Thursday 1/19/12 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 1/19/12 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill walks in and catches the hush hush talk between Katie and Liam. He sends Liam home, saying that his wife is more important. Then he chastises Katie that this has got to stop with her suspicions. Steffy shares with Hope that she doesn’t even have headaches anymore and doesn’t feels like she is sick yet everyone is walking on eggshells around her. Liam is stunned when he comes home and finds the both of them there. Katie shows another doctor the MRI which she found on Alison’s desk and wonders if it is as serious as she has been made to believe. The doctor is cautious to confide any information that Katie might want and has questions of her own……how did Katie get the MRI. Katie says it came directly from her husband who got them from the doctor in Cabo. She’d like to know if there is a blood clot; is it that serious or are they being duped again. Much to Nick’s chagrin, Donna watches Let’s Make a Deal and figures out it is Nick and Pam on the show. He wants to know what is going on. She thinks it is kind of strange that he is hanging out with Pam. She figures out the association with him using her to get the designs. She’s been through this before with one dirty trick after another. She can’t believe he would do this to her. He feels horrible and regrets he has hurt her. He loves her. She says she has fantasized about him saying that many times, but this has changed everything. He is not who she thought he was.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the DiMera mansion, Chad went to see Stefano.  Stefano had an offer for Chad.  He wanted to help him invest in the coffee house with Sonny.  Chad rejected his offer.  Kate and Sami were looking at pictures of Gabi and Chad.  Kate was convinced that this campaign will blow Madisonís company out of the water.  Bo and Hope were at the pub talking about the key.  Hope agreed with Bo that Stefano is Aliceís partner.  They talked about how they were going to get Stefano to admit to being Aliceís partner.  While Bo and Hope were talking about how they were going to get to Stefano, Madison showed up at the pub.  She took a picture of Hope on her phone and smiled at it.  Madison introduced herself to Bo and Hope.  Madison wanted to talk to Hope about being a cop.  Stefano tried to convince Chad that it was a good idea to allow him to help him with his business venture.  Chad wasnít too fond of the idea of working with Stefano.  Stefano tried to appeal to Chad by telling him that he is his son and that will never change.  He wants to have a future with his son.  Kate and Sami talked about getting Chad and Gabi signed with the company.  Sami was convinced that getting closer to Gabi will help her figure out what was going on with Will.  Hope was shocked when Madison asked her to model for her.  Madison thought she would be perfect for her new campaign.  Hope didnít think that was right for her right now.  Madison gave her a business card and hoped that she would change her mind.  Hope told Bo about Madisonís offer.  Bo thought it sounded like a once in a lifetime opportunity for her. 

Stefano continued to reach out to Chad about spending time with the family, but despite his efforts Chad wasnít interested in working with him.  Chad did say that he wanted Stefano to come to the coffee shop and buy coffee from him.  Stefano said he would love to do that.  Chad left the mansion.  Bo told Hope that sheís the most beautiful woman in the world.  Hope said that Madison is asking her to do something that she doesnít do anymore.  Bo figured out a way to get to Stefano.  Madison was on the phone with someone and told them that she has someone on the inside of Countess W and itís paying off.  Sami met with Madison and they talked about her working for Kate and how the plan is paying off.  Madison wanted to know if Kate suspects her yet.  Sami said that Kate is too busy patting herself on the back to suspect anything.  Madison and Sami started talking about the fights that they staged as well as the plan they had to get back at Kate.  They talked about the mistakes that Kate is making with her new line.  Bo and Hope were at the town square and they were talking about their plan to get Stefano.  Hope wasnít so sure that Stefano didnít suspect what they were up to before.  Bo assured Hope that Stefano isnít aware of the fact that they have the safety deposit key.  Hope hoped that Stefano would show up.  Stefano arrived at the town square.  Bo and Hope approached Stefano at the town square.  Stefano told them about a call he received from a woman about the safety deposit box he shares with A. Grayson.  He told them that the woman said he had to get to the bank right away.  Hope told Stefano that she and Bo know that he shares the safety deposit box with her grandmother.  Stefano rolled his eyes at them.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sonny wants to retaliate against the Zaccharas for his shooting. Jason doesnít think itís a good idea and refuses to kill Johnny. Sonny believes Dante's shooting, Bernie's shooting and now Sonny's shooting were all the work of the Zaccharas. Michael tells Johnny that Sonny thinks he shot him. He asks Johnny to help him get the guy that has been beating up the Vaughn's dancers. He tells him that if he doesnít want to hire him then he will go to Anthony. Johnny sees Michaels gun and warns him not to do anything stupid. Johnny tells Carly about the encounter. Carly wants to consummate their deal immediately. Jax watches Carly with Josslyn Luke tells Carly she needs to keep up her end of the deal by giving him a suite at the Metro Court if she wants him to dig up dirt on Johnny Zacchara. Luke calls someone and threatens to do business with someone else if they don't produce the information he needs. He receives unexpected information from Blaze. Carly is busy with Johnny when Luke calls her, but he knows someone else that could use the information. Anthony brings Tracy a wedding dress and announces that they are getting married today. Lulu drinks a bottle of wine takes a bogus online quiz to determine the career of her dreams. Ewen tells Ethan that he doesnít want him to see Cassandra anymore and announces that he is moving into Wyndemere so Ethan's caretaking services will no longer be necessary. TJ steals a car. Mac agrees to let him off with a warning. Alexis tells TJ to learn some respect. Shawn lays down ground rules. Michael asks Ranelle about Donofrio. Jax runs into Michael in an alley.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Nikki tells Deacon she won’t be bailing him out of jail, and she is getting an annulment of their marriage. Adam calls an emergency meeting of the Newman Enterprises board in order to have them cast secret votes about the sale of Beauty of Nature. Sharon votes for the sale just as Victor told her to do. When Lauren confronts her about her vote, she claims she didn’t go against Victor’s wishes. Sharon goes to the jail and sees two men coming out of the visiting room. When she asks Victor about the men, he tells her she shouldn’t worry; it is just business. Genevieve tries to ask Jack to help her make final decisions about the wedding. He tells her he will talk to her about that later, because he is too busy thinking about his bid for Beauty of Nature. Genevieve gets two phone calls that worry her very much, but she doesnít discuss them with Jack. Jack shows Genevieve the huge offer he plans to make to buy Beauty of Nature.

Chelsea tells Billy and Victoria that she wasn’t close with her mother and that she never really lived in a real house, mostly apartments. Billy tells Chelsea to buy maternity clothes at Fennimore’s and put it on his account. Chelsea calls someone on the phone saying that the plan is going well and that, for rich smart people, Billy and Victoria are easier to fool than she thought. Nikki tells Katherine that she is frustrated because she knows Victor is planning something but he won’t tell her what. Tucker meets with one of the men Victor spoke to earlier who is from the SEC, and then Tucker says that Adam took the bait.

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