Thursday 1/26/12 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam asks Brooke for a moment alone with Hope. Steffy rants at Bill that he made her think she had a ticking time bomb in her head. She tells Katie that she was the victim, she had nothing to do with this. He says instead of her going off on him, she should be thanking him. Liam was going to leave her and would have told her that in the hospital room in Cabo. He was only trying to stop that from happening. Maybe he did something despicable, but that is why he is where he is today. He pushes the buttons to make things happen. But his loyalty is clear. They may question his tactics, but he expects the Spencers to stick together. Steffy marches off saying she is going to find Liam and tell him this was all on his father. She just prays that she can save her marriage. And meanwhile she will tell her family that she is okay and not going to die any moment. Katie looks at Bill in disgust and asks how he can live with himself. It was stupid and dangerous and maybe even illegal. He tells her that he loves her and does not want this to tear them apart. They must keep this amongst themselves. She can’t understand why he would risk everything for Steffy. It’s not his son, it’s Steffy. She can’t live like this. He locked her in a tower, no one does that. She wants a man that can be honest with her. She needs time. Steffy charges into Forrester’s and sees Brooke first as she asks for Liam. Brooke tells her that she does know where he is, but she got the impression that their marriage was over so he does not want to see her. Liam tells Hope that maybe he doesn’t deserve it, maybe she can’t forgive him, but a fog has been lifted and he hopes she can. His and Steffy’s marriage from the beginning has just been a series of schemes, but that is over now. He refuses to live one more day that way. In moments of their joy, Steffy finds Liam and begs him to just wait and listen to her. Bill did this on his own. She had nothing to do with it and he must believe that.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Carrie showed up at the office and saw Rafe fiddling with a tiara.  He told her it was for Sydney’s birthday party.  Sami was supposed to take care of the gift, but she didn’t do it.  Jennifer and Abe were going over the questions for the debate.  Abe wasn’t happy about what they were doing to EJ.  Jennifer tried to convince Abe that EJ isn’t fighting fair.  Jennifer wanted to find a way to switch EJ’s questions without him knowing it.  EJ was at the DiMera mansion when Will showed up.  EJ had another assignment for Will.  EJ wanted Will to bring Sydney to the mansion because he is throwing a birthday party for her.  Bo and Hope met with Stefano at the town square.  They talked to him about the safety deposit box.  Stefano warned them to stop investigating the past.  Carrie finished the tiara for Rafe.  He was impressed and wondered if there was anything that she couldn’t do.  Will told EJ that he couldn’t bring Sydney to the mansion.  EJ didn’t want to hear that.  EJ knew that Sami would go ballistic if Sydney were at the mansion.  Will said he would ask Sami if he could bring Sydney to the mansion.  If she agreed to it, he would bring Sydney there.  If Sami said no, he wouldn’t do it because he didn’t want to kidnap his sister.  EJ accepted the deal and told Will to leave.  Hope, Bo, and Stefano continued to talk about Alice as well as what was in the box.  Lexie showed up at the Horton house while Abe and Jennifer were talking about the debate.  Lexie let Abe know that EJ wanted to invite Theo to Sydney’s birthday party.  Lexie wasn’t thrilled with seeing EJ, but she didn’t want that to come between Theo and Sydney.  Abe and Jennifer advised Lexie to take Theo to the party.  Jennifer wanted to make sure that everything went smoothly with the debate. 

