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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Flying back on the jet, all the Forresters and Spencers are somber. Ridge warns Liam that he needs to get his rest as he will have plenty to focus on with Steffy when they get home. Bill urges Thomas to take the time to talk to Hope now. Hope has doubts, but Thomas says the proposal was real. Steffy helped with the ring and some of the plans, but the thoughts were his. Rick is sorry to hear about Steffy, but wants the meeting to go on even without Ridge. Every minute they wait, they are losing money. He shows them the designs that Amber re-worked and wants them to replace the designs that Jackie M. stole. Eric is very impressed. This is a collection worth waiting for. Rick says he has a full production that can be ready by the end of week. Stephanie reminds him that Ridge is CEO so this is his call, not Rick’s. Rick says fashion is in his blood and they are losing money every day; they can’t keep paying the men on the docks to play cards. Eric welcomes him aboard. Rick goes back to Amber and tells them that everyone loved the designs and they will go into production immediately, even though Ridge wasn’t there to give his okay. She’s ecstatic; back in the business again. It’s gonna be huge and everyone will be talking about the new renaissance man. Together than can do anything. Owen bribes Jackie with flowers and tells her that he wants their life back. He wants to be her husband again. He can’t be a good father to Logan if he’s always pining for Jackie. He was never better than he was with her. Things can go back to the way they were. All she has to do is say yes. Bill bugs Ridge about what is going to happen now that Jackie M. has stolen the collection. After all he had 12 ½% invested in that. Bill also rants at Liam that he should not be so gloomy about his vacation when Ridge is there worrying about his daughter’s health. Liam counters back angrily that he cares about Steffy too. And Bill is his father and his boss, but he’s not his priest or his shrink so he sure as hell doesn’t get a say in what happens in his marriage. Bill tells Thomas and Taylor that Liam will be all right. He’ll settle down once he cuts all ties to Hope….but then he spies Hope talking to Liam and leaning her head on his shoulder.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the Horton house, Hope and Bo talk to Jennifer about the key to the safety deposit box.  Jennifer didnít know that Alice had it either.  Abe showed up at the Horton house because he and Jennifer were supposed to have a meeting.  Hope asked Abe how the campaign was going.  Abe thinks itís going fine now that EJ canít make John look bad anymore.  Abe believes that the public will think that EJ is a one-issue candidate.  Sami and Rafe are at the town square having lunch.  Sami told Rafe about the new campaign for Countess W.  She told Rafe that things are going well with Kate.  Rafe wasnít sure how long it would last.  She warned Rafe that she will have her eyes wide open when it concerns Kate.  Sami told him that she loved him and they hugged and kissed.  She stopped when she saw EJ over Rafeís shoulder.  Rafe wanted to know what was wrong.  EJ called Will while he was at the pub.  EJ told Will that he had another job for him.  Sami never did tell Rafe what was wrong.  She said it was nothing and dropped the subject.  Hope talked to Abe and Jennifer about his new jobs program.  Abe wants to wait to make the program public.  EJ met with Will at the pub.  Will let EJ know that he didnít like what he had to do to Abe.  EJ advised Will to get over it.  Will was upset because Abe trusted him and he did something illegal.  EJ and Will got into it and EJ reminded him about what he has on him.  EJ is convinced that Will is starting to enjoy the tasks heís giving him.  Will didnít want to admit it at first, but he smiled at the idea of doing something bad.  Jennifer and Hope talked about the key that Alice kept hidden.  Hope asked Jennifer how things are going with Jack and Daniel.  They start talking about Jenniferís situation with Jack and Daniel.  Jennifer wanted to know why her relationship canít be more like Bo and Hopeís.  Hope let her know that all relationships arenít easy.  She also told Jennifer that she and Bo have started therapy.  Hope told Jennifer that Bo doesnít like talking about his feelings.  Jennifer thought that it would be easier to get Bo to talk about his feelings than it would be for Jack to do it.  Hope assumed that Jack had to go kicking and screaming to see a therapist. 

