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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope wonders if this is really real. Liam says yes; he and Steffy are over and he wants to spend the rest of his life with Hope now. Steffy tells her mom that she knows she did a lot of things wrong. She made a lot of questionable decisions in her insecurity, but now Liam can have his shot with Hope and when he comes back to Steffy, it will be for good. She made mistakes and she is not proud of them, but she doesn’t want Liam because of some trick. Liam loves her and he will come back and things will be different. She won’t have that insecurity anymore, but because he truly wants her. It is far from being the end. Taylor tries to persuade her that she might be wrong. Liam might not return. Steffy refuses to believe that, citing that Hope is boring and judgmental. He used to know that and he can never settle for that. Ridge tells Brooke that they are going to be there for both of their daughters. Hope and Liam are ecstatic. Hope wants to get married like today.

Steffy declares that she will keep wearing her ring. She puts Liam’s in a box so he can put it back on when he comes back to her. Ridge and Brooke have a difference of opinion on how deeply Liam is committed to Hope and what he will do with the love he has for Steffy. Hope calls Brooke to tell her the good news. Ridge is standing next to Brooke and guesses the outcome from her big smile. Ridge is disappointed; he was so sure Liam would do the right thing. Steffy didn’t deserve this. Brooke says Steffy will be okay and now they can all move on. Taylor tells Steffy that she is worried about her expecting so much. Steffy doesn’t think it will ever get that far as Hope will want a huge wedding and then there is the divorce first. Steffy is not giving up. Liam will come to his senses before that. Hope tells Liam that at one point she wanted a big extravagant wedding, but not any more. She just wants Liam. Neither want the complications they have previously gone through.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Hope opened the envelope and she was shocked by what was in it.  Bo saw what was in the envelope too and was convinced that the information couldnít be true.  Austin asked Carrie if she has feelings for Rafe.  Carrie didnít answer him, but it didnít matter.  All Austin had to do was look at her face and he knew the answer to his question.  Sami wanted Rafe out of the apartment.  He told her that she could yell all she wanted, but he wasnít leaving until they work out their problem.  Sami told him that she was done talking with him and wanted him out.  He believed that she didnít mean what she was saying.  Sami was convinced that Rafe didnít know her at all.  Austin didnít want to stay with Carrie at her office anymore.  Carrie insisted that they continue to talk.  She told Austin that she just made a mistake.  Austin informed Carrie that she did more than make a mistake.  She broke his heart.  He walked out of her office and she started crying.  Rafe told Sami that he loved her.  Sami told him that he didnít get to kiss her sister and then tell her that he loves her.  Sami thought that Rafe was mad that he got caught.  Sami wanted to know how many kisses there were before she caught them.  He informed her that it was just one kiss.  He wanted to take responsibility for his actions, and he let her know that he wasnít the only one who messed up.  Hope apologized to Bo for wanting to know the truth.  Bo let her know that it wasnít her fault.  Bo was convinced that it was a DiMera trick.  Hope told Bo that according to the document, sheís not married to Bo.  Sheís married to John.  Bo thought that the paper had to be a forgery.  Hope didnít think it looked like a forgery.  Bo informed Hope that sheís married to him and not John.  They started talking about how Stefano turned her into Gina.  Bo thought that John would have said something if he were married to Hope.  Hope thought that John might not know about the marriage either.  Hope questioned why Stefano would have held on to the information if it werenít true.  Bo thought that Stefano wanted leverage.  Hope believed that it must be real.  Sami thought that Rafe tried to blame her for kissing Carrie.  Rafe wasnít saying that.  He was talking about how they have been having problems for a little while.  Sami told him that nothing was wrong between them.  She believed that Rafe was just making excuses for what he did.  Rafe reminded her that they rushed their renewal ceremony.  Sami thought he wanted to do it.  He did want to do it, but he thought that she was a little desperate to fix their marriage.  Rafe realized that their problems started when Johnny was missing. 

