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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Amber tells Miss Beverly “Hillbilly” that all she has to do is keep her hands off Rick and they are good. This is just a friendly warning, but next time it might not be so friendly. Rick walks in and is surprised to see Amber there. She conveys to Beverly that she wants to speak with Rick and Beverly stands her ground and says she doesn’t mind. When she realizes Beverly is not going to leave, Amber coos to Rick that she will wait until they are alone. She’s not too happy when she sees a few quick glances between Rick and Bev. Thomas does his part to try and keep Hope away from seeing Liam…..and Steffy makes up excuses of no massage openings so maybe they should go to another resort. Liam says this is just what they need and he’s glad they are here and he’s not leaving.

Amber comes on to Rick in front of Beverly and purposely gives him a kiss on the lips goodbye. Bev can’t believe Rick was married to “that”. He explains they have gone through some bad times, but Amber can be fun. But Bev is different and he appreciates that. She’s glad he shared that with her. Steffy chases around to find Thomas and states that Liam doesn’t want to leave….so that means they need to step up their game of Thomas seducing Hope. If he will just let her take the wheel on a few matters, she will have him engaged to Hope by time they get back to L.A. He says there are no gondolas here and he is not about to maneuver things to make anything happen. He and Hope have separate rooms so he doesn’t believe anything is going to happen like Steffy is thinking. Steffy says it is going to happen, he just has to go for it.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the Horton Town Square, Daniel was on the phone talking about his condition.  Kate happened to overhear his conversation and wanted to know what was happening to him.  Daniel didnít want to talk to her about it, but she wanted to talk anyway.  She noticed that his tremors and thought that it must be scary for a surgeon to deal with tremors.  She mentioned how he helped her when she had cancer and she would never forget it.  Austin, Abby, Gabi, Melanie, Chad, and Sonny all ended up at the town square.  Gabi noticed that Austin had a book about ending relationships and wondered why he had a book like that.  Austin told her that a professor at the college wrote the book and wanted all of the professors to have a copy of it.  Melanie saw Daniel and wondered why he was talking to Kate.  Daniel wasnít sure what his conversation with Kate was about.  Melanie ended up telling him that she has feelings for someone even though nothing can come of it.

Will showed up and John and Marlenaís house to see her.  She wanted to know if he thought about her offer for him to move in with her.  He would love to, but Rafe and the kids need him.  Marlena was convinced that his problem doesnít really have anything to do with where he lives.  She thought it might be something else.  She questioned if he missed Gabi.  Marlena heard that Gabi ended things with him because of intimacy.  Will snapped at her because she was being a doctor and not his grandmother.  He starts crying and then he apologizes for snapping at her.  Will wants to talk to her about whatís going on with him, but he canít get the words out.  John showed up at Stefanoís place and confronts Stefano about what he did for him.  Stefano congratulated him on his freedom.  John didnít want to thank him.  Stefano pretends not to know what John is talking about.  John tells Stefano what he means and they go back and forth talking about it.  John ended up putting a gun on Stefano.  Stefano told him to go ahead and shoot him.  Stefano told John that he knew that he was more mad at Marlena than at him for helping.  Stefano continued to taunt John.  Johnís convinced that Stefano embezzled all of the money from the innocent people just to get back at him.  John continued to aim the gun at Stefanoís head.  John eventually put the gun down after messing up Stefanoís chess board.  John didnít want to do it because he wasnít giving Stefano the satisfaction of seeing him and Marlena apart. Will and Sonny were at the pub.  Sonny met a guy at the pub and Will stared at them together.  Sonny invited Will to hang out with them, but Will suddenly had plans.  After John left, Stefano looked at the voucher.  It was from Alice and it was addressed to Stefano.

GH Recap Written by Rebecca

Shawn tells Carly that he won’t accept the dog as a gift, which upsets Carly. A frustrated Shawn kisses Carly. When he pulls away, she gets angry again and storms out. Michael shows up and tells her that he saw someone odd when he was in Auckland – Jax. Jason tells Robin that if she tells Patrick the truth he will go get a check-up. Robin tries to turn it around on him and tells him that his life with Sam has just begun and he owes it to her to get a check-up. Michael arrives and sides with Robin. Michael tells Jason that Sam is afraid to confide in him because of his anger issues. And tells him that if he doesn’t pull himself together, he could lose her. Jason goes to the hospital, but before he can see a doctor, he gets a call from one of his men about Franco. Patrick talks to Maggie about Robin’s HIV patient, not knowing that it’s really Robin. Robin arrives and tries to tell Patrick that she is dying, when she gets a phone call.

