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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill tells Liam that he has to fall on his sword this time. He sees the look of loathing in Liam’s eyes for the manipulations he has pulled. He doesn’t want to lose his son. Liam says he doesn’t know if he can ever trust Bill again. He should have just told him to butt out of his life and none of this would have ever happened. Bill asks how he can fix this. Liam says it is not a business deal, and Bill can not keep trying to run his life or it will ruin their relationship forever. Hope tells Brooke that she doesn’t want her to worry about this. She doesn’t think Liam will stay with Steffy. It’s her turn now, but they have to be patient. Steffy tells her mom that she doesn’t think she will be there with her long. She gets a phone call from Liam that he wants to see her. She can’t wait to go home. Hope also gets a phone call from Liam to come to the beach house. Both Taylor and Brooke think this is the moment each of their daughters have been waiting for – Liam has made his decision. Steffy arrives first and she starts explaining why she moved out to give him space. The truth is she had to work out her own insecurities, but she loves him and this feels like home. Hope walks in and Steffy is stunned that this is not a coincidence. It must mean that Liam’s made a decision about all their futures. He says he knows it has been hard waiting, it will change their lives forever. He tells both women what he loves about them. Hope gives him a moment to talk to Steffy alone. She proclaims her love for him and just wants to know if they are going to stay married or not.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

As Rafe showed up for work, he saw Carrie with a new client.  The client is convinced that her husband is having an affair.  Abe and Jennifer talked about the upcoming debate.  Abe didn’t like the idea of lying to Lexie.  Lexie walked in the room as Abe was talking about her being upset about something.  Lexie wanted to know what was going to upset her.  Nicole wanted to know if Will had something on EJ.  EJ thought the idea was preposterous and wanted to focus on the debate.  Nicole didn’t think it was preposterous and believed that Will had something on him or he wouldn’t be buying him off.  Nicole demanded to know what Will had on EJ.  Sami wanted to talk about the problems that she and Will are having.  Will didn’t think that Sami wanted to know what the problem is because things will never be the same.  Sami wanted Will to tell her so they could heal from it.  Will didn’t think that could happen after what she’s done.  Rafe and Carrie’s client began to tell them about what happened with her husband.  Things were fine at first, but then he started working long hours and being secretive.  The client found a woman’s name and wanted Rafe and Carrie to find out more about her.  The client also thought that Rafe and Carrie were married.  Jennifer covered for Abe by telling Lexie that he didn’t want Lexie upset about EJ antics at the debate.  Lexie wouldn’t put anything past EJ, but she’s sure Abe will be fine because he has integrity and he’s honest.  Nicole continued to question EJ about his involvement with Will.  EJ swore to Nicole that Will doesn’t have anything on him.  EJ and Abe get ready for the debate at the town square.  EJ and Abe are both convinced that they are going to beat the other one during the debate.  Will continued to yell at Sami about her actions.  Sami demanded to know why Will’s so angry because they have been through worse things together.  Will told her that he’s tired of her destroying the only real family he’s known. 

