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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam finds it hard to believe that it was just Bill that made up all these lies about Steffy’s brain clot and scan. Despite her vigorous protestations, he still believes that Steffy was in on it because she has done nothing but lie to him all along. Bill tells Justin that the cat is out of the bag and Liam knows the truth now. He tried to save the marriage, but he may have destroyed it. But he’s not going to lose his family over this. Liam and Hope walk in and he wants to hear the whole story. Bill explains that he knew Liam was going to leave Steffy and he couldn’t let him make the biggest mistake of his life. He made a very generous contribution to the Cabo hospital in exchange for changing the MRI. Liam doesn’t even want Bill to call him son anymore; he just feels like his chess pawn. Bill does tell them that Steffy was not involved. He saw the problem and solved it; that’s just the way he is. He regrets it now. Hope says what he did was cruel and destructive and she will not forgive him. He tells her that he respects her now more than ever. He owes her and he will make it up to her. Brooke has to break the news to Ridge, Taylor and Thomas that Steffy’s marriage may be over. But Steffy refuses to talk about her father-in-law or any involvement on his part. She informs them that Liam loves her and she definitely is in love with him and she is not giving up on her marriage. They will work through this. Taylor can’t believe that Steffy recovered so quickly and Thomas just muses they need to get the marriage back on track and all will be okay. Brooke says she thinks it is a little more than that and she believes Hope and Liam are re-committing themselves to each other as they speak. Bill wants Hope to keep quiet. Anything she wants, he will give it to her. She vows that she wants Bill’s respect, but she also wants his son. He admits to Liam that he acted like a CEO, not a father, maybe he over compensated but he can’t do better if Liam won’t give him a chance. Don’t let this be a deal-breaker. Steffy joins them and hopes that Bill told them again that she was a victim here too and knew nothing about what Bill did. She does not blame them if they don’t believe Bill but it’s the truth. Bill declares again that Steffy was not involved so Liam can not end his marriage over this. If Liam wants to hate someone, then hate him, not Steffy. He tells Hope that he is sorry for what he put her through. He’s not going to interfere in the marriage again and Hope shouldn’t either. He tells Liam that he has two beautiful women that has honored him with their love, but he’s married to only one. He implores him to do what is right and stay with his wife.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the DiMera mansion, EJ wanted to know what Abe was doing by the desk.  Rafe and Carrie were still dancing at the pub.  Sami arrived in Salem early for Sydney’s party.  Sami looked in the window and saw Rafe and Carrie dancing.  At the town square, Hope insisted that she and Bo were going to find out what was in the safety deposit box.  Stefano warned her that the secrets in the box will destroy her family.  Stefano was willing to open the box with her.  Stefano informed Hope that Alice went to a lot of trouble to keep the secret hidden.  Hope told him that if it were meant to be a secret, Alice would have destroyed the key.  Stefano thought Alice got rid of the key and wanted to know where she found it.  EJ wanted to know if Abe was hiding something from him.  Abe said that EJ caught him red handed and he thought he was going to get away with it.  Rafe and Carrie finished dancing and Sami walked in the pub.  Austin also showed up at the pub and saw them all together.  Bo and Hope didn’t believe that Stefano didn’t know where Alice’s key was hidden.  Stefano wanted to know why Alice didn’t give Hope the key while she was still alive.  Bo didn’t appreciate that Stefano was spinning things to try and confuse them.  Hope warned Stefano that they weren’t playing his games, but he told them that they are already playing his game.  Sami was upset and wanted to know what was going on between Rafe and Carrie.  He told Sami that he and Carrie were just dancing.  Rafe told Sami that the prince and princess canceled on them.  Carrie also began to explain what was going on between them.  Austin understood why they were dressed in the costumes, but he wanted to know what was going on between them when he and Sami walked in on them.  Abe was able to get out of sneaking the fake questions in the desk by saying that he needed a pen to sign Sydney’s birthday card.  EJ wanted to give Abe his lucky pen because he was going to need luck.  They went back and forth talking about who was going to win the election. 