Olivia asks Lulu if it would be bad to cash that check from Sonny. Lulu reminds Olivia that Sonny and Dante barely have a relationship, and it wouldn’t feel right. Dante comes home for lunch and Lulu warns him that it’s inedible. Dante says that Sonny came to see him to talk about Michael and that Abby died. Lulu tells him that Sonny is trying to reach out to him and that maybe he should at least talk to him. Dante head to the No Name where he returns Sonny’s check. Sonny sees Johnny confronting Anthony outside of Kelly’s. Johnny wants to know if Anthony arranged the shooting that injured Bernie. Sonny tells them that Abby is dead and that he will be taking back his shipping lane. Anthony urges Johnny to get a cop on his payroll. Of course, Johnny wants to negotiate with Delores, but she’s isn’t up for playing his flirty games.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Rick tells Starr he isnít accepting Toddís offer of cash in exchange for dropping the charges against her. He says he owns her and that he wants exploit the PR value of her family. She tells him the deal is off and she will call her dad's lawyers to take care of it. He tells her not to waste her time; the contract is airtight. He plays her the edited version of the "Jailbait" video, which is quite good, but Starr doesn't like it. Rick tells her it will be huge, she will be huge, he will be huge when she takes him to the top, and he won't consider settling.

Shane is mildly surprised to see his mother come home, but isnít completely convinced it really is her. Once he believes the real Gigi standing in front of him, Shane tells Rex and Gigi that Jack is in jail because of evidence he and Neela procured. He wonders what to do about Jack now that he knows Gigi's lookalike sister Stacy died while trying to kill Gigi. Gigi says the right thing to do is tell the police that she is alive. While Shane goes out to warm up the car, Rex tells Gigi about Aubrey. She encourages him to go see Aubrey while she and Shane go to the police station. Rex calls Aubrey and asks her to come over.

Neela visits Jack in jail and admits that she recorded their conversation when he confessed to killing Gigi because Shane asked her to. He reminds her that she said he could trust her. She says she didn't know him very well when Shane asked her to do it. He says she knew him when she needed help and he hid her to keep Vimal from shipping her back to India. He asks her how she could do this to him. He calls her a backstabbing bitch and orders her to leave. Crying, Neela tells Rama that Jack hates her now. She regrets helping Shane. Rama consoles her little sister-in law, telling her that if Jack goes to prison, it will be because of what he did, not what she did. At the police Station, Todd tells Blair that someone set up Jack but he will make everything right. Tea asks him if he intends to kill the person. Tea explains to Todd and Blair that Neela's tape contains a full confession in Jack's voice. She tells him that she may be able to knock it down to manslaughter since it was accidental, but that it may be hard to argue that there was no premeditation because of Jack's history of bullying Shane. Blair says he is just a boy that made a horrible mistake and wonders if he should have to pay with his life. John McBain interjects that Gigi Morasco paid with hers. John tells Tea that if anyone leans on Neela, he will hold her responsible. She suggests that he get Todd behind bars soon. Todd sees Rama and Neela outside the station and immediately begins harassing Neela. Tea advises Jack not to have any contact with Neela and not to say anything about her because she is going to try to prevent the tape from being admitted into evidence. The door opens. Jack and Tea are shocked to see Shane and Gigi in the doorway.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Billy and Victoria continue to enjoy their honeymoon in Jamaica as they play a game of honeymoon scrabble and make love several times. Michael worries that Victor is putting Newman Enterprises at risk with his plan to take down Adam. Victor tells Michael the risk is worth it because, if the plan works, it will keep Adam away from the family. Victor tells Nick that he secretly supports him and not Adam and the big picture will become clear to him very soon. Victor also asks Nick to be ready to help Nikki when she hits rock bottom. Nikki pays the bartender at Gloworm to put alcohol in Deacon’s drinks and not her drinks, but Deacon thinks she is drunk. Nikki tries to get information out of Deacon about Diane’s murder, but he doesn’t divulge anything yet so she keeps getting him drunk hoping he will reveal what he knows about the murder.

Angelina isn’t getting anywhere with Kevin because he is tired and hungry and wants to get home to Chloe. Devon puts Angelina’s song on Viewclick and soon it is all over the place as a painful reminder to Chloe about the wedding that didn’t happen. Michael calls the credit card company and discovers that Kevin has used his card to make some charges in Niagara Falls. Devon looks at Angelina’s face place profile and thanks to that they discover that her most recent picture was taken in Niagara Falls. Angelo tells Devon that Angelina better not be with a guy or she will be sorry. Sharon tells Adam that she can’t be involved in his problems. She has to put Faith first because she needs her mother. Adam stops by Sharon’s place and tells her that he understands what she must do because his mother did the same thing when she sacrificed her love for Victor and took him to be raised on the farm. After Adam and Sharon make love, he starts to leave because Nick warned him about the restraining order. Sharon is touched that Adam knew about the restraining order and came to talk to her anyway. She points out that the restraining order doesn’t take effect until tomorrow so Adam stays with her, and they make love again.

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