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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill tells Justin to stop looking at him like that. He did not exchange wedding vows with him and he did not commit murder. Steffy would be devastated if she knew Hope was still in the picture with Liam. He did what he had to do to keep Liam from being sucked in again by Hope. Once the marriage is back on track, they will have another MRI and the clot will be gone and all can dance around the Maypole. He suspects Liam picked up the MRI off of Alison’s desk so he’ll go over and retrieve it. Hope mopes while looking over pictures and tells Beverly that perhaps she was naïve and wrong about promoting her view about abstinence. Beverly tells he that she thinks it’s sweet and she looks up to her. Young ladies respect her for her hard choices. Katie quizzes her doctor about Steffy’s MRI and is relieved when she says there is a blood clot and it could become dislodged if the patient is upset. But the doctor has more findings; the current brain scan is not Steffy’s; it is from another person. Bill calls Dr. Montgomery. He informs Bill that Liam has insisted on another MRI and they are on their way. Bill says that is okay, just don’t let him down. Make sure these results say the same thing; the blood clot has not dissolved yet so Steffy is still in danger. Katie finds Bill at Liam’s and says they must talk. She confronts him and tells him that she wants the truth….if he even knows what that is any more. She showed her doctor the MRI and found it is not even Steffy’s, so once more Bill has manipulated things…not to keep Liam and Hope apart but to be sure that Steffy stays close within the family. She charges out; it’s gonna stop tonight. Bill follows her down the driveway trying to persuade her that she is over-reacting.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Sonny and Will were at the pub with a couple of guys. One of the guys asks Will if he was at the new gay bar in town. Will told him that he wasnít there. Jennifer showed up at the Kiriakis mansion and walked in and saw Maggie, Melanie, and Victor saying goodbye to Daniel. Jennifer was surprised that Daniel was leaving town. Hope and Bo asked Stefano why he shared the safety deposit box with Alice. Stefano didnít seem to know what they were talking about. Bo told Stefano that they had someone call him and tell him about his safety deposit box. Hope said that Stefano had the other key and they want the truth about it. Daniel told Jennifer that he was going to Australia. He wants to figure out what he wants to do with the rest of his life. Jennifer was convinced that heís leaving town because of her.  Stefano believed that Bo and Hope wouldnít outsmart him. Bo told Stefano that they were able to get Stefano to the town square. Stefano said that he shared the box with Alice, but they need both keys.  Hope showed him the other key. Stefano toyed with Hope and let her know that Alice shared secrets with him that she didnít share with her. Stefano decided to let them see what was in the box. He told them to come along and check out the box. Sonny asked Will what he thought of one of the guys (Dustin). Will wasnít sure if Sonny thought that he would be interested in him. Sonny assured him that he was interested in the guy. Sonny wanted to go out with Dustin again. Will looked uncomfortable, but he told Sonny that he should go for it. Jennifer felt guilty that Daniel was leaving Maggie and Melanie because of her. Daniel said he hurt people and he has to live with that. He also told Jennifer that he didnít regret falling in love with her. They hugged each other. They will both think of their time together and smile. 

Madison told Brady that Sami never quit working for her.  Madison told Brady about the plan to get to Kate.  Brady wasnít that thrilled about the plan at first.  Madison assured him that she was doing what she could for her company.  Stefano had the safety deposit box and asked Bo and Hope if they were ready to see what was inside of it.  Sonny and his friends were talking about how their parents reacted when they came out.  One of Sonnyís friends asked Will how his parents reacted when he came out.  Will laughed.  Madison continued to explain to Brady why she had to go through with her plan to beat Kate at her own game.  Brady wanted to know what Madison has against Kate.  Madison told Brady that theyíve crossed paths before, but Kate probably doesnít remember it.  Madison apologized for not telling him about it sooner and hoped that he would forgive her.  Hope was about to put the key in the safety deposit box when Stefano warned her that it may not be a good idea to open the box.  She may not like what she finds out.  Will never got a chance to say whether he was gay or not because Sonnyís friends left the pub.  Brady told Madison that he needs time to think about what she told him.  He didnít like that she put Sami in such a bad position.  Brady told Madison to get Sami out before itís too late.  Madison told him that Samiís in too deep.  He warned Madison that this plan could blow up in her face.  Will went home and looked at a picture of him and Sami.  He looked at himself in a mirror and he spat at it.  Bo was able to convince Hope that she should wait to open up the box.  Stefano was fine with it and took the box away. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Robin returns home.  Jax sees Michael in an alley with a gun.  He confirms that he was who Michael saw in New Zealand, but doesnít want to discuss why he disappeared. He asks Michael to cut Carly some slack because she makes her decisions out of love for her kids. He tells Michael that he can't stay. He says that if he hadn't left, he would be in the Pine Barrens.  Jax asks Michael to get rid of the gun. He also asks Michael not to tell anyone that they saw each other.  Kate tries to give Olivia some couture outfits she has left from photo shoots, but Olivia doesnít want her charity. Kate says she is trying to make amends and put her past behind her. Kate can't disagree when Olivia says Connie's worst day was better than any that Kate has had, but concedes that she can't go back. Kate tells Olivia about Sonny's shooting. Olivia wonders if Kate is going to bail on Sonny. Kate calls someone and asks to meet at the airport because she feels like her next decision might break her. At the airport bar, she encounters Jax. 

Sonny is having the Zaccharas, the Soleitos, and Jax tracked. Luke gives Sonny information on the Zaccharas. Sonny is overjoyed and says he will pay Luke handsomely, but he wonders why Luke didnít use the information to stop Tracy's marriage to Anthony. Luke says he has the wedding covered.  Anthony brings Maxie onto the boat to help Tracy get ready for their wedding. Tracy tells her that she can help by getting her off the boat.  The wedding proceeds as planned, until Luke walks in. Johnny lets Carly out of the sex for keeping Michael out of the business deal. He tells her he isnít going to use her or Michael. He tells her Michael is safe from him. Carly is pleased to discover that Johnny is such a decent guy. Sonny goes to see Johnny. 

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Patty thinks she will provoke a fight between Jack and Genevieve by accidentally making sure Jack sees a bank statement from Genevieve’s Cayman Islands bank account but her plan backfires. Jack sees the bank statement and talks to Genevieve because he is hurt she didn’t tell him about the fact that she has billions of dollars in her account. Genevieve insists that that money is only from Collin’s legitimate businesses, and she has very good accountants. Genevieve tells Jack that she would tell him if there was ever a problem with the accounts. Genevieve is worried that Jack could be very disappointed if he doesn’t get Beauty of Nature, but Jack refuses to even think about the possibility that he won’t get the company. Genevieve accidentally tells Ashley that Tucker put in a bid for Beauty of Nature. Ashley is annoyed with Tucker because he kept another secret from her.

Tucker tells Ashley that the SEC offered him a chance to clear his name if he helped them bring Adam down, so he is part of a sting operation. Ashley is also worried that Jack will be disappointed about Beauty of Nature, but Tucker thinks Jack will be happy about Adam being put in jail. Michael tells Nick that Victor and Sharon’s marriage isn’t what it seems to be, and Victor’s reasons for marrying Sharon will become clear soon. Sharon suspects Victor is setting Adam up. He tells her that he is working with the SEC and Sharon is conflicted about warning Adam, but in the end she goes to his office to tell him that he shouldn’t do what he is planning, because it is all a set up by Victor just like he originally thought. Victor is released from jail and asks Nikki to meet him at the stables. When she gets there, he gives her a kiss.

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