Rafe and Carrie continued to explain what was going on between them.  Rafe asked Sami if she would be the princess for the party.  Sami said that Carrie already had the costume and that there is too much to be done for the party.  Sami thought that Sydney was with her grandmother, but Rafe told her that she was with Will.  Sami wanted to know where Will took Sydney.  EJ warned Will that they should wrap up Sydney’s party and get her back before Sami gets back home.  Will was sure that Sami wouldn’t be back home for hours and that he had everything under control.  Abe told Jennifer that EJ almost caught him switching the questions.  EJ asked Nicole if the questions arrived and she said she put the envelope in a safe place.  Stefano reminded Bo and Hope that they need both keys and that he didn’t have to help them.  They knew that he wanted to know what was in the box just as much as they do.  He finally agreed to open the box, but on one condition.  Sami called Will because she wanted to find out where he took Sydney.  He told her that EJ had a party for Sydney and he took her to it.  He ended up hanging up on Sami.  She was upset about it.  Sami told Rafe that Will took Sydney to EJ and that he hung up on her.  She and Rafe were off to the DiMera mansion to get Sydney.  Carrie thought that Sydney’s party might get ruined.  Austin told Carrie that the day was ruined when he saw his wife in his brother-in-law’s arms.  Stefano’s condition was that he gets the contents of the box and no one else is to see it.  Hope didn’t agree to his terms.  Sami stormed into the DiMera mansion and she was very upset that Sydney was with EJ.  Sami yelled at EJ for taking her.  Sami thought he might have been trying to kidnap her again.  Nicole tried to defend EJ, but Sami wasn’t hearing it.  Sydney ran in the room and demanded that they stop arguing.  Sami wanted to take Sydney to the pub for the party, but she wanted EJ to be at the party.  Sami swallowed her pride and asked EJ to be at the party. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sonny tells Jason that Johnny is really the son of Claudia Zacchara and Gino Soleito and that Johnny will probably kill Anthony now that he knows about it. Carly admits to Luke that she likes Johnny Zacchara. Johnny tells Kate that Sonny retaliated against him for something he didn’t do and that a lot of people will be sorry. Johnny tells Kate that he intends to pay Sonny back with interest as soon as he finds the right ammunition. Johnny blows up the building at King Street Pier that Sonny bought out from under him while he was distracted by Sonny's parentage bombshell. Carly warns him that he is starting a war, but he corrects her that Sonny already started it and Sonny has a lot more to lose. He vows that he will break Sonny or die trying. Kate takes plans for the restaurant for Sonny to look at. She asks Sonny what he did to Johnny, but he dodges the subject. Upon hearing about the explosion, Sonny tells Kate that Johnny saved him the trouble of hiring a demolition crew. He asks her if she got the flowers he sent to her favorite hotel in San Francisco, but she didn’t stay there. Carly goes to Johnny’s place and says she wants to help him. He kisses her.

Maxie wants Lulu to come back to Crimson and criticizes her for laying around in sweats all day. She tells Lulu that Spinelli moved in with her. Lulu concludes that Maxie is trying to make Matt jealous in response to her own jealousy about Elizabeth. Maxie calls Lulu out on her drinking before noon and tells her that it is a problem. She warns her about her genetic predisposition. Lulu goes to talk to Luke at the Haunted Star. Spinelli tells Sam that the SOFOS's (Spouses of Friends of Spinelli) are now potential clients because they suspect the FOS's now that they have won money based on Spinelli’s predictions and are subsequently neglecting their significant others. He suggests that they wait, however, because he sees a baby furniture catalog on Sam's desk. Sam tells him that she isn’t sure she is ready. Spinelli tells Sam that he moved in with Maxie. Sam has cramps.

Robin discloses to Matt that she really went to Seattle to see an HIV specialist for her own case. Patrick asks Jason why he didn’t tell him about Robin's condition. He says it was Robin's place to tell him. Robin tells Jason his test results came back and he is not ok. Maxie overhears Matt and Elizabeth about choosing whom to be in a relationship with.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Jack and Genevieve come out of the kitchen after a breakfast of banana pancakes and eagerly await their wedding. Jack receives a call from Billy, who offers his help with the wedding. Cane and Lily also call to offer their help and support. Billy and Victoria spend quality time together before Jill arrives. Patty sits at a table at Crimson Lights when Tucker walks in and wants to know what she is doing there. Victor shows Adam his new office which is the men’s bathroom. Genevieve learns that Victor insists on meeting the head of FMN. Genevieve remembers her talk with Jack in which she asked for them not to talk business now but to wait until after the honeymoon. Billy and Victoria tell Jill about Chelsea and the baby. Jill and Chelsea finally meet.

Cane and Lily make plans to go to the wedding and to dance the night away. Chelsea tries to make Jill believe that she is appreciative of what Billy and Victoria are doing for her. In Tucker’s office, Adam tries to maneuver him into giving him a position at McCall Industries just as he had promised, but Tucker reneges on the offer. Emily makes plans to go to see Jack at home. Genevieve visits Victor and reveals that she is the owner of FMN. Victor is quite impressed that she is the owner as well as Jack’s fiancée. Victor tries to strike up a deal with Genevieve, but she fails to fall for his tactics. Emily tries to talk Jack into calling off his marriage to Genevieve, but he refuses. Cane finds out that FMN purchased Beauty of Nature. Outside the house, Emily remembers Jack proposing to Genevieve. Jill warns Billy and Victoria about Chelsea. Tucker makes Adam an offer that he would be crazy to refuse. Back at the shed, Emily takes out her gun to end Genevieve’s life if she tries to marry Jack.

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