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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

With Pam nowhere in sight, other things to do, the Logan sisters prepare the turkey for the Forrester Christmas dinner. You’d think they never saw a bird prepared before. It’s frozen with at least 6 hours to prepare and they haven’t even started. Taylor tells Steffy that if she and Katie are going to get along then she has to make a better effort. Ridge knows it’s a been a rough year, but says he is very proud of Steffy. They all miss Hope and Thomas who are off at a Christmas tree lot, buying a tree and decorations. They visit Santa's Village and Toyland. Bill stays home, sending Katie on her way. This is his best gift to all, not to be there. Ridge reminds Liam that he’s married to Steffy, don’t forget that. Stephanie thanks Brooke, not just for making the dinner but for being there with her considering all the things she has put her through this year. She ushers everyone into the dining room…..but the Logan sisters have killed the bird. It’s a hot mess, more like a charred bar-b-que. Hope and Steffy put their differences aside at least for the day and wish each other a Merry Christmas. They all sit down at the table and Brooke has to explain they burned the turkey. Bill saves the day by charging in with a large platter of divine turkey. Stephanie has a little speech. She knows how lucky she is to be here today instead of dead….or alone after all her shenanigans. While they all hold hands, Eric leads them in prayer and reminds all how important family is. Afterwards, he plays the piano and leads all into "We Wish You A Merry Christmas."

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

Brady and Madison were together at a hotel.  Madison gave Brady a gift. It was a star.  He loved his gift.  Brady gave her a framed picture of her and her mother together.  Brady received a text that said that John was out of prison and that his guilty plea was overturned.  Bo and Hope were at the Horton house.  Bo was trying to fix Ciara’s bike. Bo seemed to have trouble fixing it so Hope called a bike shop owner.  The owner agreed to do it for them.  Sami and Rafe celebrated after their renewal ceremony.  They had a romantic evening together.

Will showed up at Marlena and John’s place.  Will explained to Marlena that he is still angry with Sami.  Marlena offered to let him stay at the townhouse.  He was so happy that she made the offer.  Brady and Madison arrived at the townhouse to see John and Marlena.  Brady and Madison wanted to take things to the women’s shelter.  Brady, Will, and Madison were going to take things to the women’s shelter when Madison received a mysterious phone call.  Brady wanted to know about the call.  Madison only told him that the call wasn’t important.  Bo and Hope had the new bike for Ciara while they were at the Town Square.  Bo and Hope begin playing around and knock over the plaque with Alice and Tom’s picture on it.  Bo thought it might be a sign from Alice.  Bo found a key embedded in the plaque.  Bo and Hope wondered what it could open.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Tracy sends Alice to Harrington’s to get gifts. Edward gets the cufflinks Lila was going to buy him, Monica gets the bracelet Alan was going to buy her, and Tracy receives loose diamonds with a New Year's Eve invitation. Alice returns and tells Tracy that Harrington’s was closed so she was unable to buy anything. Jason gives Sam a ceramic phoenix and Sam gives him the matching ceramic dragon. They kiss for the first time since Hawaii and declare their love for each other.

Robin gives Patrick a video camera so he can record every moment of this Christmas. He gives her the deed to a piece of property to build their dream house on. Emma thinks she sees Santa flying in the distance. Dr. Makeba, who Robin requested look at her labs, returns her call, but her phone is silent. Dante's cousin Tommy, the priest in New York, marries him and Lulu. 

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

When Nikki awakens from her minor car accident, she reads Katherine’s text message again then gets out of her car and walks to the church hoping that she hasn’t missed Victoria’s wedding. Finding the church empty, she cries and asks God for help. While she is sobbing, a lady arrives and gives her a handkerchief to dry her tears. The woman tells Nikki that she is her guardian angel and will show her scenes of things that could happen tonight but haven’t happened yet. The angel helps Nikki recall her past her mother’s death and her abusive father. The angel also shows Nikki how much Victoria and Nick love her, then she recalls their childhood and teenage years. The angel shows Nikki that Victor, Nick, Victoria and Katherine are praying that God will help Nikki find her way back to them. The guardian angel tells Nikki that she isn’t a murderer and that her husband knows the truth Nikki assumes the angel is talking about Victor.

The angel tells Nikki she can’t tell her who killed Diane but assures her that everything will be fine. Nikki thanks the angel for all her help and wants to know her name. The angel turns before she leaves and tells Nikki that she can call her mom. Nikki sobs because she should have known that was her mother and tells her to come back because she needs her so much. Nikki runs outside and finds her coat on the ground and puts it on then heads back inside the church. Nikki runs into Victoria, Billy, and Katherine and finds out she hasn’t missed the wedding. Nikki tells Victoria she needs a minute to pull herself together and then she will go help her get ready for her wedding. Nikki then looks inside her purse and finds the handkerchief her mom gave her and a necklace with a cross inside.

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