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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Pam sprouts horns and sees green when she spies Nick kissing Donna in his living room. Steffy gloats to Rick and Hope that Liam has forgiven her for the gondola thing and they should too. Christmas is a time for forgiving and for family so they should move on. She will be there with Liam for the big Forrester Christmas celebration as usual. Jackie shares her worries with Nick what might happen if Pam sees Donna and vice versa. Even the stocking hung with Pam’s name on it bothers her. They need to keep those two apart. Marcus hypes up a new place down in Mexico that he’d like to check out with a fashion shoot and it’s the holidays and time for family to be together. He tell Thomas that he ought to go there with Hope…..the margaritas and the senoritas could be fun. Rick gives Liam a little advice how what he has done can be undone. That window hasn’t completely closed yet. And Steffy may satisfy him for now, but she is not the woman that Hope is and he knows it. Get through the holidays, but then end this marriage.

Steffy tells Thomas not to just sit by. He needs to make his move; go to that resort. She and Liam are going away….yes with Katie but she will make the best of it. And it will make it easier if she knows he is seducing Hope……somewhere far, far away from Liam. Thanks to Santa's helper, Jerry, (really Pam) a series of unfortunate events happens to Donna….falling to the floor….having eggnog poured over her head and the snow machine going off in her face as she leaves. Ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas. Undisguised, Nick tells Pam that Donna is his friend and he doesn’t appreciate her treating her that way. Pam laughs that Donna isn’t the sharpest tool in the drawer so she’ll never know it was Pam. Steffy tries to convince Thomas to go to this resort and take Hope and get her in bed….be her first…..make her forget Liam. When Liam comes to pick up Steffy, he runs into Hope. She laments to him that she thought this would be their first Christmas together, but now she is going to concentrate on what she does have, not what she doesn’t.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Maggie and Victor went to see Daniel at the hospital.  Maggie told Daniel that she talked to her friend and found out that Danielís not performing her surgery.  Daniel assured Maggie that her friend is in good hands.  Maggie was worried that Daniel had MG.  Daniel told Maggie that he didnít have MG.  She was relieved, but she wanted to know why Danielís not going to be a surgeon right now.  Rafe, Bo, and Hopeís search turned up empty.  They couldnít match any Internet or cell phone outages that coincided with the date of the money transfer.  They continued to search for more matches.  Bo thought Stefano purposely gave them a false lead, but Hope didnít think he did.  She thought Stefano gave them something they could use.  Rafe had an idea.  Carrie and Austin ran into Cad at the Horton Town Square.  They started talking to him.  They noticed that Chad had bought jewelry for Abby.  Carrie said that Sami always believed that men only bought jewelry when they are guilty.  Chad thought about kissing Melanie.  Chad lied and said he thought about the website and how everyone was in danger.  Melanie and Abby were at the pub.  Melanie zoned out thinking about Chad.  Abby talked to Melanie about Austin.  Abby knows that things would never work out between her and her crush.  Melanie thought that Abby was staying with Austin because she canít have her crush.  Abby assured Melanie that wasnít true.  Austin and Chad talked about relationships.  Chad wanted to know how you would know if you are with the right person.  Austin advised Chad to keep looking until you find the right woman.

Carrie arrived at the town house and Bo told her that Rafe had an idea to prove John didnít have access to the Internet when the transfers happened.  Rafe remembered that demonstrations took place and that Internet connections were cut off during that time.  Rafe wanted to call a guy who would know if that happened in Paris too.  Later, Carrie thanked Rafe for all of his help with the case.  They started talking about Sami and the renewal ceremony.  They also talked about Samiís problems with Will.  Daniel assured Maggie that she didnít have to worry about him and that Lexieís giving him all the tests he needs to find out whatís going on with him.  Daniel believes that he needs a vacation.  Maggie wanted to know how Melanie felt about whatís happening to him.  Maggie realized that Daniel didnít tell Melanie what happened.  Daniel didnít want to worry Melanie.  Austin ran into Abby at the Town Square and they talked about what happened at the warehouse.  She thanked him again for helping her.  He assured her that he would look after her.  Melanie saw Chad at the pub.  They talked about Abby.  Melanie thought that they should stay away from each other for Abbyís sake.  Bo and Hope talked about Stefano reminding her about being with John.  Hope didnít want to be reminded of the bad times now that she and Bo are back together and happy.  Bo assured her that the bad times are behind them.  Rafe received a call from the guy who could verify if the Internet was cut off during the demonstrations.  Rafe found out that the connection wasnít shut down because of the demonstration but because of a terrorist attack.  Bo and Hope wanted to know if it was the same day.  Rafe believed that it was the same day.  They were all excited because they think this could free John.

