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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy tells Liam that she can not sign those annulment papers. They had problems in their marriage, but she will not pretend it wasn’t real, To her it still is. She reminds him that if he thinks he and Hope can just pick up where they left off before, that wasn’t a great spot. So she will agree to a divorce, but will not expedite their split with a quick annulment. Final answer. Ridge is not sure about the press conference that Hope called to make her announcement. He hopes when the press asks about Steffy that Hope says no comment. He just wishes she wouldn’t rush into this. Taylor drops in on Steffy as she doesn’t want to see her torture herself. Steffy assures her that nothing has changed. It’s still all about Hope’s rules and her image so she is not giving up on Liam. He will come back to her. Hope tells the press that she and Liam are a couple again. She tells the public not to give up on their ideals. She is still keeping hers intact, but that won’t be for long as she and Liam are getting married tomorrow. Oopsy, Liam hasn’t had a chance to tell her yet that there will be no annulment so no wedding tomorrow. The press bombards them with questions, but Liam tells them he and Steffy ended their marriage on good terms, no more comments. Brooke senses something is wrong and she confronts Liam. He admits there will be no annulment. Brooke is furious at all these games and vows to go give Steffy her two cents worth. When she rants at Steffy, Brooke is told that Steffy will not negate her marriage just to speed up Hope’s. Too damn bad….Hope won’t get her way this time.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Austin was at the town square and noticed that he received a text from Abby. He didnít know what he was going to do.  Madison arrived home and saw a man in her room.  Madison wanted to know why Ian was in Salem.  Will was at the loft packing up his things.  Sami tried to talk him out of leaving, but he wouldnít hear it.  She told Will that she didnít want him to pretend as if she didnít exist.  That is exactly what Will intends to do.  While they were going back and forth, Rafe arrived at the loft.  Carrie arrived at John and Marlenaís townhouse, but she didnít have good news for John, Marlena, Bo and Hope.  Carrie informed John and Hope that they canít legally get their marriage annulled.  Abby met Melanie at the pub and they started talking about Chad.  Abby finally believes that nothing happened between Melanie and Chad.  Abby apologized for being so unfair about Melanieís relationship with Chad.  Sami wanted to know why Rafe was at the loft.  He forgot his cellphone charger and thought it would be okay to get it.  Will wanted to know why Rafe needed permission to be at the loft.  Rafe questioned whether Sami told the kids what happened.  Sami informed Rafe that she didnít get a chance to talk to them.  Rafe told Will that he and Sami were going through a rough patch and he decided to move out.  Will jumped to the conclusion that Sami told Rafe about EJ.  Rafe was shocked by that and wanted to know what happened with EJ.  Ian wanted to know what was up with Madison.  She informed him that he already knows everything that is going on in her life.  They started talking about how she didnít take the job as CEO at Titan.  She didnít like that she couldnít take the job.  Ian warned her to do what he says and everything will be fine.  Carrie explained to John and company that he and Hope canít get an annulment because their marriage was consummated.  Bo thought they could lie and say that nothing happened between them.  Carrie reminded them that John and Hope thought that Zack was their son.  Marlena thought Stefano would jump on the first plane and tell the judge that John and Hope were together.  Carrie told John and Hope that they have to get a divorce.  Sami was able to cover by telling Rafe that Will is moving into an apartment that EJ is paying for.  Will confirmed what Sami said, but he let Rafe know that Sami left out some crucial information.  Carrie told John and Hope that because of the laws in Alamania they will have to fly there to get their divorce.  They will have to stay there a minimum of two weeks while the judge reviews their case.  Will didnít like how Sami tried to make him look like the bad guy.  Will and Rafe began talking about him working for EJ.  Will is happy to get away from Sami, but he wanted to know why Rafe was leaving when he liked living at the apartment.  Rafe told Will that he hurt Sami and he wanted to give her space.  Will couldnít believe that Rafe was leaving after everything Sami has done.  Will thought that Sami was unbelievable. 

