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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope is giddy with delight that today is her wedding day. She tells Brooke that none of this could have happened without her setting it all up. Ridge reminds Brooke that Steffy hasn’t signed the papers yet. Brooke knows that, but assumes Ridge is going to talk Steffy into it. Brooke insists that Steffy has to sign them as Liam and Hope are getting married today, no postponement. Hope is flanked by Donna and Katie when Rick joins and wants to give her some advice. Liam comes and tells Brooke they sure are cutting this close since Steffy has not signed the papers yet. Maybe they should tell Hope. She assures him that Ridge will make sure this works out. She wants that for her daughter, a day she will never forget. While looking at the papers, Steffy is greeted by Ridge walking in. She agrees that it was a complicated situation and she didn’t handle all of it well. She practically pushed Liam away. She says Hope is a sweet girl, but he needs Steffy. If Liam wants to be with Hope, she won’t stand in the way, but that does not mean an annulment. Hope tells Liam that she doesn’t believe in superstitions so it won’t hurt that he sees her before the wedding. Liam tells Brooke that if Ridge doesn’t come through that Hope is going to be devastated. Ridge explains to Steffy that Hope is getting married today. She does not know yet about the papers. She’s waiting right now in their living room, thinking she is going to be married today. If not, it will be a huge crushing blow to both Hope and Liam. Steffy says she would be lying if she signed those papers. Their marriage wasn’t a lie and she won’t demean that by saying it never happened. Ridge tells her that he doesn’t want her to just be hanging around for Liam; she deserves more. She shouldn’t waste her time just waiting for something that may never happen. She cries that she is not sure she will ever love anyone else again. Hope is walking down the stairs toward her wedding with the minister, Liam and Brooke all in sync when Ridge walks through the door and all eyes are on him. He doesn’t answer when Brooke asks if he managed to get the papers signed.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Carrie and Austin were kissing at the town square.  Abby saw them together and ran off.  Abby ran into Melanie after she saw Carrie and Austin together.  Will continued to tell Rafe that Sami has messed up too.  Rafe wanted to know what Will knew about Sami.  Bo asked Roman for time off so he could go with John and Hope to Alamania so they could get their divorce.  Bo explained to Roman about John and Hopeís situation.  Brady demanded to know who Ian was.  Ian wanted to know who he was too. Madison didnít say anything.  Ian said that he wouldnít lie about something like that.  Brady demanded to know if they were really married.  Will questioned why Rafe thought he knew about Samiís secret.  Rafe saw the way he looked at Sami at the loft.  Will didnít think Sami had the right to kick him out.  Ian wanted to know who Brady was and Brady and Madison exchanged looks.  Will explained to Rafe that Sami blamed Carrie for everything but Sami was the one who stole men from Carrie.  Rafe told Will that Sami as well as her kids are the best things that happened to him.  Will told Rafe that he was the best thing that happened to Sami.  Rafe promised that he will do everything he can to fix things with Sami.

Abby admitted to Melanie that she had sex with her mystery guy.  Abby finally admitted to Melanie that she was ďwithĒ Austin.  Melanie was surprised that Austin was the guy that Abby loves.  Brady wanted to know if Ian had something on Madison because she was just sitting there not saying anything.  She remained silent.  Ian wanted to know who Brady was and questioned whether Madison betrayed him.  Rafe continued to tell Will that he let Sami down.  Will didnít want to hear him talking like that.  Rafe showed up at the police station and talked to Bo.  Bo and Rafe talked about how Rafe wasnít working with Carrie anymore.  Bo wanted to know what happened between them.  Rafe told Bo about kissing Carrie, but Roman overheard them.  Roman was upset that Rafe kissed Carrie.  Roman reminded Rafe that Carrie and Sami had a bad relationship and they were finally working things out until now.  Rafe apologized again and promised to make things right with Sami.  Brady told Ian that this situation is between him and Madison and warned him to butt out of it.  Brady asked Madison directly if she and Ian were married.  Madison wanted to explain herself.  Brady wanted to know if itís true that she and Ian are married.  Before Madison could explain, Brady walked out of the room.  Madison wanted to explain things to Brady, but he wouldnít come back there.  Madison was about to go after Brady, but Ian stopped her and told her that she wasnít going anywhere.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Molly is nervous when she sees her mother using her laptop to check emails. Alexis invites Molly to be her date to Sonny's event. Alexis encourages Molly to get interested in more diverse activities. Molly discovers that he fictional MyFace persona, Desdemona, has 10 friend requests already. She "likes" a dance group's page. Molly is beyond excited when Sam lets slip that she is pregnant. Jason has a dizzy spell. Sam wants to keep the pregnancy a secret for a little while. Monica checks on Jason. He tells her he is fine and she doesnít need to worry. She sees one of Sam's baby catalogs and concludes that Sam must be pregnant. Jason tells her that he wants her and Edward to be in this baby's life. Jason finds a mysterious gift on the patio and then collapses on the floor.

