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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill thanks Alison for helping out with the decorating and catering their Spencer Christmas Eve dinner. Hope tells Rick that yes she’d like to be with Liam tonight, but she is okay. She’s thrilled when Rick tells her that Liam is still in love with her. He can see it all over his face when she walks into the room and he lights up like a light bulb. Steffy is excited about her first family Christmas. Katie says, “Joy To The World!” Both Bill and Liam agree that their wives are good for them and make a toast to that. Bill tells Katie that there is not a day in his life that he isn’t grateful for her. Thomas laments to Hope that she needs a special holiday this year. He’d like to take her away, no pressure, separate rooms, whatever, she can call the shots. She says she will think about it. He guarantees her that he can make her smile again. At the last minute Bill decides he’d like to be alone with Katie so that leaves Liam and Steffy alone to go to Mexico….just as Steffy wished as she wants Liam all to herself. Despite Bill’s protestations, Katie says no Christmas is complete without a Christmas carol and she leads Steffy and Liam into Deck The Halls.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Maggie was wondering if Daniel would join her and Victor for Christmas dinner.  Victor didnít think that he would since he broke up with Jennifer.  Melanie hates the fact that Daniel is alone for Christmas and hopes that heís not thinking about Jennifer.  At the Horton Town Square, Jack was happy to spend the holiday with Jennifer and Abby even though he wished that JJ could be there too.  JJ was skiing in the Alps.  Bo, Hope, Ciara, Abe, Lexie, and Theo arrived at the town square.  Abe asked Bo if there were any leads on Johnís case.  Bo let Abe know that they think that John will be getting some good news soon.  Hope told Abe that she heard some great things about his speech.  He was about to talk to her about it when he saw EJ and Nicole nearby.  They were kissing under the mistletoe.  Lexie saw them too and was very upset.  She confronted EJ to make sure that he didnít do anything to ruin Abeís speech.  EJ assured Lexie that he wasnít going to do anything to ruin Abeís speech.  He wanted to spend time with his family.  Lexie thought that if he did he wouldnít have entered the race against Abe.  Will showed up at Marlenaís place because he wanted to take her to Sami and Rafeís renewal ceremony.  Marlena let him know that she would love to go, but she wasnít invited to it.  Will insisted that she go or he wouldnít go.  Marlena thought he was stubborn like his mother, but Will snapped at her and reminded her that heís nothing like his mother.  Sami was getting ready for the renewal ceremony when Austin showed up to help her.  She was nervous about the ceremony and Austin wanted her to relax.  He talked to Carrie and she told him that there was a break in Johnís case.  Sami overheard that and assumed that John was going to ruin everything the way he always does. Carrie and Rafe were in the judgeís chambers trying to plead Johnís case.  Carrie wanted Johnís guilty plea overturned.  The judge wanted to know if the prosecutor was going to drop the charges against John.  The prosecutor wanted to consult with some people first.

Everyone has gathered at the town square as Abe was making an announcement.  He introduced Santa Claus (Doug in a Santa suit) to the kids at the town square.  Marlena asked Will how he was doing after what happened with Gabi.  He assured her that he was over what happened.  She wanted to know if he wanted therapy.  He didnít want therapy.  He believed that he loved the idea of being in love than he loved her. .  EJ was listening to Will and Marlena while they were talking.  EJ was shocked by what he heard.  Sami saw Will with Marlena and wanted to know why she was there.  Will let Sami know that Marlena was his date for the ceremony.  Sami wanted to know why she was there. She was very upset about her being there.  Will ended up yelling at Sami for the way she treated Marlena.  Sami finally agreed to let Marlena stay, but she didnít want to end up regretting it.  Rafe was worried that he wouldnít make it to the ceremony on time since he and Carrie were still at the courthouse.  Johnny asked EJ if heís going to be at the renewal ceremony.  EJ told him that it was just for family.  Johnny reminded him that heís family. Will told Sami that she should let EJ stay for the ceremony since she and EJ have been so friendly lately.  Sami wasnít sure what he meant.  He reminded her that this ceremony is a record for her.  He told her that this is her fifth marriage and that Rafeís one of his favorites, but it wonít be long before he figures out who she really is.  Sami demanded that Will tell her what he meant by that.  Will told her that he would tell her in front of everyone if thatís what she wanted.  Bo gave Hope a birthday/Christmas present.  He gave her a first edition of the book of poems he gave her for her 18th birthday.  She loved the gift. They told each other that they loved each other and they kissed.  Will continued to blast Sami as Rafe finally arrived for the ceremony.  Rafe wanted to know if they were fighting again.  Will told him that he was telling Sami that she didnít deserve a man like him.  Rafe wanted them to make up because itís the holiday season.  Sami wanted to know what happened with Rafe.  He had something to tell her.  Marlena was standing near the mistletoe when John showed up and surprised her.  She wanted to know what he was doing there.  He told her how the judge overturned his conviction.  She was so happy. EJ congratulated John for his conviction being overturned.  John told him that he was sorry that he ruined his plan to sabotage him.  Bo and Hope happily let EJ know that his plan failed.  Abe talked to John and was happy that John was free.  After Abe and John finished talking, Lexie asked if they could stop by and see Stefano.  She was thinking about Theo and wanted him to see Stefano.  Abe was fine with it.  Austin and Carrie talked about everything she did for John.  Austin was proud of her and kissed her.  Abby saw them kissing.  Bo and Hope congratulated John.  Rafe and Sami asked John if he could stay for their ceremony.  Sami was happy that Rafe was able to prove that he was innocent.  Abe officiated Sami and Rafeís ceremony.  EJ watched the ceremony as Sami said her vows to Rafe.  Will watched EJís expression and he wasnít pleased.  Sami and Rafeís ceremony was finished.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Robin declines the Chief-of-Staff position when the board offers it to her again. She says her family should be her priority and suggests Monica should be the Chief permanently. Robin calls Brenda Barrett who gives her the number of another doctor. She calls that doctor and asks if she can send a set of labs for a second opinion.

