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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie stops by The Marlin to pick Donna up. She wonders if Nick said how he got the designs. Donna says no, but Nick led her on and she’s just glad it didn’t go further than it did. Nick and Jackie arrive at home and don’t see Pam, but she has decorated their entire living room complete with stockings hung on the fireplace. They are sure to blow a fuse with all the lights glowing. Nick quips that he will grow hair on his chest from the spicy eggnog. She guides him to under the mistletoe and is obvious when she wants a kiss. She thanks him not only for the kiss but for letting her be with him and Jackie for Christmas. Stephanie reminds Beverly this is a great opportunity for her to move forward. They were wrong to accuse her of taking the designs. They have learned from that. So should Beverly and not pass up this chance.

Stephanie shares with Eric that she talked to Beverly and the young lady was polite to her, but she’s not sure Beverly heard what she said. She wants them to do something this year to help these people…..starting with Beverly coming back for her internship. He agrees and gives his support. He states that Stephanie does more for other people than anyone he knows. She says no, but they do need to do more this time of the year. Jackie muses to Nick that he doesn’t need to be fretting over Donna, but needs to focus on keeping Pam happy so they will get more designs. With Pam slaving over a hot slow-cooked stew in the kitchen, Donna drops by Nick’s to say goodbye to him. She says she is still disappointed in what Jackie M did but Nick has always been sweet to her. Pam rounds the corner to return and is aghast to see Nick and Donna kiss. Stephanie is still telling Eric that she hates to be the one to cause Beverly to doubt herself and one more person to let her down. Eric says she is a hard person to say no to, so perhaps she did get through to Beverly after all. She looks around and there is Beverly who echoes what Eric said…..she won’t miss out as Stephanie is hard to say no to. Stephanie summons her to her arms and gives her a big hug.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

Sami called Rafe and he let her know that heís helping Carrie prove Johnís innocence.  Sami reminded him about their money problems.  She told him that they only had about $62 left in their account and that the kids need things.  He assured her that he would look for a job as soon as the holidays are over.  Sami told him that he could look for a job now if he werenít helping Carrie for free.  He told her that he wanted to help her family.  Since they were having money problems, Rafe suggested that they shouldnít have the renewal ceremony.   Sami changed her tune because she wanted to have the ceremony.  After she got off the phone with Rafe, Kate showed up with a job offer for her.  Marlena and Carrie talked about Johnís case when Bo and Hope showed up.  Marlena wanted to know if Bo and Hope got through to Stefano.  Despite Stefanoís refusal to help, Hope was convinced that Stefano gave her a clue to help John.  Sami wanted to know why Kate wanted her to work for her.  Kate tried to convince Sami that itís a good idea for her to work at Countess W.  Sami turned down Kateís offer.  Kate decided to double the salary she would pay Sami to work for her.  Sami was really suspicious after that.  Marlena, Rafe, Bo, and Hope were trying to figure out what Stefano couldnít access.  Carrie thought she knew what Stefano meant.

Kate continued to deny that she was up to something.  Sami was convinced that EJ was behind the job offer and she became upset about that.  Sami was convinced that EJ is trying to ruin her life.  Kate wanted to know why Sami was so upset with EJ.  Carrie thought Stefano was talking about not being able to access Johnís bank accounts.  Bo let her know that they thought of that.  Bo, Hope, and Rafe continued to think about Stefanoís comments.  Carrie and Marlena talked about their relationship as well as Marlenaís problems with Sami.  Kate continued to convince Sami that she should work for Countess W.  Kate told Sami that working for her could help her marriage.  Sami let her know that her marriage to Rafe was rock solid.  Sami also let Kate know about her renewal ceremony.  Rafe figured out that Stefanoís code might involve the Internet.  Sami told Kate that she wanted to think about her job offer.  Kate didnít want Sami to tell anyone about their conversation.  Sami said she wouldnít say anything.  Before she left the loft, Kate warned Sami not to take too long thinking about her job offer.  Rafe thought John didnít have access to his files and that John could have been set up.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Kate thinks the underlying darkness in Sonny is lifting. Sam and Michael commiserate about their rapes. Jason overhears Sam telling Michael that she wishes she could talk to Jason about it. Jason offers Michael his condolences. Jason tells Sam that he checked into it and it really was a random accident that claimed Abby's life. Carly finds Shawn on the floor in the midst of a flashback. She tells him the ambulance took Bernie. He says he has to get in touch with Jason to warn him that someone has put a hit out on him. Ronnie Dimestico comes to investigate. He notes that Carly and Shawn were both at the scene of Dante's shooting, Lisa Niles murder, and now Bernie's shooting. Carly says Ronnie can talk to her lawyer and she takes Shawn to the hospital. Matt tells Shawn that Bernie will recover. Ewen overhears Carly talking to Shawn and then asks Matt about him. Shawn tells Max that the ambush was meant for Jason. Ewen watches Shawn caring for a seemingly lost service dog in the hospital. He then introduces himself and Clyde the dog to Carly and explains dog therapy. Carly calls Jason and tells him about the ambush so Jason turns around and goes back to Port Charles. Sam and Michael remain in Chicago and reminisce about Abby. Michael claims Abby's possessions. Jason goes to Pozzuloís. Ronnie immediately starts in on him but Jason doesnít know anything. The other officers find no evidence so they leave. Max tells Jason that it appears to have been a hit orchestrated by the Soleitos. Jason says he should have realized the meeting was a setup. Max calls Sonny, who immediately returns to Port Charles, leaving Kate in Manhattan.

