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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie tells Brooke that she tried to have a Happy Valentine’s Day. She and Bill did not discuss Hope and Liam not getting married. Brooke says Hope was so embarrassed at not getting married that she and Liam took off this morning to drive along the coast and just get away. Katie says Hope can not decide what she wants if she is always looking over her shoulder on the run. Katie says maybe she can talk to her since she has had plenty of roadblocks and she and Bill are trying to work it out. Brooke accepts that since she can not say too much without it sounding like she is putting down Steffy. Ridge won’t like that. Ridge invites Steffy into his office and asks how she is. She says she knows she never wants chocolate fondue in her hair again. He says he loves her, he understands her and he knows there will be other men in her life. He just does not want it to be Bill. She assures him it won’t be. Ridge thinks he is waiting on Eric so they can start a meeting. He tells Rick they can only support two designers so one has to go and it isn’t going to be him. Rick says he won’t help Ridge push his father into an early retirement. His suggestion is that Ridge and Eric team together on the couture line and he will work with Steffy on the Intimate line. She nixes it until he says he has worked with people that didn’t like him before. And he has seen her in her underwear before, remember? There shouldn’t be a problem.

Ridge tells Steffy that he knows she thinks it is totally impossible, but she will love again and be happy. He doesn’t want her to turn that down. Rick muses to Katie that he and Steffy were hot and heavy one time, even engaged, and now they will be working closely together, so who knows what could happen. This needs to be their secret and Katie must not tell Brooke. She says she does not think he is crazy. Sometimes it helps to fight fire with fire; she'd like to know how she can. Steffy barges in and tells Rick that as of today, she is his boss and she is putting him on notice. He says he did not think of it that way, but she knows how he works so they need to get down to business.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Lexie and Abe are outside of the pub.  Lexie noticed Jennifer inside talking to a strange man.  Lexie was curious why she was talking to him.  Inside the pub, the guy talking to Jennifer wanted to know if he should go through with guaranteeing that Abe win the election.  Stefano, EJ, Nicole, and Kate were at the DiMera mansion waiting for the results of the election.  Stefano warned EJ and Nicole not to be so sure that Abe wonít win the election.  Stefano implied that Nicole didnít do everything she could to make sure that EJ won the election.  Nicole thought Stefano was referring to the fact that she didnít buy the election for EJ.  Nicole believed that EJ didnít need her to buy the election in order for him to win.  Stefano wasnít so sure about that anymore.  Jennifer wanted to give the guy the green light to rig the election, but Abe didnít want her to do it.  The guy said to let him know if Abe changes his mind, but he has to hurry because the polls were going to be closing soon.  After the guy leaves, Abe walked in the pub and wanted to know the bad news.  Jack and Austin wanted to walk away while Carrie and Abby were talking.  Abby wanted Austin to stay and listen to what she was going to say to Carrie.  Carrie agreed that Austin should stay because he may know that guy that Abby is talking about.  Jennifer told Abe that the guy let her know that he is losing in the polls.  Abe thought that it could change.  Abe talked to Jennifer about regretting his actions just as Lexie showed up.  Abe told Lexie that heís losing in the polls to EJ.  Lexie was sure that the people in Salem do not want EJ and Stefano controlling the town.  She was sure that Abe could still win.  Lexie went to check on Theo. Abe told Jennifer that he wishes he handled things differently.  Jennifer assured Abe that they did everything they could regardless of the outcome of the election.  Jennifer ran into Jack at the town square and they talked about the election as well as what was going on with Abby.  Jack told Jennifer that Abby is still mad at her about the modeling and sheís dealing with heartbreak because of someone she was seeing after Chad. 

Austin sat uncomfortably as Abby talked to Carrie about the guy who broke her heart.  Carrie didnít know that Abby was talking about Austin. Abe and EJ were getting ready to hear the results for the election.  EJ was confident that he was the winner.  Abby continued to tell Carrie about the older guy who broke her heart.  Carrie was convinced that Abby was in love with the guy. Carrie badmouthed the guy not knowing that the person Abby was talking about is Austin.  EJ saw Nicole on the phone and he wanted to know who won the election.  Nicole informed EJ that Abe won the election.  EJ was convinced that there had to be a mistake.  Abby was about to leave, but Carrie wanted Austin to give his opinion on what the guy did to Abby.  Austin tried to give his advice without spilling the beans to Carrie that he is the guy that Abby was talking about.  Stefano read EJ and Nicole the riot act because EJ lost the election.  Kate tried to intervene, but Stefano wouldnít allow it.  He was very upset that EJ felt that he didnít need his help, but he ended up losing the election anyway.  Abe was excited that he won the election.  He wanted to call Theo and tell him the news.  Jack and Jennifer congratulated him and left.  Lexie told Abe that sometimes playing by the rules pays off.  Lexie walked off to call the hospital.  A man comes over to Abe and congratulates him on beating EJ.  The guy told Abe that he was one who gave him the debate questions.  He was sorry that he couldnít give EJ the fake questions, but he was glad that Abe was able to do it on his own.  Lexie showed up just in time to hear this part of their conversation.  She couldnít believe what she heard.  EJ assured Stefano that he will find a way to fix what happened.  Stefano didnít seem too convinced.  EJ walked away.  Kate thought Stefano was being too hard on EJ.  Kate reminded Stefano that the class action suit he had against John could have helped him win the election.  Stefano thought she was defending EJ, but she wasnít doing that.  She just wanted Stefano to remember that EJ is still family regardless of how the election went.  Lexie was extremely upset with Abe for what he did.  Abe tried to explain why he gave EJ the fake questions, but she was livid.  She told him that she talked to Theo about how honest Abe was, but he lied.  Jennifer showed up and told Abe to get ready for his victory speech.  Lexie told him to go make his speech.  She looked very upset with Abe.  Carrie told Abby that the guy was a jerk and that she deserves better.  As Abby was about to leave, she gave Austin a knowing look.  Abe was making his speech and wanted Lexie to come up to the podium with him.  She refused to go up there with him. 

