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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

While relaxing in bed, Brooke is shocked when Ridge catches up on his e-mails and he tells her that Thomas proposed to Hope. Bill is beyond frustrated when he doesn’t hear from either Steffy or Enriquez. Like some doofus, Liam stands looking down at Hope and Thomas frolicking on the beach. He flails his arms trying to get their attention, then finally rushes off to catch them. Thomas sees him and manages to spirit Hope away before Liam arrives and finds an empty cabana. Steffy is crushed when she sees Liam’s resolve to get to Hope. She rushes after them as well and they all end up on ATV’s chasing down the beach. Katie overhears a conversation in Bill’s office with Alison and realizes that Bill has been running interference with Steffy while keeping his wife in the dark.

Marcus shows Dayzee some brochures from Cabo and wants to mix business and pleasure by taking her there. Amber charges in and hears his plans. Brooke is even more worried when she finds out that both couples, Liam and Steffy and Hope and Thomas are at the same resort. She thinks Steffy is up to her same old tricks and wants to call and warn Hope. Ridge talks her out of it as it would not be fair to both of their daughters. He loves Hope and doesn’t want her to be hurt, but there is no way Liam is gonna leave Steffy either. Thomas goes faster and all follow in pursuit. Hope finally realizes that Liam is the one chasing them and begs Thomas to slow down and stop, but he simply goes faster. Finally the vehicle dies out and Liam catches up, grabs Hope and takes her a ways down the beach and they kiss hungrily.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the town square, Chad saw Melanie and they started talking.  They were about to kiss when Abby walked up on them.  Abby was very upset with Chad and Melanie and thought that they have been betraying her since Halloween.  Will visited Sonny.  Will asked Sonny if he ever thought about running away from everything.  Sonny informed Will that running away doesnít change who you really are.  Bo and Hope visited Marlena.  They started talking to Marlena about their marriage.  Bo and Hope are happy now, but they want to know what went wrong in their marriage.  Bo thought that things went wrong when they lost Zack.  Bo wants to get to the bottom on their problems because he doesnít want to lose Hope again.  Marlena wanted Bo and Hope to talk about their feelings when Zack died.  They both admitted that trust was a big issue for them.  They also felt that they should have dealt with their problems sooner.  Will asked Sonny about how he dealt with being gay.  Will also wanted to know which family member was difficult for him to come out to.  Sonny thought Victor would be the hardest person to talk to about his sexuality. 

Austin was joking around with Carrie because she didnít have any clients yet.  Carrie didnít really like his jokes.  Rafe brought in a new client.  Her name is Tilly.  Tilly told Carrie and Rafe that the love of her life is missing.  Marlena wanted to know when Bo and Hope decided to get counseling.  Bo and Hope talked about everything that has happened with the Christmas ornament, Johnnyís disappearance, and his parentsí grief.  Marlena wanted to know how they felt when Johnny was found knowing that Zack didnít get a happy ending.  Hope started crying.  Bo wanted to be sure that Hope wanted to continue the session.  Hope wanted to keep going.  Chad reminded Abby that they agreed to see other people.  Abby didnít think that he would see someone so soon after they broke up.  Melanie and Chad tried to explain that nothing happened between them.  Abby didnít believe them and rushed off.  Abby ran into Austin at the pub.  She starts to cry and Austin hugs her.  Bo and Hope told Marlena about how they felt about Chelsea hitting Zack.  They ended up hugging each other afterwards.  Rafe and Carrie found out that Tilly wanted them to find her missing cat.  She led them to think that she wanted them to find a person, but that wasnít the case.  After the fight with Abby, Melanie thought that she and Chad shouldnít be together.  Abby told Austin about what happened with Chad and Austin told her that the right guy is out there for her.  Bo and Hope talked to Marlena about Ciaraís kidnapping as well as his being with Carly.  Chad wanted to have a relationship with Melanie.  She wanted to be friends with him first and see what happens.  Abby told Austin that she has feelings for someone else, but she doesnít reveal who it is.  Austin tells her to try her best to be with this guy.  Marlena wrapped up her session with Bo and Hope.  Bo and Hope exchanged I love yous to each other.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Trapped in an elevator at Metro Court, Tracy refuses Anthony's marriage proposal and returns his diamonds to him. He tells her that marriage to him will be preferable to wearing prison orange. He reveals that the money she took from Gino Soleito was intended for him, but he has decided not to take it personally. He tells her to look for their engagement announcement in tomorrow's paper.

