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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bathed in chocolate slung at each other, and the annulment papers torn up on the floor, Steffy gloats to Hope “so much for your wedding to Liam today”. And she figures she has six months for the divorce to keep Liam from making a huge mistake with Hope. Hope is sure he will still love her and be committed to her even six months from now. Hope assures Steffy that all her schemes have not worked so why doesn’t she just accept that. It’s beneath her and pathetic. Liam tells Ridge that he can’t stay here; he has to go check on Steffy and Hope. He’s shocked when he sees the aftermath. Katie and Donna chime in that Liam shares some blame in this, but he does seem committed to Hope so Steffy should bow out. Rick just wants to be sure that Liam is the right guy. Brooke tells Ridge that she knows this is hard on him, always coming to Steffy’s defense. He tells her that she is the only Valentine he will ever want. Brooke decides that she will go over to Taylor’s too to see Hope. Liam assures Steffy that this was his decision to marry today, not just Hope’s. But he realizes she holds all the power so Hope needs to accept that too. Six months from now he will feel the same and they can marry. Hope is besides herself that Steffy is holding them hostage and still thinks he will change his mind and go back to her in the end.

Hope tries to persuade Liam that Steffy is still using him and she will use these six months to try to seduce him. Steffy tells him that Hope is on borrowed time, but six months from now if Liam still wants her, she will sign the divorce papers and say goodbye. Brooke walks in and is aghast. Steffy has a few choice words for her and then she and Hope leave. Hope tells Brooke that she hates this power that Steffy has over them. Brooke says six months will go by very fast; look at every thing she has been through already. Brooke tells Rick there is nothing that Steffy can do in the meantime to change Liam’s feelings. The divorce papers are delivered to Steffy while Liam is still there. He looks at all the photos and she reminds him of the good times. He’s sympathetic (way too much), but signs the papers and Steffy says she still loves him but reluctantly signs the papers too.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Sami asked Carrie if she has feelings for Rafe.  Sami felt that she and Austin deserved to know the truth.  Carrie thought about kissing Rafe.  Kayla was at the pub with Samiís kids.  Rafe walked in the pub and the kids rushed to him.  The kids let Rafe know that they missed him and wondered when he was coming home.  Kate was at her office on the phone when Ian walked in her office.  She was surprised to see Ian.  Madison showed up at the mansion to talk to Brady about Ian.  She wanted to explain things.  He didnít want to hear what she had to say.  Kate intimated that she and Ian had a relationship.  She wondered why he was in Salem and mentioned how he walked away from her without an explanation.  She wanted to know what he wanted.  Rafe talked to Kayla about kissing Carrie and how Sami walked in on them.  Carrie told Sami and Austin that she wasnít in love with Rafe.  Sami didnít believe her.  Sami thought that Carrie hadnít changed and that sheís still the same selfish b*tch sheís always been.  Carrie tried to reach out to Sami, but it didnít do any good.  Sami stormed out of the hotel room.  Austin apologized Carrie because Sami ruined Valentineís Day for them.  Carrie suggested that they go out to celebrate it.  Rafe continued to discuss his problems with Sami to Carrie.  Kayla noticed something between Rafe and Carrie, when she taught them how to dance.  Kayla asked Rafe if he was sure nothing was going on between them.  Madison continued to reach out to Brady and explain why she didnít tell him the truth, but Brady was too angry to listen to her.  He insisted that she should have said something to him before he fell in love with her.  Madison told Brady that she loves him more than anybody including Ian.  Madison told Brady that she owes Ian her life. 