Maxie wants to make holiday plans but Matt doesn't want to do anything festive for Christmas. Matt is shocked to see Ewen at General Hospital. Ewen reintroduces himself as the psychiatrist that would have been assigned to Elizabeth had she not left Shady Brook prematurely. Lucky takes Elizabeth home from Shady Brook. She asks him to stay the night and he agrees to sleep in the boys' room. She asks him to take the family to the carousel on Saturday and he says he didnít bring her home to jump into being a family again. Maxie goes to Elizabeth's house and blasts her for faking a breakdown to get Lucky to come back to her. Lucky asks Maxie to leave, but believes what she said and Elizabeth admits that it was a last ditch effort to get him to realize how he feels about her. She asks him to forgive her. He tells her it is over and leaves despite her begging. Once home, he finds a postcard from Ireland saying, "Hope you find what you are looking for."

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

John is with tea in the hospital after she's had a labor pain but has been told she and the baby will be ok. John is still concerned about her stress and she just wants him to arrest Todd and get justice for what has happened to her brother. In their conversation, however, she urges him not to give up on Natalie although he believes Natalie is done with him and he has no choice. Natalie has a similar conversation with Clint where her father urges her not to give up on John. Viki, Rex and Shane are ready to come back from Paris, TX after Noelle's pie, the Gigi Morasco Special has won the pie baking contest. But there appears to be only 2 seats available so one of them has to stay behind. Viki is reluctant to returning knowing that Clint is in her home. But Noelle urges her to get back to her life. And Rex volunteers to stay behind somehow knowing he has some sort of "incompletion". Little do they know that Gigi/Stacy who looks just like Gigi and who may be Gigi, has been outside the Bon Jour cafe right when her pie "won". Shane urges Neela to get the truth out of Jack on tape recorder about being responsible for Gigi's death. But she has reservations believing that Jack is a nice boy and feels remorse for what he did. Right when Viki is returning home, Kim finds Clint and asks him to choose between her and Viki. He knows that Viki is the woman he loves but assuming she's done with him, he lets Kim kiss him right when Viki walks in the door to see them. At the Bon Jour, while Rex stays behind, he comes face to face with Gigi/Stacy.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Angelina offers to sing at Kevin and Chloe’s wedding and won’t take no for an answer. Angelo promises Kevin that he can take a vacation from babysitting Angelina to have a honeymoon with Chloe but only if he allows Angelina to sing at his wedding. Devon tells Angelina to think carefully about the words to the new song he wrote for Chloe and Kevin and sing it like she has felt so much love for a man that she never wants to be away from. Angelina does that and starts singing very well but only when Kevin is watching her sing. When he isn’t there, she sings off key again. Angelina wants to make sure that Kevin takes her along on his honeymoon with Chloe, so she calls her old boyfriend Carmine for help.

Jack and Genevieve plan their wedding for next month and Genevieve is happy to spend her first Christmas with her fiancé. Lauren, Michael, Victoria and Nick are shocked when Tucker casts the deciding vote for CEO in favor of Adam. Michael later goes to visit Victor who confides that everything is going according to his plan. Michael hopes that Victor’s plan works, and Victor smiles because his plan is already working. Deacon quits his job at Gloworm, because Nikki needs him. Gloria congratulates Nikki on her marriage and tells her that Deacon was working at the bar all night the night that Diane was killed, so she should be happy that at least she has a husband that doesn’t go around killing attractive blondes. Nikki goes to Victor to tell him what Gloria told her about Deacon. Nikki tells Deacon that he better beg for his job back, because she knows that he lied to her and he was working at the bar all night. Nikki tells Deacon that she is going to annul the marriage and he had better take the large check she is offering him because that is all he will get from her. Nikki tells Deacon that she is taking her life back starting right now.

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