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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick drops in on Liam at his office. Liam guesses that Rick just wants to be sure Liam is going to do right by his sister. Rick says he wants to be sure things are really over between him and Steffy before he truly goes back to Hope. Annulment is a big step. Liam says he is doing this for Steffy as well. He wants all of this to end as soon as possible so she can get on with her life. They shake hands. Brooke and Taylor are in the middle of it when Ridge returns. They know Liam is signing the papers, but both Ridge and Taylor believe he is still in love with Steffy. Brooke tells Ridge that she feels sorry for him considering how he feels about Steffy, but all of this is for the best. Taylor will not agree to convince her daughter to leave the man she loves. Hope asks Steffy why she would want to drag this out. She knows she is still in love with Liam, but she and Liam are meant to be together. So it’s only a matter of time until Steffy signs the papers and makes it official. Then they will be married. Hope says that she admires how well Steffy is taking this so far.

Liam comes into Steffy’s office, takes one look at the papers still unsigned and Steffy tells him that she is not signing. Liam says he is sorry; he should have warned her. He notices her ring and she explains that she is not taking that off either. She knows all of this rushed marriage is Hope’s idea. She says that she is not ashamed of their marriage and does not regret it, so she does not believe in annulment that says it never was. There is a S stamped on his heart and he doesn’t even know it. She knows he still loves her, so that is what makes it so hard. She is letting him go for now, but don’t ask her to pretend that she was never his wife. Hope tells the group that she is sorry Steffy is hurting, but she is not going to apologize for being so happy. Taylor thinks Hope needs to give everyone, especially Liam, time to heal and wait a little while. Hope states that she can not do that; they are going to be married tomorrow just as soon as Steffy signs the papers. Steffy tells Liam they made a hasty decision when they went into their marriage, but he certainly is making another hasty decision now. Yes, Liam first married a woman with flaws and insecurities, but she was a woman, not an immature girl like Hope. So he can go marry Hope, but eventually he will be honest with himself and come back to Steffy. No matter what he does, she will never stop believing in them and before this divorce is over, he will come back to her. He gives her a hug.


Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Stefano and Kate talked about the secret Alice had on him.  He doesnít like his secret, but itís nothing compared to the secret that he had about John and Hope.  John, Marlena, Bo, and Hope are at the townhouse and they talked about the marriage certificate.  They were waiting for Carrie to call them so they can talk to her about the annulment.  Hopeís convinced that one day they will look back on this and laugh.  Marlena wasnít so sure about that.  Stefano and Kate continued to talk about his and Aliceís secrets.  He believed that what he doesnít know wonít hurt him.  Stefano wanted to talk to Kate about work.  She told him that Sami is a great asset to the team.  John, Marlena, Bo, and Hope continue to talk about the marriage certificate.  Bo suggested that they all go to Stefano to talk to him about the secret they found out.  Later on, Bo, Hope, John and Marlena arrived at Stefanoís place to talk to him about the marriage certificate.  They were upset with Stefano about the marriage certificate.  Hope believed that she and John could get their marriages annulled and they could move on from this.  Stefano told them that the secret had to remain locked up for a reason.  Marlena thought they could take care of the problem legally.  Stefano let them know that they wouldnít be at his place if they believed that.  Brady and Madison were at the town square at the same time as EJ and Nicole.  Brady ended up proposing to Madison while EJ and Nicole watched.  EJ wanted to know if Nicole was okay with Brady proposing to Madison.  Nicole looked sad over watching Brady propose to Madison. 

