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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill wants Liam to call Steffy and have her come home. Liam tells him he has not been listening. He is through with that relationship and has to move on. He’s packing up some of her stuff now for when she wants to pick them up. Bill is stymied; he feels like he is in quicksand and that he doesn’t understand his son at all. Liam states he wants less of Bill…..less lies, less manipulation, less wanting to make all his decisions. That’s not what will make him a man. Hope tells Katie that the last thing she wants to do is add pressure to Liam’s situation. She believes they will be together so she is not going to reveal Bill as the culprit that exchanged Steffy’s MRI. Eric is stunned to hear that Pam stole the designs and gave them to Jackie and Nick and that Stephanie is not going to press charges against family. But she did let her go from Forrester’s. Amber walks in on the closed meeting and Ridge shouts that this is what is wrong… privacy with everyone walking in.

Ridge is forced to ask Rick to drop Amber but Rick can stay since his designs and the sales figures are higher than Ridge’s now. Rick says he and Amber are a team so that wouldn’t be fair, so he sees an executive decision coming on. Liam lambastes Bill more and tells him that he has a sister that barely talks to him, a wife who keeps leaving and a son who used to look up to him but can’t stand the sight of him now. He can keep Justin and his yes men around him if that makes him happy but that isn’t what Liam wants. Bill admits his own father couldn’t stand the mere fact that he existed. He had no one to teach him how to be a man. He had to figure that out by himself so yes maybe he has a screwed up concept of what that is. Liam scoffs that Bill needs to get a dog. Liam further says that Bill was his hero; he wanted to be just like him with better manners. But he’s not a genius; he’s just a rich man with a tiny idea of life around him. He’s generous when it benefits him, but if people knew what he really meant when he says he loves them, they’d take off running. Ridge closes the door leaving only Rick. He muses they need to have an understanding. Rick says they do; they always have. Ridge reminds him that Rick works for him; maybe they should start with that. Rick says okay, but let the sales speak for themselves. Ridge says he will accept that and he will even accept Amber as the draftsman if Rick is that desperate, but the attitude he will not tolerate. Rick squares off with just how much deference does Ridge’s ego need? His father started the company so that gives Rick just as much right as Ridge does to be here, even in this office…..and technically even more so. For now he’s CEO.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

EJ and Nicole talked about his knowing the questions for the debate in advance.  Nicole warned EJ not to say too much because Will might have heard him.  EJ wasnít worried about Will saying anything.  Sami went to Madisonís room and told her about her idea for sabotaging Kateís campaign.  Madison dropped the bomb that she was pulling the plug on the plan.  EJ informed Nicole that he has Willís loyalty and he knows that Will wonít say anything to Abe.  Will agreed that he would keep quiet.  Nicole demanded to know what was going on between them.  Hope talked to Bo about wanting to know about Aliceís secret.  Sheís also afraid to find out what it is.  There was a part of Hope that wanted to throw the key in the river.  Bo warned Hope that finding out the truth is like making a deal with the devil.  This was the moment that Stefano walked in the room.  EJ assured Nicole that nothing was going on between him and Will.  EJ told Nicole that he knew about the money that she transferred to Will.  Nicole wanted to explain, but EJ told her that she didnít need to do it.  Nicole was surprised that EJ wasnít upset about it.  Nicole didnít like the fact that Will informed EJ that she paid him.  Will reminded her that he works for EJ and not her.  Nicole decided that she would quit since EJ didnít want to let her in his inner circle.  Stefano told Hope that he gave her a fair warning about opening the box.  Bo reminded Stefano that he has something to lose as well.  Sami was upset that Madison wanted to pull the plug on the plan.  Sami trusted Madison and now sheís hanging her out to dry.  Madison assured Sami that she will protect her against Kate.  Sami wanted to know how she planned to help her out.  Nicole reminded EJ that she was not going to be able to help him if sheís kept in the dark.  EJ let her know that heís protecting Will.  Nicole wanted to know why heís protecting Will.  EJ dropped the bomb that heís blackmailing Will.  Will was surprised that EJ dropped the bomb.  EJ told Nicole that Will was the one who shot him and not Lucas. 

