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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Everyone waits anxiously at the hospital for the doctor to tell them what happened to Steffy. Thomas blames Liam for even being there and following Hope around instead of being with his wife, Steffy. Hope tells Liam that Thomas didn’t mean what he said; he can’t blame himself. Taylor is besides herself how any of this could happen. Ridge comforts Taylor as they go in to visit Steffy. Ridge tells her that he loves her and everyone back home is wishing her well. They will stay by her side until she recovers. She needs to wake up so they can go home. Taylor tells her that she is strong and has so much to live for. Bill calls a truce between Liam and Thomas. He says they are all there for Steffy and he will not listen to this bickering between them as to whose fault it is that Steffy is unconscious. The doctor tells Bill they are doing all they can do; they just need to monitor Steffy for any changes. Bill tells Steffy that he’s done a lot of things for her, but this one she will have to do on her own…..for her family, for Liam and for him. Bill reprimands Liam for chasing around after Hope. He tells him he was acting like a maniac. Liam says that he does not know the whole story. Once again Steffy manipulated all of this and he’s made a decision; it can’t go on like this.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Samiís in her office and Kate comes and asks her how sheís doing.  Sami was okay.  She looked at a picture of Rafe and the kids on her laptop.  Will shows up at the apartment while Rafe is cooking.  Will talks about the stir-fry that Rafe is cooking.  Will was happy that Sami was working late.  He feels that itís better when Samiís not home.  John arrives home at the townhouse.  Marlena also arrives home and she asks John if Will called.  John wanted to know what was going on with Will.  Marlena just tells him that itís girl problems.  John told her that he and Brady are going to be business partners.  At the DiMera mansion, EJ and Stefano talk about his campaign.  EJ showed up at Johnís press conference to be the bigger person and he ended up being down 20 points.  Stefano felt that EJ put too much energy on a campaign around a felon who was going to be exonerated.  EJ still couldnít understand how John was able to get out of prison when he did everything he could to set John up.  After EJ continued to question what went wrong with his plan, Stefano told EJ that he was the one who failed him.  EJ couldnít understand how Stefano could have failed him when heís been in his corner the whole time.  EJ thanked Stefano for being there for him.  Stefano told him that he was welcome.  Rafe wanted Will to talk to him about his problems with Sami.  Will told Rafe that if Sami were there, he would tell her to her face what his problem is with her.  Will warned Rafe that Sami is going to break his heart.  Rafe wanted to know what sheís going to do to break his heart.  Will continued to believe that Sami only cares about herself.  Will and Rafe were still talking while Sami walked in the door and kissed Rafe.  John told Marlena about his business plan with Brady.  They also talked about what little funds they had left.  Marlena thought that $150 dollars was a lot for a cable sports package.  John wanted to know how else she planned on entertaining him.  She planted a kiss on him. 

Brady told Madison that he plans on leaving Titan to help John rebuilt Basic Black.  This was not good news to Madison.  She was upset that he was leaving her high and dry when he was the reason she went to Salem.  Madison realized that John was a hero to millions of people, but she thought that he could make a living working for other companies.  Brady insists that itís important to his dad and he wants to do it.  EJ was concerned that John repaying the money to his investors will hurt his chances of winning.  He informed Stefano that he has to come up with a new plan to win.  Sami congratulated Rafe on cracking his first case.  She asked Will if he wanted to play poker with her after dinner.  He told her he was leaving.  She wanted to know what he was going to do about dinner.  He told her that he would eat leftovers.  Brady told Madison that he didnít want Basic Black to come between them.  She thought that it would because she wanted to work with him, but heís leaving.  She eventually told him that she would stand behind him if he does work with John.  Will arrived at the townhouse to talk to Marlena alone.  He talked to Marlena about his problems with Sami.  Marlena felt that he should talk to Sami about what sheís done.  He canít do it because he doesnít want to hurt Rafe.  He considered leaving town for a while.  He has to get away from his mother or he will explode.  Rafe and Sami were romantic with each other.  John asked Marlena about her conversation with Will.  Marlena wasnít sure how Will was doing.  Stefano and Kate were at the pub and they talked about EJ.  Stefano told Kate that heís been keeping a secret from EJ that would hurt him.  Marlena and John arrived at the pub and ran into Stefano and Kate.  The meeting didnít go that well.  John and Stefano exchange sarcastic remarks back and forth.  Will arrives at the DiMera mansion to see EJ.  EJ wanted to know what he could do for Will.  He told EJ that heís leaving Salem and that he has to give him money or he will tell everyone about what he knows. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Jax lurks about the Metro Court unseen. He listens while Alexis demands that Sonny leave Jax alone. Mac announces that Jax's case is closed because he is apparently alive. Alexis cries. Jax lurks unseen behind Kelly's, listening as Carly tells Shawn that she is worried about Michael. Michael asks Johnny for a job. Johnny tells him all the reasons Michael should not work for him, but Michael doesn't care. Michael threatens to approach the rival families if Johnny doesnít hire him. Johnny agrees to think about it and tells Michael not to do anything without telling him. Carly is waiting outside Michaelís door to ask Johnny what she needs to do to keep him away from Michael.   