Marlena wanted to know if there was any other way they could fix their problem without John and Hope going to Alamania.  Carrie informed them that there is no other way around it.  Bo suggested that they forget what they know.  Carrie warned them that there could be complications that are not worth the risk of ignoring the marriage.  Rafe continued to blame himself for what happened between him and Sami.  Will couldnít believe what he was hearing.  Sami wanted to talk to Will alone.  Rafe left the room and allowed them to talk.  Will couldnít believe that Sami was kicking Rafe out when she did worse.  Sami told him what she saw between Rafe and Carrie.  Will didnít care.  He still thought what she did was worse.  She tried to make excuses for what she did by saying that something was going on between Rafe and Carrie, but Will didnít care to hear her excuses.  Rafe wanted to make sure that everything was okay between them.  Marlena and Carrie talked about Carrieís marriage as well as her feelings for Rafe.  Carrie told Marlena that she and Austin are going to work through their problems and that she and Rafe arenít working together anymore.  Bo overheard them talking and thought it was a shame that they werenít working together anymore.  He thought they made a great team.  Ian wanted to know about her relationship with Brady.  She said that heís a business associate.  Ian wanted to know why she was so dressed up for a business associate.  She said that she wouldnít lie to him.  Ian hoped that Madison wouldnít make the mistake of lying to him.  Sami told Rafe that everything was fine with Will.  Will said that everything is not fine and that he couldnít believe that Sami is treating him like that.  Rafe continued to tell Will that he hurt Sami and will do everything he can to make things right again.  Rafe left the loft.  Will yelled at Sami again for treating Rafe like dirt when she did worse.  He took his box and left the loft too.  Carrie met Austin and the town square.  They talked about John and Marlenaís situation as well as their marriage.  They talked about working on their marriage.  Abby saw them together when they kissed.  Ian demanded to know who the man is that Madison talks to, but she wouldnít tell him.  Brady arrived at the hotel to see Madison.  Sami saw Rafeís letter and read it. Will saw Rafe at the pub.  Will apologized to Rafe for Sami kicking him out.  Rafe believed he deserved it.  Will told him he didnít deserve it especially after everything heís done.  Rafe wanted to know why he kept saying that.  Rafe wanted to know what Will knows.  John, Marlena, Bo, and Hope decided to go to Alamania and get the divorce.  Brady wanted to know what was going on in Madisonís hotel room.  He wanted to know who the man was that was in her room.  Madison dropped the bomb and told Brady that Ian is her husband.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Patrick takes Robin to the lot he bought to build their house on. Jason wonders why Sam keeps thinking about whether he could have raised the baby if it had been Francoís child. She gets morning sickness. Jason dotes on her. Jason has another spell. Someone leaves a gift on their patio. Spinelli plans a snowboarding trip with Maxie for part two of their plan to make Matt jealous. Maxie wants to scrap the plan because she realizes Elizabeth already has her hooks in matt. She tells him that Elizabeth is not using Ewen to get Mattís attention. Spinelli suggests the possibility that Ewen and Elizabeth really are interested in each other. Matt gets annoyed listening to Elizabeth and Ewen talking about art and their outing to a gallery. He tells Elizabeth the whole conversation was a transparent come-on. Elizabeth wonders if Matt is jealous. Maxie goes to see Ewen and suggests that he and Elizabeth explore their attraction. She says she thinks he will be good for Elizabeth because he will see through her ďwoe is meĒ garbage. He says he thinks he can help her, hands her a business card, and tells her to make an appointment. Matt overhears Maxieís conversation with Ewen and tells her that he canít do this anymore. Elizabeth asks Ewen out again, but he doesnít give her an answer.

Carly runs to Sonny to tell him about Kateís half ownership in the Metro Court, but Kate arrives before she has the chance and tells him herself. He thinks she is lying about randomly running into Jax at the airport. She asks him what he would have done to Jax if she had told him at the time. She tells him not to dare use her as an excuse to get back at Jax for Brenda leaving him. She goes home, has a minor tantrum, unlocks a wardrobe and takes out her bloody wedding dress from her previous attempt to marry Sonny when she was shot at the alter. With a crazed look in her eyes, she lets her hair down and applied bright red lipstick while ignoring Sonnyís call.

Carly stops Johnny from threatening to throw Anthony into the icy harbor. Johnny sees the unsigned divorce papers that Carly drops. Spinelli tells Anthony that he can call off his guard that has been protecting Maxie because Maxie has a new roommate Ė him. Anthony says he likes Maxie and that the guard will continue protecting her. Spinelli wonders what Maxie did to garner such warmth from Anthony, but Anthony tells him he should focus on something useful.  

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Victor is disappointed when Genevieve tells him that she will never sell Beauty of Nature back to him and is further disappointed when Michael insists the sale can’t be overturned. Victor tells Michael that he will have to find another way to persuade Genevieve to sell the company back to him. Devon encourages Neil to go back to work for Katherine and not let his situation with her affect his long relationship. Neil advises Devon to take his relationship with Katherine Tucker and Harmony slowly and that his heart will tell him the right time to get closer to them. Gloria makes flyers and T-shirts and plans to go on TV to find Kevin. Michael hires a private investigator from Chicago to find Kevin while Katherine hires Paul and wants him to work with the other P.I.

Katherine goes to Devon to ask him if Angelina knows where Kevin is and Devon tells her he thinks they are together. Devon is touched by Katherine’s love for Kevin and helps her make a radio plea to put on stations offering a reward to find Kevin. Katherine is touched by Devon’s help and gives him a heartfelt thank you. Genevieve tells Neil that Victor helped her realize that she doesn’t know how to run an international company. Genevieve offers Neil the job of chief operating officer of Beauty of Nature with a generous salary, starting immediately. Jill takes Jeffrey out of the hospital and to Gloria hoping that he will remember her. Gloria slaps Jeffrey but he is unable to remember her. He does remember passionate times with Jill and a few memories of Angelo. Gloria thinks Jeffrey is faking the amnesia but is even more hurt when she realizes he really can’t remember her. Chloe agrees to a date with Daniel to forget about Kevin and Angelina. Kevin and Angelina are disappointed when they realize that they have been floating on the raft for three days only to end up at the cottage. Dino finds Angelina and Kevin and aims his gun to kill Kevin, just as Angelo ordered, until Angelina shouts into Dino’s phone so her dad can hear that Dino can’t kill Kevin because he proposed and they are getting married today.

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