Tuesday 12/27/11 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 12/27/11 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy and Liam enjoy the beach scenery and listening to the mariachi band…..until she turns her head and spies Hope and Thomas in the distance. She purposely spills a drink on Liam. She apologizes but quickly gets him to go back to their room to change. Now what to do about Hope and Thomas! When she catches Hope leaving Thomas’s side, she ambushes him by saying this won’t work with them all here together. He needs to take Hope and leave. He tells her the same thing. He’s here and she needs to take Liam and go. Against her will, she says she will try but it’s so beautiful here that she doubts she can get Liam to agree to leave.

Amber fantasizes about Rick. Rick tries to call Hope but Beverly reminds him that she has gone out of town with Thomas. He encourages her to sit down and wants to hear more about her life. He apologies again for all the Forrester’s accusing her of taking the designs. As she is leaving the office, Amber steps in her way and assures her she is not leaving until she gets something straight. She introduces herself and that she used to be Beverly. She knows exactly where she is coming from and what she is after. Her sob story was real touching and Stephanie has a real soft spot for young girls like her. She states that she is Rick's ex-wife and they are still very, very close. She wants to give Beverly some advice….there are a lot of hot guys here at Forrester so do herself a favor and take an interest in one of them that isn’t Amber’s. Beverly looks her in the eye and says she is not afraid of her. Amber looks back and says just ask around; she should be. Alone, Hope fantasizes about Liam. He is alone and about to walk upon her as she lays on one of the outside lounge chairs.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Bo and Hope are at home and he noticed that she was studying the key that he found.  She was curious as to what it opened.  They started flirting with each other after they talked about the key.  At John and Marlenaís townhouse, John wanted to come up with a plan to liquidate his money to pay back the investors.  Carrie and Rafe talked to Marlena and asked her if sheís sure she wanted to keep the truth about Stefanoís involvement in his freedom from John.  She doesnít like keeping the truth from John, but she doesnít think John will handle it.  John was back in the room and talked to Carrie, Rafe, and Marlena about paying back the investors.  Rafe wanted to know if John could wait to do that until they find out who set him up.  John wanted to get started on paying them back.  Rafe thought that if he waited he might not have to drain out his bank account.  John was convinced that Stefano set him up, but he didnít have the proof he needed to prove what he did.  John thought that Rafe made a great cop and if he ever gets Basic Black up and running again, he would love to have him as a security expert.  Rafe didnít think he was that good.  John reminded Rafe how he was able to figure out the Internet connection.  Carrie and Marlena exchanged knowing looks.  John noticed the strange looks being exchanged and wanted to know what was going on with them.  They didnít say anything.  Kate showed up at Sami and Rafeís loft.  Kate hoped that she wasnít wasting her time showing up there.  Kate wanted to know if Sami accepted her job offer yet.  Sami wanted to know why Kate really wanted her at her company since they hate each other.  Kate had an answer ready.  She let her know about the times that sheís helped Sami.  Kate sweetened the pot by offering her more incentives if she gets more clients.  Sami thought about how she needs the money.  Sami finally agreed to work for Kate.  Kate wanted to know how soon Sami could give notice.  Kate offered to watch Johnny so she could go to Madison and resign.  Sami hoped that she didnít regret it.

Bo and Hope went to Mr. Brown.  He was the one who made the plaque and agreed to fix it for them.  Bo and Hope were willing to pay anything to have it fixed.  Mr. Brown was surprised that the plaque broke because itís made rock solid.  He believed that it was an act of God.  He had one ready and agreed to do it for nothing.  Hope asked him about the key.  Mr. Brown said that he was the one who put the key in the mold of the plaque.  Hope asked why he put it there.  Mr. Brown told her that he was told to put the key there.  Aliceís attorney told him to put the key there.  He told her that no one was supposed to know about it and that it was supposed to be hidden very well.  Hope didnít understand why Alice was so secretive about the key.  Later on, Sami went to Mad World and talked to Madison about leaving.  Madison thought she needed time off and was willing to give it to her.  Brady wondered if Rafe found a new job.  Sami told Madison that she was leaving because Kate made her a job offer.  Madison was upset and yelled at Sami because she gave her an opportunity and sheís leaving to work for Kate.  While Kate was babysitting Johnny, she talked to Stefano and told him that everything is going as planned.  Marlena ended up telling John about the promissory note that Hope found in Aliceís things.  They used it to help get John out of jail.  John wanted to know who wrote the note to Alice.  Marlena told him that it was from Stefano.  Hope and Bo continued to talk about the secrets that Alice kept over the years.  Bo told her that she is going to have to change the way she thinks of Alice for now.  Brady and Madison were very upset with Sami for going to work for Kate.  Madison didnít want Sami to stay at the company for two weeks.  She wanted her out in five minutes.  Rafe congratulated Carrie on getting her new law firm in Salem.  They talked about her plans.  Carrie offered Rafe a job as a partner at her company.  He wanted to consider it, but he wanted to talk to Sami about it first.  John and Marlena talked about Stefano being involved in his freedom.  John believed that his freedom is tainted now that Stefano has helped him.  Johnís convinced that Stefano was up to something when he agreed to help free John.  He doesnít think heíll ever be free now.  After a while, John was tired of talking about the situation and wanted to leave.  Marlena wanted to go with him, but John didnít want her to do it because sheís done enough.  He slammed the door and left.  

