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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge goes to Steffy and gives her a big hug. She assures him that she is good. She’s hurting though as there was nothing fake about her marriage. Ridge says he is disappointed in Liam and she begs him not to be. It was much more complicated than that. Ridge says he is there for her if she needs to talk. He wants her to convince him that she is all right. He hates to see her put her life on hold until she thinks Liam will come back to her. He reminds her that she has many more options out there besides Liam Spencer. She admits now she practically pushed Liam out the door. These are her issues and she let them drive Liam right back to Hope. But they have issues too and she knows he will come running back to her. Liam speaks with Justin and informs him that he is making the decisions in his life, not Bill, not any more. Taylor walks in as Liam signs the annulment papers and rails at him for doing it today. She realizes Steffy has made some mistakes but they need to give it time and work on this; perhaps get some counseling. Hope tells Brooke that she loves Liam so much and they got off track, but she realizes now that her values and principles kept her true and they will pay off in the end. They are giddy with delight as Brooke asks about any plans for a big wedding or will they run away to Vegas in Elvis style.

Taylor blasts into the Forrester office looking for Ridge but finds Brooke. Both find it ironic that their girls have followed in their own footsteps and fallen in love with the same man. Liam looks up and there is Ridge. It’s becoming a trend to find them all here to talk to him. Ridge wants to be assured that his decision is final, then he has to respect that. He says that no one knows better than he what it is to be in love with two very different women. Hope is surprised to find Steffy in the office. With kid gloves, she says she feels badly for Steffy, but she is not sorry that she is back with Liam. She is over the moon about that. She reminds Steffy that her marriage is over and it is now her time to move on. Steffy says she can not do that. It’s just a matter of time before Liam will come back to her. Justin brings in some papers for Steffy. She is shocked to see they are for an annulment. Justin tells her to take her time and call him later. Steffy accuses Hope for pushing Liam for this. They are just going to pretend that her shameful marriage was a mistake and none of it was real. Hope tells Steffy that they want to be married as soon as possible. Liam has signed the papers, so should Steffy.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

John and Marlena are at the townhouse.  Marlena told John about Carrieís problems with Austin.  John dropped the bomb on her about what Bo and Hope told him.  He told Marlena that Bo and Hope told him that they werenít legally married.  Marlena didnít want to believe it.  John told Marlena that he is technically married to Hope.  Bo and Hope talked about the marriage certificate.  Bo assured Hope that they will solve the problem.  Carrie showed up at the office and found Rafe asleep.  Rafe told Carrie that Sami kicked him out.  Carrie told Rafe that Austin walked out and she didnít know where he went.  Austin woke up in his office with a hangover.  Abby woke up next to him wearing underwear.  Austin wondered if he was dreaming.  Austin told Abby to put her clothes on.  Austin was surprised that he drank the whole bottle of alcohol.  Abby reminded Austin that he was a wreck after what Carrie did to him.  Carrie and Rafe apologized to each other for the kiss.  They started talking about how the kiss happened.  Abby told Austin that she has had feelings for him for a while.  Abby fantasized about them being together and last night was a dream come true for her.  Austin told Abby that he was drunk and only remembered kissing her.  Austin assumed that they slept together, but didnít remember it.  Abby was shocked at first that he assumed that they slept together.  Austin asked her if they slept together.  Abby flashed back to what happened with Austin.  Austin kissed her and then passed out on the couch.  She tried to wake him up, but he didnít budge.  She took her clothes off after he passed out.  Austin apologized for hurting her, but everything that happened was a blur.  He didnít mean to take advantage of her.  Abby assured him that he didnít take advantage of her because last night was special. 

John and Marlena continued to talk about the secret.  Marlena didnít want to believe that John was legally married to Hope.  Marlena wanted to go see Stefano and tear him apart.  Marlena was ready to kill Stefano, but John insisted that she calm down.  Carrie and Rafe continued to talk about what went wrong in her marriage to Austin.  Austin told Abby that she knows how he feels about her.  He thinks sheís smart and funny.  Abby feels the same way about him.  She believes that they can be together now.  Austin let Abby know that what happened between them was a mistake because heís a married man.  Abby told Austin that he didnít have to feel guilty because Carrie broke their marriage vows first.  Abby let Austin know that she had to go to class and ran out of the office.  Rafe decided to end his partnership with Carrie.  He believed that would be the best way to save his marriage.  He gave her back the key, shook her hand, and left the office.  Bo assured Hope that Stefano might have tried to sabotage their marriage, but he couldnít get in the way of their love for each other.  He has loved her for most of his life and Stefano will never win.  John told Marlena that they will continue to live as if they are married.  Marlena didnít know how she will do that if heís married to Hope.  John assured Marlena that if the document is true he and Hope will get a divorce and they will get remarried.  John will be happy as long as heís with Marlena.  Carrie was thinking about kissing Rafe when Austin showed up at her office.  Austin and Carrie talked about what happened.  Austin eventually apologized for walking out on her instead of talking things out.  He wanted to make their marriage work.  Austin asked her to forgive him.  Carrie reminded him that she was the one who kissed Rafe and wanted him to forgive her.  Abby contemplated telling Austin the truth about what really happened between them.  Austin and Carrie worked things out and want to work on their marriage.  Carrie told Austin that she and Rafe are ending their partnership.  Austin trusts her now, but he understands if they want to end their partnership.  Bo and Hope met with John and Marlena at the pub.  Hope apologized for what they found out.  While the couples were talking about what Stefano knew, Bo received a phone call.  Carrie and Austin were talking and Abby called him.  Austin ignored her phone call and continued talking to Carrie.  Bo found out that the document was real and that John and Hope are legally married.  John and Hope talked about getting an annulment. 


