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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill makes it clear to Liam what he must do. With the doctor backing him up, Bill tells Liam that Steffy's health is in a precarious condition and he must be there with love and support. She could die if he were to tell her that he was leaving her for Hope. He muses that sometimes tragedies, as terrible as they are, happen for a reason so he needs to get these crazy thoughts of Hope out of his head. It’s obvious what Liam needs to do; the doctor has even said so. When the doctor tells Bill that he can not tell a lie like this, Bill reminds him that he is saving many more lives with the check for the new wing. He can stick to the story with a clear conscience. Alone with Liam, Steffy admits she messed up by once more telling him a lie to keep him and Hope apart while at the resort. She has insecurities that she promises to work on. The doctor interrupts to bring the whole family in, including Hope, to explain about the blood clot and how very important it is for Steffy to not have stress and her family life with Liam is very important. Liam sees Hope leave and follows her. Hope understands that Steffy will be fine as long as Liam stays with her. Ridge catches them in the hallway and chastises them for always looking at each other and touching; it has to stop.

Bill questions the doctor about the medication. The doctor says Steffy will only be given placebos and some aspirin that she probably needs anyway. But there will be a problem when she gets back to L.A. and they find nothing wrong. Bill tells him not to worry about it; he will take care of that. Ridge continues with Liam. He reminds Liam that Steffy is in that room fighting for her life. So Liam is frustrated….deal with it. He needs to respect Steffy, respect Hope. He made a commitment, so stick with it. Thomas catches Hope alone. She asks him how involved he was in keeping the truth from her. He admits he did what he had to do. He brought her here to enjoy some time in the sun and have some fun and that would all have been down the drain once she saw Liam there. He thinks Liam now realizes that he needs to love and support Steffy and stay by her side. Both Ridge and Taylor tell Liam that their daughter needs him; please do not let her down. Steffy tells Liam that she will work on her insecurities and she knows she will make it through this with him at her side as her husband.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

Chad and Sonny were at the pub talking about starting a coffee house.  Sonny told Chad that Will planned on asking Kate for the money.  Chad didnít want any help from the DiMeras because it comes with too many strings.  Sonny didnít want to ask his family for the same reason.  Melanie arrived at the pub just as Sonny was off to class.  Chad told Melanie that he wanted to kiss her, but she didnít want to do it because of Abby.  Chad reminded her that he and Abby broke up.  Abby showed up and saw them together.  She wondered how Chad and Melanie were able to keep their hands off of each other for as long as they did. At the townhouse, John and Marlena talked about her new job at Salem University as well as how he liquidated his assets to pay back his investors.  They also talked about how he plans to rebuild Basic Black with Brady.  Brady was nervous about telling Victor about leaving Titan to run Basic Black.  Victor and Maggie were happy for him.  Victor was sure that Brady could rebuild Basic Black.  Brady told Victor that he will have to leave Titan so he can help John at Basic Black.  Chad told Abby that he and Melanie were not together while they dated.  Abby was upset and didnít believe him. Melanie tried to apologize to Abby for what happened with Chad, but Abby wasnít interested in hearing it.  Marlena and John talked about his relationship with Brady.  John regretted how he wasnít there for Brady when he left town.  Marlena tried to reassure John that he did the best he could. 

Victor told Brady that he canít leave Titan because itís his birthright.  Brady told Victor that itís Philipís birthright.  Victor wanted them to run the company together.  Maggie warned Victor about his blood pressure.  Madison told Victor that Brady needed to help John with his company.  Victor wasnít willing to listen to anything.  He believed that Brady was a fool to leave Titan to start over with John.  At the town square, Chad and Sonny talked about Melanie.  Sonny wanted to know if Chad cheated on Abby for Melanie.  Melanie continued to convince Abby that she didnít cheat with Chad, but Abby wasnít hearing it.  She believed that they were already sleeping together despite how much Melanie denied it.  John and Marlena talked about her relationship with Sami.  John believes that she and Sami will patch things up the same way he did with Brady.  John reminisced about raising Sami and how much he loves her.  He hopes that she will stop being so disrespectful towards them now that heís been found innocent.  Victor, Brady, and Madison continued to talk about Brady working with John.  Brady wants to give everything back to Victor.  Abby continued to insult Melanie for being with Chad.  Melanie continued to deny being with him.  Abby eventually ended the argument by leaving the pub.  Victor told Brady that he was making a mistake, but he finally accepted Bradyís decision.  Later, Melanie ran into Chad at the town square.  He wanted to talk about being together, but Melanie didnít want that.  She doesnít want to hurt Abby any more than she all ready has and doesnít want to be with him.  Victor and Madison talked about Bradyís decision to leave Titan.  Victor gave her a job offer.  Victor had to replace Brady as CEO and knew that Philip doesnít want to do it.  He offered the job to Madison. She smiled, but didnít give her an answer.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Ewen reveals to Ethan and Spinelli that the woman in white is his patient and that she doesnít know who she is. She speaks and says Ewen calls her Cassandra. Ewen and Spinelli both reveal they have tried to look into her background but have found nothing. Cassandra says they all seem to be worried about her, but she isnít afraid of Wyndemere and wants to stay there. Ewen tries to convince her to leave, but she screams and runs.

