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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill tells Liam that it isn’t fair to punish Steffy for something that he did. Liam previously said he wanted Bill to act more like a father than a CEO, so Bill says be careful what you wish for. Liam says Steffy may not have known that Bill lied about this, but she is not entirely innocent. Liam says he needs to make his own decisions and he does not need Bill’s help. Liam is disgusted and tells Bill that he is not going to expose him. He’s not doing it to protect Bill, but for all the people here in this building who look up to him and now would wonder who is this man. During a conversation, Donna admits to Brooke that she knows who stole her designs. She goes into this long story about Pam and Nick going on Let’s Make a Deal. Stephanie walks in and wonders why they are talking about her sister. Pam tells Nick that she has to confess that she took the designs and will never do it again. That was the way she was raised, to stand by your family. This is the kind of revenge that Donna will need to get even with her. She has to tell her family before Donna does.

Pammy comes to see Stephanie just as Donna is about to tell Stephanie that it was Pam that took the designs to Jackie M. Pam finishes the explanation of why she did it. It was just after Stephen left her and she felt all alone and unloved. Jackie M. was family and she just wanted to help. Liam states that from this moment on he considers himself separated until they sort this out. Steffy cries that she will move back to her mother’s house. She has enough faith in her marriage that she won’t try to stop him. Bill tells her that she was incredible and she has not lost her marriage yet. She was strong and Liam may be a man, but he doesn’t know yet if he wants Bambi or Steffy. Liam and Hope confess their love for each other. She tells him he has a lot of thinking to do. Is it too late for them or just their beginning?

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

John was at the pub.  He ran into Sami and they started talking.  He thanked her for including him for Sydneyís party. She thanked him for the gift.  He told her that Marlena was looking forward to spending time with Sydney.  Sami didnít really seem to believe that.  John started talking to her about her new job working for Kate.  Sami wanted to know what he meant by that.  While at the office, Carrie spilled coffee and Rafe walked in and helped her out.  Carrie told Rafe that she and Austin got into a fight and he didnít come home.  Carrie didnít know where Austin was.  Austin spent the night at Salem University.  Abby walked in and saw Austin there.  She wanted to know what happened.  Austin told her how he and Carrie had a huge fight.  Carrie continued to talk to Rafe about her problems with Austin.  Rafe wanted to talk to Austin about whatís going on between them.  Carrie didnít think that was a good idea.  Carrie believed that Rafe would make things worse.  John informed Sami that he wasnít trying to be nosy.  They started talking about her job with Kate.  Sami mentioned how she used to be a good mother, but she canít be there for the kids the way she used to be.  John asked Sami if the job is worth it if she canít be around for the kids.  Rafe told Carrie that if her spending time with him is causing her marital problems, he will not lean on her anymore.  Carrie informed Rafe that she and Austin were having problems ever since she represented John in his court case.  They continued to discuss her problems with Austin.  Carrie remembered a time when she and Austin made time with each other. She wondered if spending time together with Austin is important anymore.  Abby tried to console Austin because of his fight with Carrie.  Austin checked his phone and saw that he had no messages from Carrie.  Abby thought Carrie was crazy not to work things out with him.  Rafe talked to Carrie about his problems with Sami.  He also talked to her about Will taking Sydney to EJ as well as Willís behavior.

Sami didnít appreciate John telling her about whether her job is worth not spending time with her kids.  She reminded him that he hasnít been around for her for a long time so he doesnít have the right to tell her that.  John tried to explain what he meant by what he said, but Sami was too frustrated with him to listen to him.  She ended up storming off.  Austin and Abby ended up at the town square to have coffee.  Rafe and Carrie ended up there too.  Carrie didnít realize that Austin had a breakfast date.  Abby assured Carrie that she was not his date.  Rafe thought that he and Abby should give Austin and Carrie some privacy.  Sami showed up at the town square and told Rafe about her conversation with John.  She said that John gave her some real insight, but she was running late and had to get to work.  Rafe told her that they needed to talk.  Austin and Carrie talked to each other.  They want to try to work things out.  Sami told Rafe that she wanted to spend time with him, but they need her paycheck.  She will work until Rafe and Carrieís business is a huge success and then she will stay home.  They exchange I love yous to each other.  Carrie and Austin finally made up with each other.  Sami met with Madison at the town square.  Sami and Madison talked about taking Kate down.  Madison seemed to have second thoughts about taking Kate down.  She didnít want anything to happen to Sami and she didnít want to lose Brady.  Sami didnít like the idea of Madison thinking about Brady instead of focusing on taking Kate down.  Madison cared about Sami and Brady and thought that they should abort the plan.  Sami didnít like the idea because she didnít know what would happen to her.  She wasnít sure if she would keep working for Kate or end up without a job at all.  Sami believed that they didnít have a choice because they are in too deep.  She didnít want to stop the plan.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Robin tells Jason that he is suffering with cerebral edema - swelling of the brain. She wants to run more tests and tells him that he may need another surgery. Sam has cramps at the office so she goes to see Dr. Lee, who says everything should be ok. She runs into Jason and wonders why he is there. He says they can talk about it at home. Elizabeth eavesdrops. Maxie overhears Matt and Elizabeth talking about Elizabeth's life plans and cattily interrupts. Matt tells her she needs to stop it with Elizabeth. She tells him that he needs to stop it with Elizabeth. Matt asks Elizabeth to try to get along with Maxie for his sake. She tells him it is up to him to set Maxie straight about their friendship. Maxie goes to see Spinelli to vent about Matt and Elizabeth. He offers to help her make Matt jealous.

