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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

With Liam speaking to Steffy alone at the beach house, Brooke stops by and Hope gets into the car. She says maybe her expectations were too high, but after Cabo she really thought they’d get back together. She can’t imagine her life without Liam and she wants him back. Steffy tells Liam that she wants to put all of this behind them and be the wife that he deserves. She only wants him to be happy and that means even if he chooses Hope, but she hopes he won’t. She asks that he not leave her. Ridge confesses to Taylor that he feels some responsibility in all of this. Steffy has always felt abandoned. Now both Brooke and Hope have these romantic ideas of what should happen and that’s not good. However, whatever Liam’s decision, both think their daughters will be fine as they will be there for them. Liam gently tells Steffy that he loves her, will always love her, but he needs to go back to Hope, back before all the lies and manipulations tore them apart to see where that life would have led. He gives Steffy back his wedding ring. He walks out onto the balcony to find Hope. She is afraid this is goodbye, but he holds up his hand and she sees no ring. No words are needed; they kiss.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

EJ and Nicole questioned Abe about knowing the questions ahead of time.  Lexie was horrified that they would suggest such a thing.  Lexie was sure that Abe and Jennifer wouldnít have done such a thing.  Austin was at the DiMera mansion with Kate and Stefano.  Kate wanted Austin and Carrie to come over for dinner.  Kate noticed that Stefano was in a daze.  Kate wanted to know what was wrong.  Hope and Bo were at the Horton house.  Hope decided whether or not to open the envelope.  Sami walked in on Rafe and Carrie kissing in their office.  She cleared her throat and that stopped them.  Lexie was upset that EJ would question whether she could trust her marriage and friendship when he has three failed marriages.  Abe tried to stop Lexie from fighting with EJ.  Lexie wasnít going to stop because EJ accused Abe of cheating.  Nicole warned Abe and Jennifer that when she finds out how Abe got the questions, she is going to expose it.  Sami was very upset about seeing Rafe and Carrie together.  She yelled at Rafe and Carrie and demanded to know how they could betray her like this.  Austin talked with Kate about his problems with Carrie.  Kate wanted Austin to do something special for Carrie.  After his talk with Kate, Austin left the mansion.  Bo wondered what Alice had on Stefano.  Heís sure they will never know what Alice knew about Stefano.  Hope thought that opening the letter might be a mistake.  Sami continued to blast Carrie and Rafe for what they did.  Sami couldnít believe that she thought that she and Carrie could work on their relationship.  Sami believed that Carrie was trying to get even with her for what she did to Austin.  Sami thought that Carrie was trying to go after her husband.  Carrie apologized to Sami and told her that she wasnít trying to ruin her marriage to Rafe.  Sami was about to leave, but Rafe stopped her.  Rafe told Sami that Carrie isnít the type of person who would cheat on her husband.  Sami let Rafe know that Carrie is the type who would cheat on her husband.  Sami called Carrie a slut and Rafe a traitor for defending Carrie.  Lexie continued to rip into EJ for accusing Abe of cheating.  She was convinced that Abe did everything honestly.  EJ warned her that she will be in for a rude awakening when she finds out what Abe did. 

Bo and Hope continue to talk about Stefanoís secret as well as the envelope.  Stefano talked to Kate about his and Aliceís secrets.  She was surprised that Alice was blackmailing him.  Kate wondered what Alice had on him.  Stefano wasnít sure what Alice had on him.  Rafe and Carrie were trying to talk to Sami about what happened, but it didnít do any good.  Sami was very angry with them.  Austin walked in an overheard them talking about Rafe and Carrie kissing.  Lexie told EJ once again that she was done with him.  He apologized for that, but warned her that she will find out that Abe is a liar and a cheat.  He warned Lexie that she will eventually realize that she put her faith in the wrong family member.  EJ and Nicole walked away.  Lexie wondered why Abe and Jennifer were so calm about EJ and Nicoleís accusations.   Lexie asked Abe if the accusations were true.  Abe was offended that she would ask him that.  Lexie asked them if they knew the questions or not.  Austin was livid that Carrie and Rafe kissed each other.  He couldnít believe that Carrie would do that.  Rafe wanted to talk to Sami at home about what happened.  Rafe and Sami left.  Lexie ended up apologizing to Abe for accusing him of cheating.  He said that it was EJís fault and not hers.  Abe lied and said that he didnít cheat.  Carrie insisted that the kiss with Rafe meant nothing to her.  Austin wanted to know how big of a fool did she think he was.  Carrie promised Austin that it was a one-time thing and it will never happen again.  Austin wanted to know if she could keep that promise.  Rafe and Sami went back to the loft.  Rafe wanted to know if they could put this incident behind them.  Sami didnít think they could.  Stefano told Kate off screen about Aliceís secret.  Kate couldnít believe it, but she promised not to say anything.  Stefano thought it was a moot point since Hope is going to open the envelope.  Kate thought it was important that he find out what Alice had on him.  She told him she would open the envelope for him, but he was going to do that himself.  Abe felt guilty about lying to Lexie about knowing about the questions for the debate.  Abe didnít think that Lexie will ever forgive him for it.  EJ and Nicole tried to come up with a plan to expose Abeís lies to his trusting wife.  Hope finally opened the envelope and was shocked by what she saw.  She ended up dropping the envelope.  Carrie told Austin that she loves him and wonít do anything with Rafe to threaten their marriage.  Austin wanted to know if she had feelings for Rafe.  Rafe wanted to work things out with Sami, but she refused.  She wanted him to get out of the apartment. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sam is disappointed and anxious because she didnít get her test results today. Dr Lee stops by the penthouse with the results on her way home. Kate admits to Sonny that she is seeing someone else and has been all along. She reluctantly admits that it is a professional relationship with a Psychiatrist. Sonny wonders why he lied to him about it and let him think she was cheating on him. She says she didnít want anyone to know she has vulnerabilities. He reminds her that he has bipolar disorder so he understands what it feels like to lose control. They kiss, and make up, and make love. Then she leaves while Sonny is sleeping.

