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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke makes Liam admit that for that one brief moment when Hope was on the back of his A.T.V. and Steffy chasing them, he was about to tell Hope that he would end his marriage. Brooke says she is going to be sensitive to Steffy’s condition, but not at the expense of her daughter. He needs to be with the woman he really loves. Liam says their conversation is over. He cares about Steffy and her progress depends on him right now, so he can’t leave her. Steffy wakes up and apologizes again for lying to Liam and why she did it. The resort was so incredible and then she looked up and saw Hope. Everything was ruined. Ridge is surprised when he learns from Eric that the newest designs are from Rick. Amber sits in Rick’s lap and coos to him that if sticks with her, he’ll be running the company soon. Ridge tells Rick that the designs are not terrible. But it’s obvious the designs are not Rick’s. Eric wants to put them in production right away. Rick says drawing is not his strong suit. He hired someone to draw them, but the designs are his. Ridge tells Eric that he doesn’t have the authority to go over him and put the designs in production. As Brooke leaves Liam’s, she runs into Katie and asks how Steffy has been. Katie says nothing different, she’s a trooper.

Liam tells Ridge how dare he dismiss his dad like that….after all he founded this company. Ridge says okay, the final tale will be the sales figures. Ridge quips that Rick has made the big time now; let’s see if he can stay there. Brooke fills Katie in on all that Liam confided in her. Steffy tells Liam that she was just trying to protect them. And she was right, at the first look he had of Hope, off he was running after her. She’s not upset, but she thinks they need to clear the air before they move forward. She begs him to stay. She wants to be a better partner, a better person. She needs his love.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Chad and Melanie met at the pub.  They started talking.  Chad told Melanie that he was meeting Gabi at the spa to give her a homework assignment.  Chad grabbed her hand while Abby walked in the pub.  Abby saw it and walked out. Melanie ran after her.  John and Marlena have a romantic morning at home.  They also talk about Johnís business venture with Brady.  Sami and Kate arrived at the spa and saw Chad and Gabi together.  Melanie caught up with Abby and let her know that nothing happened between her and Chad.  Abby didnít believe her and told Melanie to leave her alone.  Melanie continued to reach out to Abby, but she was convinced that Melanie betrayed their friendship.  Quinn and Kate were talking about her products and she was convinced that someone beautiful like Gabi could help sell them.  This gave Sami an idea.  Sami suggested that Gabi and Chad be the spokespeople for their line.  Kate thought that they might freeze since they arenít used to being on camera.  Sami was convinced that she could help them.  Melanie tried once again to convince Abby that she wanted to remain friends with her, but Abby wasnít interested. Abby is convinced that their friendship is over.  Abby walked away from Melanie.  Quinn heard Melanieís fight with Abby and tried to comfort her.  He thought that he could help Melanie get Chad and Abby back in her life.  Sami and Kate talk to Chad and Gabi about being the spokespeople for Countess W.  Chad and Gabi turned them down.  Chad didnít want to get involved with anything that had to do with his family.  Kate told Chad that her company has nothing to do with Stefano.  Gabi said that she works for Quinn so she canít do it.  Quinn walked in the spa and told her that it would be okay if she wanted to work for Kate.  Chad eventually changed his mind and agreed to work with Kate and Sami. 

