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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam tells Bill that he’s made a decision, but he’s not discussing it with him until he has a chance to talk to his wife. He’s going to take control of his life. Bill tells him that Steffy is his wife. He needs to take control of his life by forgetting Hope or he is going to regret it. Ridge tells Liam that Steffy is in there fighting for her life, and it’s all because of him so he better not be thinking of leaving her. When Liam goes back into Steffy’s room, she slowly twitches a finger and then opens her eyes. The doctor tells her that she is a lucky young lady. They will observe her for a while and then she should go home in a couple of days. Bill reminds Liam that his love and support is what brought her back. Thomas tells Liam that Steffy is his wife; it’s time for him to man up. He’s observed the way he looks at Hope and that needs to stop. Liam tells Hope that he can’t stop loving her, but she says she can not destroy his marriage right now with Steffy in the hospital. He says it will all be on him, but he is hers and he will do what he has to do. Bill does what Dollar Bill always does. He pulls out his checkbook and writes a hefty check to buy the hospital a new cardiac wing. All the doctor has to do is tell Liam that Steffy has a clot, as seen on another patient’s chart which Bill switches, and that it could lead to a stroke if she endures any stress or grief. Liam goes in to talk to Steffy, but is quickly called out to see the doctor. With Hope standing nearby and Bill listening in, Dr. Rivera tells Liam that he just spotted a clot on Steffy’s latest brain scan. It’s very precarious and she will need weeks or months for it to dissolve. She will especially need Liam’s love and support with no tension or stress or it could lead to death.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

EJ allowed Will to come in to the mansion so they could talk.  EJ wasn’t sure what Will thought he knew about him.  Will said that he’s sure that EJ has hundreds of secrets, but he would narrow it down for him.  Will told him that this secret is about what he did with his mother.  EJ wanted to talk in private and Will thought that was a good idea as well.  Will told EJ how he saw him having sex with Sami.  Will told EJ that he wanted him to help him leave Salem by giving him some money.  EJ was impressed that Will would blackmail him this way.  Will told him that he will leave town eventually, but EJ will be ruined if he decides to reveal what he knows.  EJ allowed Will to think that he had all of the cards in his hands until he dropped a bomb on Will.  EJ reminded him that he was holding all of the cards and not Will.  Will wasn’t sure what EJ was talking about.  EJ taunted him at first, but then he told him the truth.  EJ told Will that he and not Lucas was the one who shot him.  EJ planned to tell the police about it.  Will tried to deny being the shooter, but EJ didn’t believe him.  EJ told Will that he better not blackmail a DiMera unless he doesn’t have any secrets of his own.  EJ continued to talk to Will about the shooting.  Will regretted not having better aim.  Will warned EJ that the next time he will aim higher.  EJ wanted to know if that was a threat.  Will eventually told EJ that he will keep his secret about having sex with Sami.  EJ said that wasn’t enough.  EJ wants Will to work for him now because no one would suspect him.  EJ informed Will that this will be his worst nightmare because EJ owns him now. 

At the town square, Jack spied on Jennifer and Daniel together.  He overheard Jennifer talking to Daniel about his stroke.  Jack continued listening to them until he sneezed.  Jennifer spotted Jack listening to them and couldn’t believe him.  Jennifer wanted to know what Jack was there.  Jack told her how he saw her holding hands with Daniel.  Daniel assured Jack that it was innocent.  Jack realized that it was innocent.  He apologized for what Daniel was going through.  He knows how hard it is to deal with things like that.  Jack told Daniel and Jennifer that the two of them need to be there for each other.  Jack wants to take the pressure off of Jennifer and told her that she no longer has to choose.  Jack wants to walk away.  Jennifer was upset because now she’s lost both of them.  Jennifer thought that this sounded final.  Jack informed her that he will always love her, but he can’t do this anymore.  He will always wonder if she is in love with Daniel.  Bo and Hope were in bed.  They started talking about their session with Marlena.  Bo thought that the sessions were going to be difficult for them.  Bo was concerned that Marlena might not be able to help.  He wondered what would happen if things end up getting worse.  Bo was afraid that he would lose Hope.  Hope told him that they could lose each other if they don’t deal with their issues.  She doesn’t want to lose him either.  The idea of losing him scares her.  Bo is committed to making their marriage as strong as he can.  Hope wants to be able to talk about their issues at home as well as in therapy.  They talked about everything that happened with Zack and Chelsea.  Hope told Bo that there is a small seed of doubt in the back of her mind.  He told her that when he first met her he knew he wanted to change.  He still feels like the same kid that has trouble relying on people.  He knows that he can rely on her though.  Hope says she has faith in their relationship.  She knows that she’s not perfect and need to work on things.  He agreed, but he was just kidding.  He told her that she was perfect and he believes that they can make it through anything as long as they are together.  Later on, Bo and Hope broke into the pub and turned on the music to dance.  They continued to have a romantic time with each other. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Monica and Elizabeth exchange words in the GH Locker room only to be interrupted by Ewen needing to get to his locker while wearing only a towel. Monica offers him a permanent position at GH. He says he has to discuss it with his supervisors at shady brook. He asks Elizabeth's opinion. Patrick sees Robin looking at her will. Robin confides to Elizabeth that if she can't get her viral load under control she will have to go away. Elizabeth encourages her to tell Patrick. Robin asks Elizabeth to take her place in her family's life.