GH Recap Written by Rebecca

Steve forgets that he and Olivia were planning on attending the benefit gala at the Metro Court. Maggie sees them and accidentally bumps into another doctor; she quickly invites him to be her date to the gala. Steve is sure that Maggie is up to something. Johnny orders Anthony to stay out of his life. Anthony asks him what he has on Steve Webber. Johnny ignores him. They argue some more about Johnny’s life, then Anthony leaves. Olivia walks in and sits down to talk to Johnny. He refuses to tell her what’s going on with him. He resists then tells her and she urges him to take care of himself.

Matt is furious that Maxie won’t show any remorse for reporting Elizabeth to Monica. He explains Elizabeth’s reasons for taking the medication and Maxie doesn’t believe him. She believes that Elizabeth did it to just get her hooks into Lucky. They continue to argue about Elizabeth. Ethan and Cassandra spend time together at Wyndemere. Ewen arrives and wants to know what they’re talking about. Ethan tells Ewen about Cassandra’s remembering things.

Robin is worried about Jason leaving the hospital; Patrick assures her that Jason is still there. Robin is determined to find a cure for Jason. Sam grabs the DVD from the penthouse and puts it into the computer. Carly visits Jason and demands to know why he didn’t tell her that he was sick and where his wife is. She blames Sam for not taking care of Jason. He tells Carly to leave Sam alone and that she’s pregnant. Sam arrives and Carly congratulates them. Robin tells Jason to get into bed and tells him what she’s found out about his condition. Jason settles in to watch the DVD as Sam joins him.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

In Provence, France, the bridal party celebrate Cane and Lily’s marriage before going to the reception. Genevieve watches as Jill and Cane hug. Genevieve begins to cry. At Gloworm, Michael and Lauren wish Gloria a Happy Valentine’s Day just as Angelo, Kevin and Angela walk in. Chelsea begins to have labor pains. At the ranch, Anita visits Victor, but he has her escorted from the ranch and orders her not to return. Lauren lets Michael know that Kevin looks miserable. Jeffrey walks in with a box of candy and a single rose. At the hospital, Billy doesn’t accept that Chelsea is in labor. Anita rushes into the room to check on Chelsea’s condition. Anita and Nikki meet just as the nurse brings Chelsea back. Nikki receives a call from Victor instructing her to hurry back to the ranch. Jeffrey tries to talk to Michael about Gloria, but Michael points out that he should have taken the price tag off the candy before giving it to Gloria. Pics are taken of Angela and Kevin. Kevin tells Angela that there is no winning this battle against Angelo. The doctor assures everyone that Chelsea and the baby are fine. Nikki comes home to the ranch to soft music, a special dinner and a special dress that Victor purchased just for her and this celebration. Billy accuses Chelsea of playing them by faking her labor pains. After Billy and Victoria leave, Anita accuses Chelsea of playing Billy and Victoria. Jill tells Neil that Genevieve was at the wedding ceremony. Devon and Neil propose toasts to Cane and Lily.

Michael tries to talk to Kevin about this situation and his marriage to Angela, but Angelo interrupts. Lauren tries to talk to Angela about her hasty marriage to Kevin, but all Angela can do is cry. Jeffrey presents Gloria with the rose and the candy, but she is quite put out that his gift wasn’t more glamorous. Nikki begins to question Victor about his involvement with Anita and Chelsea, but he denies the accusations. Billy and Victoria have their own celebration at Jimmy’s for Valentine’s Day. Angelo surprises Gloria with a diamond necklace. Angela presents Kevin and Angela with the gift of a new home next to his. Angela pours out her heart to Lauren about her feelings for Kevin. Cane and Lily kiss and make love. Kevin vows to accept his marriage to Angela. Anita tells Chelsea what happened between her and Victor and promises that from now on things will go as she said. Genevieve vows to go ahead with her life.

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