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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie is very hurt and disappointed that Pam betrayed her family and gave the designs to Jackie M. She won’t take responsibility for Stephen’s leaving Pam or that being the reason that Pam did what she did. She tried to accept him into the family, just as Pam now has to take responsibility for what she did. No one forced her to do this. Pam asks that Stephanie forgive her. Stephanie says she is furious but more amazed. She just doesn’t know who her sister is anymore. Katie tells Liam that she’s still trying to make nice with Bill, but it’s gonna take time. She does believe though that Steffy wasn’t involved, at least not in the MRI exchange and faking the blood clot. It still doesn’t erase a lot of things she has done and he should not tolerate that. Katie knows she should not tolerate Bill so much either, but she cries that she loves him so much. Steffy tells Ridge that she is not going to give up on her marriage; Liam has been given his space and he just needs time. Ridge grouses that Liam doesn’t need time. He needs Ridge to make the decision for him. Hope talks to Steffy and admits she doesn’t want to tell the world about Bill; that wouldn’t help Liam. Ridge barges in on Liam and reminds him that he has one wife, no matter what she has done, and he needs to stay true to her.

Brooke tells Steffy that she doesn’t want her to get her hopes up. Liam loves Hope and Steffy giving him space won’t cure that. Just do the right thing, and don’t move back. Pam begs Stephanie not to give up on her now, not after all they have been through together. She has lost her mother and now Stephen. She can’t lose Stephanie too. Stephanie explains that this time she can not write this off as another of Pam’s pranks. With Pam begging her the whole way, Stephanie walks her to the elevator and tells her that she has to go. Eric and Ridge will never forgive her this time. She hopes it was worth it. The elevator door closes with Pam all alone. Steffy tells Hope that she gave Liam his space, not so he could hang out with Hope but to remind him where he belongs. Ridge emphasizes again to Liam that he likes being his father-in-law and he doesn’t know the full story and that doesn’t matter, but he feels like Bill has had something to do with this. He and Brooke have had rough times over the years but they always made it through and came back together, so will Liam and Steffy. Hope calls Liam and says she does not want to pressure him. It’s a huge day and she just wanted to hear his voice and to tell him that she loves him. Liam agonizes, he has a decision to make.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

While Will was at the loft looking at Gabi’s picture, Sonny arrived.  They start talking about movies. Sonny told Will that he and his date would want to see that.  Sonny told Will not to tell him that he’s uncomfortable being alone with him.  Will told him that wasn’t the problem.  Will asked Sonny how does someone know if they’re gay.  Jack, Jennifer, and Abby are at the Horton house.  Abby shared the great news that she was offered an internship at Mad World Cosmetics and she’s been asked to model. Jack was happy to hear the news.  Jennifer was not happy about the news.  She would rather Abby admit that she was pregnant than model for Madison.  Sonny explained to Will when he realized that he was gay.  Jennifer didn’t want Abby to live on cigarettes and water.  Jennifer also didn’t think that Abby would be able to model and go to school.  Abby assured Jennifer that Madison would make sure that the modeling would fit in her schedule.  Carrie informed Rafe that her law firm cut the funding for their company because they weren’t bringing in enough money.  Rafe was convinced that their business was finished without Carrie’s company backing them.  Madison told Brady that she’s pulling the plug on her plan against Kate.  She doesn’t want Sami to spy for her anymore.  Abby told Jennifer that she is going to model regardless of how she feels about it.  Jack was happy that Abby was modeling with Melanie and not some muscle bound guy.  Jennifer thought that Abby would end up failing her classes and forbade Abby from modeling.  Carrie thought that she and Rafe could have made the business work with more time.  Rafe didn’t know what he would do besides work on Abe’s campaign.  Carrie said that her law firm has a spot for her in the Switzerland office. 

