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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge tells Brooke that this is not the time to be interfering with Liam and Steffy’s marriage. Steffy needs to feel at ease. Amber gushes to Rick that his line is already in production; they are on the way up. He will be running the company soon. And no one has to know that she is the draftsman that polished the designs for him. Yet Ridge thinks he knows already that it is Amber. Brooke doesn’t think he would have anything to do with her again. Pam introduces Tiffany Coyne to Rick and then to Ridge and Brooke. Rick wants to use Tiffany and other top runway models for his new line. She’s agreeable but has to get back to the studio taping. She invites Pam to come by for a taping when she hears what a fan she is of the show and Wayne Brady. Ridge doesn’t like the fact that Rick is going over his head without consulting him to get everything his way. He has a real bad feeling about this. Amber tells Rick that he has a lot of beautiful women around him, but she’s gonna make him forget all of them……she plants a big kiss on him.

Jackie tells Nick that she has some serious doubts about Pam continuing their arrangement. The sales are skyrocketing, but that might not last long without Pam getting more designs. When Pam confronts Nick she says there is a way he can make it up to her for seeing so much of Donna…..he can come with her to a taping of Let’s Make a Deal. He hates to disappoint her, but that would mean they would be seen together and they can’t risk that. She reminds him they will be in crazy costumes so no one is likely to know. Finally he gives in and agrees. She cautions him not to get jealous if she gets flirty with Wayne Brady. Brooke says goodbye to Donna and heads straight to Rick’s office where she finds Amber. She rants that she can’t believe this is who is helping him with the designs; Ridge was right after all. Despite all Amber has done that he would now confide and rely on her. Rick says he will tell the others all in good time but for now it needs to be their secret. He begs his mother to keep this from Ridge.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

EJ and Nicole were in bed.  They were supposed to get started on his campaign.  He mentioned Will to her and she wanted to know what was really going on with them.  She wanted to know why EJ really hired Will.  Marlena ran into Will at the town square.  She wanted to talk to him.  Carrie and Rafe were at the office.  They were both prepared for the heat this time.  They talked about how the landlord fixed the furnace.  They started laughing about not having any clients when Sami walked in the office.  She wanted to know if she was interrupting them.  Abe and Lexie were at the pub.  They were talking about how EJ stole his jobs plan from him.  Lexie is finished with EJ after this stunt.  Abe wondered how he got the information from his computer.  EJ distracted Nicole from questioning him about Will by kissing her.  She informed EJ that his plan to distract her wasnít going to work.  She was determined to find out why EJ hired Will to work for him.  Rafe and Carrie explained to Sami about the heat issues they had in their office.  Sami wanted to know why they didnít work from home.  Carrie told her that they were waiting for a client.  Abe told Bo and Hope how EJ stole his jobs plan.  Abe didnít know how he did it when he had his laptop with him the entire time.  Nicole questioned why EJ hired Will and how he stole Abeís jobs plan.  EJ didnít have an answer ready for her.  Marlena tried to convince Will that he should talk to his mother, but he was against the idea.  EJ gave Nicole an excuse about Will being Johnny and Sydneyís brother and wanting to help him out.  Nicole didnít want to be kept in the dark about things going on with his campaign.  She reminded him how she looked like an idiot with Jennifer because she didnít know what EJ had done.  Carrie and Rafe continued to talk about the furnace breaking down and how they have no money.  They are both grateful to have spouses who work.  Sami became uncomfortable listening to the two of them talking about the things that have been going on in their office. 

