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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Amber convinces Rick that with her designs based on his concepts he could be a force to be reckoned with. Rick says that he is not the designer that his dad and Ridge are. He wants to know the real reason she is doing this. She says she won’t lie. She wants back in. Fashion is in her veins, but she is doing this for him and her daughter. She wants to be the mother that Rosey can respect. This is a win/win situation for both of them. He can be CEO and the real Forrester. Pam drops in at Jackie M’s and wishes to see Nick. She suspects he is with Donna. Jackie tries to downplay it that he’s just trying to help her after her divorce. Pam says she saw them kiss and she can’t get it out of her head. She’s in over her head and feels like she is just being used to get the designs. She thought maybe she could just enjoy a small moment with Jackie’s son, but now she has to go back and accept her old job back at Forrester.

Owen walks in and blows up at them for Pam being seen here at their office. It could ruin everything. Jackie says Pam is family and there is no harm. Pam swipes a bottle of itching powder before she leaves. Donna coos to Nick that he doesn’t know how much that song he sang at Dayzee’s meant to her. When Nick gets amorous, Donna almost gives in, but puts the brakes on and says they need to take it slower. Lurking outside on the deck of The Marlin, Pam pours the bottle of itching powder on some of Donna’s clothes hanging out to dry. She about has a howling fit when Donna slips on her lingerie and has her own wiggly crazy dance. Jackie thanks Owen for talking Pam down. Owen confesses that Bridget is an amazing woman but he misses Jackie and he wants that life back. The divorce papers are not final and they don’t have to be. He still loves her. He can see right through her and he knows she wants that too.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At Carrie and Rafeís office, Rafe was shirtless and Carrie walked in and saw him that way.  Carrie wanted to know why he was half dressed.  Rafe told her about the problems with the heat and how he hasnít heard from the landlord.  He also told her that the windows were painted shut and he couldnít open them.  Carrie started to undress too.  Sonny and Will met at the town square.  Sonny thought that Will was leaving town.  Will informed him that heís sticking around after all.  Will told Sonny that he is tired of being good little Will.  Heís tired of pretending and heís done with quite a few things.  At the Horton house, Bo and Hope were there.  Hope told Bo that she called Hewett about the key, but he didnít tell her anything.  Will told Sonny that he wants to be open to new things.  He wants to meet new people.  Rafe tried to fix the thermostat, but it didnít work.  Rafe suggested that they leave for the day.  Carrie told him that someone was supposed to be there and that she should wait for them to come.  Rafe told Carrie that he got a call for a case.  The woman is from his old neighborhood.  He told Carrie that the woman may not be able to pay.  Hope questioned why Alice would keep the key from them.  Hope told Bo that Alice seemed to have had a secret life.  Hope believed that Alice and Tom had a perfect marriage.  Bo reminded her that not all marriages are perfect.  They started talking about going to therapy.  They told each other that they love each other.  Hope thanked him for sticking with the therapy.  Bo told her that Alice kept everything hidden for a reason and that they should probably drop the investigation. 

Carrie and Rafe continued to work through the heat in their office.  They continued to talk about Rafeís case.  Carrie wanted to help out if she could.  He appreciated her help.  The heat was starting to get to Carrie so Rafe tried to fix the thermostat again.  They couldnít find the tools.  Carrie and Rafe ended up stealing looks at each other.  Hope didnít like the idea that she and Bo should stop investigating Aliceís past.  She wanted to find out some answers because she and Alice were so close. Hope couldnít believe that Alice would keep this from her.  Hope was convinced that Alice didnít throw anything away because they were supposed to find it.  Hope didnít want to give up until she found out the truth.  Rafe and Carrie continued to stare at each other while trying to beat the heat in their office.  Bo finally agreed to help Hope continue the investigation into Aliceís past.  Bo received a call because a pharmacy was robbed.  They rushed out of the house.  Sonny introduced Will to his friend Matteo.  He wants to be an investor in their new coffee shop.  Rafe and Carrie kept staring at each other at the office.  Rafe got a bucket of ice and gave some of it to Carrie.  Carrie rubbed it on her neck and Rafe stared at her. Bo and Hope went to the pub and talked about the theft at the pharmacy. They also started talking about the key again.  Bo and Hope realized that it might be a key to a safety deposit box.  Bo thought that she might have used a fake name to get the box.  He thought he might know what name she used.  Later on, Bo and Hope found Aliceís safety deposit box.  They discovered that she used the name A. Grayson (Aliceís maiden name).  Hope mentioned that Alice didnít have this in her will.  Hope wanted to know what was in the box for Alice to keep it a secret all of this time. 