GH Recap Written by Rebecca

Dante and Lulu are in New York City and he wants to take her somewhere…The World Trade Center Memorial. She admits that she has to value today and love Dante every moment she gets. She assures him that she’s ready to marry him and he suggests they do it right away.

Lucky tells Cameron that he’s leaving and he tries to explain why, but Cameron thinks it’s just because he doesn’t want to be with them. Ethan arrives and Lucky tells him that he’s leaving and that it’s over between him and Elizabeth. He tells Ethan about her fake breakdown. Lucky warns Ethan against spending so much time at Wyndemere. Elizabeth runs into Maxie that GH and slaps her. She blames Maxie for interfering in her life with Lucky. Matt tries to calm the women down - but it doesn’t really work out. Elizabeth storms off and Maxie complains to Matt.

Ewen tries to talk to Elizabeth, but she makes it clear that she doesn’t want him to be her therapist. Cameron calls to tell her that Lucky is leaving. Elizabeth rushes home only to find Lucky gone and Ethan taking care of the boys. Upset, she returns to the hospital where she finds Ewen and tells him that she needs his help. Lucky is last seen at the airport, where he buys a one-way ticket to Ireland.

Sonny arrives at the No Name and is upset with Jason because about the ambush. He complains that Jason’s not paying attention like he supposed to do. Jason yells that Franco is back and Sonny tries to get Jason to open up at him. Jason starts to tell Sonny what happened on his honeymoon, but stops short before he tells him about Sam’s rape. Sonny sees that there is something wrong with Jason. He tells him that he wants to help him and tries to get him to continue.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Viki walks in on Kim kissing Clint. She asks David to get her out of there. David tells her she dodged a bullet because Clint is a nightmare. He assures her that she will find someone better than Clint. She promises him that she will never believe Clint's lies again. Meanwhile, Clint tells Kim that he wants to spend his life with Viki. Kim tells him not to lose her number in case Viki doesn't take him back. Clint places a gift for Viki under the tree with a card that is signed, "All my love, Clint."

Jack swears Neela to secrecy when he tells her that Shane's mother dies because of him, not knowing that she is videotaping their conversation. He swears he didn't know there was a generator emitting carbon monoxide in the basement. She is convinced that it was an accident that he is sorry. She offers him support. Shane goes home to find that Aubrey has decorated the house in Christmas cheer. She wonders where Rex is. Shane tells Aubrey that he knows Rex invited her to spend Christmas with them, but he is going to be at Viki's house and he doesn't know when Rex will be back in Llanview. Shane tells Aubrey about his plan to have Neela get Jack to confess. Cutter Looks for Stacy at the airport and asks the man she had been sitting next to if he saw where she went. The man, who is really Delphina, tells him that Stacy appeared to be looking for answers but someone or something was in her way. He relents and reveals that Stacy went back to the place where she feels like one with the Universe, but warns Cutter to leave her alone and let her go, lest he face dire consequences. Rex and "Stacy" come face to face at the bon Jour Cafe. He tells her that he knows her plan was to kill Gigi and take her place. She tells him she doesn't know who she is, who Gigi is, what she did, or anything else because she hasn't been able to remember anything since waking from her coma. Rex, realizing how much she looks and sounds like Gigi, softens towards her. She asks if he knows why Paris Texas feels so familiar, and he reveals that Stacy had never been there before. Cutter arrives as Rex is warning her never to show her face to Shane. Stacy wants to leave, but Cutter, remembering the warning from the man at the airport, says he has something he needs to tell them both.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Genoa City residents gather at the church to watch their children in the Christmas pageant. Harmony is touched when Katherine arranges a visit from Anna. Harmony is so moved when she hears Anna sing "O Holy Night," that after the pageant is over she goes somewhere private to cry. Anna tells Devon that Katherine made a mistake by not telling him about Tucker, but that doesn’t make her a bad person. Nick is upset when he sees Sharon and Adam talking that he decides not to allow Faith to go to Sharon’s house to decorate the tree. Tucker surprises Ashley by proposing to take her to New York so she can spend Christmas with Abby. Billy stays home with Delia decorating and wrapping Victoria’s present. Victoria heads to the church but decides not to stay and watch the pageant, because Phyllis and Lucy are there. Devon is touched when he watches Harmony helping the children practice their songs for the pageant. Adam is sad because he is finally CEO of Newman Enterprises, but he can’t have what he really wants for Christmas, which is to be with Sharon.

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