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Carly talks to Morgan on the phone. She thanks Shawn for going with her to see Morgan for Christmas. He tells her it's his job. She gives him a dog that she has named Wilma. He tells her Wilma is a boy. She renames him Wilson. When he tells her he can't accept the dog, Wilson growls in disagreement. Sam goes to Kelly's and finds a baby doll on the booth seat next to her. She freaks out when the waitress tells her that an attractive dark haired man was sitting there before her, but is relieved when Patrick comes back looking for Emma's doll. He asks how Jason is doing and mentions that Jason has not come in for his follow-up exam. He tells her to drag Jason in if she has to because it is that important. Sam says she admires Robin and Patrickís relationship and asks what their secret is. He says there is no secret but after some hard lessons, their relationship is based on honesty. Robin goes to Jason's penthouse and reiterates that he is the only person that can help her disappear. She tells him Dr. Makeba, the foremost specialist in HIV/AIDS treatment told her to wait and see of her new drug regimen works but advised her to be prepared for the worst. Jason can't believe she is still keeping this from Patrick and tells her he cannot help her. He says he doesnít want to see her give up. He tells her to talk to Patrick so they can figure it out together. He says running away isnít sparing her family; it's cheating them. She encourages him to get a post-op checkup. She tells him that his recent rage attacks could be related to the surgery. He tells her he knows where the rage is coming from and it has nothing to do with the surgery. She asks him if Sam knows the extent of his attacks. He says he doesnít want Sam to worry. She asks him how that is different from her not telling Patrick about her health. He tells her he will go to the hospital for the follow-up exam if she tells Patrick about her health status.

Kate returns to Crimson after spending the holidays in Chicago and finds Sonny sitting in her chair. He says he came to apologize. She tells him nonchalantly that she understands how business can ruin a getaway. He invites her to come over after work. He tells her about Abbyís accidental death at a construction site in Chicago. Kate wonders if it was related to his business. He tells her it was random so there is no one to retaliate against. He asks her if she can help him fix things for Michael. She explains that Sonny canít do anything to fix it and Michael will be affected by the pain for the rest of his life. She tells him you don't get over losing someone you love, especially not your first love. After Sonny leaves, Kate calls someone and says she might need them to keep her from making a huge mistake. Dante carries the new Mrs. Falconeri into their apartment. Olivia has left provisions in the apartment so they won't have to leave for while. Sonny has left a $100k cashier's check as a wedding present. Dante ponders whether to accept it or not. Lulu tells him that accepting it presumes accepting a relationship with Sonny. Olivia comes into the apartment with more stuff for the newlyweds and is surprised to find that they have already returned home. She tells Lulu she is happy that she married her son. Lulu tells her it was fun meeting all the Falconeris after the ceremony. She tells Olivia about Sonny's gift. Olivia says that's just Sonny's way of finding a place in his son's heart. Lulu asks Olivia to help her learn to make the Italian dishes Dante likes. Her first attempt is a disaster. Olivia suggests ordering a pizza or serving a bottle of wine before the meal. Dante sees Dolores in the evidence room. She tells him she is going through dead files to see if there is a pattern with the attacks on the strippers. He tells her he could report her unauthorized access to the evidence room to Mac, but he thinks this is more likely that it is related to Rosa. She concludes that if he knows that name, he must have run a background check on her. He tells her that the unsolved case of her sister's murder explains a lot about her. She says her sister wasnít murdered; she was left to die in an alley. She says Dante is like every other guy, unbuttons her blouse and tells him she has 30 seconds. Sonny comes in and asks if he is interrupting. Dolores leaves, Sonny congratulates Dante and invites him to come by sometime. Dante asks him what was so important that it brought him to the police station. Sonny tells him he needs his help. He asks him to reach out to Michael and fills him in on Abbyís death. Dante will happily be the person Michael can vent to. Sonny asks him to catch the bastard that Michael was protecting Abby from before he can hurt any more of her friends. Dante tells Dolores he will work with her on the stripper case. He says if anyone asks her about being in the evidence room, she can say she is there on Dante's orders.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Rex and Gigi are finally reunited when he discovers she's alive and well and that it was Stacy who died in the basement instead of her. Meanwhile, in Llanview, it looks like Jack is in trouble. John sends him to jail. Tťa is ready to represent him but warns Blair it does not look good for her son. Todd then concludes that somebody must have set Jack up. Neela is alone and feeling guilty for tape recording Jack although Vimal and Rama encourage her not to blame herself and realize that Jack needs to pay for what he did. However, that might not be as easily done as they assume since Gigi is alive and well.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Michael questions Angelo about him giving Gloria the club free and clear because the contract he gave her says something else. Angelo tells Michael not to worry; he will work everything out. Michael warns Gloria to be careful and not trust Angelo but she assures him she can take care of herself. Gloria asks Angelo out to dinner. When Angelo calls Angelina, she says she needs a few more days at her cousin Francine’s house. Angelo tells her she can stay with Francine since he just found out that Carmine is in jail in Jersey. Angelina tries her best to get close to Kevin but all he wants is to go back home to Chloe. Billy and Victoria enjoy their honeymoon in Jamaica, but Billy can’t help but think of Chelsea and his time in Myanmar. He wants to tell Victoria the whole truth about Chelsea, but she wants to leave the past in the past and move on with their lives.

Victor wants Nikki to go back to rehab in Dubuque but she insists on staying in Genoa City. Nikki thinks about her mom telling her at Christmas that her husband knows the truth about who killed Diane. Nikki thinks her mom meant Deacon not Victor so she decides to stay married to Deacon and try to find out what he knows about Diane’s murder. Adam fires Michael from his job as lead consul of Newman Enterprises. Michael visits Victor and tells him what happened and he is happy that everything is going according to plan. Adam apologizes to Sharon for being the reason that she was kept away from her kids for so long.

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