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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

All eyes are on Ridge as Hope descends the stairs. Taylor asks Steffy if she signed the annulment papers while Ridge was just there. She just hopes he didn’t talk her into something she didn’t want to do. Ridge asks everyone to leave as he tells Hope and Liam that something is wrong – Steffy did not sign the papers. Hope is devastated. Steffy has to sign; they are getting married today. Liam admits that he knew, but both he and Brooke were hopeful that Ridge could convince Steffy to sign in time. Hope says papers or no papers, she is going to have her wedding today. Steffy will not spoil this day. She will not wait six months to be Liam's wife. She will go speak with Steffy herself. No one can stop her so Ridge says let her go and get this out of her system.

A huge box of chocolates complete with a fountain and strawberries is delivered to Taylor for Valentines. She and Steffy dive in to drown their sorrows. Taylor thinks she had better leave and go thank Thorne. Ridge tells Liam that he knows he is still in love with Steffy as he can hear it in his voice. And Steffy will not accept that he doesn’t love her any more, so maybe this little wait is a good thing and time for Liam to reflect on things. Hope walks into Taylor’s house and confronts Steffy. She demands that Steffy sign the papers and Steffy says no. One things leads to another and soon there is a huge chocolate fight with Hope yelling at Steffy to sign the damn papers and Steffy ranting that she won’t and she tears them up.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Abe, Lexie, and Jennifer were at the Horton house.  Abe gave Lexie earrings for Valentineís Day.  Lexie talked to Jennifer about whether she and Jack will celebrate Valentineís Day together.  Jennifer told her that she and Jack arenít celebrating it.  Lexie left the room to get some coffee.  Jennifer told Abe that she talked to the man in charge of tallying the votes and he told her that the votes could be adjusted to guarantee that Abe wins the election.  Jennifer wanted to know if Abe wanted her to go through with it.  Sami saw Carrie and smacked her in the face.  Sami assumed that Rafe was under Carrieís bed.  Carrie denied the accusation, but Sami didnít believe her.  Sami wanted to call Carrie out for being a home wrecker.  John and Marlena talked about what Stefano did to them.  Marlena believed that Stefano is trying to break them up, but John refused to let him do it.  Jennifer and Abe continued to talk about the guy that wants to fix the election.  Abe wasnít sure why he wanted to fix it for him.  Jennifer let Abe know that the guy doesnít want EJ to win.  Lexie walked in on the middle of their conversation, but Jennifer was able to cover what Lexie heard.  Jennifer lied to Lexie and told her that Abe couldnít decide what tie to wear for the election.  As they left the Horton house, Jennifer was determined to make sure that EJ lost the election.  EJ and Nicole were at the town square and he was talking to voters.  Nicole saw Will at the town square and wanted to know if he took care of everything.  Will assured her that he took care of what needed to be done for EJ.  John assured Marlena that they will go to Alamania and he will get divorced and everything will be okay.  Abby ran into Austin outside of the pub and she wanted to talk to him.  Sami continued to yell at Carrie for kissing Rafe.  Carrie continued to apologize to Sami, but she didnít want to hear it.  Austin apologized to Abby.  Abby told Austin that she saw him kissing Carrie.  He told Abby that he and Carrie are trying to fix things.  He didnít mean to upset her since she was there for him.  Abby told him that she wasnít upset because it was the most wonderful night of her life.  Carrie and Sami continued to argue about what happened with Rafe.  Sami was convinced that Carrie intended to be with Rafe because heís the one she loves.  Carrie insisted that it wasnít true, but if Sami wanted to go there, she was prepared to find out who the real b*tch is. 

Marlena wanted John to resolve his feelings for Hope.  She mentioned to John that Stefano made him fall in love with Hope.  Abe and EJ met up at the town square.  They had a little argument over who would win the election.  EJ received a text from Will.  EJ met with Will and Will told him that he told Sami that he saw them having sex.  EJ wanted to know why Will confronted Sami with the truth.  Austin tried to let Abby down easy.  He told her that she was important to him and he wasnít trying to make excuses for what happened.  Abby reminded him that they ďmade loveĒ.  He told her that he had too much to drink and didnít want to hurt her.  She thought that Austin was saying that she was just there and thatís it.  He didnít want to lead her on.  Abby told him that she just wanted to make him happy.  EJ was upset with Will for telling Sami what he saw.  Will tried to apologize, but EJ didnít care.  He didnít want Nicole to find out about it.  Will assured EJ that Sami doesnít want their affair to come out.  EJ wasnít so sure if he could trust Will.  Carrie finally got the upper hand in her argument with Sami.  Carrie reminded Sami about all of the bad things that sheís done to her and Austin.  Sami couldnít defend herself while Carrie was taking her down memory lane.  Abby was upset that Austin wanted to stay with Carrie.  Austin continued to try to let her down easy, but it didnít work.  Abby ended up running off.  Abe told Jennifer that he didnít want the man to fix the votes so that he could win the election.  He didnít want to be like EJ.  Austin walked in on Carrie and Sami while they were arguing.  John continued to assure Marlena that he loves her.  Marlena didnít want to underestimate Stefano because he plans things for years and his victims donít catch on until itís too late.  Austin wanted to know why Sami was at their hotel room.  Sami told Austin why she was there.  Austin told Sami that he and Carrie are going to work on their marriage.  Sami was shocked by Austinís news.  Austin wanted Sami to leave, but she refused to go.  Sami wanted Carrie to tell her to her face if sheís in love with Rafe.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sonny startles Kate when she goes into her office.  He tells her that he is willing to call off his men that are tracking Jax. He tells her he wonít give up on her. She is afraid she is falling in love with him. She says that would be a problem because the past has a way of getting in the way. He promises her that he will do his best to keep her safe but encourages her to stop running from her demons.  Kate keeps getting hang-up calls and finally asks the person how they got her number.

