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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy and Liam are beyond shocked to see Katie stare at Bill and demand that he tell them what he did. Katie will not shut up. She starts laying out the entire scheme which she thinks both Bill and Steffy shared. Bill is like a deer caught in the headlights as Steffy begs him to tell them the truth, that she had nothing to do with this. And none of them can believe that Bill actually locked Katie up in the tower to keep her from talking. He stammers it was to keep Katie from telling lies which they would not understand. He tries to worm out of it by saying perhaps there was a mixup in the charts in Cabo, but that doesn’t matter. The important thing was Steffy was in danger and Liam needed to stay with her. Liam won’t listen to any more lies any forces Bill to say that he was the one who exchanged the x-rays. Liam is shattered. Hope tells her mother that she can not stand there and give speeches that backfired against her. Her message about values only pushed Liam away. She wants to tell that to Ridge herself, not come from someone else. She feels like a fraud and her values are archaic and she is finally catching on. Liam married Steffy, so her own principals didn’t mean very much. Brooke tells her if Liam married Steffy, then Hope wasn’t the loser. She begs Hope not to give up now. She’s stronger than this.

Hope agrees with her mother. She is not going to stop saying what she believes and compromise her integrity. Steffy can say what she wants. Brooke tells her that Hope is everything she wants her to be, someone that she wishes she could have been. Just hang onto that and everything will fall in place. Liam tells them that he is disgusted and apparently his marriage meant nothing to Steffy but winning and trying to keep him from going back to Hope. He won’t believe a word that comes out of Bill’s mouth and tells him to shut up. He leaves; he has some explaining to do to Hope. Steffy rants at Bill to tell Katie the truth…..that she had nothing to do with this lie and scheme. If Bill really thought he was trying to save Steffy’s marriage, well now Liam is leaving her over this and she is guessing that his own marriage is over as well. On the balcony where he first proposed, Liam finds Hope with her mother. He runs to Hope and takes her in his arms and says he is freeing himself from the lies. He is looking to the future and that is her. He says he loves her and picks her up and swings her round and kisses her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Marlena met Jack at the town square.  He thought that they were going to have their session in public.  He wasnít comfortable with that idea.  Marlena let him know that she was meeting war veterans there and wondered if he would like to join her.  He thought it was hard enough to meet her and talk one on one.  John and Brady were at the townhouse trying to come up with new ideas for Basic Black.  They didnít exactly see eye to eye on their plans.  Marlena tried to convince Jack that he should sit on the sessions with the veterans.  Jack didnít think it would be right for him to be part of their sessions when his experience was different from their experiences.  Jack wanted to meet Marlena during their regular sessions.  Marlena was convinced that Jack was running away from his problems.  John and Brady ended up getting into a fight over their plans.  Brady wanted to change the subject.  They wanted to make sure that they would make a good team.  They eventually got past their problem and made up. 

Marlena was finally able to convince Jack to sit in on her session with the veterans.  The veterans didnít look too happy when Marlena and Jack arrived.  Jack eventually began to tell his story and the vets shared their stories about what happened in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Quinn set up a meeting between Abby and Melanie.  They started talking.  Madison wanted to start a campaign featuring the two of them as friends.  She couldnít have the campaign without friends.  Melanie and Abby were both interested.  Abby and Melanie continued to talk.  They talked about Daniel leaving town.  Madison talked to Quinn about trying to get him to sell her products instead of Countess Wís products.  He wanted to think her proposal over first.

GH Recap Written by Rebecca

Cassandra begs Ethan to take her away, but he doesn’t want to complicate things. Ewen is not happy to find her gone, especially with Ethan. Shawn is glad that TJ has a friend like Molly, but Alexis has reservations. She thinks that Molly can be easily led astray. Shawn says that the will keep an eye on TJ. TJ teases Molly about her MyFace page and her lack of friends. He starts to work on her page for her. Ethan and Cassandra come in and Molly rushes to greet them. Ewen wants to know where they went and Ethan tells him that they went shooting. Ewen tells him that the minute Cassandra picked up a gun she was very familiar with it. Cassandra eavesdrops on their conversation.

Jason is surprised to see Sam at work in the PI office. She tells him that she just wasn’t able to relax at home. She’s obsessing about the paternity test. She’s also worried about Jason’s health; he keeps insisting that he’s fine. Sam urges Jason to talk to Michael and tells him what Michael wanted her to do. Alexis drops by, complaining about the heat. She tells Sam that she’s concerned about Molly spending time with TJ. Alexis asks Sam what’s wrong with her and then she asks Sam if she’s pregnant. Jason finds Shawn at Kelly’s and asks him if he’s seen Michael. Jason asks what Shawn knows about the shooting at the No Name. He tells Jason that he went there to quit and explains that he now has to take care of TJ.

Michael is at the PCPD and demands to know what is going on with the investigation. Dante and Delores explain that they don’t have any new suspects. Michael gets furious and they try to calm him down. It doesn’t work. Ronnie enters into the conversation and makes matters worse. Olivia stops by just as Dante is reprimanding Ronnie on how he treats Delores. She notices that Delores wears the same perfume as Lulu. Olivia wants to know what Dante and Lulu argued about. He doesn’t understand what she’s talking about. She mentions that Lulu was at the Metro Court drinking wine. When Dante leaves, Olivia asks Delores about her intentions towards Dante.

Tracy and Lulu share a drink at the MC and Lulu questions Tracy about her marriage to Anthony. Lulu finally realizes that Anthony is blackmailing Tracy. Dante stops by and fills her in on what’s going on with Michael. Johnny confronts Anthony about the truth of his paternity. Anthony tries to blow it off, but Johnny won’t let him. They argue as to why no one ever told him that Claudia was his mother and how that happened to begin with. Anthony explains everything and tries to put the bulk of the blame on Claudia. Dante finds Michael in an alley, crouched over a body. It’s Chuck Donofrio and he’s been shot.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Spencer watches as things slowly begin to unravel between the men and women in lockup. A dog sniffs around the door of the shed where Patty is hiding. Sharon arrives at Crimson Lights and finds Avery still there. Sharon inquires about Victor’s whereabouts. Billy arrives at the police department, angered that Victoria had been detained. Genevieve also arrives at the police department and finds out that Jack was also detained. Sharon and Avery go to police department to help their loved ones. Tension continues to arise between the men---namely Victor and Adam, who hurls accusations at each other until Deacon walks in and insinuates that Adam could be entirely to blame. Abby begins to remember blood on her hands. The women begin to be arraigned one at a time. Paul finds out from his son that the men and women had been detained at the police department and was getting arraigned. Sharon tells Avery that no one must know that she had paid Adam’s bail. Paul tells Michael that his son had an informant at the police station, who alerted him to the arraignment.

Nick attacks Jack as Spencer watches. Paul and Genevieve discuss Myrna and where she could have gone. Myrna hides in the shed behind some crates when someone walks in. Victoria clues Billy in as to what went on at the police department. Jack lets Genevieve know that he lost Beauty of Nature. Avery informs Adam that his bond was paid. Adam sees Sharon in a corner with Avery. Michael and Victor walk out and notice Sharon and Avery. Victor takes Sharon by the arm and walks out as Nikki watches. Phyllis blames Avery for being arrested. Nick and Phyllis' eyes meet across the room. Deacon and Abby have a chit-chat unbeknownst to anyone else. Myrna continues to vow to stop Jack’s wedding.

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