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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy gives Thomas the good old pep talk again about how he needs to keep Hope on one side of the resort while she works her magic on Liam on the far side. Bill calls to see how Liam is doing and Liam admits he has not seen his wife in a while. Bill calls Steffy and he is surprised to find that Hope and Thomas are there. Steffy says not to worry, she has a plan. Thomas surprises Hope with a romantic dinner on the beach, complete with mariachi band. He proclaims that he wants it to be a night they will remember the rest of their lives. Steffy is still not pleased; she wanted him to plan the dinner in his room where it is more conducive to a seduction. Katie shares with Bill again that she doesn’t think anything will happen between Hope and Thomas as her heart belongs to Liam. Steffy explains all her sudden absences to Liam by saying she was setting things up and learning how to give him a massage. She straddles him and begins. Hope enjoys her dinner on the beach. Thomas says he knows she is not over Liam yet, but he believes they can have something special too. They just need more nights like this. He admit he loves her and he’s the happiest man alive, just loving her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the pub, Doug, Julie, Bo, and Hope were spending time together.  Hope was looking forward to hearing Doug sing.  Julie loved to hear Doug sing and it reminded her of old times.  Carrie wanted to spend some time with Rafe and Sami and then she and Austin were going to go to the town square to celebrate New Yearís Eve.  Austin wanted to take Carrie out of her dress.  She put up a small fight, but eventually gave in to Austin.  At Rafe and Samiís loft, Will was waiting for Melanie to pick him up so they could go to a party together.  Sami asked if he was dating Melanie.  Will snapped at her and told her that they were just friends.  Sami offered him some food that she ordered from Chez Rouge.  Rafe questioned if they could afford that.  That was the moment when Sami dropped the bomb that she took a job working with Kate. Rafe was shocked that she took a job without talking about it with him first.  She reminded him that they needed the money.   He told her that he had a job offer working with Carrie.  He wanted to talk to her about it first.  Sami was less than thrilled that he was going to work with a sister that she doesnít always get along with.  Will couldnít believe that she couldnít be happy for Rafe and that she was only worried about how the job affected her.  Rafe didnít want Will talking to Sami that way.  Sami wanted to know what was wrong with him when Sonny and Melanie arrived to pick him up.  Sami asked Melanie if Will has been snapping at everyone or if itís just her.  Melanie told her that Willís been that way since his breakup with Gabi.  Sami thought that must be the problem with Will.  After a while, Will, Sonny, and Melanie left the loft.  Sami and Rafe talked about his job with Carrie when Carrie and Austin showed up.

Chad and Abby were at the Horton house.  Chad was staring at a picture that he has of Melanie on his phone when Abby walked in the room.  They started talking and they realized that it was time to break up.  They agreed to be friends.   John and Marlena continued to celebrate the New Year.  He was determined to rebuild Basic Black. Bo noticed that Hope was sad and wondered if she was thinking about Zack.  She realized that they spent a lot of New Yearís without him.  They continued to talk about Zack and finally agreed to talk to someone about their grief.  Everyone at the pub counted down to the New Year.  Will showed up at the townhouse to talk to Marlena.  Will talked to Marlena about his life being a mess.  She wanted him to open up about whatís going on with him.  Will finally broke down and told her that Sami cheated on Rafe with EJ.  He made her promise not to say anything.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Ethan thinks he sees someone familiar outside of Kelly's but when he goes outside, she isn't there. Alexis snoops around Wyndemere to find out what Ethan has been mysteriously investigating. Molly finds a photo album that she puts in her backpack. Molly finds a button on the beach that she makes up romantic history for. Ewen encourages Shawn to keep Wilson, the dog Carly gave him for Christmas. Elizabeth has a flashback to her rescue when she bumps into Ewen. She tells him she is thinking about seeing him professionally. Elizabeth and Maggie get to know each other. Elizabeth asks Maggie to let Steve be happy with Olivia.

Tracy finds it out of character for Lulu to be cooking for Dante. She tells Lulu about the diamonds and invitation she received for Christmas, presumably from Luke. She says she is going to tell Luke she wants nothing to do with him. Dante goes to Sonny's off ice and declines his gift. Sonny and Dante have a long talk. Sonny wants to have a relationship with his son. Dante agrees to go to the New Years Eve party at Metro Court with the rest of the family to support Michael. Michael tells Carly he thought he saw Jax at the airport in New Zealand. He wants to know how much she is willing to forgive. She tells him she cannot forgive Sonny. He gives her a hard time about having a relationship with Shawn. Later he overhears her and Shawn talking about the possibility that Jax is still alive.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Gigi and Shane go to the station to clarify that the murder charges for Jack will obviously be a bit different now that she's obviously not dead. Tea then tells John she is confident that the cops and prosecutors have nothing on Jack. But John tells her not to be so certain of that. Gigi then reveals herself alive and well to Viki, Natalie, Clint and all her friends. Todd is furious to find out that Neela set his son up to get charged with murder. And right then, he realizes that Tea must have been talking to John who's convinced her that he killed Victor and kidnapped Tomas. And that's why she's being hostile to him. Tea goes to inform Todd and Blair that Gigi is alive so obviously that is "good news" for Jack as he can't exactly get charged with murder. Cutter informs Kim when he calls her from jail that her best friend, Stacy, unfortunately died in the basement instead of Gigi. She is devastated until he tells her that he has a plan for both of them. They can take everything they are due from their long lost rich mother if she can bust him out of jail. Right then, Rex and Gigi decide they will waste no more time in getting married and arrange it right away.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Neil is touched when Sofia gives up plans for their first date at the Colane room so that Cane and Lily can spend New Year's Eve together. Harmony persuades Devon to thank Katherine for bringing Ana home for a Christmas visit. Harmony also persuades Tucker to go with her to wish Katherine a Happy New Year. The two surprise visits by Tucker and Devon make Katherine very grateful to Harmony. Adam and Sharon say a heartfelt good-bye to each other just before Nick brings Faith over to Sharon’s house. Cane thinks that Genevieve is rushing into marriage with Jack, but he still wishes her a happy and drama-free marriage. Jack asks Adam to consider selling him Beauty of Nature. Victoria and Billy run into some friends they met when they went on their first honeymoon. Victoria has a hard time where their friends ask them when they are going to have children. Victoria is surprised and happy when she gets a call from an adoption agency where she and Billy created a profile over a year ago, and she is told that a birth mother wants to meet with them. Victoria is excited and hopes that this is finally her chance to be a mother.

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