Patrick invites Mac to a family dinner on Sunday and asks him to make sure Maxie comes.  Sam finds Jason unconscious at the penthouse and takes him to the hospital.  He doesnít remember what he was doing before he passed out. Sam plays the what-if game again. Jason tells her not to stress herself out. Patrick tells Jason that his condition is getting worse and is inoperable.

Maxie tries to get Elizabeth in trouble with Monica by telling her that Elizabeth stole drugs. Monica suspects Maxieís motives. Ewen asks Elizabeth to be his date to the Pulmonary Research Wing benefit. Matt also asks her to be his date. She reminds him that he is with Maxie and he tells her about the break-up.  Elizabeth apologizes for playing any part in the breakup. She asks him if he asked her out to spite Maxie. He says he wants to date her. She wants to stay friends.  Matt thinks something about Ewen isnít right. Michael waits for an academic counselor to meet him at Kellyís. When he canít wait any longer he asks Shawn to deliver a message if the person shows up, only to discover that Shawn is the academic counselor.  Shawn and Ewen talk about their social lives. Shawn says he may have missed his opportunity with Carly. Ewen encourages him not to give up. Shawn calls Carly leaves a message asking her to the pulmonary research benefit. Carly and Johnny get hot and heavy.  Carly halts the action because she doesnít want to be a reason for a war between Sonny and Johnny. Johnny can tell that she is starting to care about him. Michael shows up at Johnnyís door while Carly is there.  Carly hides. Michael thanks Johnny for treating him as an adult when he asked him for a job. Carly is pleased to hear Michael telling Johnny that he is going to college. Carly appreciates that Johnny was able to have Michael see reason when no one else could get through to him.  

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Adam struggles to deal with his blindness on his mother’s farm. He tells Sharon that he tried so hard to get away from there, because he never felt like he belonged but now he is stuck there because he has no where else to go. Adam tells Sharon to leave because she must take care of Faith and he deserves to be alone. Sharon refuses to leave the farm but does leave Adam alone to think. Devon invites Harmony to go to Cane and Lily’s wedding with him and she gladly accepts his invitation. Katherine surprises Cane and Lily by announcing that she has made all the arrangements so that they can get married in Provence, France. They and all their wedding guests can fly on her private jet. Katherine wishes Cane and Lily the best and tells them she can’t go but will be there in spirit. Lily asks Traci and Abby to be her maid and matron of honor in Colleen’s place. Traci appreciates the gesture and wishes she could go, but she doesn’t want to leave Jack right now. Billy and Victoria also tell Cane and Lily they can’t go because it isn’t a good time for them to leave town.

Neil turns down Genevieve’s offer to help her run Beauty of Nature because he doesn’t have a good feeling about working with her. Victor asks Genevieve to reconsider his offer to have him run the company under Newman Enterprises, but she tells him she will do just fine on her own. Kevin tells Chloe what happened with Angelina and she understands. They are about to talk about why he married Angelina but Delia interrupts them. Angelina tells Angelo that maybe she married Kevin too quickly because he hasn’t had time to get over Chloe. Angelo assumes Kevin is cheating on Angelina with Chloe so he calls Kevin and tells him that if he doesn’t honor his marriage vows, he will send Chloe to a deserted island like he did Jeffrey. Kevin once again lies to Chloe in order to protect her and tells her that he married Angelina because he was mad about the picture he saw of her kissing Daniel. Kevin also tells Chloe that Angelina is sweet and fun to be around so Chloe tells him to have a nice life. Genevieve remembers that Neil told her that the wedding was going to be in Provence, France, so she books a first class ticket on the first available flight.

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