Elizabeth and Ewen have an impromptu off-the-clock therapy session as they contemplate the ceiling while lying on their backs on a hospital bed parked in the corridor. Matt gets jealous. Ewen gets a phone call and asks the person when "she" left. Matt lies on the bed with Elizabeth and begins contemplating the stars on the ceiling with her.  Spinelli stares at the Woman in White, entranced. Maxie jealously wonders if she is the woman Spinelli upgraded his tie to impress. Spinelli reminds her that she has a man friend. The woman in white sees the coffee cup that Ethan left with "looking for no one" written on it. When Ethan returns he finds "so am I" written on the cup. He turns around and finds her standing behind him. He says she is really there standing in front of him, not running. Without a word, she kisses him and leaves.

Sam realizes she may be pregnant. She buys a pregnancy test but doesnít have time to do it. Michael, Jason, and Jason's Motorcycle lay sprawled out on the ground at the side of the road after a collision. Michael demands to know if Jason knew Jax was alive and is angered to learn that he did. Dante takes Michael to GH. Jason calls Sam and then drives himself to GH. At the New Year's Eve party at Metro Court, Carly tells Sonny that Michael won't tell him anything about Jax. Alexis tells Carly that everything is her fault. Carly points out that it is Sonny's fault Jax went into hiding. Carly wonders what Sonny is holding over Alexis's head that made her go back to work for him. Sonny tells Carly to bring Morgan home. Carly tells Sonny to quit using his kids. Kate tells Carly to stop ignoring her kidsí pain. Carly tells Kate, no Connie, that she is no one to tell her anything about her kids and that she is only one in a long line of Sonny's "true loves." Lulu announces that there has been an accident. Sonny, Kate, and Carly go to GH. Sonny tells Michael to call him. Michael tells him he will not talk to him about Jax. Jason agrees with Carly that Michael is displacing his grief for Abby into anger with them. Patrick insists that Jason have his post operative follow-up while he is there. Patrick says Robin is worried about Jason. Jason says he is worried about Robin too. Jason tells Sam he is done chasing Franco until he has a solid lead because almost losing Michael while chasing Franco scared him to death. Michael makes a call asking to set up a meeting.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

After the prison break-out and the power outage, the prison warden informs John and Bo that many inmates have escaped although he's not entirely certain exactly which ones. He believes that a "dead man" whose face is covered by a bandage is Mitch Laurence so at least they no longer have to worry about being terrorized by Mitch again. John and Bo question whether that's really true. Mitch finds Natalie and is ready to kidnap and take her somewhere until she lets him "have" his daughter, Jessica. She refuses. Clint tells Mitch it won't happen. But Mitch is relentless in taking Natalie with him. Troy MacIver also escapes, finds Nora and tells her he wants her and knows they are meant for each other. She secretly calls Bo and tells Troy what he wants to hear but Troy has a gun and knows he cannot trust. Cole Thornhart breaks out of prison to find Starr and Hope. She urges him to turn himself back into Statesville. But he urges her to let him see Hope and hide him. She finds a place for him to stay for the night and refrains from calling the cops under the promise that he will leave the next morning, but he doesn't seem intent on doing that. Todd wants to get back with Blair and she tells him that might happen some day but not right now. She appears to have mixed feelings about their future.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Nick tells Phyllis that he has feelings for her and would like to get back together, but she is still deeply hurt by his relationship with Avery and doesn’t know what to do about Nick. Phyllis tells Nick that when they were married, he always put Sharon or some other woman before her, and she needs to know that she will be the only woman in his life. Victoria and Nick are shocked when Nikki tells them that Victor proposed to Sharon. Nick goes to visit Victor and tells him that he has never been more disappointed in him than he is now. Phyllis tells Billy that Victor and Sharon are engaged and that she found out because she was with Nick when Victoria called and told him the news. Billy hires Phyllis back as editor of "Restless Style" and tells her to run with the story. Billy later tells Victoria that he hired Phyllis back and that Chelsea agreed to take a DNA test on his terms. Victoria appreciates Billy’s honesty and tells him that if he feels he needs to go after Victor, that is fine with her. Adam warns Chelsea that she better not be lying about her pregnancy, not that he cares if she ruins Victoria’s life. He is just tired of people using their kids as an excuse to justify what they do.

Nikki confronts Sharon and calls her a gold digger who always planned to get Victor and used Nick and Adam to do it. Nick takes Faith out of Sharon’s house because he doesn’t even know who she is anymore. Sharon tells Victor she will think about his proposal because she has nothing left to lose anymore. Phyllis writes a story about Sharon and Victor’s engagement and posts it on the "Restless Style" website.

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