Bo wanted Stefano to tell them what he stood to gain from keeping this secret.  Stefano didnít answer him.  Stefano did remind Bo that he tried to keep Hope from opening up the box, but she refused to listen to him.  Nicole wasnít sad because she wanted Brady.  She was sad because she doesnít want to see other women happy.  EJ joked that Brady and Madisonís relationship will go downhill.  Stefano taunted Bo and Hope and John and Marlena about Hope and John being married.  Stefano tried to make Bo and Marlena feel insecure about Hope and John being married.  Brady noticed that Madison didnít give him an answer to his proposal.  She was so overwhelmed.  He told her that she didnít have to answer him right away.  She will give him an answer soon.  Marlena didnít want to stay at the DiMera mansion anymore.  She wondered if Stefano opened his envelope yet.  Hope said that Stefano wonít say anything whether he opened it or not.  Bo, Hope, John, and Marlena ended up leaving the mansion.  Kate was proud of Stefano for the way he handled the situation.  He knew that they were putting up good fronts, but they are worried. He informed Kate that there was much more to come.  He believed that the annulment will not go as easy as they thought.  He thought they may not want to get the annulment anymore.  When Kate went to check on dinner, Stefano had a worried look on his face. 


GH Recap Written by Rebecca

Shawn drops TJ off at the lake house for tutoring with Molly. Diane stops by with a book for Alexis about menopause. Alexis has another hot flash and Diane teases her about her night with Mac. Molly continues to try to teach TJ, but he’s more interested in redoing her MyFace page.

Carly is upset to learn that Jax turned over his half of the hotel to Kate. Olivia overhears them and is shocked by the news as well. Kate’s smile falls when Carly asks her about Sonny. Olivia is sure that Sonny will feel betrayed. Kate turns the conversation to Olivia and Steve. Carly goes to complain to Shawn about what Jax has done now. Shawn thinks that it’s maybe a way for Jax to distance himself from Carly. She changes the topic and asks how things are going with TJ. Carly thinks that Kate should tell Sonny about the business between her and Jax. Kate tells her to stay out of it, but Carly is sure that Sonny will see it as a betrayal.

Robin and Mac talk about her latest blood test results. She assures him that her viral loads are good and that the drug protocol is working. Mac confesses that he was concerned that Robin had given up. Maggie talks to Steve about his patient and mentions that Robin’s noticed that they have a shared past.

Jason and Sam are at the cabin and they talk about their baby. Sam is still concerned about Jason’s heath issues. He assures her that everything is okay. She argues about that. They talk about what they need to do to get ready for the baby, when Sam is hit with morning sickness.

Ethan and Cassandra spend time together at Wyndemere. Ethan blindfolds her and gives her food to taste. She starts to remember something but quickly loses it.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Anita tells Billy and Victoria that Chelsea’s father is a pastor who is currently in Africa doing mission work. Billy and Victoria ask Anita to move into the garage apartment with Chelsea. Once Anita and Chelsea are alone in the garage apartment Anita tells Chelsea she is going to teach her the basics of a good con so they can take full advantage of the billion-dollar baby she is carrying. Chelsea also tells Anita that she shouldn’t have made up the story about her father since neither of them has seen him in years. Jill warns Billy and Victoria not to trust Anita and Chelsea and they tell her they don’t trust them but they have to keep an eye on the baby. Billy calls Paul and leaves a message for him to find out everything he can about Anita and Chelsea. Paul confronts Ricky about betraying his family for profit and Ricky tells Paul that he never considered him family because he rarely visited him when he grew up and he never worried about his mother Isabella like he does about Patty.

Victor arrives to visit jack and tells him that he hopes he will walk again so that he can fight for Beauty of Nature and lose to him again. Michael informs Genevieve that Victor intends to challange the sale of beauty of Nature. Ashley also fires Genevieve from Jabot and both Ashley and Traci confront Genevieve about how badly she hurt Jack and ask her to stay away from him. Avery gets a call from her mom telling her that her father has had a heart attack and is in critical condition. Phyllis is close by so Avery tells her what happened and asks Phyllis to go back home with her but Phyllis refuses to do it. Adam struggles to deal with his blindness and after thinking about it decides to go to his mother’s farm when he is released from the hospital. Nikki tells Victor that all the charges have been dropped against her and they later celebrate on the ranch. Nikki accepts Victor’s invitation to move back into the ranch.


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