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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope explains to Brooke that Thomas knew that Steffy and Liam were at the same resort, but he did not tell her. He was being very romantic. She tells Brooke about the race on the A.T.V.s. And that she had a huge moment with kissing Liam.....that he never stopped loving her. She thought they finally would be together. But then Steffy showed up and crashed and everything changed. She thought Liam was going to leave Steffy, but that moment was gone once the doctor came in and gave his diagnosis. Steffy is tucked in bed and Bill has arranged for his doctor to be there and check her out and explain to the others just how serious this condition is. Reluctantly Dr. Ramón fills them in. Bill emphasizes that is Liam’s job to help Steffy avoid stress and give her a huge dose of TLC. Katie doesn’t quite buy this story of why Steffy had no blood clot one moment and after the M.R.I. she did. Bill and Ridge both keep giving Liam the same old instructions –do not leave Steffy and do not let her get upset. He gets it. Bill reminds him it wasn’t that long ago that he too was prepared to leave Katie and start a new life and it was Liam who advised him not to. That was good advice and so is his now……love Steffy and care for her. Liam tells him that he hears it all. He is going to take care of Steffy, just stop this broken record. Steffy catches Katie staring down at her in bed and asks what does she want. Katie offers that she wonders to what lengths would Steffy go to keep Liam and Hope apart. Steffy says she is tired of this conversation and Katie’s suspicions. Her husband is not going to leave her. Bill comes in when he hears them arguing and orders Katie out of the room for fear that she will cause the clot to move and Steffy will die. Hope tells Brooke that she doesn’t see how any of this can work now. Brooke excuses herself to talk to Liam. Ridge is worried about Hope, but says they will be there for her during this ordeal. But it is crucial right now that she leave Liam alone and not mess with that marriage. Brooke recaps what happened in Cabo to Liam and that Hope feels he was ready to leave Steffy and be with her. She advises him to still do that as soon as Steffy is better. Take charge of his life and be with Hope.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Bo and Hope were at the bank and they were talking to the manager about Aliceís safety deposit box.  The manager told them that they couldnít gain access to the box without the other person on the account being there.  Bo told the manager to get the other person on the phone so they can get access to the box.  At the town square, Jennifer was on the phone with Abe talking about EJ stealing his jobs proposal and she ran into Nicole.  Nicole was on her phone, but Jennifer snatched it out of her hand and told her that she wanted to know how she pulled off stealing Abeís proposal.  Jennifer called Nicole a thief.  At the DiMera mansion, Sami wanted to know what was going on between EJ and Will.  Sami wanted to know about the keys that Will had in his hands.  EJ told Sami that he gave Will a sports car.  Sami wanted to know why EJ gave Will the car.  EJ told her that it was for his new job.  Sami wanted to know about the job.  EJ informed Sami that Will is going to be working on his campaign.  Sami asked Will if that was true, but he wouldnít tell her one way or the other.  EJ jumped in and informed Sami that Will is capable of handling working for him.  Sami told EJ she was not going to let Will work for him.  Will reacted to that. He didnít think there was anything wrong with working for EJ.  Sami told Will that there will be consequences working for the DiMeras.  Will told her that she is the expert on that.  Sami wanted to talk at home so she grabbed him so they could leave.  Will snatched away from her and told her not to touch him.  

Nicole wanted Jennifer to give her back her phone or she would receive reception from a strange place.  Nicole didnít know why Jennifer called her a thief.  Jennifer didnít believe that Nicole didnít know what happened between EJ and Abe.  Jennifer told Nicole about EJ stealing Abeís plan.  Nicole was surprised that EJ was on TV.  Jennifer didnít believe her again.  Jennifer told Nicole that the plan was 100% Abeís.  Nicole thought it was possible that Abe stole the idea from EJ.  The bank manager told Bo and Hope that he canít open the box and that the other person is alive.  Jennifer and Nicole continued their argument about EJ stealing Abeís jobs plan.  Nicole continued to deny that she or EJ stole Abeís proposal, but Jennifer refused to believe anything she had to say.  Nicole threw up in Jenniferís face that she couldnít decide between Jack and Daniel and lost them both.  Nicole also told her that she lost the election to EJ.  Sami couldnít believe that Will wanted to stay at the mansion with EJ.  Sami reminded Will that EJ hurt their family.  Will reminded her that she should know about the way that EJ hurt their family.  Sami told Will that she knows about her mistakes with EJ.  Sami reminded Will about what EJ did to Rafe and how this would hurt him if he knew that Will was working for EJ.  EJ believed that Rafe would be pleased that Will is working for him.  Sami tried to warn Will that itís a trap.  Will told her that heís made his decision and she will understand why soon enough.  Bo and Hope went to the pub to talk about the key.  Roman wanted them both down at the station to talk about the pharmacy robberies.  Jennifer was appalled that Nicole told her about her personal life.  Jennifer didnít think her personal life had anything to do with the election.  They continued to go back and forth arguing about the campaign.  Will continued to defend working for EJ.  Will knows what heís getting himself into and wants to do it.  They continued to argue about Willís decision to work for EJ.  While Bo and Hope were working on the pharmacy robberies, he realized that Stefano could be Aliceís partner. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Luke calls around asking if anyone knows where Helena is. Helena lurks in the shadows at Wyndemere watching Ethan and Cassandra. Cassandra stops Ethan from kissing her. She reveals to Ethan that she sometimes feels as if she is being hunted. Cassandra wonders if she has done something terrible or if she is hated by anyone. Ethan prefers to think someone out there loves her and misses her. Ethan kisses her and they make love. He receives an urgent text from Luke. He offers to drop Cassandra off anywhere to get her out of Wyndemere, but she chooses to stay. Cassandra thinks Ethan forgot something when she sees the door, but it is Ewen asking if she has forgotten something and needs reminding. He tells her that she can't afford to get involved with anyone because she doesnít know what the consequences could be. Luke asks Ethan help him get Zacchara family secrets out of Skye Quartermaine so he can use them to help Carly. Ethan tells Luke about Cassandra. Luke's advice is that sometimes it is better not to remember things from the past.

