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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thomas tries to stop Liam from kissing Hope and reminds him that Liam is married to his sister. Liam grabs Hope by the arm and takes her away. Katie tells Bill that she doesn’t understand why Bill keeps insisting on interfering with Steffy and Liam and Hope. She will not be played for a fool. He insists he is just trying to protect his family. She says this feels like dťja vu as he and Steffy are keeping secrets again. Taylor drops by the office and wants to know if Ridge had heard from Thomas. He says yes and they are all staying at the same resort. They all just hope things are all right. However, as Thomas goes chasing down the beach after Hope and Liam on the ATV, they find Steffy’s overturned vehicle and her laying comatose on the sand. They rush her to the hospital. Liam feels badly for abandoning her earlier and chasing after Hope and then kissing her.

The doctor says there are no broken bones or spinal involvement, still Steffy is unconscious and they need to run tests to find out why. Thomas calls Ridge and informs him of Steffy’s accident. Liam calls Bill who says he will be there as soon as he can. This is his family; where else would he be? Liam tells Hope that Bill is coming and she surmises that as soon as they hear so will Taylor and Ridge. Liam tells Hope that he doesn’t know what he will tell them. They are gonna want answers and not just about Steffy’s condition. Bill drops by Ridge’s office and tells him the jet is ready and his driver outside so as soon as they all get there the sooner they can help Steffy. Katie and Brooke say goodbye to their mates and wish them well. Thomas sits by Steffy’s side and tells her that her mom and dad are on the way. He leaves long enough for Liam to sit down. He begs Steffy to come back to him. This was supposed to be the honeymoon they never had. Hope and Thomas watch anxiously.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Brady showed up at the townhouse to see John.  John told him about his debit card being rejected.  Brady wanted to know how John was going to recover his losses.  John told him that he was going to rebuild Basic Black.  Brady offered to help. John didnít want a handout from Brady.  Jack and Jennifer were at the Horton house.  Jack wanted to talk to Jennifer about the Hawaiian trip.  He canít wait to go on the trip.  Jennifer appreciated him taking the time to plan the trip.  Jack wanted Jennifer to meet him halfway with their relationship.  Daniel and Maggie waited in Lexieís office to find out his test results.  Jack and Jennifer talked about her feelings for Daniel.  Brady tells John that he would like to be his partner.  John didnít know what to say.  Jack and Jennifer continued to talk about their relationship.  Jack wanted to know if Jennifer would be willing to take a leap of faith on their relationship.  Lexie gave Daniel his test results.  He has symptoms similar to MS, chronic alcoholism, or a minor stroke.  Lexie thought Daniel might have had a minor stroke in his sleep.  Lexie told Daniel that the tremors are difficult to treat, but his condition is not irreversible.  John was so happy just to talk to Brady again, but he had to turn down his offer to be partners with him.  Jack told Jennifer that they can put their trip on hold for now.  He told her that he was going to interview John.  Jack was going to help John get closure. 

Jennifer hoped that Marlena could help Jack get closure too.  Lexie informed Daniel that some drugs can help him, but the tremors would come back.  Daniel wanted to know if his career as a surgeon is over.  Brady wanted to know why John turned down his offer.  John didnít want him to leave Titan for him.  John also informed Brady that Jack was coming over to interview him.  Brady wanted to stay with him for the interview.  Maggie tried to convince Daniel that he could still be a doctor, but it didnít work.  He felt that being in the OR is all he ever wanted.  He walked out of Lexieís office.  Jack arrived at the townhouse to interview John.  They started talking about how John is going to pay back the money to the investors.  Jennifer and Daniel ran into each other at the town square.  They started talking.  John and Jack finished up the interview.  John wanted to add that he wouldnít have been able to get through the mess without Marlena.  John hoped that Jack will be lucky enough to find a woman that is supportive and that he wonít let her go.  Jack told John about how he messed up with Jennifer.  John talked to Brady after his interview with Jack.  John told Brady that he should talk to Madison before taking a risk helping him start Basic Black.  If everything goes well, John will be happy to be in business with Brady.  Daniel told Jennifer that he had a small stroke and they continued to talk about his condition.  They hugged each other after they finished talked as Jack showed up and saw them together.

GH Recap Written by Rebecca

Patrick comes home and sees Robin’s suitcase and he asks where she is going. Robin covers quickly and tells him that she is heading to an HIV conference. She just forgot to tell him. Patrick tells her about Jason and Michael’s accident and how Jason seemed more concerned about her. He asks if there is anything that she wants to tell him. Robin hedges and tells him that Jason is just being protective. Kate meets up with Olivia and she defends Sonny’s actions the night before. Olivia tells her that both Sonny and Carly are at fault. Olivia teases Kate about spending Christmas with Sonny in Bensonhurst. She warns Kate about getting involved with Sonny again. Kate takes offense and asks Olivia about Steve.

