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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy watches while Thomas drops to one knee and proposes to Hope. She says she likes him a lot, but it’s too soon. Some day her answer might change. She can’t just turn off her feelings. She needs to work through this and know that this is right. He says he respects that and he’ll wait for her and ask her again some day. He’ll make it happen. Liam lunches alone on the beach and sees Hope in his drink, in everything he touches. Only the mariachi band shakes him to his senses. Bill calls and Liam says his wife keeps disappearing on him. Bill suggests that he just let her be, it’ll be all right. Bill calls Enriquez and engages him to entertain Liam so he doesn’t go wandering and may stumble upon his ex-girlfriend. Steffy is disappointed and tells Thomas that she will work some magic and help him get Hope to say yes. She tells Bill that she has another plan. She gets the resort to send margaritas to Thomas and Hope and tells them to keep them coming.

Brooke confides in Katie that Hope is away with Thomas. She wants her to find love, the kind that endures, the kind she has with Ridge, but she doesn’t think that will be with Thomas. She is glad though that Bill is easing up. Liam decides to dump the mariachi band and runs around in circles until he finally runs into Steffy. He begs her not to ever leave his side again. Meanwhile Hope and Thomas keep slurping down the margaritas with nothing to eat. They fall into a cabana on the beach. Liam misses Steffy again and finds her staring at the cabana. Then he sees Thomas followed closely by Hope as they frolic in each other’s arms. He is astonished that Steffy knew her brother was there and tries to wave and get Hope’s attention.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Kate asked Sami about her first day at Countess W.  Sami enjoyed her first day so far.  Kate wanted Sami to tell her about everything that happened at Mad World Cosmetics.  Sami thought that Kate only hired her because she wanted dirt on Madison.  Sami didnít want to sell Madison out to Kate because she didnít think it was ethical.  Kate informed Sami that she will be fired if she doesnít tell her about Madisonís secrets.  Jennifer, Nicole, EJ, Abe, and Lexie met at the town square to talk about the mayoral debates.  During the meeting Nicole and Jennifer ended up getting into a fight about the campaign.  EJ and Abe finally agreed that they need strong visions to get the job done as mayor.  Nicole and Jenniferís fight got so heated that Nicole wanted to call the meeting off.  Will spent the night at Marlena and Johnís townhouse because he didnít want to go home after what he confessed to her.  Will and Marlena continued to talk about his confession about EJ and Sami having sex.  Will continued to badmouth Sami to Marlena while Marlena was trying to get him to make up with Sami.  Nicole and Jennifer continued to argue about the debate.  Abe and EJ let them know that theyíve agreed to have three televised debates.  They will know what they are discussing ahead of time so EJ can be prepared.  Nicole wanted the questions to be preapproved, but Jennifer didnít want that. Nicole and Jennifer finally stopped fighting. 

After enough threats, Sami finally agreed to tell Kate about Madisonís proposals for her company. Kate was happy that Sami finally changed her mind and told her what she wanted to know.  Will and Marlena continued to talk about what Sami did.  Will couldnít understand how Sami could betray a man like Rafe for a man that she hates. Will also mentioned how EJ destroyed their family.  Marlena didnít think that Sami would make that mistake again.  Marlena reminded Will that she made the same mistake when she betrayed his grandfather.  Marlena believed that her sins have come full circle.  Kate was on the phone making plans to beat Madison to the market with her cosmetics.  Will didnít want Marlena to blame herself for what Sami did.  Marlena felt that being with John the way she was had a bad affect on Sami.  Marlena continued to convince Will that he shouldnít treat Sami the way he is because he will only hurt himself.  Later on Will was back at the loft and wanted to talk to Sami.  Sami ended up being preoccupied because Kate called and talked to her about business.  Will changed his mind and didnít want to talk to her anymore.  Will called Marlena and told her that Sami clearly doesnít have any time for anyone but herself.  Marlena wanted to know what happened and he began to explain to her.  He doesnít want to talk to her anymore and he canít forgive her. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

No new show today.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

No new show today.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Ronan and Avery both realize that Nick and Phyllis still have feelings for each other. Avery breaks up with Nick and Ronan breaks up with Phyllis. Avery warns Nick that Phyllis will never change which means she will probably break his heart. Nick later goes to Phyllis’s place and they have a passionate New Year's Eve reunion. Jack drinks the champagne which Patty drugged and was meant for Genevieve. Patty gets Genevieve to go back home saying there is a short circuit in the alarm system. Once Genevieve leaves, Jack is sleeping when Patty gets into bed with him. Jack awakens and calls Patty’s name. Patty tells Jack he is dreaming and once he is asleep again she leaves the house. Jack later awakens and sees the stray cat that Genevieve gave to Kyle sitting at the edge of his bed. Genevieve asks Ronan to investigate what happened to Jack because she fears Colin may have hired his men to do something to her or Jack.

Chelsea tells Victoria that a drunken Billy forced himself on her in Myanmar and reveals that she is pregnant with his child and a DNA test will prove it. Billy tells Victoria that Chelsea and he danced and he kissed her a few times, but he only remembers waking up in his hotel room and a policeman arresting him for drug possession. Billy tells Victoria that Chelsea is a con artist and she shouldn’t believe a word that comes out of her mouth. Nikki is shocked when Victor tells her that he and Sharon are engaged and she should leave him alone. Nikki tells Victor and Sharon that they are selfish and self-centered and they deserve each other. Nikki heads to Katherine’s to tell her what happened and cry on her shoulder. A drunken Adam arrives at Sharon’s convinced that they can find a way to fight the restraining order and be together, but he is also shocked when he sees the engagement ring which Sharon says is from Victor. Victor remembers past New Year’s with Nikki and resolves to always will be there for her.

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