Friday 12/30/11 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 12/30/11 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

While on a romantic Cabo get-away, Hope pines for Liam while he longs for Hope as well. Bill calls Steffy to check on her progress. She says Thomas is not rushing things and he can’t get Hope in bed until there is a ring on her finger. A ring….no problem. Bill calls Enriquez with the mariachi band and instructs him to go to a local jeweler and buy the biggest, most expensive engagement ring he can find. Enriquez does that and manages to slip it to Steffy. She rushes it to Thomas and tells him to make it happen. Bill calls again and Steffy gives him thumbs up that Thomas has the ring so all is in his hands now. Hope and Thomas play tag on the beach and splash in the water. Steffy watches from a distance and of course is pleased when she sees Thomas go down to one knee and proposes to a dazed Hope.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Days did not air on Monday, January 2, 2012.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

While Patrick and Emma are out, Robin arranges for a car to pick her up from the party at Metro Court. Robin says goodbye to Emma while Patrick gets dressed for the party. Robin gets a text from the babysitter, cancelling. Patrick has fallen asleep on the couch anyway. Ethan sits outside Kelly's, hoping to see the woman in white. Tracy, looking for Luke, shows Ethan the loose diamond that she received for Christmas. Tracy makes her way to Metro Court to meet Luke, but the person at the table reserved in Tracy's name is not Luke, but Anthony Zacchara. Tracy walks off, he follows, and the two of them get stuck in the elevator. He takes a small box out of his pocket, gets down on one knee, and asks her to marry him. Sonny gives Kate a sketch of renovation plans for his restaurant. She notices it looks just like the restaurant they went to on their first date. Sonny asks Spinelli where his money is. Spinelli surprises him by giving him a 20million dollar check. Sonny wants to know where he got the money, but Kate rushes him out the door, not wanting to know. Maxie presumes Spinelli regained his cyber skills. Spinelli tells her he wants her help in upgrading his image for a lady he is interested in. She jealously helps him select a tie, stating that any woman that doesnít accept him as he is doesn't deserve him. She offers to help him tie it, bringing Spinelli's face within kissing distance, but he only hugs her and wishes her a Happy New Year. She calls Matt and tells him she will be a little late. She tracks down Spinelli to Kelly's and asks where his lady friend is. He wonders why she is so interested. He becomes entranced with the woman in white who is now standing outside Kelly's window.

Carly asks Michael to come to the party at Metro Court so he won't be alone. Dante offers condolences to Michael. He is concerned that Michael seems vengeful and assures him that he will find the man that Michael was trying to protect Abby from. Michael notices that Dante is wearing a wedding band and wishes them a happy marriage. Michael arrives at the Metro Court and immediately begins to make a spectacle. He proposes a toast to Carly, and points out that he doesn't know what name she is using these days, presumably still Jacks. He then announces that Jax is still alive and she knew it the whole time. Both Sonny and Dante offer to take Michael home, but he refuses to go. Michael, Sonny, and Alexis demand to know if it is true. Carly says all she knows is that their yacht went missing, but she has not heard from Jax. She says she thinks Jax is alive but doesn't know anything for sure. She adds that if Jax wanted to disappear, she wasnít going to get in his way. She says she didnít want Sonny to find out and finish the job. Sonny concludes that Carly did it so Sonny would take the blame. When Alexis gets in Carly's face about keeping the secret for months, Carly points out that if Jax had wanted her to know, he would have called her. She tells Sonny she would do it again because while she may be a liar, he is still a killer. Michael storms off and walks into the street right into the path of an oncoming vehicle. Sam has a nightmare about Franco. Jason tells Sam that Franco is gone. She asks him to let Franco stay gone and come home to be with her for New Year's Eve. She is at the point of begging before he finally relents and says he is on his way home. Sam checks her calendar and realizes that it has been six weeks since her last period. Jason and Michael lay on the ground, unconscious. Jax boards a plane bound for Port Charles via Los Angeles.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Everybody is getting read for New Year's. Rex and Gigi have their wedding and everybody happily joins them. But Delfino seems to have a premonition when there's a power outage. She warns John that something terrible will happen that he may not be trained to deal with. Todd motivates Blair to no longer be the victim regarding trusting Tomas. She burns all the bad habits she's had in the past and encourages him to do the same. But at the end of the night right before the count down to the new year, there's a complete blackout. And it appears "somebody's out there spying upon people who are alone in their homes in the dark.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

The residents of Genoa City spend New Year's Eve at Gloworm, but Cane and Lily decide to leave and have a cheeseburger at Jimmy’s. Adam is also at Jimmy’s drowning his sorrows because he is sad that he can’t be with Sharon. Patti is wearing a hat with a black veil, watching Jack and Genevieve. When she can’t take anymore, she puts a pill in Jack and Genevieve's champagne glasses. Nikki continues her plan pretending to still be drinking to get information from Deacon about Diane’s murder. By talking with Gloria, Nikki finds out that Deacon could have left the bar the night Diane was killed because Gloria was up in her office part of the time checking her FacePlace account, but she did see Deacon before she went upstairs to her office. Nikki tells Deacon that she is going to the bathroom then she takes the book where the Gloworm employees write their hours and leaves. Nick and Phyllis use Avery and Ronan to make each other jealous even though both of them wish each other well in their new relationships. Gloria announces to everyone at Gloworm that Jack and Genevieve are engaged.

Billy and Victoria arrive home about a minute after New Year’s. Billy carries Victoria over the threshold and then heads to find her something to eat because she is hungry. Chelsea arrives and tells Victoria that she is looking for Liam. Billy comes out of the kitchen and is shocked to see Chelsea at the door. Victor proposes to Sharon promising to protect her if she marries him. Victor tells Sharon that he feels deep affection for her and needs someone to look out for his interests, then asks her to think about his proposal. Victor asks Sharon to try on the engagement ring. As she does, Nikki arrives and sees the big rock on Sharon’s finger. Victor asks Nikki to leave because he has asked her several times not to visit him.

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