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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Jackie reminds Nick that he has his eyes firmly planted on Donna, but he needs to be spending more quality time with Pam. She’s the reason they are celebrating. Donna tells Brooke and Katie that she knew she was in trouble the very first time she kissed Nick. They are taking it slow, but she fell for him very fast. Amber reveals to Marcus that she is getting ready for the man she has been in love with most of her adult life, Mr. Rick Forrester. She screwed up the first time, but she’s always wanted a second chance with him. Beverly brags to Dayzee that Rick seems to really be into her. Rick smiles when Beverly marches over to Jackie and Nick’s table and chastises them for stealing the Forrester designs. She warns them not to do it again. She doesn’t know who stole them, but she’s working on it. Rick tells Bev that he’s impressed with the way she handled that.

Dayzee approaches Nick and says it is open mike night. She’d like him to sing a song. He tries to get out of it, but Jackie also insists. She even calls Donna and asks her to meet her at Dayzee’s. Nick sings and gives Donna a kiss afterwards. Amber has invited Rick over for dinner but she has another big surprise for him. She shows him some designs…..ones that she finalized from some of his original concepts. These are as good as anything that Forrester has done. She wants no credit; just to repay him for everything he has done for her. She wants to prove to him that she can be an asset to him. He wants control of the company so now with these he could take his rightful place as CEO of the company.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the pub, John and Brady talked about their plans for rebuilding Basic Black.  While they were talking, Abe and Lexie arrived at the pub.  John told Abe about his partnership with Brady.  Abe was happy for them.  John told Abe that he was determined to pay back all of the innocent people who lost their money.  At the DiMera mansion, Nicole and EJ talked about Johnís conference and how Abe is going to endorse him and announce his plan to create jobs.  EJ had a plan to beat Abe to the punch.  Nicole wanted to know what he was going to do.  She also wanted to know what his plan had to do with Will.  Will walked in the living room just as Nicole was asking EJ how Will could help his plans.  EJ introduced Will as the newest member of his campaign.  Madison told Victor that she was overwhelmed by the job offer, but she was hesitant about giving up her company.  Abe and Lexie thanked John for endorsing him.  John wanted to do it because he doesnít want EJ to be mayor.  Abe congratulated John for being partners with Brady.  John would be happier if his endorsement could help Abe beat EJ in the campaign.  Nicole was surprised that Will wanted to work for EJ and not for Abe.  EJ convinced her that it was a good idea to have a Horton working on their campaign.  EJ also told her that this will be good for Willís college credits.  Nicole accepted this and left to make phone calls.  Will wanted to know what EJ wanted from him.  Victor continued to convince Madison that it would be a good idea for her to be his next CEO.  Madison needed time to think it over.  EJ told Will what he wanted him to do.  EJ wanted Will to go to Abe and Johnís press conference and take Abeís computer.  Willís supposed to get the information about Abeís jobs plan and put it on the USB drive that he gave him.  Will didnít want to do that to Abe.  EJ reminded him about the dirt he has on Will.  Will ended up agreeing to do it and walked out of the mansion.

Nicole finished her phone calls and wondered what happened to Will.  EJ told her that he sent him to do an errand.  Nicole wasnít sure that Will would be enough for him to win the election.  EJ was confident that Will was going to help him.  John was in the middle of his interview at the pub when Will arrived.  Abe spotted Will and asked him why he was there.  Will lied and said he was there to support John.  Abe had phone calls to make and left Will alone.  Madison and Brady met at the town square.  They started talking about how their relationship is going to be now that he will be working with John.  During their discussion, Brady figured out that she was offered his job.  Brady thought it was a great idea.  Nicole wanted to know what EJ was up to with getting Will involved in the campaign.  All he told her is that heís confident that he can win the election.  While John was being interviewed, Will went to Abeís laptop.  A hand grabbed Will while he was about to look at it.  EJ wanted to take a night off from campaigning so he took Nicole to the town square.  While they were having dinner, he had a flashback of having sex with Sami.  He reminded Nicole about their commitment to each other.  Lexie ended up being the one who grabbed Willís shoulder.  She wanted to thank him for showing his support for John.  Will lied and said he didnít want to bother anyone.  He just wanted to show up and support him.  While John is off with the interviewer, Will managed to get Abeís computer and get the information from it.  Will sent EJ the text of Abeís jobs plan.  EJ wouldnít let Nicole see the text.  All EJ told Nicole is that Will finished the errand he wanted him to do.  She dropped the subject and ended up kissing him.  Later on, Will showed up at the DiMera mansion again and threw the USB drive at EJ.  Will didnít like betraying Abe.  EJ didnít care.  Will continued to tell EJ that he didnít care that it hurt to have to betray Abe.  EJ told him to look on the bright side.  Will was able to get the information with little to no effort. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Johnny is surprised to see the announcement of Tracy's engagement to Anthony. Johnny warns Anthony that Tracy is his equal. Maxie is terrified that someone might be following her. Lulu and Maxie chat while doing yoga in high heels in Maxie's living room. Anthony calls to check on Maxie's wedding-planning progress. Lulu crosses "Yoga Instructor" off her list of things that may or may out turn out to be her passion. Michael antagonizes the cops about not focusing on the stripper attacks. He tells Dante that there are other ways to handle it. Dolores discovers that every victim was a professionally trained dancer. Ronnie has a suspect, Chuck D'Onofrio and is going to interview a witness. Michael wonít answer Sonny's calls. Michael goes to Johnny's penthouse. He mentions the cops not working on Abby's case to Anthony. Anthony offers him a drink.