The debate started and EJ and Nicole looked confused when the interviewer asked him questions.  Abe and Jennifer looked at each other knowingly.  Abe had an easier time answering the questions.  After much taunting, Will finally dropped the bomb on Sami.  He told her that he saw her having sex with EJ.  Sami tried to deny it, but it didn’t work.  Will told her how he saw her the night Johnny was missing. He called her a wh*re for what she did to Rafe as well as the family.  During a brief break, EJ confronted Abe about the debate.  EJ was convinced that Abe set him up to look like a fool during the debate.  EJ believed that Abe switched the real questions for fake ones.  Sami tried to explain why she was with EJ.  Will believed she was just making excuses for her actions.  Sami wanted to know why Will was able to work for EJ when he must hate him too.  Will pretty much told her that he didn’t have a choice, but it worked out for him because he has a way of getting away from her.  Will told Sami that he hated her and always will.  He wanted Sami out of his life forever.  Sami refused to accept that she has to stay out of his life.  Sami thought that EJ turned Will against her.  Will told Sami that she did that on her own.  During the debate, EJ revealed that Abe’s marriage is tainted with marital infidelity.  Lexie was horrified by that remark.  EJ believed that Abe’s marriage is indication that he may not be the right choice for mayor.  Abe said that infidelity is the least of EJ’s problems, but he didn’t want to attack him unless EJ wished to continue to attack him.  Will told Sami that she’s no different from Marlena.  Sami claimed that her situation wasn’t like Marlena’s.  Will agreed because he thought Sami was worse.  Will reminded her that Marlena loved John so at least she had a reason to do what she did.  Will told her that she claimed that Marlena’s actions ruined her life the same way Sami’s actions ruined his life.  Will was about to leave when Sami tried to stop him.  He snatched away from her and stormed out of the loft.  Sami started crying.  She looked at her ring and left the loft.  Carrie and Rafe found out that their client’s husband was not having an affair.  The husband was talking to a party planner.  Rafe and Carrie were so happy that they had their first paid client.  They hugged and kissed.  Sami was outside of the door while they kissed each other.  EJ and Nicole congratulated Abe on winning the debate.  Nicole intimated that Abe had the questions ahead of time.  Jennifer wanted to know if Nicole was insinuating that Abe was cheating.  Nicole said that she was accusing him of cheating.  EJ asked Abe flat out if he knew the questions ahead of time.  Lexie was shocked by the accusation.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Robin wants to put off plans for their house until after they know if the protocol is working. Mac lectures Robin about not telling him about her viral load. Alexis tells Diane about her symptoms. Diane tells her it is menopause. Alexis feels old. Mac passes them just as Diane is explaining that menopause will free Alexis to have banging sex without the fear of pregnancy. Dolores meets Dante and Lulu for drinks at Jake's. Her husband Eddie doesn't go. Dolores gives Dante and Lulu recruitment for a file clerk position at the police station. Lulu thinks Ewen is weird. Ewen looks for Cassandra. Shawn tells him he doesn’t think Ethan is a danger to her. Someone is lurking in the alley when Dolores leaves Jake's, alone.

Sonny follows Kate to Chicago and asks her why she lied about going on a business trip to Palm Beach, Florida. She admits that she has been coming to Chicago to meet with someone. Johnny gets drunk at his auto repair shop. Carly checks up on him. Shawn asks Carly out. She concludes that he wants to date her to keep her away from Johnny Maggie keeps holding Steve's crime over his head. Olivia puts Maggie in her place. Steve asks Olivia not to let Maggie get to her. Olivia interrupts Johnny kissing Carly. Olivia has another dizzy spell. Olivia tells Johnny about Maggie, but gets mad when he suggests that Steve and Maggie might be having an affair. Olivia confronts Steve and asks him point blank what he and Maggie did.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Patty is reunited with Paul and Father Todd at the cabin. Ronan comes in to take Patty to the police department. After Paul and Father Todd take Patty out, Ronan goes through Patty’s purse and finds a pillow with a kitty cat on the front. Ashley visits Jack in his hospital room and tells him all about Patty. At home, Genevieve thanks Victor for his concern but lets him know that this is between her and Jack. Genevieve vows to Victor that she will make Jack understand why she purchased Beauty of Nature. Billy and Victoria just get home from the hospital when Jill comes to visit. Billy tells her what went on with Jack and Patty, and that Jack may never walk again. Phyllis tries to comfort Nick over Jack’s condition. Phyllis lets Nick know how much he means to her. Nick returns the sentiment. Nikki gets upset with Victor about him not showing any sympathy over Jack and his condition. Tucker arrives at the hospital and informs Ashley and Traci that Patty was found. Genevieve visits Jack at the hospital.

Patty is arrested and brought into the police department. Paul comforts Patty when she is about to be questioned. When Ronan asks Patty about the cushions, she admits she made them. Ronan tells Paul that Deacon was right about Patty’s involvement with Diane’s murder. Emily lures Patty aside to talk to her, but Patty just stares at her. Nikki accuses Victor of bringing Patty back into town to hurt Jack. Victor denies the accusations. In talking to Jack, Genevieve denies knowing anything at all about Patty posing as Myrna. Jack asks Genevieve if she is the owner of FMN. Genevieve confesses to Jack that she is the owner of FMN and purchased Beauty of Nature. Jack demands answers from Genevieve as to why she didn’t show up at the church. Jack orders Genevieve out of his room. Genevieve apologizes as she goes out the door. Paul asks Ricky why he lied about how he found Patty. Nikki blasts Victor for his indifference to Jack. Ashley lets Jack know that they found Patty. Ricky visits Phyllis and tells her that he got them a Pulitzer Prize winning story on Patty. Genevieve calls Victor and asks him when can they meet. Nikki visits Jack.

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