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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope models her line but really isn’t into it. She tells Oliver, Brooke and Rick that she needs a little break. Later she tells them that she had unrealistic expectations and goals and would now like to pull the entire line. She’s still in love with Liam and that is the one thing that hasn’t changed. Brooke wants her to think about it more and not be sorry for this decision later. They can’t talk her out of it though; Hope For The Future is done. Her virginity is still intact and Liam is married to Steffy. She thinks that she is a terrible businesswoman. Oliver tells her that he respects her decision although he thinks she may live to regret it. Liam lingers over his iPhone looking at Hope’s picture. Steffy tells him that he’s the best thing that has ever happened to her. As long as she has his love, she can get through everything. Bill has Katie locked away in the tower of Liam’s home. She glares at him from the window. Bill is surprised when he goes downstairs and Liam and Steffy are home. They sense that he is acting strangely. On the contrary, he has great news for them. Dr. Montgomery called and Steffy’s blood clot has dissolved. They are ecstatic….just in time to keep them from investigating a noise they just heard upstairs, sounded like thumping.

Brooke talks to her daughter alone. She muses that she could not be prouder of her. Her goals and message through her designs are not outdated at all. She should not dismiss them. And her experience with Liam is not enough for a complete personality change. Hope says they get thrown together and her heart is broken all over again. Bill offers a quick toast to keep Liam and Steffy downstairs, but they keep hearing the noises. It’s Katie trying to pry her way out the door of the tower and having no luck. Finally it breaks through. Just as Bill hurriedly starts to leave, Katie appears. She will not be deterred. She pushes past him while Bill tries to pretend that she just came in the front door and wants to rush her out and go back home. She won’t be stopped. She tells a shocked Liam and Steffy that Bill has lost his mind, not her, and there never was a dangerous blood clot. That was only his scenario to keep Liam by Steffy’s side.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Will and Marlena met at the pub.  He hoped that Marlena didn’t want to meet him so she could lecture him about working for EJ.  She promised Will that wasn’t why she wanted to meet with him.  At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady arrived and Victor asked him how things are going working with John.  Brady thinks that things are fine.  Victor starts making plans about Madison working with him.  Brady reminded him that Madison didn’t give Victor an answer yet.  Madison was on the phone with someone.  Rafe went back to the loft and he and Sami argued again about her working as a spy for Madison.  Sami didn’t like that they were fighting over her assignment.  She wanted to make it right with him.  Rafe told her that if she wanted to make it right, then she should walk away from the job.  She told him that she couldn’t do that.  He walked out of the apartment.  Madison showed up at the Kiriakis mansion and told Victor that she can’t take the job offer.  Will informed Marlena that he was done defending his decision to work for EJ.  While Will and Marlena were talking, Sonny showed up at the pub.  Sonny wanted Will’s help with designs for the coffee shop.  Will wanted to talk to Sonny alone.  Will informed Sonny that he will be working for EJ and will be too busy to help him.  Sonny wondered if Will would have time to help him after the election.  Will didn’t want him to wait around for him.  Marlena was watching Will and Sonny talking to each other.  Victor was not pleased that Madison turned down his job offer.  She said that her answer was no.  Austin met with Abby and he apologized for canceling their plans.  He also told her that Carrie canceled on him.  Abby let him know that he could call her whenever Carrie cancels on him.  Marlena talked to Will about Sydney’s birthday coming up.  Marlena also talked to Will about the way he shut down his friends.  Will didn’t want to talk about it.  Marlena wanted to talk to him about it. 