Abe, Lexie, Bo, and Hope continued to talk about EJís tricks.  Abe has a few tricks up his sleeve to beat EJ.  Abe is going to hire anyone that Bo and Hope need to take down the criminals in Salem.  Abe wants to clean up the crime in Salem because he knows that EJ will never be able to do that.  Nicole continued to question EJ about the things heís doing without telling her.  When EJ left the room to take a shower, Nicole made a call to someone.  She wanted the person to get EJís personal files for her.  Will wondered why he should give Sami a chance when she hasnít given Marlena a chance.  Marlena tried to get him to realize that he should talk to Sami.  EJ and Nicole showed up while Will and Marlena were talking.  EJ asked Will if he was ready to work.  Marlena wanted to know what was going on between them. EJ informed Marlena that Will works for him now.  Hope met with Carrie and Rafe at the pub.  She talked to them about getting rid of the crime in Salem.  Hope wanted to hire them to help fight criminals.  Carrie wasnít happy about it.  Marlena wanted to know why Will didnít work on Abeís campaign.  Will told her that Abe didnít have any openings.  EJ informed Marlena that he didnít have any problem getting Willís help.  Marlena wanted to talk to Will alone about his decision to work for EJ.  Marlena didnít understand why Will would work for the DiMeras.  He reminded her that he worked for them before and everything turned out fine.  She wanted to call Abe, but Will didnít have time to stay and talk anymore.  EJ gave Will his assignment and Will left to take care of it.  Abe and Lexie saw EJ and Nicole together.  Abe and Lexie ripped into EJ for stealing the jobs plan.  EJ told Abe to focus on the debates and not on him.  Abe warned EJ that he wasnít going to get away with what he did to him.  Marlena ran into Sami at the town square.  Marlena started asking Sami about her job with Kate.  They started arguing again.  Sami reminded Marlena about how she hasnít been there for her when she needed her.  Marlena warned Sami that Will is going to need her.  Lexie continued to yell at EJ for what he did to Abe.  EJ apologized to her, but she didnít care.  Sami continued to rip into Marlena about not being there for her.  Nicole tried to warn EJ about losing his relationship with Lexie.  EJ wasnít worried about it because she will come around the way she always does.  Abe told Lexie that she didnít have to worry about EJ because he will make sure that the citizens will not vote for EJ.  Will and Marlena bumped into each other again.  Will informed her that he intended to work for EJ and he wonít change his mind.  She warned him that nothing good comes from working for the DiMeras.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Shawn goes downstairs from his room carrying a bat into Kelly's where he finds a young man sitting in the dining room eating breakfast. He recognizes the young man as TJ. TJ asks him what is with the bat; he thought Shawn preferred shooting people in the back as he did to his father. He tells Shawn he intends to stay in Port Charles. Shawn says he can stay until his mother comes to get him. TJ says his mother gave him the choice of Shawn or military school. Shawn tells him he doesnít plan on being in Port Charles much longer himself. TJ says Shawn had better change his plans. Shawn tells him a 14 year old boy won't be running his life. He says he owes TJ nothing; his debt is to TJ's father. Lulu takes Winston for a walk. TJ finds her attractive. Lulu tells Shawn she thinks she has found her calling. She wants to do something pet related. Then she sneezes all the way to the police station and determines that she is allergic to her new job.

Lulu worries that something might be wrong with Tracy because she hasn't returned any of her calls. She is afraid Anthony is holding something over Tracyís head and Tracy is afraid to say so. Anthony has kidnapped Tracy and taken her out to sea with no access to communication. She tells him that since he thinks she stole money that belonged to him from Gino Salido, she can pay him back with interest instead of marrying him. He tells her they will be getting married while they are on the boat. Kate is leaving Johnny's Garage after having Johnny fox her car. He is surprised Sonny lets her bring her car there. She tells him Sonny doesnít let her do anything and that she didnít know her car repair would be an issue with Sonny. Carly comes waltzing in saying there are always issues with sonny and that Kate should have considered that before hopping into bed with him. Kate says she has no complaints, and says being single suits Carly. Johnny wonders if Carly is there to get her car fixed or for something else. He notes that she didnít contact him last night about getting together and tells her if she wants to back out of the deal, he will let her. She tells him the deal is on. She will sleep with him, but not tonight. She calls Luke and tells him to get her the information she can use against Johnny. Michael goes into Sonny's office defensively asking why Sonny wanted to see him.  Sonny shows him his bullet wound and asks him if that is a good enough reason to stay away from the Zaccharas.  Kate overhears Sonny saying he was shot. She asks him when he was going to tell her and he says he wasnít because he didnít want it to scare her away and he couldnít stand to lose her. She says she isnít going anywhere. Michael goes into an alley and hides his gun under some paper trash. Johnny cleans a gun. Michael goes back to retrieve his gun.

Matt covers Patrick's surgery. He wonders if Elizabeth is still seeing Dr. Keenan. She tells him she isnít seeing anyone. Matt tells her that Maxie asked him to move in with her but he isnít ready for that kind of commitment.  Ewen notices that Elizabeth seems stressed so he takes her into the supply closet and tells her to pretend she is in an elevator and can get off any time and any place she likes. She tells him that she may want a better life, but not a different one.  Dolores brings Dr. Keenan in as a profiler for the dancer case.  He tells her and Dante that his initial opinion is that the perpetrator is attention-seeking and frustrated that the police havenít caught him. He says he is certain that something other than being exotic dancers connects the victims and that he will let them know when he figures it out. 

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

The DA questions Nikki all night, and she still can’t remember what happened the night Diane died. Ronan persuades the DA to allow him to question Nikki using relaxation techniques. Nikki remembers hearing an angry Diane talking to Adam about setting up Victor for her murder. Diane tried to kill Nikki because she was afraid she was going to tell Victor about her and Adam’s plan. The DA doesn’t press charges against Nikki for now but he still needs to talk to Deacon as well as have his team make sure the film is legitimate before he can release Victor. Nick goes to tell Victor what Nikki remembered and tells him that Nikki killed Diane for his sake. Victor reminds him that Nikki killed Diane in self-defense.

Victor asks Sharon to go to the emergency board meeting and vote his proxy against the sale of Beauty of Nature. Victor also tells Sharon that she needs to accept the power she carries because she is Mrs. Victor Newman and start setting boundaries for Adam. Adam is about to break the tie vote and approve the sale of Beauty of Nature when Sharon walks in to the boardroom and ties the vote again. Lauren smiles and says with the vote tied the sale of Beauty of Nature is not approved.

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