GH Recap Written by Brenda

Robin gets her lab results. Her new drug protocol is working and her HIV is under control. She wants to spend more time at home with Emma.

TJ gets in trouble for charging people to carry their luggage at the Metro Court. Shawn stonewalls him when he asks nosey questions about Carly. Michael misses Abby. He forgives Carly for lying about Jax. She forgives him for publicly accusing her at Metro Court. TJ asks Michael if he is really the gangster's son and asks for a job. Michael tells him to forget it.

Kate prepares the reception for Sonny's donation to the hospital in Dante's name. She says she understands how Dante could take it as a bribe. She tries to tell him something but he keeps interrupting. He tells her he knows where Jax is. Dante shows Lulu around the police station, assuming that she will get the file clerk job. Dolores assumes so too and congratulates her on getting the job. Dolores lurks around the evidence room. Johnny sees her there and offers his assistance, but she shoots him down. He tells her that he has ways of finding information that the cops can't. He tells her that he knows about her attack last night and about her sister, Rosa's unsolved murder. Spinelli asks Johnny if he knows why Anthony is protecting Maxie. He says he will ask around. Johnny hopes Maxie and Spinelli get back together. Matt asks Maxie to let her thing with Elizabeth go, and she tells him to do it first. She apologizes for being selfish. Elizabeth goes to a gallery with Ewen. She asks him about Cassandra. Maxie and Matt run into them when both couples go to Metro Court for dinner. Ewen wonders why Elizabeth felt the need to explain herself to Matt. Matt keeps looking over at Elizabeth. Kate interrupts Maxie and Matt's dinner to give Maxie work instructions. Carly threatens to non-renew Crimson's lease. Kate tells her about the expansion plans that Carly will miss out on if Crimson moves elsewhere. Carly tells her to buy her own hotel. Kate tells her she already owns this one. Sonny makes plans for Jax.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Chelsea continues to get on Victoria’s nerves especially when Billy, Chelsea and Victoria go to the hospital for Chelsea’s sonogram and she tells the nurse that Victoria can’t have children. Billy confronts Chelsea when they arrive home and tells her to stop being such a witch to Victoria or he will show her the door. Chelsea tells Billy that he is right and she has decided that she can’t raise their baby boy and she wants him and Victoria to raise him. Chelsea’s mother Anita arrives just as Billy and Victoria are telling Jill that the baby is a boy and Chelsea has decided to let them raise the baby. Paul says a tearful goodbye to Patty as he tells her that she hurt jack and must go to the prison hospital. Nikki asks Ricky not to publish a story about Patty because it will hurt a lot of people. Ricky sees Paul and is hurt when Paul tells him he doesn’t know if he will ever be able to trust him. Ricky writes a story about his aunt Patty and

posts it on a true crime blog.


Ronan does his best to persuade the DA not to press charges against Nikki but the DA refuses to listen. Paul is disappointed in Ricky when he reads the story about Patty on the blog and he and Nina both wonder if they will ever understand their sons. Jack tells Phyllis that Patty needs help and this article will only make things worse for her. Phyllis encourages Ronan to forgive his mother because she is a good woman and his family situation doesn’t compare to her messed up family. Phyllis also manages to get Ronan to admit that he will miss her. Ronan goes to say good-bye to Nina but is interrupted by Paul so Nina walks Ronan to the door and gives him a hug good-bye and closes the door and Ronan cries as he walks away. Ronan packs up his office at the police station and takes Nina's book that she wrote about her search for him as well as the drawing Delia made for him. Nina gets a package from Ronan and inside the package is the book she wrote about her search for him and a note from Ronan that says that he was never good with words but all he could come up with is “thank you for finding me and I love you mom.” Nikki sees Spencer with a policeman and gets ready to be arrested but Spencer informs her that all the charges have been dropped against her and she should thank Ronan.


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