Brady and Madison arrived at the town square.  He warned her again that she may be in over her head going up against Kate.  Madison called Sami to find out what was going on with Kate.  Sami informed her that everything was going great.  Madison reminded Sami that she was supposed to keep Countess W’s women’s line from coming out before Mad World's line.  Sami told Madison that Chad and Gabi’s photo shoot went better than she thought it would.  Madison wanted Sami to do something to stop it. Sami let Madison know that the photo shoot was finished.  Kate walked in the office and saw Sami on the phone.  Kate wanted to know who Sami was talking to on the phone.  Marlena kept pressing Will to talk to her. When he didn’t do it, she let him know that she’s always there when he needs her.  Gabi and Chad showed up at the pub, but Will walked past them.  Sami managed to cover with Kate by telling her that she was talking with the wardrobe supervisor about the clothing line.  Kate checked out the pictures and thought that Madison wouldn’t know what hit her.  Sami tried to call Rafe.  She wanted to know if he was still mad at her.  He reminded her how he felt about her job.  He told her that he couldn’t talk to her because he had to wait for a call from the DA and he hung up on her.  Carrie wondered if he was fighting with Sami.  Rafe received that call from the DA and found out that he dropped all the charges against his and Carrie’s client.  They were so happy that they hugged each other.  After the hug, they looked at each other strangely.  Brady finally told Madison that he was behind her decision not to work for Victor and for what she’s doing to Kate.  Madison made a mysterious call and informed the person that she did what the person asked.  She turned down the CEO job and felt like she gave up the best opportunity of her life. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Matt discovers that Spinelli has moved in with Maxie. She says Matt turned her offer down, disrespects her in front of Elizabeth, and doesn’t believe Fedora Guy exists. She opens her door and sees Fedora Guy. Spinelli goes after him. Fedora Guy brings Matt and Spinelli back to Maxie’s apartment by the collar and asks if they are bothering her. He reveals that he is her bodyguard, hired by Anthony Zacchara because he was concerned about her living alone after Lulu moved out. Spinelli and Matt wonder why Anthony cares about Maxie.

Tracy tells Anthony that they will never consummate their marriage, he will never get his hands on the ELQ trust, and she will make his life so miserable that he will beg her for a divorce. Luke visits Tracy and tells her that he has the feeling everything will be all right. Carly tells Luke she doesn’t need him to look for dirt on Johnny after all, but it is too late. Johnny is already verifying the authenticity of the birth certificate that shows his sister Claudia and Gino Soleito are his true parents. Carly goes to see Johnny, who is obviously devastated, but he doesn’t tell her what is wrong. Anthony goes home to pack his things to move to the Quartermaine estate. Johnny tells him not to ever call him "son" again.

Kate offers Lulu her old job back, but she declines. Olivia wonders why Lulu is having a big glass of wine for breakfast. Kate goes to San Francisco. Sonny asks Lulu if she knows any of Kate's favorite places in San Francisco. He thanks Lulu for making his son happy. Michael hires Sam to find proof that Chuck Donofrio is responsible for the dancer beatings. Seeing his gun, she tells him he can't take the law into his own hands and that Abby wouldn’t want him doing this. He says he is going to toss the gun into the river. Jason visits Robin. She tells him that she told Patrick everything because Elizabeth told him about her HIV levels. She notices Jason's left hand tense up when she mentions Franco.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

In his hotel room, Adam thinks about making love to Sharon when he receives a summons to come to the police station for questioning. Sharon comes home to the ranch and is relieved when she doesn’t see Victor right away. She remembers her night with Adam. Turning around, she sees Victor as he enters the room. Victor asks where she was all night. There is a knock on the door and it is a police officer with a summons for Victor. At Crimson Lights, Nikki welcomes Abby home along with Victoria, Ashley, and Tucker, who are all also served with summons to appear at the police station. To her surprise, Phyllis is also served with a summons. At the Abbott home, Jack is upset over who purchased Beauty of Nature. Genevieve comes into the room, reluctant to tell Jack that she was the one. At the police station, Spencer, Ronan and Paul go over the evidence before they meet with the Newmans. Paul calls Genevieve to set up a meeting for him with Myrna. Everyone gathers at the police station for questioning. Ronan tells everyone joined in the room that they are all guilty of concealing information and keeping him from finding who the real killer was. Sharon asks Avery for help in keeping custody of Faith. Avery wants to help her, but wants to know everything that happened between her and Adam.

Ronan questions everyone concerned with Diane’s murder with the help of the pillows. Genevieve catches Myrna with her bridal veil and questions her about it .Genevieve instructs Myrna to talk to Paul. Spencer threatens to arrest everyone unless they supply him with the missing piece of the puzzle in Diane’s murder. Reluctantly, Avery agrees to help Sharon. Paul arrives at Genevieve’s to question Myrna, but Genevieve finds her gone. The Newmans, McCalls and Abbotts are arrested. Myrna threatens to stop Genevieve from marrying Jack.

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