Mac worries about Robin. Alexis wonders if Mac heard Diane telling her about the sexual freedom that menopause brings. Diane encourages Alexis to join Mac at the bar. Coleman encourages Alexis to give it a chance with Mac. At closing time Coleman invites Diane, Alexis, and Mac to play another game of strip pool. Mac gets drunk. Diane takes him home because Alexis doesnít want to. Coleman says Alexis blew her opportunity. Padilla is assaulted behind Jake's. Lulu and Dante find her on the ground. Dante thinks the dancer attacker must know Padilla is a cop since she is the only victim that hasnít been a dancer. They take her to the hospital. Olivia demands that Steve tell her what is going on with him and Maggie. He promises that they are just coworkers. Olivia senses that they are hiding something. Maggie says the secret is her unwanted attempt to rekindle what they once had, she promises to back off. Olivia tells Steve that she is exclusively with him and would like it if he would be exclusively with her. Steve wants to know why Maggie didnít tell him that Olivia had seen their kiss. Olivia warns Lulu that she suspects Dolores is after Dante. Lulu doesn't share her concern.

Ethan takes Cassandra to the Haunted Star. He says he thinks he is falling in love with her. She asks him not to fall in love with her because he can't know who he is falling in love with. He says who she was before is irrelevant. Ethan gets a text message to meet Luke at the Haunted Star, but when he arrives, Luke is not there and everything is as he and Cassandra had left it. Meanwhile, Helena reveals herself to Cassandra at Wyndemere.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Nick lets Victor know that he doesn’t really care about Adam. Adam wakes up and calls out for Sharon, who is asleep on the sofa in his room. Jack wakes up and sees Nikki asleep on a sofa in his room. Cane and Lily arrive at Crimson Lights for a cup of coffee. They discuss how Genevieve called off her wedding to Jack. Ricky wants to do a prize-winning story on Jack, Genevieve, and Patty, but Phyllis strictly forbids it. Nick is concerned about the obstruction charges that were filed against him and the family. Katherine visits Jack along with Ashley and Traci. The ladies are deeply concerned about Kyle. Dr. Isaacs walks in to examine Jack, but he cannot feel anything in his feet and legs. The doctor tells Adam that there is no improvement in his eyes and he will probably never regain his eyesight. Victor visits the hospital and finds out from Sharon that Adam may be blind. Victor gets a call that all charges against him and Adam have been dropped. Victor instructs Sharon to tell Adam the news. After arguing with Phyllis, Ricky tells her to consider Jack/Genevieve/Patty “dead’. At the police station, Genevieve and Ronan make sure all the things that Patty stole are there and then she signs a release form. Genevieve asks to see Patty, but Paul informs her that she is being transferred to a maximum security facility and forbids a visit.

Spencer refuses to drop the charges against Nikki despite Ronan’s protests. Genevieve visits Patty against Paul’s wishes. Spencer lets Ronan and Paul know that he gave Genevieve permission to see Patty. Paul rushes out. Cane and Lily have a snowball fight in the park. The charges are being dropped against the entire Newman family. Sharon suggests that she and Adam go to his mother’s farm in Kansas, but he refuses. Genevieve informs Victor that she will be running Beauty of Nature herself. Victor warns that she will be sorry for that decision. Cane asks Lily to marry him and she accepts. Nikki finds out from Ronan that the charges against her have not been dropped. Jack finds out that he will never walk again, but he refuses to take no for an answer.

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