Sami thought that Madisonís plan was to double cross her.  Sami yelled at Madison because she believes that Madison is going to cover herself and let Sami take the fall for her illegal actions.  Sami warned Madison that she will not let Madison do that to her.  Stefano tried once again to convince Hope not to go through with opening the box.  Hope thought that Alice had something on Stefano that could put him away for years.  Stefano informed her that Alice wouldnít let him get away with murder.  Stefano warned Hope that she has no idea which family memberís secret is in the box.  Hope believes sheís doing the right thing by opening the box.  Stefano told Hope that when they open the box, he wants his envelope and doesnít want anyone else to see it.  Nicole, EJ, and Will continued to talk about Lucas covering for Will.  Will didnít like what EJ was saying about Lucas, but EJ didnít care.  Madison continued to convince Sami that the plan is too dangerous and they have to stop it.  Sami didnít believe that was why she was calling it off.  Sami thought that Madison was doing it for Brady.  Bo believed that Stefano was afraid to find out what was in the safety deposit box.  Stefano wasnít concerned about what his family would think of him.  They already know what he is capable of doing.  Stefano believed that Alice was no match for him.  Madison and Sami continued to go back and forth about ending the plan.  EJ believed that it was time for them to put all of their cards on the table.  Will wanted to know if he meant all of the cards.  EJ looked surprised by that question.  Will wanted to know if he should put all of his cards on the table.  Will thought that Nicole should know everything that is going on between him and EJ.  EJ told Will to tell her everything.  Sami was through talking with Madison and decided to quit.  Stefano tried one more time to keep Hope from opening the box.  Hope put the key in the box and she was about to open it.  EJ decided to tell Nicole everything.  He told her how he bought Will a car and a new apartment.  Hope and Stefano opened the box and saw the envelopes. Hope asked Bo if she was doing the right thing.  Bo told her that it was her call.  She stared at the envelope.  Madison told Sami that she couldnít keep working for Kate because she canít trust her.  Sami trusted Madison, but it didnít get her anywhere.  Sami warned Madison that Countess W is going to bury Mad World into the ground.  Later Sami arrived home and saw Willís bags packed.  Will told her he was moving out.  Nicole wanted to know why EJ bought Will a car and an apartment.  She suspected that Will might be blackmailing him too.  Before he left, Stefano warned Hope that she would never forget whatís in the envelope.  Sami wanted to know why Will was moving out.  She wanted to know where he would go. She thought that he was going to move in with Marlena.  Will let her know that EJ bought him a place.  Sami wanted to continue to talk about it, but he didnít want to talk to her about it.  Sami demanded to know what was going on with him. 

GH Recap Written by Rebecca

Jason and Sam talk about Jason’s test results. Sam is frustrated and hates being in limbo. They are both anxious to get Sam’s test results from Kelly. Jason promises her that nothing will change between them. Elizabeth is sorting medical files and comes across Jason’s file. Matt sees her and tells her that Robin and Patrick are monitoring Jason. Elizabeth explains how she’s tired of losing everyone. Ewen arrives and wants to know if she would like to take another trip to the storage closet.

Maxie calls Matt and wants him to come over right away. Lulu stops by to see Maxie. Maxie apologizes for lecturing Lulu about her drinking. Lulu asks Maxie if Kate is in and what kind of mood she’s in. Suddenly, Kate emerges from her office, barking about an employee. Spinelli arrives with a bouquet of flowers. Matt arrives and is curious about what is going on. Before Maxie can make him jealous he gets called back to the hospital. At the PCPD, Mac leaves another message for Maxie. He explains that texting isn’t working for him. Alexis tells him that young girl’s text instead of talk. They talk about who their daughters should date and flirt with each other.

Sonny tries to give money to GH in Dante’s name. Dante stops him and says that he can’t buy redemption. Dante doesn’t want to be associated in any way to Sonny’s money. Dante leaves and Kate arrives. He tells her about the argument with Dante. She tells him that she has to go out of town for business. Tracy and Edward tell Michael that they are sorry to hear about Abby’s passing. He explains that he is there to clean out her desk. They are surprised when Michael offers to write up a business proposal on a project that he had been working on before he left ELQ. TJ tries to ignore Molly but she assures him that many people have issues with reading. He insists that he can read, but she doesn’t believe him. Lulu enters Kelly’s and TJ tries to flirt with her. Lulu tells Dante that she needs to find a job because she needs to keep busy.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

The surgeons work to save Jack’s life while his family stands by outside waiting for word. Nick arrives at the hospital, with the help of his crutches, to give comfort to the family. At the church, Paul voices his concern as to Patty and to her safety if anyone finds her. Ricky spends time with Patty and notices that she is going back in time to when she and Jack were married. Cane spends time with Genevieve and finds out why she purchased Beauty of Nature. Genevieve thanks Cane for defending her at the hospital against the Abbotts. Nikki voices her concern when Victor wants to take care of Kyle while Jack is in the hospital. Sharon sits by Adam’s bedside. Nikki orders Victor to stay away from Kyle. Victor promises the Abbott family that he will take care of Kyle during Jack’s recovery, but the Abbotts insist that they will take care of Kyle themselves. Cane tells Genevieve how she hurt him. Sharon questions Adam about Patty. Adam opens up to Sharon about his involvement with Patty and how much she hated Genevieve. Patty remembers shooting Jack. Abby offers to spend time with Kyle. The surgeons begin to lose Jack. Jack visits heaven and meets his father, John.

Genevieve asks Cane how she hurt him. Cane lets Genevieve know that he cannot be her son anymore. Victor informs Nick that he and Sharon are having their marriage annulled. Traci suddenly feels a “draft” in the hospital. Jack asks his father if he is dead. Ronan gets a lead on Patty. Adam urges Sharon to go and check on Jack. Sharon tells Phyllis and Nick about Adam. Nick feels no sympathy for Adam. Patty tells Ricky that Adam helped her escape from the mental hospital. John urges Jack to go back home. Victor visits Genevieve to let her know that Jack will be fine. Ronan and Paul find Ricky with Patty. Jack finds out that he may never walk again.

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