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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Rick that Ridge is her husband; she can not keep this from him. Rick says Ridge only suspects, he doesn’t know for sure and this will only upset him if she tells him Amber is involved. Brooke opines that Amber has never been loyal to him and there is no reason for him to be loyal to her. Keep the designs, find a new draftsman and still go into production. Amber says she has made mistakes in the past but she’s changed. Rosey is her top priority and she is not looking toward Rick to forward her career although she’d like another chance. Ridge comes back and tells them that as long as Amber is involved, Rick’s collection will not be in their lineup. Nick lets Pam convince him to put on goofy costumes to appear on Let’s Make a Deal. They are on the front row with Nick dressed as a red hot lobster and Pam as a seaman. They are picked. Nick is not very talkative, but Pam more than makes up for that. She says Nick is quite the “catch.” She picks the box and wins a 6 day trip to Paris, but loses even that by taking another curtain which turns out to be a wrecked ship.

Ridge tells them he doesn’t work with people he doesn’t trust so Amber has to go. Privately, Rick tells Amber that he is sorry; he hates that pompous Ridge. She says he will make it to the top, only it will be without her. He says no, he needs her there with him to remind him that he is Eric Forrester Jr. and together they will make it to the top together. Alison tells Bill that Katie has been asking about personal phone calls to San Cabo. Justin tells Bill that it looks like Katie is on to his scent and he may not like the consequences. Katie talks to Liam. He says he knows that she has talked to Brooke. While he still has feelings for Hope, he is not going to leave his wife. The blood clot could kill Steffy if she got that upsetting news. He would never jeopardize the life of anyone, especially someone he is married to. He saw the MRI; there is no way that Steffy could have conveniently manipulated that. She still thinks it is strangely eerie that the clot just cropped up when Steffy felt threatened that Liam might leave her. And supported by Bill’s own personal doctor. Liam tells her that she should not be so suspicious of her own husband and if she can not be more sensitive to Steffy’s condition, then she just needs to stay away from them.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

Marlena and Will are at the town square.  Marlena talks to Will about how the DiMeras destroyed their family.  Will thought that Sami had it coming.  Abby arrived and complimented Will on his new car.  After Abby left, Marlena was shocked that EJ bought Will a car.  Nicole and EJ were at the DiMera mansion.  Nicole began to question EJ again about Will working on his campaign.  EJ continued to dodge her questions by coming up with excuses for why Will is working with him.  Nicole wondered if Will had something to do with what happened to Abeís jobs program.  EJ didnít confirm it or deny it.  Nicole wanted to know who EJ was protecting.  Will acted as if it were no big deal that EJ bought him a car.  Marlena assured him that EJ is just using him.  Marlena promised that she would not let EJ corrupt him.  Abby had a steamy fantasy about Austin.  Austin showed up to meet her for lunch.  Marlena continued to question why Will decided to work for EJ.  She wanted to know if he were doing it to hurt Sami for having sex with EJ.  Will assured her that wasnít why he was working for EJ.  EJ convinced Nicole that they were working together once she believed that they were slipping away from each other like they did before.  After EJ left the room, Nicole received a phone call.  She wanted to know if the person found the information she wanted on EJ.  Marlena warned Will that he should quit working for EJ before itís too late. 

Nicole found out that EJ bought the car in Willís name.  She had to hurry up off the phone because EJ was back in the room.  He wanted to know what she was up to, but all she did was smile at him.  Will wanted Marlena to know that he loves her and he doesnít want his new job to come between them.  She assured him that it wouldnít come between them.  Nicole lied to EJ and told him that she was on the phone about his campaign.  EJ wanted to see her iPad, but she didnít want to show it to him.  She distracted him from questioning her further by kissing him.  She hid the iPad under the couch pillows.  Abby told Austin about talking to Madison about working for her.  He wondered how Abby will be able to handle everything.  He suggested that he get another assistant, but she didnít want to quit working for him.  After EJ and Nicole make love, EJ went up to take a shower.  While he was upstairs, Nicole got her iPad out from under the couch and called Will.  She wanted to meet him to talk about the campaign.  Marlena showed up at the mansion to see EJ.  She demanded to know why he wanted Will to work for him.  He claimed that he changed and wanted to help Will.  Marlena had trouble believing that and wanted to know what heís up to with Will.  Marlena warned him to come after her and not Will.  She also warned him to stay away from Will. 

GH Recap Written by Rebecca

Shawn meets with Alexis and Molly at Kelly’s. He introduces them to TJ. Molly is thrilled that they are in the same grade. Carly interrupts and is upset that Shawn didn’t tell her his plans. She wants to know what he’s going to do about TJ. Carly thinks TJ will be good for Shawn. She offers to let Shawn run Kelly’s. Ewen walks into Kelly’s and wants to talk to Alexis. He wants to rent Wyndemere. She thinks it would be insane to live. He explains why he wants to rent it and she agrees to let him.

Jason hovers over Spinelli as he finds out info about Franco’s studio fire. Ethan walks in and apologizes for interrupting. Spinelli tells Ethan that he is only interested in the mystery that surrounds Cassandra. Sam is at home sleeping when she starts to have the nightmare about Franco again. Jason comes home and she hugs him and tells him about her dream. She tells him that she hates feeling scared and weak. He holds her and tells her that she doesn’t have to be scared anymore. She wishes that they could hold each other forever. She worries about the baby being Franco’s. Jason tells her that the baby could be his and that he would be thrilled.

Maxie shows Matt pictures of their photo shoot. She gushes over how well they turned out. Elizabeth interrupts and tells Matt that she has something to show him. It’s a medical journal that published his work. Maxie and Elizabeth bicker at each other.

Kate rushes into the Metro Court and orders a glass of wine. Sonny walks in and asks if she drinking because of him. She snaps at him for following her even when she told him that she needs space. She’s upset about Sonny getting shot. He tries to make light of his wound. Kate’s upset because he didn't call her and tell her what happened. Sonny tells her that he didn’t call her because he was afraid that she would panic and leave him.

Olivia sees Steve looking out the window. They start to talk about their relationship, but he gets paged by the hospital. She suggests that he leaves a change of clothes at her place. Olivia gives him a ride to the hospital only to find out that it was Maggie who paged him. Olivia is upset by this. Matt tells Elizabeth that she his biggest supporter. Maxie stops to see Spinelli and asks him to move in with her.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Kevin is heartbroken when he manages to get a signal on Angelina’s phone briefly and sees the picture that Eden sent him of Chloe kissing Daniel. Angelina sees how hurt Kevin is and realizes how much he loves Chloe so she tells him that she was never pregnant and she lied about Carmine being after her. Angelina tells Kevin she thought he would realize they should be together but she now understands that he loves Chloe. Kevin is very angry with Angelina and vows to get off the island and away from her no matter what he has to do. Devon finds out about the doctor’s appointment Tucker made and about the possible surgery that could help his hearing, but he is angry with Tucker and Harmony at first because he thinks Tucker is trying to use his influence and buy his love.

Tucker thinks he should stop reaching out to Devon, but Harmony tells him that he shouldn’t give up on him because he gets angry with him. Neil and Harmony later persuade Devon to go to the doctor’s appointment and find out if the surgery could help his hearing. Victor asks Sharon to vote to approve the sale of Beauty of Nature but not tell Adam. Victor later meets with Tucker at the prison. Adam sees Tucker coming out of the visiting room and leaves without going inside to visit Victor. Nikki is confused and shocked when Victor tells her he isn’t having his marriage annulled when he is released from jail. He also tells her that patience is a virtue, which leaves Nikki even more confused and wondering what Victor is planning to do.

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