Carly wants to know what she needs to do to keep him from bringing Michael into his organization. She offers to sleep with him. He tells her that he is a nice guy, but he can't guarantee that Anthony won't recruit Michael. They make the deal and begin to kiss. Then, convinced that she really would sleep with him, he opens the door and tells her goodnight. Kate overhears Sonny saying he will deal with Jax. Kate suspects Sonny wants to know if Jax and Brenda are together. He says he wants to let go of the past, including Brenda. Kate calls someone and asks them to talk her out of something. Kate turns up the heat with Sonny and they make love.

Robin asks Elizabeth to keep her health status a secret and to take her place for Patrick and Emma if she dies. She says she doesnít want Patrick to watch her die slowly the way she watched Stone die. Elizabeth says she will do it, but only if Robin tells Patrick everything before she leaves.
Jason faints at General Hospital. Patrick runs tests. Jason tells Patrick that his hand is numb. Elizabeth tells Robin about Jason having new tests run. Jason tells Patrick that he needs to talk to Robin about what is going on with her. Patrick says the same goes with Jason telling Sam what is going on with him. Sam tells Patrick about Jasonís other symptoms of tension and rage. Monica tells Sam that she might regret it if she and Jason don't have a child to temper Jason's recklessness. Monica then suggests to Jason that he and Sam have a baby. Sam is still carrying her pregnancy test stick around. Jason senses that Sam is not ok. Patrick asks Robin why Jason insisted that they should talk.

OLTL Recap Written by Rebecca

Three women voice the beginning and catch us up on what has happened in Llanview. Doctors are working on Ford and Cole. Clint suffers a heart attack while trying to help Viki. Troy tries to save Bo while Nora watches. The women are Gabrielle, Megan and Luna. Luna as an angel brings Cole to a white room. While there, Cole realizes that Starr is better off without him. But that he should hang on for Hope. Gabrielle visits Bo, as Troy tells Nora that heís done everything that he can. Nora refuses to believe him. Gabrielle tells Bo that itís his time to go. Bo says that he canít leave, he loves Nora. Megan visits Viki and leads her towards heaven, but Viki is worried about Clint. She also worries about Jessica and Natalie. Megan tries to reassure Viki that itís okay to let go.

At the church, John and Natalie see that Mitch is still very much alive. Mitch attacks John and Natalie shoots him. Natalie and John return to Llanfair where they find Viki and Clint unconscious on the floor. They immediately call for help and try to help them themselves. Stacy meets Clint and demands her heart back. She informs him that he is in Hell. Clint wants to return home and make amends for all his wrongdoings. He finds Viki just as she is about to enter Heaven. At the hospital, Jessica and James watch as the doctors continue to work on Ford. Eddieís spirit visits Ford and tells him that he is in Hell. Ford runs away from Eddie and find Cole and Luna. Mitch wakes up to see two hooded figures approach and grab him. He thinks that they are couriers of God, but they reveal that they are indeed Eddie and Stacy. As they drag Mitch away, Stacy tells him that Jessica wasnít his daughter.

Back in Heaven, Megan, Gabrielle, and Luna check in with each other. Megan and Gabrielle say that their charges went back to life. Luna admits that she as a tiny problem with hers. At the hospital, Starr finds James and Jessica in the waiting room. Blair and Todd hug Starr. The doctors come and update them on Cole and Ford. Luna says that she could only save one of her charges.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Billy gets Chelsea to admit that she seduced him and put something in his drink then planted the drugs that got him arrested in Myanmar. Billy records the confession but Chelsea tells him that it won’t matter because he is the father of her baby and that is going to cost him big money. Billy plays the recording for Victoria who never believed that Billy raped Chelsea, but she informs Billy that she canceled the appointment with the adoption agency. Victoria tells Billy that the mess with Chelsea made her realize that the only thing she wants is to be able to carry his baby inside her and that will never happen.

In jail Adam tells Nick that he plans to sell Beauty of Nature and use the money to buy distressed property. Nick tells him that will never happen and Adam wonders why Nick still cares about Victor’s company since he hurt both of them by proposing to Sharon. Nick gives Faith to Sharon and tells her that he doesn’t know her anymore and asks her to inform her groom that he has one less son working at Newman Enterprises. Michael finds out through his contacts at Newman that Adam plans to sell Beauty of Nature and is stunned when Victor tells him not to do anything to stop the sale. Adam manages to get out of jail and is surprised when Chelsea tells him she has a suite at the Athletic Club because she just won the lottery, so to speak. Deacon catches Nikki snooping in his computer and thinks that he has her where he wants her, but Nikki later sees Deacon deleting a file from his computer and then hiding his computer in a new place.

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