Matt doesnít want o fight with Maxie anymore, but Maxie keeps harping about what a man-stealer Elizabeth is. Matt tells her that at least Elizabeth listens when other people talk. Matt breaks up with her. Cameron is full of attitude with Elizabeth. Dr Keenan says Cam is testing her to see how much he can get away with now that she is the only parent. She tells him that between Jake's death and Lucky leaving, Cam is hurt, angry, and wonít talk to anyone. He tells her that she must realize that she can't keep expecting Lucky to swoop in and solve her problems for her. She agrees to try to stop living in the past and try to have some fun. He invites her to be his date to the pulmonary wing benefit.

Padilla agrees with Lulu that is doesn't matter that Sonny is trying to win his way into Dante's life if he is using the money for a good cause. Dante is shocked to hear that Padilla didnít tell her husband about being attacked. Padilla says she sometimes wishes she had Sonny's disregard for following rules. She calls Johnny to accept his offer to help her find what she is looking for. Carly forces Johnny to eat and tries to convince him to let go of his anger. They get closer.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Adam and Sharon prepare to leave the hospital. Sharon calls Nick and tells him that she needs to talk to him. Jack talks to a nurse and tells her to get a message to Adam to come and see him. Cane, Lily, Katherine and Devon prepare for Cane and Lily’s wedding. Daniel and Chloe prepare to go out on a date, but they have to decide where to go. Gloria walks up to the bar at Gloworm and asks Jeffrey why he is still here. Angelo, on the cell phone, tells everyone that he has news for them that they will not believe. Angelina assures Kevin that everything will be fine as long as they marry in front of one of Angelo’s henchmen. Michael lets Lauren and Eden know that Kevin is marrying Angelina. Kevin and Angelina marry. Katherine tells Devon, Cane and Lily that Kevin is marrying Angelina. Sharon tells Nick that she is going to Kansas with Adam and asks him if she can take Faith with her. Nick refuses. Adam and Jack discuss patty and all the hurt that she had caused and blames all the hurt on Victor. Nikki comes home to the ranch. Daniel tells Chloe that Kevin is marrying Angelina. A celebration is planned for the happy couple, Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Fisher. Kevin confronts Jeffrey about leaving them on the island. Nikki wants to see Jack. Jack and Adam mend fences and vow revenge on Victor for all this trouble. Jack and Adam each wish each other good luck. Jeffrey still pretends he has amnesia to Michael and Lauren. Jeffrey asks Gloria how long they've known each other.

Eden apologizes to Kevin for sending him the pic of Chloe and Daniel. Angelo interrupts. Kevin confronts Angelo about leaving Jeffrey on the island. Angelo tells him that this is not a good time to discuss it and probably never will be. Devon shows Angelina her new CD that was just released, but Angelina hates it when it turns to rap. Angelina fires Devon for destroying her CD with rap music. Kevin defends Devon and his actions concerning the CD. Devon refuses to let Angelina ruin his career and plans to release the CD as is. Daniel and Chloe watch as Kevin and Angelina celebrate their recent marriage. Nikki visits Jack and tells him that she moved back to the ranch. Nick tells Victor that Sharon went to Kansas with Adam. Nick asks Victor how he feels about Nikki visiting Jack. Angelo welcomes Kevin to the family. Angelina proposes a toast to Kevin. Chloe watches. Kevin sets his glass on the counter and sees Chloe in the crowd. Chloe walks up to Kevin and before he can explain, slaps him across the face. Everyone in the crowd is stunned. Nick tells Victor that he is coming back to work for Newman. Sharon and Adam return to the farm in Kansas. Adam blames Victor for his blindness. Sharon tells Adam that it was Victor’s idea that they come to the farm.

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