Dante and Lulu agree to get married on Christmas in New York City, without their families. One of Dante's childhood friends agrees to perform the ceremony. Maxie worries about Spinelli getting Sonny's two million dollars back to him. Spinelli and Maxie make plans for Christmas since they will both be alone, but Maxie completely forgets about Spinelli when Matt calls. She and Matt make up and she agrees to spend Christmas with Matt at Robin and Patrick's house. 

Jason tells Sonny about Abby's death. Carly and Sonny both try to comfort Michael while he is grieving Abby. Shawn decorates a Christmas tree in Carlyís living room. Shawn tells Sam about the ambush that was meant for Jason. She confronts Jason about not mentioning it to her. He says Shawn talks too much. She says he isnít mad at Shawn, he is mad about Francoís DVD that she withheld from him and found broken in the trash. She tells him that the DVD is not true, only a way for Franco to get to Jason. Michael calls and asks Sam to come over when she and Jason are in the middle of their conversation. 

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Shane has pressured Neela to reveal to him that she has "gotten the goods" on Jack by telling her that his mom is dead because of Jack. She is very reluctant to give Jack up however since she seems to like him and he seems to be developing a conscience by confiding in her and admitting to her how remorseful he is for what happened to Gigi. But she gives him the tape recording of Jack confessing everything. Jack then surprises Todd by inviting him to spend Christmas at Blair's home where Blair, Starr, and even Jack welcome him. Tea, however, is hiding her rage over believing that Todd killed her husband and set her brother up and only shares with John what she knows. In Paris, TX, the professor (who looks just like Delphina) knows that both Rex and Gigi/Stacy need to know something about the night when Gigi "allegedly" died. So they find a television screen that reveals the night in question.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

It is an emotional day for Chloe as she gets ready for her wedding to Kevin. Billy gets a call from Delia’s doctor saying that her white blood cell count is high enough to fight infection so that means she can be a flower girl at Chloe’s wedding. Angelo asks Kevin to come to the studio so Devon can record Angelina’s voice tracks for the talent competition. Kevin doesn’t want to go but Angelo promises him that he can leave as soon as Devon tells him he has recorded everything he needs for the tracks. Once Angelina is finished singing, Kevin offers to drive her to the church. She pretends to faint and tells him she is feeling queasy. Kevin walks her to the car and another car drives by and shoots at them. Angelina tells Kevin that she is pregnant with Carmine’s baby but Carmine is jealous because he thinks that he (Kevin) is the father of her baby. Angelina tells Kevin they must leave town for a few days until Carmine has calmed down and she can explain to him that he is the father of her baby not Kevin). Angelina wants Kevin to leave town with her to protect Chloe and his family from Carmine. Kevin believes Angelina’s story and cries as he calls Chloe and tells her that he needs time to think and will be leaving town for a few days. Chloe is heartbroken but when Billy asks her if he can marry Victoria, she agrees, because she doesn’t want the decorations and reception to go to waste. Billy surprises Victoria with the announcement and Chloe agrees to be Victoria’s maid of honor.

Kyle tells everyone at the wedding that he will be going to a camp for young hockey players hosted by an NHL team in Lake Placid, NY, after the holidays. Nikki tells Deacon that she will get her marriage annulled, and she doesn’t care what he wants because all she feels for him is loathing. Sharon arrives to spend Christmas Eve with Victor. Nikki isn’t happy to se her when she also arrives to see Victor. Victor tells Nikki to leave because she shouldn’t have come to see him. Sharon brings Victor books to read so they can have their own book club. The first book they read together is “A Christmas Carol.” Nikki heads to Gloworm and gets drunk with lots of double vodkas. Deacon tries to persuade her to go to a meeting but she wants to be left alone. Nikki gets a text from Katherine about Victoria’s wedding and leaves. Deacon tries to keep her from driving drunk by offering to drive her to the church or call her a cab, but Nikki pushes him away and once again tells him to leave her alone. Katherine wonders if Nikki will arrive in time for Victoria’s wedding. Then Nikki has a car accident.

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