billy and Chelsea stop for a soda at Crimson Lights. Sharon talks to Faith via webcam and decides to leave. Nikki pays Victoria a visit but encounters Anita instead. Nikki tells Victoria that Victor had nothing to do with Anita and Chelsea coming to town. Billy tries to strike up a deal with Anita for them to leave town, and he will set them up in a home wherever they want to live. Victor makes plans to find Genevieve and get Beauty of Nature back from her. Nikki finds Anita’s earring under the table in the Newman living room.

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