Patrick wants to know what secret Robin is keeping. He assumes she killed Lisa. She thought he killed Lisa. They are relieved to know that neither of them did it. Maxie is angry that Lulu and Dante got married without telling her and upset that Lulu is moving out.   Spinelli thinks it is time to move out of the penthouse. He reluctantly reveals to Jason how he came to return Sonny's 20 million dollars. Spinelli explains to the intrigued Jason how the Friends of Spinelli network can find anything or anyone. He says he is confident that he can find Franco. Sam doesnít want Jason to go after Franco right now. Molly meets Wilson the dog and Ewen and in turn introduces Ewen to Sam. Sam opines that their mother wouldnít be happy about another daughter falling for an older Australian man. She shows Sam the photo album of ancient Cassadines that that she took from Wyndemere. She shows her the button that she found on the beach at Spoon Island and wonders if Sam's P.I. experience lends any clues. Molly encourages Shawn to keep Wilson.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

In addition to Mitch Laurence, Troy MacIver and Cole Thornhart escaping from Statesville, so have Lindsay Rappaport , Hannah O'Connor and Allison Perkins. Jessica agrees to go and see Mitch after he's threatened to take Natalie away if she does not. But Robert Ford goes to intervene and gets shot. Troy wants to take Nora away with him. But strangely enough, Lindsay wants to help Bo rescue her and knows where Troy has taken her and how to "motivate" him to let her go. Bo and Nora are both amazed that Lindsay has saved Nora's life. Cole is obsessed about getting Starr back and escaping from prison. But when he sees Hannah in the house with a gun ready to kidnap Sam and threatening to kill Starr, he intervenes and get shot. Allison Perkins goes to see Viki and Clint and tells them she knows something that Mitch is not even aware of regarding their two daughters. They wonder if she might have accurate information.. And the show ends in suspense.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Harmony tells Ricky that Phyllis is back in charge at "Restless Style" so he heads to the magazine office and demands that Phyllis give him the job she promised him or he will tell Billy who gave him the passwords to the magazine’s website. Victoria asks Victor how much he paid to bring Chelsea Lawson to town and makes it clear that nobody will break up her marriage to Billy. Victor advises Victoria to stop concentrating on him and worry about what her good-for-nothing husband has done. Victoria gets a text telling her the birth mother of the child they want to adopt wants to meet with them next week. Victoria worries that Chelsea’s claims to be pregnant with Billy’s child could hurt their chances to adopt a baby, but Billy promises her that no matter what happens he will get the situation under control. Jack saves Genevieve from a dangerous fall when she trips on some lose carpet at the bottom of the stairs of her house. Genevieve hires Ronan to investigate the strange things that are happening in her house. Nikki wants Ronan to look into Deacon’s alibi for Diane’s murder, but he gets a call and has to leave, so Nikki asks Paul to investigate and he agrees to help her. Nikki is determined to get Victor out of jail even if he wants to marry Sharon.

Paul and Ronan decide to team up to investigate Deaconís alibi and Genevieveís case since Paul isnít consulting on Dianeís murder case anymore because it was closed when Victor confessed. Deacon asks Victor to tell Nikki not to visit him anymore, but Victor thinks that Deacon should get Nikki sober so he can figure out if she is up to something. Phyllis breaks the story of Victorís engagement to Sharon on the front page of "Restless Style" even though Sharon hasnít said yes to Victorís proposal yet. Victor calls in a favor from a judge friend and gets an emergency custody hearing called for Sharon to get joint custody of Faith. Avery represents Nick and Michael represents Sharon. After hearing the arguments, the judge grants joint custody of Faith to Sharon. Kyle packs his things to head to his new private school in New York and is excited about training with a professional hockey team. Jack tells Kyle Genoa City will always be his home, and if he feels that he wants to come home, all he has to do is call him. Kyle tells Jack that he is happy that he is marrying Genevieve because she is cool and he doesnít want him to be alone.

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