Abby ran into Madison and the town square and asked her for a job.  Sami got a cameraman to get test shots of Gabi and Chad.  The test shots are going well and Melanie walks in the spa and sees them together.  Abby and Madison continued to talk about the position that Abby wanted.  Madison gave Abby her business card and told Abby to email her resume to her.  Marlena showed up and told Madison that she knows Abby.  Madison received a phone call and Marlena and Abby started talking.  Abby mentioned how her friend betrayed her.  Madison overheard part of the conversation and told Abby how she knows how that feels.  Marlena wondered if she were talking about Sami.  Madison told her Marlena that was talking about Sami.  Melanie wasnít happy that Chad and Gabi had to keep taking test shots together.  Marlena was shocked to hear the things that Madison told her about Sami.  Marlena was surprised that Sami left her company to work for Kate.  Kate wanted Chad to talk to Stefano again.  Chad wondered if Stefano put Kate up to getting him in on her campaign so he could talk to Stefano again.  Kate told Chad that Stefano loves him and that he should go visit him. Later on, Chad talked to Melanie about why he was doing the pictures with Gabi.  They also talked about Abby.  Melanie let Chad know that Abby thought they were traitors.  He suggested that they be together now.  Melanie didnít want to do that because she didnít want to hurt Abby.  Chad asked her if she wanted to put her life on hold for Abby.  Gabi interrupted their conversation because she and Chad had to take more pictures.  The cameraman took more pictures of Chad and Gabi while Melanie watched in disgust. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Elizabeth reveals to Patrick that Robin's patient is Robin herself and that Robin concealed it from him to spare him the pain of losing her the way she lost Stone. She stops him from calling Robin to tell her to come home. He calls her anyway, but only says he misses her. Maxie and Matt get ready for the Woman behind the Man photo shoot. He feels like a fashion accessory. After the shoot, they argue about the shoot, and then they kiss and make up. She wants to talk about him moving in with her. He tells her that his moving in would mean they are taking their relationship to the next level. She thinks she sees the fedora guy that has been following her, but Matt looks out the window and doesnít see him. Matt leaves, not noticing the fedora guy loitering in the hallway outside Maxie's apartment.

Sam tells Jason she is sure she is pregnant. They each wonder how the other feels about it. Sam wonders if they will be able to get through it. He tells her that all he knows is that he loves her. She regrets not having a rape kit test when she had the chance. She says she is sure they can get through it. He wonders if she will be able to deal with it if it is Franco's child. She says they just have to hope and pray that it is not. Sonny survived the telephone explosion, but has a gunshot wound. He calls Jason, but Jason doesn't answer. He draws his gun on Shawn when he enters the office. Shawn had gone there to quit, but he helps Sonny instead. Sonny tells him that he had words with Johnny about Michael. Shawn says the Zaccharas would have made sure the job was done. Sonny thinks it was a warning. Shawn thinks it is the work of an amateur. Jax calls someone and tells them he hasnít yet been able to accomplish what he came to Port Chares to do so he will have to stay a little longer.

Ethan thinks about his steamy afternoon with Cassandra. Lulu tries to get information out of him about his mystery lady, but he denies being in a relationship. She tells him about her wedding. She tells him she is thinking of turning the Haunted Star into an art gallery. He tells her he is the caretaker at Wyndemere. She reminds him of the Spencer-Cassadine feud. Ewen warns Cassandra that she shouldnít get involved with anyone. She asks if he is saying that for Ethan's benefit because he thinks she is dangerous. He mentions a rifle. She asks if he thinks she lost her memory because she killed someone and can't face it. He thinks it is possible. She says it is also possible that someone was trying to kill her and in fact, for all she knows, it could have been Ewen. She suggests that his real motive is to help her forget. Helena watches from the shadows, dagger in hand. Alexis meets Luke thinking he needs legal representation. He asks about her New Year's Eve. She tells him it was a bitch-a-thon. She asks him what she thinks about Tracy's engagement to Anthony Zacchara. He defensively says he wouldn't stand in the way of Tracy's happiness. She tells him he broke Tracy's heart. She tells him he has to stop Tracy from marrying a psychopath.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Nikki confides in Katherine that she wants to take a drink because she found out that she killed Diane in self-defense and also because Victor married Sharon. Victor orders his household staff to move Sharon and Faith into the mansion. Adam drowns his sorrows in scotch and then heads over to the Newman ranch and watches Sharon and Faith sleeping. Cane and Lily go on an ice skating date. Ronan and Paul show DA Walsh the film. To make sure the video wasn’t tampered with, he wants to talk to Deacon and Nikki and then he will agree to release Victor. When Chelsea orders a beer at Jimmy’s, Victoria and Billy see her and tell her that she is moving into the garage apartment so they can keep an eye on her. Victoria’s dog does not like Chelsea and growls at her and backs away from her when she comes near him. Michael assures Victor that Nikki won’t go to jail for Diane’s death because of the film that proves it was self-defense. Nikki arrives at the police station to turn herself in for Diane’s death.

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