Jack played referee for Abby and Jennifer.  Abby didn’t want Jennifer forbidding her from modeling.  Jack informed Abby that Jennifer was only concerned for her.  Abby said that she can take care of herself.  Abby told Jennifer that she’s taking the job.  Jennifer told Abby that the Horton house is not her home anymore if she takes the job.  Jennifer told Abby to move out.  Sonny continued to explain to Will what is was like being gay and coming out to everyone.  Will began to understand Sonny’s situation.  Carrie told Rafe that Austin doesn’t want to move back to Switzerland.  She also told Rafe that she and Austin can afford to stay in Salem on just his salary.  Rafe told Carrie that he didn’t want her to go back to Switzerland.  Jennifer and Abby continued to fight over Abby’s decision to be a model.  Jennifer let Abby know that she and Jack were not going to keep paying for her tuition if she’s not going to be in school.  Abby informed Jennifer that she will pay for everything herself if she has to do it.  Abby stormed out of the house.  Carrie tried calling contacts to see if she could find a position at a law firm in Salem.  She turned up empty.  She realized that she was going to have to start packing.  Rafe told her that he didn’t want her to go and they will work things out somehow.  He said he will work overtime for Abe so they can keep their business open. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Mac asks Spinelli what Maxie is up to that is causing her to avoid him. Spinelli says he rarely sees Maxie even though they share a roof. Mac says he knows Spinelli is trying to weasel his way back into Maxie's life and warns him not to mess it up with Maxie and Matt. Spinelli protests that he would treat Maxie better than Matt does. Molly helps TJ with homework. They don't agree on anything. Carly thinks it is admirable that Shawn is trying to be there for TJ. Shawn believes it must be hard for TJ having his whole life turned upside down. Molly perceives that TJ can't read. Luke goes to Wyndemere and interrupts Ethan's romantic lunch with Cassandra. He warns her about Helena. Je suggests that Ethan get to know more about Cassandra before he gets in too deep. He warns Ethan that people don't block out happy memories. Ethan concedes that Cassandra may eventually remember, but in the meantime they are having a great time and he intends to continue. Luke exits through the catacombs, but he isn't alone. Someone knocks him unconscious.

The police question Johnny about the King Street explosion. He overhears Padilla talking to her husband about not getting a job and offers to put in a word with someone he knows. Ewen tells the officer what he has compiled in his profile of the Vaughn’s dancers’ attacker and assures them that it was not Donofrio. Ronnie doesn't find the profile information helpful. Dante invites Dolores and Eddie to go out with Lulu and him sometime. Tracy refuses to live in the boathouse so she tries to book a room at the Metro Court only to have Anthony's credit card declined. Johnny informs them that he cut off Anthony's finances. Johnny tells Tracy that now that he knows he is Gino Soleito's son, he intends to claim the money that Gino left behind. Anthony cautions Johnny to be careful how he uses the information about his true parentage. Johnny says he has big plans for Anthony. Carly confronts Sonny, saying he has made their kids targets again. He asks her how long she and Johnny have been buddies. She recalls to him how badly she took it when she found out that she had been adopted and her whole life had been a lie. Alexis overhears part of the conversation and wants to know what Sonny has done to endanger the children. He assures her that the Zaccharas are not a threat. She wonders what made him call Kristina to check on her if that is the case. Dante asks Sonny not to go after the Zaccharas. Sonny tells Dante that he is about to make him an offer he can't refuse.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Patty shoots Jack in the abdomen and grabs Abby as a hostage in order to aid in her escape from the church. Sharon finds Adam, blinded, in the shed and immediately calls an ambulance. Tucker finds out from Emily that it had been Patty whom he had talked to hours before. Ashley and Traci beg for Patty to release Abby, but Patty insists on using her as a shield to manage to get out of the church. Ricky searches the computer for evidence and finds info on the Archdiocese. Tucker calls the police to let them know that Patty is back in town and wrecking havoc. Genevieve tells Cane that she called off the wedding to Jack. Ashley and Traci are relieved when Abby enters the church unharmed. Paul accompanies her. Paul tells Ashley and Traci that Patty was the co-conspirator in Diane’s death and they have to find her. Ricky listens to Tucker and Emily as they discuss that it was Emily’s fault for the trouble that Patty is in. Paul and Victor visit Genevieve to let her know that Jack was shot and is in critical condition. Paul tells Genevieve that Patty, his sister, had been working for her and that she had been posing as Myrna. Victor stays with Genevieve to lend moral support. The surgeon gives the family a report on Jack and his condition that he had a lacerated kidney and that the bullet lodged near his spine. Sharon stands by Adam as he gets a prognosis from his doctor. Adam asks to see his specialist to aid in his treatment. Cane finds via the internet that Jack was shot. Tracy reveals to Abby how afraid that she was for Abby’s safety because of Colleen. Paul relives memories of times with Patty in the psych ward of the mental hospital. Patty finds refuge in a church.

At the shed on the Newman ranch, Paul and Ronan see Adam’s blood and wonders what he was doing there with Patty. Paul tells Ronan about the courier that Patty knocked unconscious. Paul vows to stop Patty. Ricky visits Father Todd to let him know who he is and about Patty's troubles. Police officers question Adam about being with Patty in the shed. Sharon asks Victor to talk to Adam and to aid him moral support and encouragement. Victor refuses. Genevieve joins the Abbott family at the hospital and inquires about Jack. Ashley and Abby wonder why Genevieve did not shown up for her own wedding. Nikki steps in and lets the family know that Genevieve secretly purchased Beauty of Nature. Victor calls for a specialist of his own to examine Adam, without him finding out. Sharon promises to stand by Adam through the duration. The Abbott family force Genevieve and Cane to leave. Ricky finds Patty, tells her who he is, and offers to protect her.

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