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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope confides in Thomas that she is thinking of retiring the Hope For the Future line if she has that authority. She says she has a lot to learn about life, but so does Thomas. He says he is not a puppet for his kid sister, but he knew that he did not stand a chance with Hope if she had known Liam was in Cabo too so he went along with that scheme. Dr. Montgomery escorts Steffy to her new MRI test. Bill escorts Katie back into Liam’s Malibu house. She accuses him of not letting go of Steffy, but just keeping her in the family. He tries to convince her that this is just another one of her misguided suspicions. She says Liam adores him, but that is all going to change because he doesn’t know the real Bill Spencer. She cries that the truth has a way of tearing the blinders off.

Hope calls Liam with the excuse of asking about Steffy’s MRI test. Bill tells Katie that he loves her and she knows that. He only did what he did so Liam wouldn’t make a huge mistake and leave his marriage. Katie counters that he chose her, he came to her because he needed her. But all the lies are gonna stop today. Poor mousy Katie Logan isn’t going to accept them any more. He says he is not out of control and does not need saving. She says he is so full of himself that he can’t see it. So if he won’t listen, then she’ll go to Taylor or anyone else who will listen. He blocks her way from leaving, picks her up and slings her over his shoulder and heads upstairs.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

While Rafe and Sami were at the loft, she told him about what sheís been working with Madison and Kate.  Sami thought he would think it was a great idea, but she was wrong.  Rafe hated the idea.  Will showed up at the DiMera mansion so that EJ could give him his assignment.  Nicole noticed that Will has been avoiding her since she told him she needed his help.  Will told her that he hasnít been avoiding her.  He told her that he was busy with school and the campaign.  She told him itís important that he make time for her.  EJ ran into Lexie at the town square.  He wanted to talk to her about whatís been going on between them.  He told her that they would always be family no matter what happens after the election.  Lexie informed him to think again.  Abe was with Jennifer at the Horton house and they talked about his campaign.  Jennifer wanted to make sure that Abe was still willing to fight dirty to beat EJ.  Jennifer had a plan on what to do to beat EJ during the debate.  Rafe said he hated what she was doing because they renewed their vows and promised not to lie to each other, but she kept that from him.  He thought they were living a lie.  Bo and Hope met Doug and Julie at the pub.  They talked about Stefano and the safety deposit box.  Hope wasnít sure it was a good idea to open the box anymore because the information could hurt Alice as well as the family.  Julie warned her to be careful as far as Stefano is concerned.  EJ continued to reach out to Lexie, but she wasnít having it.  She was too upset to listen to what he had to say.  Jennifer and Abe continued to talk about beating EJ at the debate.  Jennifer reminded Abe that EJ already knows the questions and that Abe should know them too. Abe wasnít sure that he wanted to cheat to win.  He wanted to be aggressive, but he didnít want to cheat.  Jennifer informed Abe that EJ is already cheating.  Abe finally agreed to allow Jennifer to call her friend who tipped her off that EJ knows about the questions.  Abe is willing to find out the questions too. 