EJ prepared the mansion for Sydney’s party.  Nicole was wondering why EJ was having the party when he knows how Sami will feel about it.  He wasn’t worried about Sami’s reaction.  Will brought Sydney to the DiMera mansion for the party.  Nicole spent some time with Sydney at the party.  Hope thought that Stefano didn’t want her and Bo to find out what was in the box. Stefano insisted that he was protecting his little art thief from the truth.  Hope was livid at the idea of being referred to as an art thief.  She reminded him that he stole years of her life and that he is not going to do that again.  Lexie, Theo, Abe, and Jennifer arrived at the mansion for the party.  Jennifer told Abe that the papers weren’t sent to EJ yet so they had time to switch the questions.  Abe wished he could tell Lexie what they were doing.  Jennifer reminded him that EJ’s ahead of him in the polls so he can’t let EJ have control over the city.  They have to stop him.  Hope told Stefano to open the box.  He warned her that the two secrets inside could destroy lives.  Hope was shocked that there are two secrets in the box.  Jennifer was talking to Will and she found out that he’s working for EJ.  Abe wondered how long he’s been working for EJ.  Will told him that he’s been working for EJ for two weeks.  Abe told Will that he could have come to him and he would have made room for him to work there.  Bo wanted Stefano to tell him and Hope more about the two secrets.  Stefano began to remind them about the arrangement he had with Alice.  Stefano told Bo and Hope that he had a secret about someone in Alice’s family that she wouldn’t want out.  Alice also had dirt on Stefano. Hope realized that they decided to put the secrets in the safety deposit box.  Someone arrived at the mansion with an envelope that Nicole put in a drawer. Jennifer and Abe assumed it was the questions for the debate.  While EJ was taking pictures of Sydney, Abe took the opportunity to sneak in the drawer.  EJ saw Abe and wanted to know what he was doing.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Elizabeth and Ethan spend time at the Haunted Star getting to know each other better. Alexis figures out that Sam is pregnant, but senses that something is wrong.  Dante finds Michael standing over Chuck Donofrio's body with a gun in his hand, but believes Michael when he says Donofrio was already dead when he got there. Dante tells Michael to leave, which he does, with Jason secretly following him. Michael tells Jason that he didn’t do it. They clear the air about Jax. Ronnie thinks it is Karma that they had to let Donofrio go only for him to be killed immediately afterwards. Dolores doesn't think Donofrio is the Vaughn’s dancer attacker. She and Dante agree to keep looking.

Anthony pays Sonny a visit. Sonny wonders what kind of man would let a man twice his daughter's age get away with violating her. Anthony tells Sonny he had no right to tell Johnny his true parentage, and threatens that he will have to hurt one of Sonny's kids in return. Tracy tells Edward that Anthony is moving in. Edward asks Alice to move Tracy's things to the honeymoon suite so she and Anthony can enjoy their privacy. Johnny gets drunk and destroys all Anthony's orchids. Anthony asks if that is his way of getting even. Johnny says they aren't close to even yet. Sonny makes ready to "take back what is his."

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Jeffrey is on his way back to Genoa City but he doesn’t know exactly what he is looking for. Paul sees Nikki at Crimson Lights and tells her that he and Ronan are trying to get Spencer to drop the charges against her. Spencer tells Ronan that he will charge Nikki and Ronan with murder unless someone else comes forward with additional information. Jack and Genevieve walk into Crimson Lights to celebrate his release and their upcoming wedding, but all Jack wants to know is who purchased Beauty of Nature. In their beachfront hideaway, Kevin refuses to talk to Angelina about her lies. At the ranch, Victor tells Sharon that he knows that she was with Adam the night before. Gloria and Angelo have drinks and discuss how much she misses Kevin. She urges Angelo to try to find her baby. Jeffrey has coffee at Crimson Lights but doesn’t have the money to pay for it. Jill walks in and tells the waitress that she will pay for it. Jill looks around and sees that it is Jeffrey that she purchased the coffee for. Paul finds a clue on Myrna’s household computer which shows that she may have had something to do with Diane's death. Myrna talk to a stuffed pillow in the shape of a cat and blames Paul for having to leave Genevieve’s home. Myrna makes plans to leave the shed. Genevieve tries to change the subject when she sees that Jack is so upset over losing Beauty of Nature. Sharon tries to change the subject, but Victor insists on an answer as to where she was. Victor blames Sharon for his plan falling through in his setting Adam up for a fall. Victor warns Sharon that because of her night with Adam, Nick may sue for full custody of Faith. He announces that their marriage will be annulled. Angelo calls Dino to try to find Kevin and put him “on ice.” Kevin makes plans to build a raft to get himself off the island. Genevieve rehearses her little speech of what she will tell Jack about purchasing Beauty of Nature.

Davis alerts Genevieve to Victor’s plans to look at her books. Genevieve and Jack agree not to discuss business until after their wedding. Jeffrey lets Jill know that he doesn’t remember anything about Gloria. Jill takes Jeffrey to where Gloria and Angelo are partying and he doesn’t recognize Gloria or Angelo. Myrna comes up with a plan to stop the wedding. Dino makes plans to find Kevin. Nikki lets Paul know that Victor’s and Sharon’s marriage is over. Ronan interrupts Genevieve and alerts her of Myrna’s possible involvement in Diane’s death. Emily (Patty) runs into Jack at the Athletic Club and tries to get him not to marry Genevieve. Victor and Sharon say goodbye. Nikki arrives at the ranch.

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