Sonny visits Michael and he advises Michael to pack Abby’s stuff slowly. He tells Sonny that he wants a job in the organization. Sonny insists that it’s too dangerous. Sam finds Jason ready to go visit Michael and she wants to talk about what happened the night before. Jason tells her that he hit Michael because he was too preoccupied thinking about Franco when he should have been home with her. Sam offers to go with Jason and runs upstairs to get her coat. As Jason waits, he has visions of Jake. When they arrive to Michael’s apartment, he informs them that Sam is welcome – but Jason is not. When Sonny starts to protest, Michael tells him that Jason knew that Jax was alive but didn’t let any of them know. Michael kicks everyone out, and as Sonny leaves – Jax comes out and starts following him.

Steve finds Maggie laying on a gurney gazing at the ceiling. Maggie is depressed about what some of her patients are having to deal with and asks Steve to join her. He declines, but that doesn’t stop her from trying to get him to join her. Johnny asks Steve for a referral and threatens him if he doesn’t get it. Later, Maggie returns only to find Steve lying on the gurney staring at the ceiling. She starts recalling their adventures in Memphis. She tells him that she knows he only brought her to PC to keep her quiet about what happened in Memphis.

Sonny meets with Kate and tells her how worried he is about Michael. She suggests a date for the next night and tells Sonny that cooking will relax him. Sam and Jason return home where she comforts him. Telling him that she knows Michael will forgive him sooner or later. Johnny arrives at Michael’s apartment. Michael tells him that they need to talk.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

In the aftermath of a major prison break, John and Mr. Evans discover that the unconscious person they believe is Mitch Laurence is really one of the prison guards. Mitch Laurence terrorizes Natalie at Llanfair. Natalie tells Mitch Laurence that she will do anything he wants if he doesn't kill Clint. Clint tells John and Viki that Mitch has taken Natalie. Mitch takes Natalie to a church that he intends to rebuild. He calls Viki and offers Natalie back in exchange for Jessica. Jessica tells her parents she will turn herself over to Mitch

Bo rushes home and finds that Troy MacIver has taken Nora. He has taken her to a quiet little house, deep in the woods by the lake, where he says they have everything they need for the rest of their lives. Lindsay Rappaport shows up at Bo and Nora's house. She tells him Troy is on the loose. He concludes she is in on it with Troy. She swears she is only there to warn him. Starr hides Cole Thornhart in the cabana at La Boulaie. James tells her about the prison break and asks if she has heard from Cole. Cole swears Sam to secrecy. The police come to search for Cole.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Billy and Victoria go to Jimmy’s to try and forget about their problems but Chelsea arrives and ruins their good time with Cane, Lily, Daniel, Eden, Chloe, and Ricky. When Chelsea reveals that she is pregnant, everyone thinks she is lying, especially Chloe who thinks that she is a gold-digger. Chloe tells Billy that if Chelsea weren’t pregnant, she would kick her butt and then kick Billy’s butt for getting himself in this mess. Eden is a bit annoyed because Daniel is trying to get Chloe through this hard time without Kevin. A drunk Chloe later kisses Daniel. He stops her the first time but doesn’t stop her the second time she kisses him. Eden sees Daniel and Chloe kissing, takes a picture with her phone, and sends it to Kevin’s phone.

Angelina is thrilled when she sees her song on Viewclick and posts a message to her fans then posts a video on FacePlace. Kevin is upset because Carmine could track them down, but Angelina pretends to call Vinny, then she tells Kevin that Carmine is not after them anymore and they can go home. One of Angelo’s men named Dino tracks Angelina down because of the video and tells Angelo that Angelina is with Kevin. Angelo orders Dino to send Kevin over Niagara Falls without the barrel. Angelina recognizers Dino and she and Kevin overhear the call with Angelo so Kevin and Angelina sneak out of the hotel before Dino sees them. Neil continues to be impressed by Harmony’s determination to stay in Genoa City as long as it takes to build a relationship with Devon. Harmony and Neil hear Angelina’s song on the radio and head over to Devon’s studio to congratulate him. Devon accepts Tucker’s help in using Angelina’s disappearance to their advantage. Tucker gets a story on the news about Angelina, her song and the fact that she has disappeared. Tucker also helps Devon make some improvements in the sound of the song and suggests that they add a rapper. Harmony helps Devon find a young rapper that he may be able to use in the song. Neil watches impressed. After Harmony and Tucker leave, he tells Devon that today he realized that music is in his blood. Gloria goes out on a date with Angelo and tells him she is ready to move past Jeffrey. Gloria also tells Angelo that by giving her back Gloworm, he has restored her faith in men. Then she gives Angelo a kiss and thanks him for their date.

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