Will met with Nicole.  Nicole questioned what he was doing for EJ.  Will told her that he was just an intern.  Nicole didnít believe that.  She figured that he was the one who broke into Abeís computer and stole his jobs program.  Nicole told Will to inform her whenever he gets an assignment that concerns the election.  Sami continued to explain to Rafe that she did the right thing by setting Kate up.  Rafe didnít see it that way.  He thought that her actions were something that EJ would do.  Bo assured Doug and Julie that Hope will find the right way to figure out the mystery without dishonoring Aliceís memory.  Sami wasnít too happy that Rafe compared her to EJ.  Sami thought that Rafe was trying to hurt her.  Rafe assured her that he wasnít trying to hurt her.  He tried to explain to her that what she did was wrong.  He wondered how Sami was going to explain to the kids what she did to Kate.  Will told Nicole that he didnít like the idea of going behind EJís back and helping her.  Nicole informed Will that it was okay to help her.  All she wanted was for Will to keep her informed about any assignments he gets.  Nicole told Will that she transferred money in his bank account.  Nicole promised to give him more money if he does what she asks.  EJ shows up at the mansion and that was the end of their conversation.  Jennifer told Abe that they have to make sure that he has the right questions and EJ has the wrong questions at the debate.  Jennifer wanted to make sure that EJ has to play catch up during the debate.  EJ wanted to know what was going on between Nicole and Will. They didnít say anything to him about their conversation.  Doug told Hope that the money from the bank account ended up in a bank in Africa.  He told Hope that he and Julie were going to get on a plane and head to Africa to get some answers.  Sami and Rafe continued to argue about what she was doing to Kate.  Jennifer told Abe that her friend is willing to give him the questions, but heís not willing to give EJ the wrong ones because he doesnít want to be fired.  EJ wanted to know if Will had any news to report to him.  Will didnít have anything to share with him yet.  Will did tell EJ that Nicole transferred money into his account.  EJ was happy that things happened the way he thought they would.  He figured that Nicole was going to bribe him to get information out of him.  Lexie walked in while Abe and Jennifer were talking about ruining EJ at the debate.  Lexie was happy that Abe was being honest while EJ was being a liar.  While Lexie and Abe hugged, he exchanged a look with Jennifer. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Patrick tells Robin that he knows she is the patient and that she wasnít at a conference. He tells her she doesnít get to shut him out of their life. She apologizes and tells him the whole truth. He tells her not to decide for him what he wants. He concludes that Lisa tampered with Robins meds so it is therefore his fault that she is sick. He assures her that she be ok and makes her promise that they will do everything together from now on.

Olivia finds Steve and Maggie throwing paper airplanes off the roof of General Hospital. Sam wants a CVS test to determine her baby's paternity before going forward with the pregnancy. Elizabeth sees Jason waiting and they talk about Robin's situation. She listens in while Dr. Lee tells Jason and Sam that they should have their paternity test results in about a week. Jax runs into Kate at a bar in the Airport. They discuss her getting back together with Sonny. He makes a business proposal and asks her not to tell anyone she saw him. The person Kate was waiting for calls, an hour late, to tell her that he can't make it.

Sonny shows Johnny a birth certificate that shows that Anthony is not Johnny's father; Gino Soleito is. Johnny concludes that Sonny is trying to drive a wedge between him and Anthony to weaken their position. He reminds Sonny that he is not Michael's father either, and that Michael is looking to get out from under him. Sonny tells him to look at the birth certificate again and notice that Maria is not listed as his mother. His real mother is his "sister," Claudia. Sonny keeps talking and talking until Johnny puts a gun in his face and tells him to shut up. Sonny rubs Johnny's face in it a little while longer before he finally leaves. Luke shows up at Anthony and Tracy's wedding and steps into the role of Anthony's best man. When Tracy waffles, Luke gets the minister to fast forward to Anthony's part, so Tracy never said she does, but the wedding concludes, to Tracy's horror.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Cane and Lily help Jack and Genevieve with their wedding plans. Cane tells Jack that he is happy for Genevieve, because she is finally happy and she was never happy with Colin. Victor tells Nikki that he married Sharon because it was a plan that he had that will soon fall into place. After they make love, Victor assures Nikki that she won’t go to jail for Diane’s murder. When Abby returns home for Jack’s wedding, Ashley fills her in on what she has missed since she has been away. Adam doesn’t believe that Sharon is telling the truth about Victor setting him up until she tells him that she has no idea what she will do once Victor finds out she betrayed him. Adam and Sharon make love in his office and he promises to protect her in all this mess.

Phyllis and Nick have movie night with Faith and Summer. After the girls have gone to bed, they play video games. Michael tells Victor that Adam never showed up to look at the bids, and he never gave the information to Tucker. Michael tells Victor that the biggest problem that they have is that the bids were confirmed and validated, and Beauty of Nature has been sold to Davis Holloway and his dummy cooperation FMN. Victor wonders who the new owner of Beauty of Nature is. Davis Holloway informs Genevieve that her bid was accepted and she is the new owner of Beauty of Nature.

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