Jax calls his mother and tells her that people know he is alive so he will have to keep out of sight. Michael tells Sonny to take care of the suspect in the stripper beatings or else he will do it himself. Kate overhears. Sonny says he won't whack someone on a hunch. Michael says he will do it himself. Sonny is worried that Michael will make good on his threat and wind up back in prison. Kate advises Sonny that Michael is an adult now. Michael goes to Sam and asks her to find Chuck Donofrio so he can kill him. She declines and tells him to stay out of prison. Michael buys a gun. Sam doesnít want Jason to go after Franco, but Jason is already confronting him. Franco tells him that if he dies, Jason will never know what happened or why he came into Jason's life. Jason shoots Franco and torches the building. Jason tells Sam that Franco is out of their lives for good. Sam reveals that she is pregnant. Jax watches Sonny and Kate. Sonny confesses that he is falling in love with Kate. Jax calls someone and says he is waiting to catch Sonny alone so he can make it count. Sonny's office phone rings. When he answers it, it explodes.

Patrick wonders why Robin hasnít called him to let him know she has arrived in Africa. Robin calls him from Seattle and lets him believe she arrived in Africa. Patrick tells Elizabeth that he thinks something is wrong with Robin. Elizabeth can't keep it a secret any longer and reveals that Robin is sick.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Alison Perkins reads excerpts as she pitches her screenplay for a show called "One Life to Life," which she hopes will be picked up as a replacement for Fraternity Row. Vimal gives Clint the paternity test results showing that he is Jessica's biological father. The whole family is thrilled by the news. Brody is released from St. Anneís and tells Jessica that he is there for her if she ever needs anything. He says he is considering working for the military again.

Destiny goes into labor at the Buchanan mansion with no time to get to the hospital. Shaun and Nigel assist Vivian with the delivery as Nora, Bo, and Mr. & Mrs. Evans look on. Matthew is at Destiny's side as she gives birth to their son, Drew, named for Matthew's deceased older brother.

Markko and Langston are happy to have Starr and Hope stay with them in Los Angeles. Starr is assigned a bodyguard who turns out to be Cole. He says his parents are great, but she and Hope are the family he wants to be with if she will have him. She says that is all she ever wanted. Tea and Tomas are reunited at John McBain's apartment. Tomas wants to go after Todd, but John and Tea are able to dissuade him. Blair and Todd make love. John McBain arrests Todd for Victor Lord, Jr.'s murder, but Victor isn't dead. Alison has him bound and gagged.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Adam tells Tucker he wants to sell him Beauty of Nature in exchange for a job at McCall because he thinks Victor is trying to set him up and he wants an exit strategy. Tucker tells Adam he doesn’t want to do anything illegal and have problems later with the SEC. Jack goes to Adam and asks him to sell Beauty of Nature to him and have the satisfaction of getting revenge on Victor. When Nick asks him for a job, Tucker decides to hire him. Ashley is upset with Jack because he went to Adam about Beauty of Nature, but Jack insists that trying to buy it is good business. Deacon thinks he and Victor should team up to protect Nikki but Victor tells him he doesn’t need to team up with a punk because he is perfectly capable of protecting Nikki himself. Gloria tells Nikki and Ronan that Deacon may have kept some of his personal belongings in the storage containers on the loading dock. Nikki follows Deacon to the docks. She tries to call Ronan and let him know but has to hang up because Deacon spots her so she pretends to be looking for him.

Nikki tries to look inside the storage container but Deacon stops her and drags her off to the same warehouse where the nine suspects saw the film. Deacon tells Nikki he covered up everything for her sake because he was trying to protect her. Ronan fins Nikki’s cell phone at the docks and has Paul run a trace on it to locate Nikki. Deacon shows Nikki film of her fight with Diane. Nikki is horrified because she killed Diane. Ronan arrives and has Nikki handcuff Deacon and then shows Nikki the footage that Deacon left out which he found inside the storage container before he came to find her. The footage shows that Diane and Nikki had a fight, but when Diane came toward her with a syringe, Nikki was only defending herself. Ronan waits with Deacon for the police to come arrest him on charges of withholding evidence, obstruction of justice, and accessory after the fact. He tells Deacon it won’t take the police long to figure out all the film they have been sent was shot with his camera. Ronan questions Deacon about the pillows in Diane’s room. Patty is the one that made the pillows. Nikki borrows Ronan’s car and races toward the jail to stop Victor’s wedding to Sharon, but she is stunned when she arrives just as Victor and Sharon are pronounced husband and wife.

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