EJ told Will that he wanted him to meet with a man on his behalf.  EJ wants Will to accept an envelope for him.  The envelope will have a list of instructions that Will has to follow.  EJ warned Will not to decline the assignment or else.  Bo and Abe talk about the campaign.  Bo told Abe that none of the cops want to refer to EJ as the mayor.  Bo and Hope left the house.  Abe didnít want to be caught off guard by the DiMeras.  Abe told Jennifer that he wants to announce his jobs program soon.  Jennifer suggested that he make the announcement at one of the factories that his program will be helping.  He didnít want it to look like a photo op that will eventually be forgotten.  He wants to include a tax incentive in the program.  EJ was back at the mansion to prepare for his interview on TV.  A man named Mr. French met with Will and gave him an envelope inside a newspaper.  The camera guy was leaving EJís place when Will showed up with the envelope.  Will gave EJ the keys that were in the envelope.  EJ surprised Will by letting him know that he is giving him a sports car.  Rafe showed up at the Horton house.  Jennifer offered him a job as security for Abe.  Abe wasnít sure if Rafe would have time to do it, but Rafe wanted to help.  Hope and Bo went to the bank to talk about the safety deposit key.  Hope wanted access to the safety deposit box.  The bank manager told her that he couldnít let her access it because it didnít just belong to Alice.  He told her that there were two names on the account.  Both of the people have to be there in order for him to allow her to access the box.  Hope realized that the key was useless unless they figure out who the other person is that owns the safety deposit box.  Jennifer received a text that EJ scooped Abe on the jobs program.  Jennifer and Abe saw EJís interview on TV.  Abe wanted to know how EJ found out about his program.  Kate wanted Sami to go to the DiMera mansion so they could work on a file.  As Sami arrived, she saw EJ give Will keys to a sports car.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Helena spies on Cassandra and Ethan at Wyndemere. Cassandra wonders if she has any family or friends. Molly doesnít want to be Alexis's "MyFace" friend. Alexis sends Sam home because she is so obviously distracted. Sonny tells Jason to get over Franco and get his focus back. Spinelli finds Franco. Jason goes to confront Franco.

Olivia sees Maggie kissing Steve. Steve tells Maggie they can't go backward. He suggests that she transfer to a different hospital. Later, Olivia comes back, lays a wet one on Steve, and tells Maggie to back off.

Sonny asks Olivia for help in putting together a menu for his restaurant that he is renaming Fortunados, after the place he used to hang out at as a kid. Sonny summons Johnny and tells him to stay away from Michael. Michael has a fit because the police didnít have enough evidence to hold their suspect, D'Onofrio in the stripper case. Dolores doesnít think D'Onofrio is the right guy. Dante thinks Dolores is too emotionally invested in the case. He tries to get her to talk about her dead sister. Sonny tells Michael not to listen to Johnny. Michael tells Sonny to take care of the guy that he was trying to protect Abby from.

OLTL Recap Written by Rebecca

Viki is putting together a shrine for Fraternity Row. She and Clint watch Blancaís show before Fraternity Rowís last episode. Rex, Gigi and Shane arrive and announce that they are moving to London. Clint offers them a place at the Buchanan compound and some money. Natalie and John wake up happy. They reassure each other that all is forgiven and that they are ready to move forward. Nora and Matthew bring Bo home, only to see David crying on Boís desk.

Roxy, Nigel, Destiny and Shaun gather to watch the end of Fraternity Row. Roxy thanks Mr. Evans for watching out for Schuyler during the prison break. He tells her that Schuyler was a hero, that he helped Greg take care of the injured prisoners. Todd gets a call from Baker about having to move Tomas. Starr walks in and tells everyone that she is moving to Los Angeles. Todd tells Starr that she doesnít have his support, heís missed too much of her life. Tomas listens to Baker make arrangements to move him.

Blancaís show begins and her first guest is Agnes Nixon, the creator of Fraternity Row. It seems everyone in town is watching the end of Fraternity Row, even Tomas and Baker. Baker barely has to time to watch before John hits him from behind. Bo and Nora go to say goodbye to Rex, Gigi and Shane, leaving Matthew home with David. Matthew admits that he doesnít want to go and see Destiny. David tells him to man up and take responsibility for his actions. Vimal receives the results of Jessicaís test and heads over to Clint. Natalie and Jessica tease Clint about crying. Everyone says goodbye to Rex, Gigi and Shane Ė and Starr and Hope. Destinyís water breaks. Tea arrives at Johnís with a surprise waiting for her. Tomas and Tea rush into each other arms and hug.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Jeffrey tells Kevin and Angelina that Angelo ambushed him and then took him to the cabin and left him there.  Jeffrey also tells Kevin that he never stole Gloriaís money or wrote her a break-up note.  Kevin tells Jeffrey that Gloria still loves him despite everything she thinks he did to her: making makes Jeffrey steal Kevin and Angelinaís boat and leave them stranded at the cabin.  Phyllis is able to zoom in on a newspaper that is on the nightstand in the video of Deacon and Phyllis having sex and sees that the date is the day before Diane was killed.

Nikki shows Victor the video and asks him not to marry Sharon because she needs time to prove he didnít kill Diane.  Victor tells Nikki he will think about it and later calls Michael and tells him to stand by, because he may not get married after all.  Phyllis tries to seduce Deacon and find out what he knows, but she takes it too far when she tells him he likes to record his sexual encounters.  Nick is worried about what Deacon may do next. Deacon goes to visit Victor and shows him a video of what he has been hiding all this time.  Deacon shows Victor a photo on his cell phone of Nikki physically fighting with Diane on the footbridge.  Ronan tells Nikki he thinks Deacon sent him a video of her passed out in the park. Ronan thinks the video of her and the video of Deacon having sex with Diane were shot with the same super 8 camera. Since they donít make those cameras anymore, all they have to do is find the camera to find the person who killed Diane.  Adam calls an emergency board meeting to discuss selling Beauty of Nature.

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