Hope said there was a witness to the marriage, but she couldnít make out the personís name.  Bo didnít want to believe what Stefano had on them.  He believes that their marriage is real.  Carrie called Marlena because she wanted to talk about what happened.  Marlena agreed to meet with her.  Austin went to his office and he was drunk.  Rafe wanted to continue talking about how things changed after Johnny went missing. Sami reminded him that this conversation is about him kissing Carrie and not about Johnny.  Rafe wants to fix things.  He wanted to know why things changed between them after Johnny went missing.  Hope let Bo know that she loves him and that heís her whole life.  Nothing will ever change that.  Sheís convinced that what they have can never be broken.  Hope wanted to tell John and Marlena about what they found out.  Bo was ready to tell them so they left.  Abby was in the office while Austin was there drunk.  She wanted to be there for him.  Austin let her know that sheís been a very good friend to him.  He told Abby that Carrie has feelings for another man.  Carrie talked to Marlena about Sami catching her kiss Rafe.  Marlena let her know that she didnít do anything wrong because she didnít mean to hurt anybody.  Marlena thought it might be a good idea for Carrie and Austin to have some time apart because she noticed the tension between them at Sydneyís party.  Marlena believed that Carrie needed some time to sort out her feelings for Austin as well as for Rafe.  Carrie didnít need time to think about her feelings for Rafe.  Sami and Rafe continued to talk about what happened.  Sami wanted to know why he did it.  Austin told Abby that Carrie kissed Rafe.  Abby was shocked to hear it.  Austin saw it coming for a while, but everyone kept telling him he was crazy to feel that way.  He believed that Carrie wasnít acting like his wife.  Carrie admitted to Marlena that she loves Austin, but she does have feelings for Rafe.  The feelings came out of nowhere.  Rafe apologized again for kissing Carrie.  While Rafe was talking, Sami had a flashback of Will confronting her about having sex with EJ.  Rafe wanted to do anything he could to make her happy.  He tried to hug her, but she pulled away from him.  Bo and Hope met John at the pub.  Bo and Hope let them know about the secret Stefano had on Alice in the safety deposit box.  Carrie continued to talk to Marlena about her problems with Austin as well as her feelings for Rafe.  While Abby was comforting Austin, they ended up kissing.  John wanted to know if they think the marriage license was legitimate.  John didnít think that it was and wanted to confront Stefano about it.  Austin stopped kissing Abby, and thought they should stop.  They ended up kissing again.  Rafe packed his things and told Sami that he will be back for the rest of his stuff.  He told her that he loved her, but she didnít respond.  He ended up walking out of the apartment. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Maxie wants to make Matt jealous so Spinelli kisses her. Unfortunately, Matt didnít see it. Matt reveals that since Maxie was going to a Movie with Spinelli last night, he went to dinner with Elizabeth. Matt tells Maxie he isnít going to play games with her and that going forward they have to be honest with each other, beginning with why Anthony Zacchara is her friend. Elizabeth asks Spinelli if he is in on Maxie's game and he plays dumb. She warns him that Maxie is using him. He doesn't care. He asks her what she wants from Matt. She tells him she and Matt are just friends. He shows her Cassandra's picture and tells her that she is the latest mystery he is working on. He tells her Cassandra lives at Wyndemere with Ewen. He asks her if she ever found anything out about her mysterious savior on Spoon Island. Elizabeth makes a date with Ewen.

Ethan calls Luke to ask why he texted him to meet him at the Haunted Star but isnít there. Ewen goes there to ask if Ethan has seen Cassandra because he has a bad feeling. He tells Ethan to leave Cassandra alone. Helena meets with Cassandra at Wyndemere. Cassandra reveals that Helena trained her to be an assassin. Helena says that even though Lucky is no longer a viable target, there are other Spencers upon whom to exact revenge for the loss of her sons Stephan and Stavros. She reminds her that her job is to lure Ethan into the trap.

Kelly Lee gives Sam her paternity test results. Jason is the father. Kate sneaks back into her hotel room thinking Sonny is sleeping, but he is awake and waiting for her. She tells him she was downstairs in the bar. When he mentions Connie, she gets angry and tells him to figure out if he wants Connie or Kate. He wants Kate and asks her to try to break down her defensive wall. She shows him notes for his benefit event that she wrote on napkins while she was in the bar. One of the napkins has the name Marc with a phone number written on it. Kate wants to go home tonight.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Chelsea tries to make Victoria angry by listening to her private voice mail message from Ronan telling her that the charges have been dropped against her. Chelsea then tells Victoria that she is worried about bringing a baby into her family because her father almost went to prison and her mother is a murderer. Chelsea then reminds Victoria that she can never have any children, so it must be hard on her because she is having Billy’s baby. Billy tells Victoria to stay calm for the baby’s sake, because Chelsea is trying to push her buttons. Chloe isnít happy that Chelsea is staying with Billy and Victoria and makes it clear to Chelsea that Billy wonít give up his life with Victoria for a baby, so her plan won’t work. Chelsea later calls someone and says that her plan may not work because Billy has principles. Billy advises Jack to listen to what their dad told him, because he still has many things to accomplish and encourages Jack to make John proud. Jack later tells Nikki that he is scared and she tells him she is scared of going to jail. Jack tells Nikki he feels the same only his jail is his broken body, and he can’t escape it. Nikki tells Jack not to put on a brave act for her like he does with his family, because he can always tell her the truth.

Ronan tells Chloe he is leaving town because he has another assignment. Chloe calls Nina who tells Ronan she will be there in case he regrets walking away. Ronan tries to persuade DA Walsh not to press charges against Nikki, because it isn’t fair to blame her for something that wasn’t her fault. Neil decides not to go back to work for Katherine, even though he doesn’t know what he is going to do. Cane and Lily gather their family in the park to announce they are getting married on Valentine’s Day. Devon also tells his family he is having surgery in Dallas the second week in March and invites Neil and Harmony to go with him. Katherine is hurt that she wasn’t told about Devon’s surgery but is happy when she assures Tucker that he is doing a good thing, and he says “Thanks, Mom.”

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