Rafe told Kayla that he loves Sami and not Carrie. He told Kayla that he intends to fix his marriage with Sami.  Sami walked in the pub looking for her kids.  Rafe wanted to wish Sami a happy Valentineís Day.  While Ian was strolling down memory lane with Kate, he nearly kissed her.  Rafe tried to talk to Sami about making things right with her.  Rafe wanted to know what he could do to make it right.  She told him to stop kissing her sister.  He apologized again.  Sami explained to him that she mostly blamed Carrie for what happened and how she went to Carrie and talked to her about it.  Rafe made the mistake of defending Carrie and Sami went off.  Sami wanted to know if Rafe had feelings for Carrie.  Rafe didnít give her an answer, but that was all the answer Sami needed.  Ian was surprised that Kate wouldnít let him kiss her.  She informed him that she was a devoted wife to Stefano DiMera.  He was shocked that she would marry someone like him.  He found it hard to believe that Stefano could satisfy her.  She tried to slap Ian, but he grabbed her hand and kissed it.  Sami told Rafe that she couldnít get past the fact that he kissed Carrie. She reminded Rafe that Carrie stole Austin and now sheís trying to steal him.  Sami thought he was defending Carrie again.  Madison continued to plead her case with Brady, but he told her that lying is second nature to her and to go be with her husband.  Sami wished that Rafe kissed a woman that she didnít know.  She doesnít like how he has inappropriate feelings for Carrie.  She started to leave, but he grabbed her.  When Madison couldnít get through to Brady, she left.  Rafe told Sami that he married her for better or for worse.  He insisted that it wasnít over for them until they both say itís over.  He informed her that she is his everything and he kissed her.  Sami kissed him back and then he walked away. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Anna visits Robin for Valentineís Day. She and Emma spend the day together. Jason has a memory. He tells Sam about the package. Robin gets Jasonís test results and tells him she wants to try drug therapy to reduce the swelling of his brain tissue. Jason asks Patrick to be honest with him about what he is facing. Patrick says he thinks the anger Jason has against Franco is killing him. Jason makes Sam promise not to watch the DVD alone. Sam finds the package under the sofa.   

Molly finds a method to help TJ with his reading. She tells him that her mother is going to the benefit at the Metro Court. Without Mollyís knowledge, TJ broadcasts on MyFace that there will be a party at Mollyís house. Dante takes flowers and candy to Lulu at her new job as a file clerk in the evidence room. Lulu is allergic to the dust in the evidence room. Her allergy gives Dante an idea about the dancer case. Dante doesnít want to play nice with Sonny at the pulmonary research benefit but Lulu encourages him to try. Carly is annoyed that Kate started decorating without her. The two of them continuously snipe at each other. Carly tells Sonny that Michael enrolled in PCU. Sonny hopes she didnít have to sleep with Johnny to accomplish it. Both Carly and Kate wonder why Sonny cares if she did. Carly rubs in Kateís face that she is not a parent. Maxie tells Spinelli that Matt dumped her. Spinelli invites her to the hospital benefit. Elizabeth is suspended at work because Maxie told Monica about her helping Lucky with his drug case last summer. Matt wants to step in but Elizabeth doesnít want him to. Matt confronts Maxie.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Cane and Lily and their immediate family are in Provence, France to prepare for their wedding. Genevieve arrives in France and begins her ride to Provence. At the Chancellor mansion, Chloe reminds Katherine that she had planned this expensive wedding for Cane and Lily and their family in France, but she will be unable to attend. Murphy and Esther walk into the parlor along with Delia, who is excited over her birthday party. At the Abbott home, Billy and Victoria discuss the present that they purchased for Delia when Chelsea sneaks in and listens to them for a second. Victoria spies her and asks her what she wants. Chelsea lets her know that she and her mom are going to make cookies and need a cookie sheet. Nikki prepares a gift for Delia when Victor walks in and they kiss. Nikki lets Victor know that she is going to Delia’s birthday party, but he is not invited. Victor thinks that is unacceptable. Nikki begs Victor not to go to the party. Chelsea’s mom walks in looking for her. Victoria offers to let Chelsea and her mom use the kitchen while they go to Delia’s birthday party. Chelsea’s mom orders her to stop looking at Billy with love in her eyes because he will never love her. In France, Jill tries her best to provoke Harmony into an argument just because she is taking pics of the scenery. Cane and Lily talk to a priest before their wedding ceremony. Everyone begins to arrive for Delia’s birthday party. At the party, Billy tells Delia of the night that she was born. Lily asks Neil to walk her down the aisle. Jill and Cane spend quality time together before the wedding. Victor and Michael discuss Genevieve and how he can gain the upper hand on her and regain control over Beauty of Nature. Victor finds out that Genevieve left the country. On the phone, Genevieve schemes to get the address of the place where Cane and Lily will be wed.

Everyone enjoys the birthday party for Delia. Neil walks Lily down the aisle. Victor finds out from Michael that Genevieve booked a flight to France. Victor wonders who Genevieve knows in France. Lily and Cane exchange beautiful wedding vows. Genevieve arrives and witnesses the ceremony. Jill looks up and sees Genevieve. At Crimson Lights, Billy lets Nikki know how upset that he is that Victor had given Delia a saddle and a pony. Billy and Victoria begin to believe that Victor is involved with Chelsea and her Mother. Nikki cannot believe this on Victor. At home, Chloe surprises Delia with an invitation to go to a gingerbread house. Chelsea’s Mom orders Chelsea to keep her mind on their objective. Chelsea’s Mom visits Victor. Chelsea begins to have labor pains. Cane and Lily are married.

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