Lulu tells Luke about her drinking. She admits that she understands how he felt when everyone confronted him about his drinking. She wants to know why he has been avoiding her when she needs him and he says her didnít want to do any more damage to her. She breaks down in tears and tells him she doesnít know why she feels so lost. He comforts her and they agree that they just want the other to be who they are, but Lulu adds that Luke is better with Tracy.

Sonny asks why Kate wasnít in San Francisco. She wonders if he has trust issues. He reveals that the Zaccharas have been making threats so he needs to know she is safe. Johnny kisses Carly. Carly wants to help him with whatever is bothering him. Johnny tells her that she canít do anything for him. He shows her the birth certificate that he got from Sonny. She tells him it doesn't change who he is. He disagrees. He says it changes everything.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

A maid brings Sharon some of her things from the mansion. Victor searches for info on Genevieve. Nikki finds out from Victor that Genevieve and Jack purchased Beauty of Nature. Cane lets Lily know that FMN is his mother’s company and they are the ones who purchased Beauty of Nature. Genevieve thanks Tracy and Ashley for all the beautiful gifts. Ashley questions Genevieve about Myrna. Paul finds info on the computer to link Myrna to Diane’s murder. Patty mumbles to herself that she will hate Genevieve forever as she holds a gun in her hand. Adam walks in and asks Patty what she is doing with a gun. Tucker calls Ashley to tell her that he needs to see her before the wedding. Tucker bumps into Abby and Victoria. Victoria tells Abby about the sale of Beauty of Nature. When Victor receives a call, Nikki sneaks out. Genevieve gets a visit from Cane who needs to talk to her. Cane confronts Genevieve about her purchasing Beauty of Nature. Jack lets Billy know how upset he is over losing Beauty of Nature and he blames Adam. Adam tries to prevent Patty from stopping the wedding, but she throws acid in his face and knocks him unconscious. Cane refuses to walk Genevieve down the aisle. Genevieve orders Cane out. Nikki pays Jack a visit to let him know that Genevieve purchased Beauty of Nature. Jack denies being part of the purchase. Patty sneaks into Genevieve’s home and spies the wedding gown lying on the chair. Victor pays Sharon a visit with the annulment papers and warns her again that her involvement with Adam may cost her custody of Faith. Jack remembers that Genevieve got a statement from her bank in the Cayman Islands. Ronan and Paul try to strike up a deal with Deacon to obtain the needed information to find out who really killed Diane. Genevieve writes a letter to Jack letting him know that she cannot marry him.

When Genevieve goes out of the room, Patty reads the letter that she wrote to Jack. Genevieve sends the letter to Jack via courier. Patty confronts the courier and knocks him unconscious in order to obtain the envelope meant for Jack. Victor finds out from Nikki that Jack did not know anything about Genevieve purchasing Beauty of Nature. Everyone arrives at the church for the wedding. Patty, in Genevieve’s wedding gown, takes her place. Tucker runs into Emily at the coffeehouse and finds out that she just arrived in town. Paul and Ronan find out from Deacon about a woman who had stolen evidence from his hiding place. When Paul shows him a picture of Patty, Deacon lets them know that she was the woman he saw in the alley. Genevieve notices that her wedding gown is missing. Sharon finds Adam unconscious in the shed unable to see. At the altar, Jack pulls the veil off the woman’s face and thinks that it is Emily, but she lets him know that it is Patty right before she pulls the gun out and shoots Jack.

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