Jax lurks about Sonny's house. Carly bursts into Sonny's house demanding that he talk to her about Michael. Sonny tells her she should have wanted to work as a team before she alienated his kids. He tells her to respect Kate in his house. She reveals that she heard Michael asking Johnny Zacchara for a job. He tells her that he will handle it and she needs to stay out of it. Carly calls Johnny and asks if they have a deal or not. Kate tells Sonny to be ready to go public because now that Carly knows they are together the whole town will know. Jax follows Carly to Kelly's. Johnny meets her there. Shawn interrupts Johnny and Carly kissing in the dining room. Johnny leaves. Shawn wonders if the show was meant for him to see. He warns her about the Zacchara family history of mental instability. She tells him to mind his own business. Someone watches Sonny.

Sam and Robin worry about Jason. Robin and Patrick discuss Jason's symptoms with Jason and Sam. Jason's lab tests come back inconclusive. He tells him he already knows the cause has nothing to do with medicine. Sam plans to tell Jason she is pregnant, but Patrick warns her not to do anything that might trigger Jasonís mood swings. Jason calls Spinelli and asks him to find Franco. Sam looks at the newborns in the maternity ward. Robin checks her ticket to Seattle Washington and departs on her trip to "Africa."

OLTL Recap Written by Rebecca

Starr is crying of the death of Cole. Danielle arrives saying that she canít believe Hannah killed Cole. Starr tells Danielle that Cole is really alive. Todd isnít happy that Starr told Danielle the truth, since it was supposed to be a secret. But Starr insists on telling Danielle the truth. It seems that Todd arranged to fake Coleís death and reunite him with Marty and Patrick, using his CIA connections. The downside being that Cole can never see Starr or Hope again. Meanwhile, James sees Coleís photo and is still angry that Starr still loves Cole. Nate arrives and tells James that their mom is making arrangements for Fordís funeral. Starr and Danielle arrive and try to comfort Nate and James. Nate and Danielle leave to help Inez. James tells Starr that he hears what she said last night. Jessica sits with Ryder as she looks at Fordís photo in the paper. She explains to Ryder that his daddy wonít be coming home. She thinks back to the night before when the doctor gave her and James the news.

John wheels Clint into Vikiís hospital room. They are sad that Ford and Cole are dead, but very glad that Mitch is finally gone. John asks them about Allison. They donít tell John and Natalie what Allison told them. After they leave, Clint and Viki decide to re-test Clint and Jessicaís DNA before they tell anyone. Clint asks Vimal to run a legitimate DNA test. Natalie and John want to talk , but he needs to work and she needs to take care of Jessica. John runs into Tea as she is berating herself. John has managed to get ahold of Toddís cell phone and heís had a tech pull some data off of it in order to locate Tomas. Natalie comforts Jessica and fills her in on the Allison drama. Jessica heads over to the hospital to see her parents. Blair is still at the hospital when Tea finds her. Tea is upset when Blair tells her how great Todd has been through the whole mess. She starts to tell Blair the truth when Todd interrupts.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Lily tells Cane that Billy gave her a job as a photographer and asks him to take care of the twin’s for one night. Cane is thrilled and Lily tells him that they have to revise the custody agreement so he can spend more time with the twins. Katherine tries once again to reach out to Tucker and admits that when she talked to him about them teaming up to build a relationship with Devon, she hoped that would also improve their relationship. Devon admits to Harmony that he is having trouble mixing the song, because he can’t distinguish subtle differences in pitch with his cochlear implant. Harmony does some research on the Internet and discovers a foundation that is doing groundbreaking research to help people who have lost their hearing due to meningitis. Harmony finds out that both Katherine and Tucker are major donors to the foundation so she goes to Tucker to tell him about Devon’s problem, and he sets up an appointment with a doctor at the foundation.

Tucker is touched that Harmony came to him with the problem instead of Katherine and Harmony tells him that he is Devon’s father and he deserves to be able to help Devon. Katherine asks Neil to come back to work at Chancellor. At first he turns down Katherine’s offer, but Sofia later persuades him to take the job. Sofia tries to get Neil to admit that he was unhappy on their wedding day but he avoids the issue and tells her that he is happy with their family and committed to their marriage. Chelsea wants $3 million dollars to get out of Billy’s life, but she is shocked when he tells her that won’t be happening. She can also go to the newspapers and tell them that he is the father of her child. Cane interrupts Billy and Chelseaís conversation and she leaves Billyís house very upset. Chelsea calls someone on the phone in a panic and says that things are not going according to their plan and she needs help. Lily comes over to Billy’s to thank him for the job. Cane and Lily are both shocked when Billy and Victoria tell them that they plan to get Chelsea’s parental rights taken away and raise the baby together.

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