GH Recap Written by Rebecca

Ewen finds Ethan sleeping on the couch at Wyndemere. They are both worried about Cassandra. He fills Ethan in on Cassandra, while she listens in from the tunnels. Ewen wants to rent Wyndemere to stay close to Cassandra. After Ewen leaves, Cassandra emerges from the tunnels. Helena is listening nearby.

Lulu wants to know if it’s true that Tracy is engaged to Anthony. Tracy admits that he proposed. Tracy offers a job at ELQ to Lulu, but Lulu says she wants to wait for the right thing. Maxie sits through Anthony’s plan for the reception. Tracy arrives and tries to back out of the wedding, but he reminds her that if she doesn’t marry him, he will reveal that she stole money from the Soleito’s. She tries to stall, and Anthony agrees to look for a new date.

Johnny arrives at GH and interrupts Steve and Maggie to ask Steve about his referral. Steve gets angry at him, but Johnny threatens to reveal that Steve killed someone in Memphis and that Maggie helped him. Carly asks Luke for a favor. She asks him to dig up something on Johnny so she can avoid sleeping with him. Luke promises to do what he can, but tells her that there is a price to pay. Carly readily agrees to pay the price.

Olivia swings by the PCPD with food for Dante and warns Delores to stay away from her son. She tells Dante that she is jealous of Maggie. Diane visits Spinelli and gushes over her newspaper column. She tells him that she misses the law. Spinelli tells her of his plans to win Maxie back.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Destiny prepares to deliver her child. Shaun is angry that Matthew ran out on Destiny. Matt returns home from DC to be there for Bo. Matthew is in Bo's hospital room when Destiny goes to visit Bo. Matt apologizes for their fight. He asks her if he can talk to her without her getting mad. He tells her he isnít ready to have a baby. Destiny tells him the baby is ready and that she doesnít need him. Shaun is angry that Vivian declined his marriage proposal on Christmas. She explains that it was wrong of him to push a proposal on her on Christmas knowing that she didnít want to get married. She tells him that she loves him, but she is never going to marry anyone. He says he wants marriage and a family and breaks it off with her.

James breaks up with Starr because he overheard her telling Cole that she still loves him and he can't accept being second best. Rick has exciting news for Starr. Neela goes to visit Jack to make sure he is ok and to apologize. She confesses that he is the boy of her dreams.

Natalie and John have their talk. They both say they are ashamed of their behavior and ask for each otherís forgiveness. They forgive each other and seal it with a kiss. They make love and profess their love to each other. Roxy prepares to throw a big farewell to Fraternity Row party. Shane receives an acceptance letter to a school of graphic Arts in Great Britain on a full ride scholarship. Shane doesnít want to leave his mom now that he has her back. Gigi and Rex decide to go to England with him.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Gloria tells Angelo that she is ready to forget the past and be his girlfriend. The news makes Angelo very happy but not knowing where Angelina and Kevin are makes him unhappy.  He tells Dino to keep Kevin healthy until he can get there himself and make Kevin suffer. Kevin and Angelina hide in one of Angelo’s cabins. Angelina is about to tell Kevin something important when they discover that Jeffrey is hiding in the cabin as well. Patty gets nervous when she finds out Ronan wants to question her about what has been going on in the house, so she decides to leave one of Diane’s diary pages on Ronan’s windshield to keep him distracted so he will forget about questioning her. The diary page reveals that Diane was sleeping with someone a few days before she died.

Ronan questions Jack about the diary page and he says that he wasn’t with Diane in that way before she died. Jack sends Ronan to question Adam. Patty asks Adam for help and asks him to meet her in the alley behind Gloworm. Adam agrees to meet Patty but decides not to go anywhere near that lunatic. Patty arrives for the meeting and sees Deacon throwing something in the garbage. Adam tells Ronan that he liked Diane but he never slept with her or killed her. Nikki finds the file Deacon deleted on his computer and e-mails it to herself, because she doesn’t know how to open a password protected file. Nikki asks Nick to help her open the file and he tells her they should ask Phyllis for help. Phyllis just happens to drop by to talk to Nick because she is also working on solving Diane’s murder to prove that Victor didn’t kill Diane. Nikki is worried Phyllis will put the story on "Restless Style" if she asks for her help and she also doesn’t like to ask Phyllis for help. Nick makes Phyllis promise not to tell anyone if she helps them open the file. Phyllis opens the file and it contains a video of Diane and Deacon having sex.

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