Sam returns to the location of Franco's tag. She goes home and takes the pregnancy test. Jason and Michael run into each other at the site of their crash. Michael says he is sick of everyone treating him like a kid and threatens to go to work for the Zaccharas. Jason asks him not to do that. Jason goes to the hospital and faints.

Spinelli responds to Maxie's ad for a roommate. She thinks it would be awkward. She fears they will permanently damage their relationship. Anthony pays Maxie a visit and tells her that in return for framing the Briggs woman, he wants her to plan his wedding reception that is to take place on Friday the 13th. Maxie asks Matt to move in with her. Monica shows Tracy the newspaper announcement showing Tracy’s engagement to Anthony Zacchara. Tracy demands that Pres print a retraction. Spinelli runs into Ethan at Kelly’s. They sit at separate tables, each hoping to catch a glimpse of the woman in white. They both miss her then she passes by. Ethan goes to Wyndemere to find the woman in white. Ethan goes to Wyndemere to find the woman in white. Ewen goes to Wyndemere. Spinelli follows the woman in white to Wyndemere, where she leaves a bag in the table with the words "no one gets lonely" written on it. Spinelli goes into the secret passage behind the bookcase. Finally the woman in white returns to the parlor and Ethan asks her name. Spinelli emerges from behind the bookcase and greets her as well. They each wonder how the other knows her. Ethan says he doesn’t think anyone knows her. Ewen comes in and says she is his patient.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Starr rushes to the hospital to be there for Cole and is terribly worried about her baby's father. After Robert Ford has gotten shot in an attempt to save Jessica, he gets rushed to the hospital with uncertainty over the outcome. Allison informs Viki and Clint that what they've believed for the last 10 years about Mitch Laurence being Jessica's biological father is incorrect. And she declares that she knows, with certainty that Clint is the father of both of Viki's daughters. But Viki gets shot. And when Clint attempts to call and get help, he falls over and passes out. Nora finds out that Bo has been shot and struggles to help him. Lindsay has disappeared. But she realizes that Troy is there, tied up in the chair beside her and he is a doctor. So she is dependent upon him to save Bo. And once again, the show's outcome hangs in suspense.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Sharon is allowed to see Faith while she and Nick wait for a mediator to work out a joint custody agreement. Adam finds out from Victor that Sharon is in family court fighting for joint custody of Faith. Adam is sure that Sharon will drop the restraining order against him now that she has joint custody of Faith. Michael advises Sharon not to do anything that Nick or the court would consider a lack of judgment or she could end up in court again fighting for custody of Faith. After the hearing, Sharon tells Adam once again that they can’t be together because she has to think about Faith. Adam calls the police to tell them he is in violation of the restraining order. He thinks that Sharon won’t have him arrested because she loves him, not Victor. The police arrive and Sharon has Adam arrested even though you can see by the look on her face she doesn’t want to do it.

Genevieve agrees to move in with Jack because of all the strange things that have been happening at her house. Genevieve wants to take Myrna with her but she refuses to go to Jack’s house. When Genevieve leaves with Jack, Patty promises herself that Genevieve will never marry Jack. Billy tells Jack that he believes Chelsea drugged him, and he can’t remember if he slept with her or not. No matter how drunk he was, he knows he would never force himself on a woman. Victoria plans to stand behind Billy no matter what happens because she knows he was set up by Victor and Chelsea is a gold-digger. Nick and Adam both think that Sharon agreed to marry Victor in order to get custody of Faith. Nikki continues to pretend to be drunk in front of Deacon to try and find out what happened the night of Diane’s murder. Sharon goes to visit Victor to tell him the good news about getting joint custody of Faith and to thank him for getting the emergency custody hearing. Sharon also tells Victor that she wants to marry him. The paternity test results are in and they show that Billy is the father of Chelsea’s baby.

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